So Chic! North West Honors Kim and Kanye for Fashion Week

09/25/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

She’s a pint-size protégé!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian brought along someone special to sit front row at the Balenciaga show during Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday: 15-month-old daughter North.

But bringing their baby girl along wasn’t exactly the plan.

“She started to cry when we were walking out the door, and we couldn’t leave her,” Kardashian told Yahoo! Style. “So, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing. But it was an amazing fashion show for her to be at for her first show!”

The tight-knit trio dressed to impress in matching black ensembles, but coordinating her outfit wasn’t the only way North was paying homage to her parents.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West North Balenciaga Paris Fashion Week
Antoine Cau/Sipa

Not only did the curly-haired cutie proudly sport a Yeezus tee, but she proved to be the perfect model for her mom’s adorable kiddie clothing line.

While showing off one of her latest milestone — walking! — North wore Kardashian Kids Black Leatherette Flared Skirt ($19) and Leatherette Panel Leggings ($19).

We’re loving the toddler’s edgy vibe and can’t help but think how fitting it would have been for North to borrow cousin Penelope‘s baby Balenciaga bag for the big event.

— Anya Leon

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Showing 131 comments

Ala Lemon on

Why is this baby always wearing black and grey and cream? That’s so sad! I don’t mean that she should be dressed in pink from head to toe, but some colour would be nice.

Alaina on

I really wish they would allow this baby to be a BABY. She’s a 1 year old beautiful girl always dressed in black, cream or gray. Really? Can we see a picture of her in pink or a floral dress just playing outside and laughing? That’s one thing I love about Beyonce & Jay, their little girl always looks so happy. Hair is free, always smiling & always playing. The only time we see North, she’s dangling from the hip of her mom or being forced in weird little boy clothes & boots.
I’m not even knocking her for being at a fashion show because I’m sure her parents are always gone, but come on now, your baby is a BABY, not an accessory.

Gigi on

She just happened to cry this one time but every other time you guys went out she was fine? The only reason which a parent can’t leave their child at home is when there isn’t a nanny to take care of them. Soooooo you knew there was no nanny meaning you had planned on taking her all along. So ummm how was this spur of the moment? Lady just stick to taking selfies, you’re so full of crap.

NYU0385 on

I’d be terrified of cutting or scratching my child with those ridiculously long nails. Of course, Kim rarely picks her up, so I guess it’s a non-issue.

Nicole on

She started to cry as they were walking out the door so they couldn’t just leave her. LOL so then what is their excuse for jetting setting around the world without her most of the time. Sorry, this was a way of them to get media attention by using their kid as an accessory. Congratulations, parents of the year.

WC on

People drag their kids to all kinds of places i.e. Church, Restaurants, Sporting events, Shopping etc. So who cares if she went with them? At least they took her instead of walking out on their crying baby. I do think though her outfit was ugly for such a sweet little girl.

Susan on

Nice t-shirt for a toddler… if that doesn’t give you nightmares nothing will

heather on

Babies cry, that’s what they do. Was it the first time the kid cried when her parents were leaving? Right.

lani on

What an ugly sweater design for a child to wear. Yeezus? Please! Funny but I think KimK is ready blogs with negative comments cause she always seems to come back with some excuse of why this or that happened. I would rather be with my baby and stay in the hotel and have hubby go to the fashion gig if necessary instead of bringing her in a place like that. She’s so full of it. Both parents are such self-absorbed people and such show offs, making the world see what they can do with their lifestyle.

cns2002 on

Well idk bout some ppl but my kids come with me most places if its not work or adult only so theyre not out of line here…for once. Its a fashion show. Odd but not inappropriate. And then it would be an issue if they left her at home n not out working.

bkable on

I think anytime you have to do a magazine article justifying why you did something, you probably knew you shouldn’t have done it in the first place. Kim has 5 siblings, a mother, a stepfather and at least 3 step-siblings who all live in her vicinity… you’re telling me not one could have babysat? No Kim, you know your baby is a publicity magnet. Just be honest for once.

Jill on

Yeezus with a grim reaper. What a disgrace to Jesus.

Cynda on

Another day, another photo op. Does anyone else notice that as soon as there are a lot f comments about Kim is never with IgNori, poof, the photo ops start. Poor IgNori, never smiles.

People magazine sucks on

“She started to cry when we were walking out the door, and we couldn’t leave her,” Kardashian told Yahoo! Style.

Yeah. More like crying tears of joy! “Go away, strangers named Kim and Kanye! You’re not my parents. Where’s my 24/7 nanny?”

Lola on

No, she brought her for the publicity. She’s been leaving her for weeks on end since she was born and had no problem there… But there was no way she was going to attend a fashion show as major as Balenciaga in Paris without her most prominent accessory. She even put up a pic on Instagram immediately with the caption: “Balenciaga baby…” Anything for publicity.

Lolah on

Oh Kim, you lie constantly to make yourself look good. You’ve been caught numerous times. I don’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth.

You’re a media obsessed attention seeking narcissistic wh0re who I’m sure goes through withdrawals whenever your name isn’t in the papers and online…that’s why you brought her and the fact that you think we don’t know that is laughable and sad as hell.

I cannot WAIT until this family falls so far from grace that we’ll never have to hear about them again.

It’s sick and disgusting how our society has turned this vapid family into famed millionaires.

Monica on

This little girl is more of an accesorize to this two than a daughter! Log I had the money they do I would dress her with gorgeous clothes. So many pretty things to wear, why dress her like that? To get people talking??????????????

Madison on

Who is she wearing? Lol! This little baby needs a fashion consultant much like her mommy…top and skirt do not go together 🙂

Ellvee on

Newsflash, Kim…Babies cry. This excuse makes you sound like more of a jackass than if you just said, “hey, we want our kid at the show with us.” And whoever wrote this article makes it sound like North picked out her own outfit. (“we love the edgy vibe…”)

ts on

take those work boots off of her. put her on some decent clothes and shoes

happy on

Because your nothing but superficial….look at me, look at me, I need constant attention!

Karys on

The whole “princess pink for girls” thing holds as much appeal for me as a bottle of Pepto-Bismol, but Kim & Kayne could try dressing North in some other bright colors once in a while. The black/gray/tan look is a bit dour for a a toddler. It’s clear that, true to their narcissism, Kim & Kanye dressed North more to please themselves than their child. That “Yeesus” sweatshirt is too morbid/scary for such a young child, IMO, and leatherette tights have got to be terribly hot, constricting and uncomfortable for poor Nori. Plus, as cute as “Baby Timberland” boots are, their the worst kind of footwear for a toddler who’s just learned to walk. In order to strengthen their foot muscles and help them to walk more steadily, children that age should be barefoot when indoors, and when outdoors, they should wear shoes with flexible soles that allow them to feel the ground under their feet. Timberlands are stiff and heavy, and the sole are thick and rigid. Again, uncomfortable for North. But they make for a great photo-op, which is Kim & Kanye’ s main concern.

LaVonda on

Go head North you went to Paris & you’re 1. Heck I’m 45 & I’ve never been to Paris. Kudos to you girl with her cute little self. I think its good for them to be hands on with her parents. They could’ve left her with the nanny but they didn’t. So have fun you only live once. That’s all I’m try a say.

Catherine on

What a lucky coincidence that the ONE time you decide to take North somewhere … “spur of the moment” … she just happens to be wearing clothing from the Kardashian Kids clothing line! I mean, she was just at home playing with her dolls in her leather skirt and boots like she does every day, right??

smh on

Wow! Some of you are so uptight. Get over yourselves already. It’s their kid. Her fingernails will not scratch or cut her. They’re in Paris so no her family members couldn’t babysit for them. You blast them when they leave her at home. You blast them when they take her with them. You blast them for what they dress her in and the colors they want. It’s their child and they can do whatever they please. Get a life outside of these blogs where all you do is blast people and rip them apart. It’s just sickening.

mandy on

You brought her as a fashion ornament and you know. You two are disgusting!

Ecarg on

That poor child. She actually misses these two twits when they leave. She is going to need some specific therapy.

Gigi on

@LaVonda You are right. So Kim should just say so or live her life with out having to constantly justify her actions. It wasn’t spur of the moment – give me a break. It’s her lies that drive us up the wall. She wanted her there, say you wanted her there not some fluffed up ridiculous excuse.

Tina on

Such a pretty baby. I wish they’d dress her like a cute little girl instead of dressing her in what they would wear.

Cynthia on

Dresed for Halloween a bit early!

Cynthia on

Dressed for Halloween bit early!

Minka on

What kind of outfit is that for a BABY?!! All black with Yeezus and the grim reaper!!! Poor child always looks unhappy.

Amelia on

Separation anxiety, every child has that stage. Although in defense of Kim (not something I usually do) no matter what she does people will complain. If she leaves the kid people tell her she is a bad mom and should do more with her baby. I do believe it would be nice if she did more child appropriate activities with North.

hbomb1225 on

Gotta say, I was expecting her to say something like “like babies and toddlers like look up to her for like their own fashion like outfits, which is amazing. So like it only makes sense for like her to be there. She’s already like a mogul for fashion, which is amazing. And she’s inspired Kanyes fashion line, which is amazing. (Whispers to kanye: did I say that right?)”.

Margareth on



PKStepp on

That poor baby always looks so sad.

Nadia Nyc on

She’s such a cutie pie! I just wish they would dress her a little more appropriately.

Jennifer on

I don’t have a feeling about the Kardashians one way or the other, but I do find it funny that Kim can’t win no matter which way she goes. If she doesn’t take North with her, then people complain she is never with her. If she takes her then she is inappropriate for taking her to a fashion show. I’m sure she couldn’t care less what you all or myself think about her, but I do feel bad for her.

Liz on

I dont think North gives a rip what she’s wearing. Maybe that’s a conversation to have once she is old enough to decide for herself and hopefully they’ll let her pick everything out. She’s cute, it’s fine they went as a family. If it was for publicity, who cares. Maybe they’re fairly talentless people, but they found a way to be rich and famous, and it’s a waste of energy to resent them for it. Mostly i’m interested in the cute baby. And that the baby clothing line is affordable. That’s pretty cool.

Seriously? on

Please. They took her along because she’s nothing more than a prop to them. Poor child. She’s gorgeous and she doesn’t deserve these two freaks for parents. Let’s hope her nannies are kind and loving.

sarah on

the only reason she brought North was the nanny refused and so did everyone else.

dawn on

I don’t think she was crying because they were leaving, she should be used to that. I think that Kim wanted to show her off and lead us to believe that she is a good mother. Nope, not convinced.

jm on

She did it for one reason and one reason only – to be the center of attention. The poor child always looks so confused and Kim looks more and more like a statue – Kayne is getting exactly what he wants – complete CONTROL – soon he’ll have them locked up in china cabinets and pull them off the shelves when he feels like it. Their IQ’s combined don’t hit the double digits.



Idiot on

Kim meant to say, Nori started to cry when her nanny left for the day.

Edie S on

Sorry — but those are not “adorable” clothes for a toddler. There is nothing adorable about her outfit. Wow. This is nonsense.

When will they go away? on

These people are beyond desperate and 100% transparent. Does anyone actually believe the “it was totally unplanned” claim? The only reason they bothered with the baby was because the baby could garner publicity for K’s new children’s line that the kid was wearing. Mission accomplished! Gross.

IMO on

Cute little girl and the outfit surprisingly doesn’t look inappropriate.

lala on

They never look happy. But the baby is cute.

lola on

Awe, she’s walking. Too cute! I love her little skrt.

Sal on

Because you want attention, and your kid really started walking and you could finally prove it. Oh and because Beyoncé take blue ivy places. Your not even worth reading about anymore

Sal on

Another good place they took her was to daddy’s concert. Drinking, and daddy’s lyrics aren’t worth mention! Aren’t they just the greatest? NOT

IMO on

I didn’t realize so many people reading these articles knew Kim K, I mean she must have really ticked some of you off as you are clearly her judge and jury, I find it irresponsible of people who judge others as we are all imperfect. How do you guys know what type of parent she is and how silly to say the baby is unhappy because she doesn’t smile, especially with people always following her around with loud voices and flashing cameras. Jealous much some of you.

Susan on

What is wrong with dressing her like a little girl?

floormodel on

that child is always so unhappy.

TK on

When did children become accessories?

syd on

This is so sad. The “first show” comment implies she will likely be expected to attend these shows, spending more time worrying about whether her ensemble matches than concerning herself with real world problems like Darfur, water crisis, the global economy. There are children and teens out there that are sharp. This cute kid doesn’t stand a chance with a mom like Kim and Kanye for a dad. What happened to when kids could wear overalls…and who the heck takes a barely one year old to a fashion show – stay home if the kid cries! And with nails like Kim’s there is no way she changes diapers – the kid is likely brought up by nannies for the most part. The Yeesus shirt is a disgrace and People mag referring to her outfit as edgy is pathetic. She is 1! Who the heck is edgy at one? She has no idea how ridiculous her parents make her look, poor kid.

Anonymous on

Beautiful little girl. I hope she’s being every chance to grow up emotionally healthy (even if it may be behind the scenes.) I’m going to hope for the best.

Lisa on

Babies aren’t any different from the rest of us. Some of us are smilers, some aren’t. She actually looks a little apprehensive. There must be all types of fuss and flash and whatnot.

Lollipop on

I do not believe her, and that t-shirt is about the holly death, WTF is wrong with this pair?? The poor child looks terrified.

charlotte on

CPS ought to be called for the simple fact that they put that beautiful little girl in that dreadful sweatshirt! Those two are the biggest morons on the planet. It’s a wonder they were able to conceive a child!

Lili on

What a terrible color for a baby, and ¿a skeletal in her t-shirt? I can´t believe that a mom get dressed in that way to her daughter.

lucy on

Yeah sure It was not plan. All dress up matching way…

Sandy on

Maybe stay home once in a while, what comes first, the clothes or the baby. I think some times you have to put what is first. She is adorable and I want to play with her. I’d babysit.

angie on

Yep North is walking, so cute!

Kris on

Those two are so yucky but they sure made a cute little girl.

Kass on

Stupid lie coming out of a stupid couple. I am sorry, but that outfit on the child is HORRENDOUS. Cheap looking, tacky, and a yeezus tshirt. Wow. All that money and no taste or class.

locomotive on

one thing I like about Kim is that she always has short, not brightly painted fingernails, but in this photo she has talons, so that must be rough when handling a toddler. Disappointing. But oh my that is the CUTEST CHILD on the planet, she is absolutely soooooo attractive, and I am NOT a baby cultist. GOLLY she is cute!!! And I love her black/white/grey clothes! I hate the earrings but I love everything else!

locomotive on

one thing I like about Kim is that she always has short, not brightly painted fingernails, but in this photo she has talons, so that must be rough when handling a toddler. Disappointing. But oh my that is the CUTEST CHILD on the planet, she is absolutely soooooo attractive, and I am NOT a baby cultist. GOLLY she is cute!!! And I love her black/white/grey clothes! I hate the earrings but I love everything else! I would babysit her in a heartbeat! We’d have so much fun!

L on

North is such a cute little girl….but she’s just that…a GIRL! I’m nowhere near a pink person but my gosh, do they EVER put her in any color?

Andy on

Maybe we wouldn’t have such an issue calling out Kim on her sub-par parenting if she actually parented that child.
Everything always looks so rigid, she doesn’t act like she’s that little girl’s mom (for example, take a look at the section of Jessica Alba with her daughters.) I know not everyone is a super maternal woman, but Kim seems to have missed the mark completely and tries to reinforce this idea that she is super mom when we are all aware that she really isn’t (I can say this with the utmost certainty, there is some margin of error.) I just find it hard to believe with how often they’re gone that North chose this time to just lose enough for Kim to go “Fine, you can come too,” it just doesn’t make sense.
There is the real issue, things that she’s saying just don’t add up. Granted I don’t know her life, but as other have stated, North seems more like an accessory than a child.

jade on

Love this baby She’s so adorable It’s sad that haters say mean crap about an innocent baby Shame on you North has done more in her 1yr of life than any of you haters will ever Go North!!!!!!

meghan on

I sincerely doubt she noticed you were leaving. She’s used to it. And that’s what she happened to be wearing as you were walking out? I’ll bet. Such disingenuous a-holes.

Lou on

I really don’t care what others think, but that shirt should not be on a child! It is just wrong. Kim and Kanye, shame on you guys!

meghan on

Jade, get a shrink.

meghan on

Jade, your comment might be the dumbest one in this entire thread.

guest on

Why won’t they this kid be a kid?? Bring her somewhere were she can have fun? Strange and selfish people.

Court on

These people are crazy. Dress the baby crazy too. They think their daughter’s wardrobe accessory for themselves — so very sad and disturbing.

Katie on

Children love colors! This girl never wears any. And I think this is a little inappropriate for a 1 year old to wear. Too scary.

Satchel on

Chic? She has no choice in the matter. If she did I doubt she would wear big heavy black boots when she’s just learning to walk. Plus, I doubt she would want a scary skeleton in a purple and black cape!!! Why do these types dress their babies/toddlers like they are teenagers???? They are little for such a short time. Why not choose age appropriate clothing?????

JudyP54 on

North is surely a pretty little girl. But, I would never put a shirt like that on her. She is being dressed like she was a teenager. She’s still a baby, enjoy her.

Ana Carla on

Clothes horrible, following the dubious taste of the mother. I feel for this girl, it will be created in a superficiality and egocentricity environment. She is everything but a child. I think she is just an accessory.

Laura on

Good grief!!! Except for the dress baby North wore to her mama-papa’s wedding, I have NEVER seen this child dressed in a way that flatters her, is age appropriate, or is uplifting. North has a gorgeous face, and yet she is continually dressed in depressing colors…hmmm, makes you wonder if mama doesn’t want any “competition” in photo-ops…by keeping North in background colors guess who stands out?? Whether its subliminal or not, that is what Kimye are doing. Ask any set decorator, stylist, etc., if you want others to fade into the background dress the people in drab colors, and then dress your person of primary focus in brighter colors.

Me on

For some reason, every time they have the baby with them, Kanye ALWAYS looks “annoyed” and Kim s put in charge, but quickly whisks her away probably into the arms of nanny! These people are strange and do not seem to want the camera on them and them only?!

Me on

……Error in my comment…..”Do seem to want the cameras on them only”

Lynnda on

That is an ugly outfit..let her be a girl with pretty clothes, not gothic, drab outfits,,Why doesn’t she ever smile???

Katy on

She was crying because the nanny left her with two strangers.

Carrow on

My niece hated pink as soon as she was able to discern the differences. She loves blues and greens. Not every little girl wants to be dressed in “girly” colors.

Ann on

Obviously Kim and her babydada have no taste nor class when it comes to clothes as that is the most ugliest outfit ever to put on a toddler so they must have thought it was Halloween……feel sorry for that child to have these two for parents.

Anonymous on

Lovely choice of clothing for a one-year old – a skeleton. I can’t imagine what her Halloween costume will look like.

niki on

Little North appears to be sad and frustrated. She is being used as a fashion prop to promote mom and dad’s different businesses. How sad. What will happen to this adorable little toddler when she decides that stuff is not for her ? how will they react ? accept it or ignore her needs and use her like a public entertainment. It is their world. They have nothing individual; they only share their love for the limelight and money.

DesertRose on

A look reminiscent of the Adam’s Family – bleah! Poor North West – looks absolutely unhappy and uncomfortable – all in the name of fashion?

Ks on

Wow. You mean she acted like a mom for 5 seconds and had her baby? That should be the real headline!

Carrow on

If Kim was in a public square you people would fight each other top throw the first stone.

You all act like the girl stole your husband or killed your dog. I’m tired of the overexposure of the Kardashians, but I don’t feel the need to bash the woman to the extreme that some of you are. She is a person with feelings and hardly any of you would say these things to her face.

louise_1 on

This has got to be the most adorable little girl on planet. Public needs to stop saying negative things about them as it’s quite obvious kim could care less. Leave them alone.

Amanda on

Those saying Kim can’t win, the problem with this article isn’t that she brought her, it’s the blatant lying about why. Like North has never had her parents leave her before and they just couldn’t now. That poor baby has been left more than is natural for a mom to leave her baby in the first year. They wanted their accessory with for some free advertisement for their kids line. Period. Tell it like it is. That outfit she is in is dreadful

Anonymous on

This is a lovely photo of North, she is a little chic indeed!

Simone on

Death on a toddlers shirt and dressed all black….never liked them and that makes their ignorance more obvious once more smh!

louise_1 on

All you people talking about baby north clothes could probably not even afford one piece of the child’s wardrobe. They can dress their child as they want and don’t need anyones approval. So shut up and buy your own kids some clothes.

Dkcrlcml on

Who puts their baby in leather leggings and skirt?

Margot on

Why put such a gruesome shirt on a toddler? Why MAKE such nonsense?Does baby North have a particular interest in death metal or the imagery of death cults?

J on

she’s such a cute little girl. It would be nice to see her smile.

Shalla on

North is a beautiful little girl. I just have issues with celeb babies being out all hours of the night, their eyes being blinded by flash bulbs, and zero baby schedules. She’s 15 months, bet she’d rather be home in comfy clothes playing with her toys vs fashion show.

fatalreview on

uhhh are they using the baby as a shield now??? they are all about security and being afraid people will attack them now-or at least that is what they whine about constantly and then Kimmode starts bringing the kid everywhere? how annoying are these a-holes first the pornnn skankkk pushes her way onto every red carpet looking like a sex worker and now into the so called fashion industry and now they bring their kid dressed like a sex worker as well? like the lame couple who brings a screaming baby to an elegant romantic restaurant-no place for the kid-does Kimmode think she is special being the only one with a kid does she think all the fake attention she gets for using her kid as a prop is genuine?-every person that talks to them at a fashion show walks away mumbling about what low class trash they are

jc on

Very upsetting to see this baby/child who is ALWAYS distresses and detached to these oddball ,babyish parents.

Wow. on

Honestly there’s no need for the negative comments if you have nothing nice to say don’t speak at all. I bet if any of you were in front of Kim and kanye you’d keep shut. Hating on someone else doesn’t make you so pretty, they make more money than half of you out together you think they care about what you have to say ? Get a grip.

Tanya on

North is so cute with that leather skirt!

Barbara Irving on

Is it just me that wishes little Nori could have a normal childhood with pastel dresses? Those clunky boots they put on her make learning to walk next to impossible. She looks like death in all that black. I think CPS should keep an eye on this child because what they’re doing to her isn’t normal.

tiff on

Nothing like using your child as a walking billboard. How full of yourself do you have to be to put you child in that? I mean really? And why the leather skirt? Her mom is already making her look like a w****.

TackyAlert on

1)Who dresses a small child in black leather, combat boots and a tacky Yeezus T-shirt and takes her to a high end show at Paris Fashion Week and assumes it is ok?
These two have dropped to an unforgivable
level of entitlement and rudeness.
No Morals, No Manners.

sharon on

she is so ooooo cute why would you dress he like a Demon child.. be care what you ask for……

Mint on

Nice T-shirt, next time try some different colors, not only black color.

Anonymous on

That shirt though, on a Baby not to mention the name!!!!

Vanna on

How long are these shows? I’m surprised the baby would sit there.

chelsea on

heres my thing i have a 2 yr. old son and yes her cries but they need to know that they don’t get every thing they want and do every thing they want i know its heart breaking to see them cry but she will calm down after you leave its called parenting i have friends that did the same thing and there 5 yr old is a BRAT i don’t like telling people how to parent but really let her cry she will be FINE

Anonymous on

Yup North is wearing Kardashian design clothing line, the outfit is kinda fashionable but not over the top. The price is reasonable not that expensive.

territc on

North is just so cute. Loving her outfit, although Mom put some colour on her. Why is she always in black?

angie on

Love North’s boots!

Ms. SMDH on

why cant you people let her dress her child the way she wants and let Beyounce comb her child’s hair the way she wants…FYI…North had on beautiful pastels for her birthday party….You people need to quit knit picking

Anonymous on

the baby needs a little color in her life!

iamcaligirl on

Are we really to believe that this outfit is cute?!

Jackie on

Is it just me, or does every one else think Kim K looks deformed. I get the butt thing. It’s just she does’t have enough height for such a big butt. When she walks towards you there is too much bottom. Her hips are crazy wide. I am all for having the female look more female. I’m thrilled some look less like little boys. But Kim has a messed up shape. Does she ever look in the mirror??

lc on

Kim’s lies are legendary. Such BS! She brought North because it would garner her attention at the Fashion Show and she could show off her Kardashian Kids line at the biggest fashion event around. Period. I’m certain it wasnt a last minute decision to take her…hell, they leave her all the time and could care less. Why would this be any different? She is less than a part time mom at best.

Guest on

Doesn’t the baby know fashion at that young age?

Beth on

Why aren’t they taking her Disneyland, or maybe Chuck E Cheese? And that outfit? Horrible!
Low lifes!

ljrich on

Black is beautiful. She looks good in black so why not? Pink is passé and limiting.


How sad Kim Kardashian puts a Skeleton of Death T-shirt on her daughter— you think she would put something as love or flwers but puts on the SKELETON OF DEATH-how ILLUMINATI


Why would a celebrity put on their child the SKELETON OF DEATH–In order to keep money flowing in she has to celebrate the OCCULT of SATAN on her daughter T-SHIRT how ILLUMINATI can she be HOW LOW TO PUT YOUR CHILD honoring the SKELETON OF DEATH

Sacorya on

I’m sorry what’s cute about this outfit? It’s an ugly look for a baby girl. She’s suppose to b wearing bright coolers not a fucking reaper in black. On top of that how the fudge is this news exactly? So she started cried and they tagged her along, that’s not news that just parents that shouldn’t have a kid if they’re not gonna be there.

KellyC on

OMG, I feel so badly for this baby girl. Not only the horrible parents she has but, they dress this child in all black every single day, no happy, pretty colors that little girls should be dressed in and this picture on the front of this shirt is horrible to put a baby in!!! She’s a little doll but, Kanye dressing the women in his life just like he dresses every day is just awful and shows what a control freak he is and shows what a submissive, pathetic woman Kim is. First her mother ran her life and now he does. She needs to learn to run her own life, stand up and tell this fool she will dress as she pleases and will dress her daughter in beautiful, fun, bright colors, cute dresses and jumpsuits and cute shoes and bows in her hair as a little girl should be. The Kardashians have always been sad and pathetic to me but, this new family of Kims is the saddest I’ve ever seen.

Beth on

That little girl is ugly as hell. Hard to believe she came out of Kim, but guess she takes after her father’s looks.