Chelsea Clinton Welcomes Daughter Charlotte

09/27/2014 at 12:45 AM ET

Her mom might be eyeing the White House, but Chelsea Clinton‘s world just became all about the nursery!

The former First Daughter and global activist, 34, and husband Marc Mezvinsky welcomed their first child, a daughter, at 7:03 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 26 in New York City, she announced via Twitter.

“Marc and I are full of love, awe and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky,” Clinton writes.

Chelsea Clinton Welcomes Daughter Charlotte
Jon Davidson/Office of President Clinton

As for the new grandparents, “We are blessed, grateful, and so happy to be the grandparents of a beautiful girl,” President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton said in a statement released to PEOPLE.

“We are thrilled to be with our daughter and her husband as they welcome their daughter into the world. Chelsea is well and glowing. Marc is bursting with pride. Charlotte’s life is off to a good start.”

Months after announcing that she and Mezvinsky hoped to make 2014 the “Year of the Baby,” Chelsea confirmed in April that the couple were expecting.

“I certainly feel all the better whether it’s a girl or a boy that she or he will grow up in world filled with so many strong female leaders,” she said, making the announcement at a Clinton Foundation event promoting the empowerment of girls and young women.

Chelsea Clinton Welcomes Daughter Charlotte
Jon Davidson/Office of President Clinton

“There are so few mysteries in life — any answer is a happy one,” Clinton added of their decision not to find out the sex of the baby prior to delivery. “So my husband and I decided that we would enjoy this mystery for the nine-plus months that we’re granted, and we are eager to find out what God will have given us.”

It was the news the mom-to-be’s parents had long awaited and the former Secretary of State told PEOPLE in June that she was already preparing for the big arrival, stockpiling children’s books and planning to have a carseat in her own car.

“I want to babysit any chance I get!” Secretary Clinton said.

And she joked at a political gathering in September, “Bill and I are on constant grandchild watch.”

Chelsea Clinton Welcomes Daughter Charlotte
Jon Davidson/Office of President Clinton

With her parents on standby, Chelsea, who stepped down as a special correspondent for NBC News, kept a busy pace at the Clinton Global Initiative just days before Charlotte’s arrival — so busy and so pregnant that President Obama joked in his CGI speech, “If Chelsea begins delivery while I’m speaking, she has my motorcade and will be able to navigate traffic.”

As for the new center of Chelsea’s and Mezvinsky’s world, Charlotte will be tucking into a nursery decorated in keeping with Mom’s passion for elephant conservation.

“We’re very baby-oriented right now, so we’ll definitely be buying a felt elephant or two. I think those will look great in our nursery,” she told Refinery29 of her new gift line benefiting groups that combat elephant poaching.

— Anya Leon and Sandra Sobieraj Westfall

GALLERY: Chelsea Clinton’s Grown-Up Life

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jenny on

what a great name!

Shana on

CONGRATULATIONS, Chelsea and family! I can’t wait to see pictures! She’s going to be SO loved!!!

Dori on


Guest on

Congrats! Beautiful name! It goes by quickly so enjoy!

Nancy in Illinois on

Congratulations Chelsea, Mark, Secy Clinton, Pres Clinton, & the Mezvinsky family. So exciting! It will be so great to have a baby in the White House…

Andrea on

Congratulations!!! Chelsea will be a wonderful mother. Soon she can introduce her daughter to her grandparents “Your Grandpa was President, and your Grandma IS President” The stars are aligned – great day!

Lauren on

AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Its a girl!!!!!!

Congratulations Chelsea! Bill and Hilary must be over the moon. You kept your promise for 2014. Year of the baby. You rock Chelsea.

Erin on

Who is angry over the birth of a baby?? Great name, congrats and much happiness to them.

Mika on

Congratulations! Welcome to the world Charlotte 💞

Amelia on

Congratulations! Enjoy your new family.

Stacey McRae on

This is a lovely day for Chelsea, but if Hilary cared for the country as much as she cares for her daughter and will care for her granddaughter, that would be amazing. But alas, it will be hypocrisy as usual. I’m just saying what you all are thinking.

Diane on

I pity that child.

Andrea on

Congratulations Chelsea! She will make a wonderful mother. A new baby is such a blessing. I’m sure her grandparents are very proud. God Bless.

Charlotte on

How funny, she was born on my birthday and my name is Charlotte too! Congrats!!

Kathy Carpenter on

Congrats…..much happiness.

Kestrel on


I love her – she went from the stress of being an awkward teenage girl in the public eye to a lovely, brilliant, strong woman of accomplishment just like her mother.

Best wishes to the new family and to the new grandparents. My parents always said they’d have done that part first of it was possible. 🙂


Kestrel on


You’re taking the chance to bash the new baby for your own political reasons then please go back to the farm and churn butter while the rest of the women live in the world where women can do what they wish to do, not what they’re told.

Such a shame how the simple people need to take every opportunity to show their disdain for progress. However did they figure out how to work them there innerwebs and leave a complaint?

lola on

Wonderful news!! Beautiful name. Congratulations new parents and Grandma and Grandpa Clinton. Loved raising my 4 girls, but becoming a Grand- Parent is our reward. Welcome to the club.

Lynda Lien on

Congratulations! Baby Charlotte will be loved & spoiled by so many. I imagine the Clinton grandparents are over the top excited about the new arrival.

Kat on

Congratulations! I like Chelsea.

Lori on

Leave her Grandmothers politics out of this. This story is of the birth of a child. Lovely name and best wishes to the entire family.

BabysR_Beautiful on

(*NOT* a Clinton Family Fan)…but I don’t have to be…to say “CONGRATULATIONS!” on the joyous occasion of their addition of a SWEET BABY GIRL…(awesome name, too!). GOD’S BLESSINGS AS THEY WATCH THE LITTLE PRINCESS GROW!

gerogirl on

Love to the family and future!

Jazz on

Charlotte Clinton? What about Charlotte Mezvnizki?

Lacey on

Congrats to all. Love her name.

Kate on

Love the name Charlotte – not Clinton. Too bad she couldn’t have had a name 100% hers without being saddled with the Clinton.

Tess on

Congrats Chelsea!! Happy for you and your family.

Ann on

Wonder what kind of grandparents old Hillary and Bill will be…………

jeannie on

I feel sorry for those of you that turn the wonderful news of a newborn baby into a venue to spew your hatefulness.

KW on

Man, Diane is a bitter ugly woman.

lynnie on

Congratulations and yes!! A beautiful classic name!

Jay on

Congrats to them and what a beautiful name!!

Amy on

Wonderful news! And I love the name.

valeskas on

Wonderful news, I am happy for the family and wish them all the best.

Life is good for the next President of our country.

Jenny on

Congratulations to the Mezvinsky family.

Nancy on

Congratulations to the WHOLE family!! Love the name. God Bless.

Mary on

Congrats to them and a beautiful name!

Jb on

Monica is such a beautiful name! I love it!

Megan on

Congratulations! 🙂

gracie on

Congratulations to The new mom, dad and grandparents. Charlotte is a beautiful name and to both Jazz and Kate…many , many children are given their mother’s maiden name as a middle name. The child’s last name still remains Mezvinsky.

Lilah on


Leah on

Congratulations!!! I love how the middle name is Clinton. My sister gave all her kids our last name as their middle name. It’s a great way to keep the woman’s last name alive.
I’m sure this baby will be well loved by all.

Chloe on

Beautiful name!! Congrats to Chelsea and family!

Curly Sue on

So happy for you….Congratulations!

marcy on

Congratulations to all!!! Charlotte, what a beautiful name.


Congrats! Beautiful name & family!!

Carri on

Wonderful news. Congratulations to the Clinton family!!

Jay on

Congratulations to the entire family. I wish them a lifetime of great times with the new addition to the family.

Jen on

Not a fan of the Clinton’s but that doesn’t Change the fact that a baby is born!! Congrats to the happy family!! I’ve always thought Chelsea was beautiful, I’m sure her daughter will be beautiful too!! Congrats again 🙂

meghan on

Beautiful name.

Izzie on

Poor little babe hasn’t one decent role model in her grandparents, which is a terrible shame.

Lucy on

I wish Chelsea and the baby the best, but I can’t stand her mom Hillary.

Lucy on

Why add the name Clinton? Babies are beautiful, but the lies that Hillary and Bill have told are not. I feel sorry for this baby having the grandparents that she has. Hillary will smile and milk this grandma thing for all that she can….anything to divert the attention away from Benghazi and the corruption she has done.

Heather on

Congrats – what a legacy – and finally, a lovely name 🙂

Lucy on

Baby YAY!!!!! Hillary YUCK!!!!!!

Julesy on

Wonderful news! So happy for the Mezvinskys and the Clintons.

Heather on

Given the skeletons that fill the closets of most families, including all of yours, it’s easy to judge when a family’s dirty laundry is not only exposed….but dragged out for other’s benefits. Politicians are politicians. I would be proud to be this baby. Born within a family of Rhodes Scholars who have a work ethic and accomplishments most of us only dream about….nothing to shake a stick at. Being a role model does NOT mean you’re perfect. My dad is my role model. He is almost 80 and has done a lot of good, but made some major mistakes. The bad comes with the good. Anyway, this baby is born to Chelsea and Marc who seem like great, hardworking people and this kid’s life is an open book of opportunity. 🙂

Louise Glass on

I am thrilled for Chelsea and Mark having wonderful baby Charlotte. I know Hillary and Bill Clinton are over the top and will be wonderful grandparents. My daughter is Chelsea’s age and I watched them both grow up through the awkward teenage years into lovely accomplished women.

I wish the family all the best. Lets hope Hillary becomes our next President! All our best!

scofieldd on

Just in time for Grandma’s campaign. Sorry to be a skeptic. As far as her Chelsea wanting her baby to see powerful women, how is she going to explain Monica Lewinsky to her baby? Just saying!

Juli on

And yet another as-long-as-Mila-Kunis pregnant celebrity has given birth LOL Anyways.

What a beautiful name the new parents chose. I also love that they honored Chelsea’s family by adding Clinton as baby Charlotte’s middle name.

Congratulations to Chelsea, Marc and their families on little Charlotte’s arrival!

bebe on

Jazz can’t read. And I’m surprised all you hypocrites who purportedly have “family values” aren’t commenting positively about how Chelsea wad married and actually planned to have a baby before having a baby.

Susan on

Congratulations Chelsea and Marc on the birth of Charlotte. So hsppy for you and your families.

Di on

Congratulations on the arrival of your brand new bundle of joy!

noisefrom1981 on

Charlotte is a really pretty name. Traditional, but not overdone.

De La Roe on

Congrats, and I love the name!!☺️

Ann C. on

“WOW” This is wonderful news. Congrats to Chelsea & Marc on the birth of their first child a darling little girl. Best wishes to the three of you. Well my suspense is over waiting for the baby gender. GIRLS RULE

Janice Classen on

Great news. I know Hillary and Bill are delighted as with the rest of the world. Lovely name with class and respect. Congratulations.

Ann C. on

OH YES!!! What a classic baby girl name.

Brianne on

Congrats to Chelsea and Marc, and to the proud grandparents, Hillary and Bill too! Much blessings and love! Great name!!!

ddcook2 on


Kimberly on

Diane you sound so bitter, I truly feel sorry for you, why would you say you pity that child. That child will have a great life and will be surrounded by love. Congrats to Mark and Chelsea, I love her name too!! One of the prettier old fashioned names I actually like.

Amy on

Congrats to the parents and grandparents! What a beautiful name. Enjoy the time with your beautiful new daughter. It goes by way too fast 🙂

sue good on

How EXCITING to the entire family! Congratulations! Hillary 2016!

Carol on

So happy for Chelsea & Marc………many good wishes to the entire family………Beautiful name, Charlotte!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Oh Please on

I can’t say how many things I dislike about George W. Bush and all the horrible things he did while in office. But when Jenna Bush gave birth to a beautiful healthy girl you would never see me spew hatred on an innocent child. A child is a blessing and a gift to any family. Regardless of your political views. You may not like Hilary and Bill…..but that should have nothing to do with Chelsea and her new daughter.

Kimber on

Wow, it’s really sad when people can use the birth of a baby to spew hatred. No wonder the world is in the shape it is. CONGRATULATIONS to Chelsea and Marc! Enjoy Charlotte each and every day. They grow up way too fast.

cassie on

Not many of us are lucky to have strong female role models who are all about empowering women to change the world. Welcome baby Charlotte.

Charlie on

I wish this family would just go away!

Marcy on

Hillary is quoted as saying “planning to have a carseat in her own car.” I doubt that as she is ferried around by the Secret Service…

MrMonkee on

@Lucy: I feel sorry for you. Must be sad being you.

Babycat50 on

Congrats to the family on the birth of Chelsea and Marc’s baby girl, Charlotte. She is lucky to have living grandparents on both sides…and let’s forget bringing up negative politics on this happy occasion. Mazel Tov!

Clare on

Excellent name! Congrats to the happy family.

kate on

Great pictures and great news.

Portfolio on

Love Chelsea. So cute to see her as a mom. Congrats.

Meena on

Congratulations. Chelsea has turned into a fine woman. Best wishes for the future and for your lovely daughter, Charlotte.

Veronica on

Bill wearing his wedding ring? What a joke!

Emi' on

The secret lies with “Charlotte”.

Cynthia McNamara on

So happy for the whole family , Charlotte will be loved to the moon and back …. ❤

Tracy on

Nice pictures. Congratulations to the whole family.

Sara Bella on

Congratulations! Love the name.

April on

This is a story about the birth of a beautiful and much wanted baby. There are no politics here,just love! Leave the venom at the door please!

Congrats to Marc and Chelsea and to grandma and grandpa Clinton. Enjoy her they grow up so fast.❤

Gigi on

Beautiful name! They’re going to be the best grandparents!!

carly tenney on

Congrats to all of you! She is so beautiful. You all look so happy. Nothing like a little newborn to put a smile on everyone’s face. Blessings!

Sue d on

Loved the staged photos. Comes at a perfect time for Hilary, gives her more of a personality, or so they are hoping.

Retha Tallent on

Such a beautiful family. She will be loved and spoiled all her life. Best wishes.

klynb on

I’m not angry about the baby or its name or its grandparents. I just hope that this is the last baby story that People ever publishes. ENOUGH BABIES ALREADY!


I wonder if they considered the name Charlotte Monica?

Lia on

The pictures of Bill and Hilary hold their first grand child is just precious.

Etsy on

What a lovely name and what wonderful news!

Guest on

This baby girl has obviously brought so much joy to Chelsea and her husband as well as their families…..Not a Clinton fan whatsoever, but like all children this new baby girl is a blessing….congrats!!!

tammy on

Awwwwwww…sweet moments. Bill and Hillary should have wore more casual attire. I hope little princess look like daddy.

Mary Ann on

Congratulations to the whole family.This child will know true love!

guest on


Karen Ganzkow on

Isn’t it wonderful to see a baby given a beautiful name that she can be proud of as she grows up and not one that will make her and everyone around her cringe with embarrassment?

Congratulations to the entire family on their new blessing!!

nozona on

Darn funny that Chelsea has a thing for elephants, the symbol for the Republican party.

And oh boy, those are 2 happy happy happy maternal grands, it shows like morning light.

Jay on

I am happy for the family. I wish them well. Seeing that Chelsea is the apple of Bill’s eye, little Ms. Charlotte will have our former President wrapped around her finger in no time!

Daisy on

Congrats, such happy news!

christine on

CONGRADULATIONS, Chelsea and Mark on Your Bundle Of Joy!

guark on

Smilin’ time Bill!

Jena on

I think it is so generous of them to share these pictures with us. Politics or no politics…they didn’t have to let us in to witness such intimate moments. Congratulations to all. Welcome to the world, Charlotte.

Me on

Marc was a HOTTIE at Stanford!

Heather on

Welcome to the world of pantsuits, Charlotte. Grandma has a lot of hand me downs for you. But first , mommy has to them in about 5 years.

Veronica on

If her husband is smart, he’ll keep that baby girl away from creepy old perv, Bill.

Holly on

Welcome to the world of pantsuits Charlotte! Expect plenty of hand me downs from Grandma and Mommy!

lynnie on

Beautiful photos . You can see the love! Congratulations to all of them.

nene on

awww so sweet and nice they picked a normal name.

Melanie on

Congratulations to Chelsea, Marc, and both of their families! The pictures are lovely and I adore the name Charlotte.

Alf on

Not a Clinton fan but this is a sweet ordinary moment. Congratulations! Beautiful name too!

Pal on

So happy for the family, congrats!

Brianne on

To the person who said they hope this is the last baby story People writes, it isn’t. This section of the website is very popular, and babies are born every day. Looks like you’ll have to stop coming here if you’re fed up with stories about celebrities having babies!!!

ImALadyToo on

Congrats to the couple on their healthy daughter.

Nancy in Illinois – Dream on about expecting a baby in the White House.

Deborah on

9 28 2014
Congrats to all! And Gods blessings too!

Gunny on

How great for all of them.

Ari on

Love the name and love these pics! Nothing like the look of joy on a new grandparent’s face! Congrats to all!

hosay on

great name! But don’t wear so many bangles on your arm when cradling a newborn (and no perfume or hairspray) the world is sooo overstimulating already, with clothing (clothing is a whole new thing) and gravity and fluorescent lights and NOISE and tactile intrusions. It’s very scary being a newborn infant!

Remember what Hillary’s surname was before she bowed to political pressure and changed it to bill’s? Would have been cool if Chelsea had given this kid the Rodham name. But….we are seeing only one set of grandparents, the others have a say, and I see no photo of dad holding the bambina. He looks HOT with those glasses and that stubble!

carolineemanning on

I do not care for her parents and their politics, but I am very happy for her and her husband! Charlotte is a beautiful name 🙂

lali on

So happy to see the positive comments on this thread. Lovely name and I’m sure this little girl will be very, very loved. Yay!

Heidi on

The expression on Hilary’s face is so tender, I’ve never seen a photo of her looking at anyone or anything like that. Very sweet.

Is it just me or is it strange to see Chelsea and Mark looking like they are ready to head out for a brunch in Manhattan less then 24 hours after Charlotte’s birth? They look like they are in the lobby of a hotel!

Anonymous on

The world over, I don’t care WHO you are in life, “grandparents” are ALL the same! 🙂

Jen on

What a great celebration! CONGRATS!!! Welcome to the mommy group! It’s the best job in the world!!! CONGRATS!!!!

amy on

Congrats how wonderful

michelle on

The picture of Chelsea and her new daughter is sweet. 🙂 But the picture of Bill & Hillary Clinton with their new grand daughter is priceless. It took my breath away. Clinton was president for much of my young adulthood. I watched Chelsea grow up with me. So to witness such a milestone in their lives is great.

skiiy on

What difference does it make? Hate Hilary and Bill. Disgraces.

AmyRene on

Very sweet.

John on

I love the picture of Hillary sitting, holding the baby, and Bill, standing, looking at Charlotte over her shoulder. It captures the bliss of being new grandparents beautifully.

hellnonwo on

Chelsea should read Bryce Taylor’s: Thanks for the memories! to learn how her parents really treat children.

hellnonwo on

Chelsea should read Bryce Taylors Thanks for the memories to learn how her parents really treat children!

bonnieux on

Congrats to the new mother and father! Congrats to the new grandparents Clinton! How they will love this baby girl.

MM on

Congratulations to the entire family!!!

As for Diane…….who pee’d in your Cheerios? I pity you, you are an ass wipe!!

carter on

Grandchildren, love them with all of your heart and send them home!!! Ah, grandchildren!!!!

MJ on

Beautiful baby, beautiful family! What a true gift.

rose on

Wow, just lovely. Congrats to them all! You can feel the love in these pictures. So happy for them.

pavitrasarala on

This is a moment when politics should not and do not matter. Look at the joy on Bill and Hillary’s faces… it’s the same look George W. and Laura had when Jenna had her baby. They are all grandparents now – and we are fortunate to see a glimpse of humanity and preciousness with both sets of former Presidents and their wives. Given the Bushes and Clintons have befriended one another outside of the Oval Office, there’s even a chance these wonderful children will get to play and grow up together. Try not to let that thought bake your noodles too much, haters.

Guest on

Ooh these are adorable photos!

Me on

Pretty name.

Cate on

Congratulations!! Welcome to the world, baby Charlotte.

Me on

Maybe she added the name Clinton because Chelsea is an only child and wanted the name to carry on.

Judy Kemp on

Congratulations Chelsea and Mark. As a grandparent myself, I know you have made your parents very happy! I’m so happy for you all. ENJOY!

Van on

Congrats to Chelsea and Mark!

mer on

Great pictures. Congratulations to the whole family!!

jana on

This is a day for sharing the glory of a gift from God to Chelsea and Marc. Shame on you who because you are Republicans , feel the need to say hurtful things to this young couple on the day they received this precious gift from God. You should also be ashamed of the smart, nasty, remarks on the naming the child’s middle name , “Clinton”. Those of us who are proud of our parents, heritage and children do like to add the mothers maiden name . I have a grandson who is blessed with his mothers grandparents last name. I just am sick of people who attack this beautiful, lovely couple on the happiest day of their lives. Obviously your parents taught you no respect for others. My mother always told me “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” Guess those GOP moms didn’t know how to raise good children. Shame on you all that felt the need to make mean, snide remarks. I happen to feel that Bill Clinton, even with his flaws (and we all have them), was a brilliant president and his wife I know will probably be one of the finer presidents this country will ever see if she runs. Congrats Chelsea and Marc and God Bless Chelsea’s parents for raising such a beautiful and educated young lady. Perhaps one day there will be President Chelsea? I hope so. Between Hillary and Chelsea, I think we’ll finally see a great improvement on this earth.
Proverbs 31:10-12 and 25-31

Paula on

Ooh lovely photos!

Aussie cathie on

Forget the political bullshit a baby is always great news. Congrats to all xxx

Charlene on

Jeez, could Hillary add a few more chins. Woman needs to lose a little weight if she wants to run for President. That belly fat, #1 cause of strokes and heart attacks. We do not want our Commander In Chief, dying a year after being in office.

Sue on

Wonderful news and I’m sure she will benefit from having a very smart mom and dad and her smart grandparents. Best of luck to her and all the family, including the parents of Marc. I’m sure they are “over the moon” also.

Daisy Doll on

Very cute. Cute name, too, esp. if it’s pronounced the German way “ScharlottE”. Also, I guess it IS possible for people magazine to exchange the Disqus comments section for its own comments section, and to moderate it. this should not only be done when it’s an article about the Clinton’s, though, but with every article – so that people may actually have an interesting and civilized debate on here, instead of every discussing degrading into a battle with the internet trolls and/or having to scroll over page after page of troll nonsense.

Anonymous on

This brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations to the Clintons and God bless them on this incomparable and amazing time in their lives

lola on

Awww… look at the love and joy in the eyes of these new Grandparents. There is no feeling like it. Congratulations and welcome to the planet baby girl. You obviously are very loved!

Ann on

Lets hope old HIllary decides to dedicate all her time to just being a grandma….Bill and her are way to old now so time to retire and read all those books to their only grandchild.

Lori on

Beautiful pictures, !

Jay on

Beautiful! I know ths family is flawed but I still like them and would love to see Hillary run in 2016!! God Bless them!

LaVonda on

Such a beautiful moment & a beautiful picture. I know they are gonna make wonderful grandparents. Chelsea is gonna make a good mom. That’s what we need now is something too sing about. A good WK, they became grandparents, George clooney gets married. Wonderful!!!!!!!!

Lou on

Congratulations to the entire family that little Charlotte has just been born into. It would be great if hateful comments could automatically be restricted from appearing on a report of such a joyous time. Chelsea and Hillary will surely be perfect role models for Charlotte on how to overcome these types of situations with dignity and class. God bless this little baby.



Gramma2three on

@Jb….Monica?!? Seriously??

Hea on

Happy grandparents always touches my heart.

Dr. McManus on

what a great Pro-Life photo – see it really does turn into a baby!!

Caroline on

I am not a fan of the Clinton’s, but seeing Chelsea grow up and becoming a mom, touches my heart. She is a mom, and any mom deserves respect and congratulations. What her parents have done or not done, has nothing to do with this article. She grew up in front of the eyes of America, and she did good with her life. Congratulations!! Also, I am not famous, and my mom’s last name is is my middle name. And I love it!! Don’t judge because they wants her daughter to have the Clinton’s name. It is their child! I am very happy for her and for every member of her family!!

nancy on

congratulations there is nothing to explain the feeling you have at being a grandparent

Former Fetus on

How can Hilary continue to keep her pro-abortion stance, especially at a time like this? Hopefully the birth of precious little Charlotte will open her (and other’s) eyes to the reality of the sanctity of every human life from the first moment of conception.

nena on

congrats!..welcome to the world..beautiful princess chelsea…frm DAVAO CITY PHILIPPINES

charlotte on

Love the name. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! Enjoy every moment with her.

CDS on

@Diane; are you so miserable that you can’t write anything nice? You really could have kept that comment to yourself — I pity you!

kim on

Congrats on the birth of a daughter/granddaughter.

Ashley on

UGH Nancy in Illinois, bite your tongue ;—)
Pretty name though, Charlotte is very nice

Ashley on

Oh and Jana? UGH on everything you said….

freespeech92009 on

So sweet, all of them. Love it.

Charlotte is such a beautiful, elegant, classic name. Here’s hoping that between Chelsea and Duchess Catherine, we will see a return to classic, elegant names, and not the ridiculousness that has pervaded baby-naming for years (I am SO tired of girls named Riley/Rylee/Reilly and Dylan).

Lyanna on

Congrats to the Mezvinsky family. Mazel tov and along with many others, I hope she is raised as a Mezvinsky.

Barbara Kantola on

Congratulations and much love to you all. You will love being parents, and grandparents. I love being a gramma.
Sincerely yours,
Barbara Kantola

Terri on

Why shouldn’t the baby have the middle name Clinton? She’s as much a Clinton as she is a Mezvinskiy. Also, Chelsea’s name is still Clinton.

Priscilla on

Congrats to the Mezvinsky and Clinton family!

PA on

Their granddaughter could be the future the president, you never know.

ceecee on

Congrats to the new parents and grandparents. Beautiful name and blessing on her.

ceecee on


Eva on

I hope they do not stock Charlottes pantry with the GMOS that her Grandmother has come out in favor of. With Hillary endorsing GMO foods and Monsantos poisons, I pray Chelsea knows better than to feed her child the things her Mom is getting so handsomely paid for endorsing.

Ekanem Inyang on

God Bless Charlotte. Congratulations Chelsea and Marc, Well done.

PA on

Great photos! So happy for the former first family.

df on

Glad you all will do homeschooling.