Liv Tyler Expecting Second Child

09/29/2014 at 09:00 PM ET

Liv Tyler Pregnant Expecting Second ChildCharles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty

Update: Liv Tyler is happily pregnant with her second child, her rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

The proud father is her beau, sports and entertainment agent David Gardner, whom The Leftovers star, 37, met through pal Kate Moss years ago and has been dating since earlier this year.

The couple “is thrilled with the news,” says an insider.

The new baby will join big brothers Milo and Gray, Tyler and Gardner’s sons from their previous marriages.

“I am over the moon that we are adding another member to our wolfpack,” grandfather Steven Tyler tells PEOPLE. “Being a father and a grandfather is the greatest gift in life so far.”

Originally posted Sept. 10: There’s a baby on the way for Liv Tyler!

The actress is expecting her second child, PEOPLE has confirmed.

Tyler’s rep has not commented. E! Online was first to report the news.

The Leftovers, costarring Justin Theroux, was renewed by HBO for a second season and will return next year.

— Julie Jordan and Michele Corriston with reporting by Liz McNeil

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Callie on

Really? 4 mos, huh? Ever hear of using a condom or actually taking a bc pill?? A big commitment for a 4 month date. It’s like a bad one night stand that’s going to last forever but I guess when you’re rich and can afford it, it doesn’t matter.

Susan on

Happy for her, but kind of sad for her son. I do hope that dad sticks around.

KL on

Oh wow.. good for her! Maybe she will have a girl this time!

Kat on

I love it when the Christian Taliban shows up. You all sound like you would greatly benefit from a Midol and a long nap.

Debbe on

ESPECIALLY happy for her. All the negative comments are shocking. It isn’t like the woman is on welfare. She can raise her baby even if she becomes a single parent twice. Let me tell you all something, I was a single parent from start to finish. I was one of those that did not trust a man after that so did not procreate ever again. My son is 20 and alone. He has no siblings. Just me and him. This new baby will be a wonderful sibling to her son. Why that just because she became a single mom that first time around that her son shouldn’t be blessed with a sibling? Secondly, who cares if she accidentally got pregnant right away? If she is happy then good, her son will be happy too, and, who says that just because you got pregnant too soon that the relationship won’t last? I have seen people together for ten years before having a baby then boom, as soon as pregnant the man leaves her. Let her live for goodness sake. She can afford a baby and is not hurting any one. Congrats to Liv for having the guts to continue doing in life what she wants. I wasn’t brave enough and now I am late 40’s and alone.

Hilary on

Just because they were first pictured together four months ago doesn’t mean that’s when they started dating…

Kairy on

I love here and hope all goes well with here preg and the birth of here baby 🙂

Nicole on

@guest I think it’s really sad that you feel “alone” because you didn’t have more kids to fill the void, but that’s exactly why you shouldn’t have more kids!! Too many people do that and it’s wrong, please don’t encourage others to do so, it’s not responsible. The only time you should have a child is with a long term loving partner and the product of that love is another soul. And another thing, like late. 40s is old or something, you can still fond love, you could adopt, foster a child in need, volunteer for kids with cancer, look forward to being a doting grandmother one day….

houx on

slut couldn’t get married first.

Jamey on

Just what the world needs–another unwed, pregnant role model for impressionable teens to look up to.

RR on

Ya’all need to relax. This girl has paid her way since she was very young. She has an amazing and creative family that will not doubt shower this kid with love. We should all have it so good.

Cesa on

Liv meant to get pregnant. She did not have children for 9 years, so apparently she was ready for another child. Since he did not use protection he’ll be taking care of two for the next 18 years.

Chris on

Sounds like a desperate attempt to make Dave Gardner stay with her. I mean he has a LONG track record with women…..and Liv is getting long in the toothe for celebrity standards for men.

Kat on

4 months of dating and she’s already knocked? She sure didn’t waste any time!

Yep on

She wants to get paid.

Barbara on

Wow. The aged grandparents on this comment thread are embarrassing. “OMG!!! Not MARRIED!” who CARES! Marriage is so done and over, and families are mixed and multiplied a thousand different ways. Single parents, same-sex parents, divorced, whatever. Give your heads a shake. New world; new day.

Cortney on

Have any of you bashers ever heard of condoms breaking or pills not working do to illness or skipping doses? Give the woman a break at least she has a job to support the kid

Anonymous on

Cortney- Thank you! I can’t stand it when people automatically assume that a celeb being pregnant means they were irresponsible and didn’t use protection. As long as you have a uterus (or are producing sperm in the case of men), pregnancy is a possiblity EVERY time you have sex!

Anyway, congrats to Liv, her bf, and Milo!

Tracey on

Feel sorry for the guy – he’s been played. No guy wants to be a father with a chick he’s known for 16 weeks. I thought she had more class than that – obviously not.

Anonymous on

Whoops! I should have added “and have not gone through menopause” after “as long as you have a uterus”. Naturally you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant if your tampon days are behind you! 😉

Anonymous on

Tracey- NO guy wants to be a father with someone he’s been with for only sixteen weeks?! Really? How can you possibly know that. And why feel sorry for him? If he didn’t want to be a father, he should have taken steps to prevent that (this is assuming the pregnancy wasn’t the result of said prevention failing!)!

Becky on

Wow! I can honestly say I am shocked at the mojority of the comments. Of course, there is ALWAYS a few bible thumping, preaching, holier than though, old women bringing up the “pregnant and unwed, oh my!”rants but there are SOO many of you guys tonight (unless its the same few said bible thumpers posting different comments and using different names to appear as if it’s the masses)! None of us are stupid, we all know how you get pregnant and the people who “aren’t trying” are “SHOCKED” to find out they’re knocked up…..I call bull. You know how you get pregnant and you know when you weren’t protected so it should never be a shock. My point is….. she’s a big girl and she knows what she’s doing. We don’t know the details, we never will and we don’t deserve to. For all we know maybe 1) they’ve really been dating for a year, but only out together in public for 4 months and they don’t believe in marriage (hey, it’s 2014 there are people out there that just think it’s paper and have no desire to wed and THAT’S OK as long as that baby has both of its loving parents to love, protect, nurture, teach, guide,and raise. If baby does end up bailing on the baby….. well then, he’s a big jerk and doesn’t deserve to be acknowledged as dad. I am sure she would be just fine alone, if it came to that, since she has the means, the love, the experience and family to raise a child OR 2) They fell head over heels in love the moment they meet and realized right away that this was it, they know it, they feel it so why wait!? So if they are so happy/elated/proud and planned the pregnancy and they are so very much in love and joy filled duringtime (it’s definitely possible! My hubby and I were dating just 5 months before we both knew without hesitation that it was meant to be and we are supposed to be together and planned (yes, I planned a pregnany while unwed! Shocking! I think one of the old bible thumping commentors just fainted 😉 getting pregnant. Our daughter Natalie was born a few months after us being together just 1 years and then just so I could focus on the baby, we waited until 6 months after she was born to get married. We did it our way, on our terms, what we felt was right and not by how we are told it “should” be done. We’ve been blissfully married for 7.5 years now, 6 months after Natalie’s birth and have completed our family, raising two amazing little girls. Such a sinner am I! If that’s a sinner’s marriage, connection, teamwork, parenting, cheering them on that’s ok because I think it’s perfect perfect) OR 3) I dunno, maybe he has terminal cancer and told her his dying wish is to experience having a child, seeing it born, knowing that’s your baby and who’s taking on your name and I don’t know many people with all the love, experience, know how, family and money needed to comfortably raise a child at their house, like Liv, that would turn down the person you love with a request, their one last dying request no less, and tell them no. Obviously #3 is pretty far fetched and highly unlikely, the point is, WE DON’T KNOW the details so let’s stop guessing, assuming, preaching, etc and be happy for her because I am sure she’s over the moon. Any new life is an exciting gift from God (yup, I am also a christian who loves the Lord. I am just full of shockers aren’t I? Did you think I was a Satanist because I got pregnant, planned no less, while unwed? People just need to worry about themselves and what is best for you and your family. You can have a baby when you aren’t married and still be religious. I hope they are together forever (or amazing co-parents) and raising their baby to rub everyone’s face in it but if not, I am sure she has no problem raising the baby. She’s a successful, rich, famous ADULT. It’s not like she’s Janelle the Teen Mom from MTV who collects pregnancies/babies almost as much as she collects men. With Janelle…… “preach my thumpers, preach,!” because she’s too stupid to understand anything unlike Liv. She’s just fine and happy so let’s join in her excitement and be happy for her. You’re right Kat. Midol is definitely an order! I think the bunch drank the same water and are getting visits from good ol Aunt Flo and have nothing else to do but preach to distract them from their misery. Congrats Liv! So very happy for you guys!

Mici on

Oh. My. God. So many hateful comments for such wonderful news! First of all, who knows how long they’ve been dating – or how long they have known each other before they started dating?
Second, she is NOT a slut for having a baby and not being married. It is 2014, not 1914…

Congrats! That is the only thing needed to be said.

Penelope on

Penny needs to take a special pill of her own. Jeesh! Hostile much?

Lacey on

Does anyone use birth control anymore?

Jaylynn on

For all of you commenting on the 4 month tenure of the relationship – it says they have been “photographed” together for the last 4 months, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have been together only 4 months. Regardless, she has been divorced for a while and hasn’t been linked with alot of other men and having random children all over the place. Congrats to her. She is so beautiful.

sheila on

Arghhhhh….why is it okay to keep reproducing children when there is no family commitment??? I am sick of hearing about this!

Amber on

You guys are absolutely rude. “Forcing Dave to stick around,” “maybe this one will stick around”. Just because we never see Royston, that doesn’t mean he’s not around for his child. And yes, just because they’ve only been photographed together for 4 months, doesn’t mean they haven’t been together longer. Liv hasn’t been with someone for a while, I for one, am very happy for everyone involved.

dd on

she seems like a real sweet person, when i’ve seen her in interviews. She will make a good mom, again!

Anonymous on

We read People for the gossip. People being gossiped about for various questionable choices, behaviors, etc. Why come here and be all up in arms over the stories? Are you here to flaunt your moral “superiority”? These are celebs. They are not like you and me. And if you truly found their lifestyles to be so objectionable, you would not come to this website and read about their lives.

Katie on

Very happy for her. I just went through a failed IVF 😦 Pregnancy is a blessing. All the negative comments here are sad. Let her enjoy the miracle of a new life. Many of us are praying for a baby. The best thing in life is when you can find joy in wishing the best for others.

Anna on

So happy for Liv. Congrats!

boohoobytch on

Aaah, the ever spaced out Liv Tyler. First, congrats – clearly she wanted to get pregnant and a healthy baby IS a gift. Second, babies happen from raw dogging, not eating and sleeping but I know she’s referring to the growth process. I feel timeless and have evolved – as a married, CHILDLESS woman; I just returned from a week long vacation in Bermuda, got a promotion at work and lost 7 lbs despite the vacation food; I too am loving life. I’m in NYC so after I stop by the WTC site, I shall go home and play my new white PS4 with the husband, drink a glass or 2 of red wine and poke some smot ;). Ain’t life grand? 🙂

Jay on

Wow, that’s really really fast.

Mak on

This is from her second guy, good for her.

CAK on

There is stupid and there is stupid. All these ladies of holloywood are STUPID. If they think the guy will stick around, they need a shrink!

B on

Oh my gosh, Kat – yes! The Christian Taliban! That’s what all these judgmental freaks are! Every single time a person who is not married has a baby the comment section feels like a despicable combo of Nazis and 1950s mentality.

CONGRATULATIONS to Liv and her family!

Alisa on

Very well said @Nicole. Beautiful comment and very true.

K on

I love how everyone assumes no protection was used. It’s not like they’re 100% effective. Accidents happen and not just from unprotected sex.

Katie on

I got pregnant after dating my BF of 4 months. Best gift we ever got. We immediately got married back in 2004. Now 10 years later we’re expecting our 4th! We’re so thrilled. So not all relationships end over a pregnancy before marriage. Stop with all the lame comments.

gracielou on

Christian Taliban is right! You wicked bitches need a hobby.
congrats to Liv and Dave. She’s very private and lives in NYC, so we hear less about her. She’s a serial monogomist, chances are she’s been with this guy for a while. And if not, get over it. It’s not your life. She has the means to care for a new life.
Katie, prayers to you that you get the family you want so badly. I already think you’ll be a great mother.

anonymous on

Awww! I hope she has another baby boy!!! Milo was such an adorable baby!!!

angie on

Liv is a great actress, so happy for the family!

Alabama on

I agree with Kat, why so many rude comments,I love Liv Tyler & I am completely happy for her…Yeah they may not have known each other that long but doesn’t mean he won’t stick around,If u don’t know a person or what they are like then u shouldn’t judge them. Congrats to Liv & Dave.

Nancy on

She seems a great lady. Good for her!

Anonymous on

@ Becky geta life

Gann on

Very happy for her, hope she has a smooth pregnancy.

thrushjz on

I like Liv, think she’s just gorgeous, liked her since LOTR. I wish her success and congrats, and I am a Christian.

Mandy on

Loved her as an actress. Good luck!

Lana on

Beautiful Liv. Congratulations. What a blessing for you. This child will be loved and adored.

Vill on

Ooh that is fast. Congrats the baby donor!

Josh on

Congrats for her !! I wish her all the best and may her new baby be healthy and happy !!

LukefromSeattle on

I´ve been a married man for 15 years now and my wife got pregnant after 6 months we met so i don´t know why there are such negative comments in here . I guess it´s easy to be a perfect judging being behind a pc keyboard .
I ´ve alwats liked Liv Tyler and i wish her the best with the new baby !

LukefromSeattle on

I´ve been a married man for 15 years now and my wife got pregnant after 6 months we met , so i don´t know why there are so many hateful comments in here … i guess it´s easy to be a perfect judgmental being behind a pc keyboard …
I´ve always liked Liv Tyler , i wish her the best with her new baby !

Maureana on

I don’t believe in any kind of god, and I’m i no way religious, so you can’t throw any “Bible thumping” BS in my face. With that said, I do agree with the “thumpers” that WTF, pregnant after only 4 months together?? That is pretty stupid. However, it’s her life, so it’s not my problem.

Eric on

All the negative comments here are just sad , some people are very good at being jerks these days .
So what , if she´s not married , some married people just can´t give a happy home for their kids even if their lives depended on it …
Cngratulations to Liv and i hope her and her kids have all the joy in the world

Mandingo on

Will she finally quit on acting???

ecwfrk on

Good on her for forsaking what the the Christian crusaders have turned into a tool of hatred and oppression, marriage. Anyone who angers those jackholed is a-ok in my book.

mal on

How sweet her and Kate have been friends for years. Dave Gardner and Kate are like brother and sister so they will be like one big family!!!!

Elara on

Liv is a grown, successful and wealthy woman. She is perfectly capable of taking care of herself and her children alone, should this new relationship not work out. It’s not as if she is a barely employable teenager having a baby with a lazy drug addict or something. Whether or not they are married or how long they have been together is no one else’s business.

Hea on

What is wrong with some of you people? :O

Sowell on

When will these stars learn that everyone can tell when they are pregnant? It’s pretty much been that way since time began you don’t need to see a pregnancy test or ultrasound for people with eyes to see it.

Elonna on

If all the haters actually bothered to read, Liv met the guy for YEARS ago. Just because they “come out” as dating a few months ago and are now pregnant, the haters wanna hate. Congratulations to Liv and her man on their baby, I’m happy for them! I’m sure their sons and family are equally thrilled. Age 10 I was begging my mom to have another baby, and she did. It’s exciting for “only” kids to get a sibling.

Jamey on

Ho hum, another Hollywood D-lister is pregnant and unmarried.

anonymous on

Awww! I hope she has another baby boy! Milo was such a cute baby!

happy on

Yeah Barbara and have you looked around to see the mess this world is in? Local society here in the US in general? No morals, no values and no standards. Now, most of us have to be scared for our future, aging and etc because all these ill-raised people. There you go for new day, new world!

NV on

Ooh so happy for Liv to have a new addition!

Bee on

It states plainly that Liv and David have known each other for YEARS, not four months. Get your facts straight, self-righteous ladies!

Anonymous on

2 kids by 2 different guys. Truly blessed.

fiona on

congratulations to the happy couple!

Melissa on

I like Liv Tyler, and to be honest, I don’t really care either way what she does with her life. I just wonder mostly about all of the comments here. First off, it’s fine to believe in a traditional family (married mom and dad), but it is NOT fine to come off as judgmental, or to be judgmental. Secondly, why is it that people assume anyone who believes in marriage and traditional families is an old lady? I’m in my early 30s and I believe in traditional marriage. That being said, I don’t judge others for their choices and I don’t judge others who disagree with me. I don’t understand why no one is allowed to have a differing opinion from someone else. Really, why can’t we all grow up a little and be mature? Good luck to Liv.

Gail on

Hope they will pick a normal name not a strange name like so many Hollywood’s kids!

Gail on

Hope they pick a normal name not a strange name like many other Hollywood’s kids.

Anonymous on

Um this is from the second guy, good for her.

Heather on

I am surprised at all of the negative remarks against Liv Tyler. She seems like such a nice, gentle person in her interviews. Please do not judge others until you have looked at your own shortcomings.

Margot on

For all of you jump to judgement types: Liv Tyler has always seemed like a good person and a dedicated mother, in an industry that doesn’t make it easy to create stability for anyone in it — individuals and their families.

She’s sweet, level-headed and financially independent. She’s also a grown-up, almost 40 years old and already a mother, so we can assume she knows what she’s getting into. She was friends with the Father first, they started to date romantically and…stuff happens. “The best laid plans of mice and men” and sometimes life goes in unexpected ways and fireworks leads to a baby. We can all plan, give advice and pretend to know every choice we’ll ever make in life but that’s not always how it works. Sometimes, you just have to embrace unexpected joy.

Congrats, Liv! A baby is always a miracle and now you’ll be a loving Mom to two. We need more kids with loving Moms, in this World.

Guest on

So happy for her!!

Rebe on

For the people saying that Royston isn’t around is a total misconception! Liv and Royston are still very much friends and Royston is always around for Milo. Liv is an amazing woman for being so amazing and cooperative unlike other women. Liv is a wonderful mother and shame on everyone who is hating on her when there are MUCH worse people out there, for example: Snooki and all of those other untalented losers who get pregnant left and right. Leave this gorgeous angel alone.