Holly Madison: Having a Baby Changed My Views on Partying

09/29/2014 at 06:00 PM ET

Holly Madison‘s daughter Rainbow Aurora‘s name is fit for a princess — and her nursery is, too!

The former Girls Next Door star has created magical rooms for her daughter — one at their Las Vegas home and a second at the family’s Los Angeles abode — that channel Madison’s love for all things Disney.

While her baby girl’s California sleep space is adorned with pretty pinks and princess touches, including the framed photographs around the room, it’s Madison’s Nevada nursery where she went all out with an Alice in Wonderland theme.

“I gave it a chess board tile floor and painted a mural of the talking flowers on the wall,” Madison says in the fall issue of Mini magazine. “The curtain and crib set are blue and white, like Alice’s dress, and the artwork on the walls is Alice-inspired. We even have the talking doorknobs with the face on her doors.”

Holly Madison Rainbow Aurora Mini Magazine
Gretchen Easton/Mini Magazine

Although Madison admits she is most like Belle from Beauty and the BeastAlice in Wonderland holds a special place in the her heart.

“It’s a story my husband and I both love,” the new mom, who recently celebrated her first anniversary with Pasquale Rotella, explains.

But princesses don’t rule the racks in Rainbow’s closet. When it comes to her 18-month-old‘s wardrobe, Madison prefers to keep the frilly frocks to a minimum, opting for bohemian ensembles for her baby girl.

“I love pretty dresses, but nothing too stiff or difficult to put on,” she says. “Anything that looks like a flowy, hippie dress for a toddler is a favorite.”

Holly Madison Rainbow Aurora Mini Magazine
Gretchen Easton/Mini Magazine

With her daughter hitting major milestones every day, Madison is making it a priority to spend as much time as possible with her toddler — even if that means putting her career on the back burner.

“I am much more selective about the appearances I do because of the time it takes away from Rainbow,” she explains. “I can’t be this Tasmanian devil, whirling around to party after party every night anymore.”

Madison continues, “Babies and toddlers simply demand all of your time. If I am alone with my daughter, I just have to accept that I am not going to get anything accomplished besides being a mom.”

Holly Madison Rainbow Aurora Mini Magazine
Gretchen Easton/Mini Magazine

— Anya Leon

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Amy on

Oh My Gosh that baby is beautiful!!!!

Sara K on

Absolutely gorgeous baby girl, and Holly looks great as a brunette!

Anonymous on

She looks great as a brunette and her baby girl is gorgeous!

Gabrielle on

Woah… that baby is def going to be a model.She is gorgeous.

Leah on

her daughter is beautiful

Juli on

What a gorgeous baby girl!

Anonymous on

What a gorgeous baby girl, and I love how motherhood has apparently changed Holly! 🙂

Ala Lemon on

Look at those eyes!! That baby is gorgeous!!

nash on

She and her baby Look adorable, love her New hair color!!!

Kathy on

Loved her going back to her original dark hair color, she looked much better and gorgeous!

Terri on

She looks ten times better with red hair. Gorgeous pictures.

Anonymous on

Absolutely beautiful 😍

Rachael on

Wow, I didn’t even recognize Holly! Not entirely sure what her career is, but good for her, taking time for her daughter, you never get those years back.

tiff on

Good mothers don’t go out partying every night, that’s not to say you can’t ever go out but you should be spending the majority of your free time with your kids. Glad she raises her child instead of a nanny or dragging her to ridiculous events. And wow, she dresses her like a little baby girl too!

Paula on

Oh the nursery room she decorated looked so lovely!

annachestnut on

I love the dress the mother is wearting. So cute

Pam on

Wow Rainbow is cute! Having a baby changes a lot of people. Some for the better some for the worse. I’m proud of her.

Anonymous on

Where’s her ring? Is she still married?

rachel dykes on

Didn’t recognize her but love the new hair looks great her baby is cute I am glad she is enjoying motherhood

kelli on

Agree, that baby is beautiful, and I love Holly’s dress and hair color!

Lollipop on

What did she do to her face? I mean, she looks better, but she def had some work.

charlotte on

Pretty little girl. Why no wedding ring on??????

Gemini on

Holly looks great and her daughter is precious.

templar on

nothing as the kiss from your own baby…PRICELESS !

Mamagirl31 on

Brunette definitely suits Holly better and so does motherhood!! Pretty baby girl…

Georgia on

Love the hair color on Holly soooo much better than the bleach blond!

Kat1129 on

It’s called real life, growing up and taking on the most important responsibility of your life you moron!

yasemina on

It’s amazing to see where life has taken Holly post-Hugh Hefner. She may not have a key to the Playboy mansion anymore, but she has so much more. Who would want to be Crystal Harris when you can be Holly and have it all? Holly, I absolutely love your new look and your family is just beautiful. As a fellow Disney fan, I’d love to see you work with Disney on baby nursery decor and an adult clothing line of wedding dresses, costumes and loungewear. You’d be great at it!

NYU0385 on

I just don’t know how she can call her child Rainbow with a straight face. Awful name. Whatever floats her boat I suppose, she can name her kid whatever she wants.

Manner on

Oh gorgeous little nursery room!

alexa on

Holly looks better with dark hair. Her baby is precious! But, duh, having a baby changed my views on partying. Really? Guess she needed to say something to get back in the news.

CallMeMaybe on

I love the auburn hair and her daughter is a beautiful little girl!

Nancy on

I met Holly and her beautiful daughter a couple of weeks ago at Santana Row in San Jose. Holly is even more beautiful in person and a very sweet lady who obviously adores her daughter. Rainbow was beyond cute and precocious, trying to talk to us and constantly stopping and visiting our table. Too cute!!

Court on

Looks like she’s more worried about looking perfect rather than being a hands on Mom.

Lilyflower on

Both mother and daughter look beautiful. I love hat hair color on Holly.

Tina on

She looks so much better with the darker hair color. Look at the chunky legs on that baby. Sweet pics.

Carrow on

Babies are magical little people. That last picture of them is so so adorable

Kell on

Stunning with the auburn hair. Her daughter’s an absolute doll!

rickety on

has she lost her mind??? That red hair and that preposterous dress and those fingernails? If you want to get down with a baby/wobbler, wear cotton clothing that can get dirty! Wear comfortable things and no makeup and hair dye. YUCK YUCK YUCK. She is really polluting that kid (not to mention herself). Look at that scratchy bodice! Give your kid natural fabrics and natural surroundings. YUCK. is the baby’s father in prison or something, I seem to remember….

oh, and parenthood made her decide to “party” (whatever that is) less? Wow, alert the media, that’s a new idea!

jora on

that entire settings looks sooo uncomfortable! Get that kid out onto some dirt and in the fresh air! Those stiff bows, those false eyelashes! good god, what a toxic environment

Anne on

Beautiful mom & daughter.

JM on

@charlotte….She is probably not wearing her ring because of possibly scratching the baby’s skin. I do the same when I’m at home…no jewelry at all because my engagement ring once scratched my daughter and thankfully it did not leave a mark on her skin

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

LOVE Holly as a brunette and her daughter is gorgeous!!!

sailor on

Holly looks lovely – the red brown hair on her really works. Her daughter is gorgeous. I am sure she is a loving mom but honestly, it would have been nice to see photos where she isn’t clearly all decked out, posing. She looks like she doesn’t want her kid to ruin her makeup when the kid is kissing her. The dress seems over the top for someone that is on the floor. I just think it is a little too unauthentic of a photo shoot for anyone to really feel like she is being sincere. Love her look, though. Also, Holly may think she resembles Bell but that is the one Disney character she has zero in common with.

Sheri on

She looks awesome and she is so cute! Glad she is happy!

cara on

Holly looks soooo much better with darker hair. Love the change! Sweet baby girl too!

ellajane on

Rainbow looks a lot like her daddy! Holly and Pasquale are so attractive no wonder their baby is a 20 on a scale from one to 10! tee hee . Rainbow is truly one of the cutest babies ever! and it looks like she has a sweet personality too! 🙂 Great job Holly and Pasquale I just want to squeeze that cute little princess! 🙂 ❤

Tracy on

It’s nice to see that she has her priorities straight about family vs. partying.

Jen on

To those of you griping about the styling – would you guys dress in sweats when a photographer comes over? Maybe not. I wear yoga pants and pony tails Every day so if an excuse comes along to doll up and use the pretty baby dresses that never get worn, I’ll take it! Lighten up- I think they both look beautiful in the shots

Tamarin on

Well, I have to say I feel a little bit more respect for her now. Maybe if her ex-roomie Kendra had a similar view, things might have been a little different for her at the moment…

Debbie on

I think Holly looks wonderful and Rainbow is beautiful. As for people commenting on what she is dressed in, Come On, she is doing a photo shoot!! Do you expect for her to be in jogging clothes??

Ava on

Gorgeous baby, and Holly truly looks SO much better as a brunette!

noisefrom1981 on

Her hair looks SO much better with real color, whether it’s natural or not, instead of that obsolete, hooker white blond she used to have. She looks her age now instead of 10 years older.

veronica cervantes on

Holly’s hair color is great on her Much better than blonde.

santhoshbabu on


Olivia on

Gaby, I say she’s going to be a physicist. Why base it on her looks?

WTGHolly on

First of all (superficial note) LOVE the darker hair on her!! She looks so much more stunning than she did as a pale blond!
Now for the more important stuff. – It is so great to read about someone who realizes that their career/partying is not as important as raising their kid!! So many celebs/ “reality” stars seem to think of a child as a fashionable accessory like a puppy. They trot them out when it helps their career, then leave them with the staff of nannies for days/weeks at a time while they further their careers or just have inordinate amounts of “me time”. Knowing that she has her priorities straight makes me respect her so much more.

Ru on

Wow, Rainbow is pretty perfect, too freakin’ cute!

Jessica on

Beautiful just like her mom! I love the brown hair on Holly.

Mandy on

Rainbow is a unique name, love it!

KW on

Gorgeous mom and kid but that name is awful… not too late to change it!

Angela on

I’ve always liked Holly. She deserves to be happy. And Rainbow is just as gorgeous as her mama is!!

Aussie cathie on

How utterly beautiful and serene does holly look? Her baby is gorgeous!