Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky Expecting First Child

09/24/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Paulina Gretzky Pregnant Expecting First Child Dustin Johnson
Michael Buckner/AMA2013/Getty

Paulina Gretzky is pregnant!

The daughter of Hall of Fame hockey player Wayne Gretzky is expecting a baby with her fiancé, pro golfer Dustin Johnson, she announced Wednesday on Instagram.

The model posted a serene photo of herself cradling her belly in front of the pool.

“@djohnsonpga & I are so excited to finally share with you all our amazing news,” she captioned the image. “We’re having a baby!!”

The good news comes on the heels of a difficult summer for Johnson, 30, and Gretzky, 25, who announced their engagement in August 2013.

An 8-time PGA Tour winner, Johnson is currently serving a six-month suspension from the Tour after testing positive for cocaine, according to Golf.com, which previously reported that he had failed three other drug tests.

Despite Johnson’s turmoil, Wayne recently told Golf.com that “we love him dearly” and that “when you go through tough times as a family that’s when you have to stick together the most.”

— Wade Rouse

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Showing 38 comments

Jenn on

She seems like such a skank

jan on

Always a wise choice to have a child with someone who has addiction issues. All she can hope for is that her Dads money will fund the childs needs.

Amelia on

A tramp and a druggy having a baby. They sound like candidates for parent of the year.

suzan on

Pregnancy isn’t “amazing,” it’s very ordinary and quotidian.

Have to say, he’s a donk and she’s a bit of a skank (and they are both “subject to bad habits”) but he does have a LOT of talent on the links.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Ugh…a coke head for a dad…this can’t end well.

kitty62862 on

Wow! I just got really old! Wayne is 1 year older than me, and he will be a Grandfather! Best wishes to all. That is some beautiful pool!

syd on

Oh, thank goodness. Maybe she’ll settle down and stop acting so skanky.

Allison on

What a wonderful blessing to have a bundle of joy that you can whore out to the world. Knowing what little I do about this women, I hope motherhood makes her more mature b/c she seems to crave attention more than the average person.

Sarah on

I can’t believe how hateful and judgmental people can be. People have issues and we shouldn’t judge them. Dustin is a great golfer and Paulina is absolutely gorgeous. Congrats to them both on expanding their family.

Sarah on

I can’t believe how hateful, mean and judgmental people can be. Dustin is a great golfer and Paulina is absolutely gorgeous and they are engaged to be married. Congrats to them on expanding their family.

Anonymous on

A little surprising that they would rush to have a child when they’re both so young. There are obviously some issues and it seems like it would have been wise to wait for parenthood until after they were married and worked through Dustin’s substance abuse issues. Substance abuse is really serious and difficult to get a real handle on – not really the best time to take on the HUGE responsibility of being a father. Hope it works out and they can get it together for the baby and all their sakes.

Matt on

Correction, Andrea, she’s never posed nude.

Matt on

Too many Andrea’s out there who are jealous of Paulina’s looks and wealth.

debra40 on

should have gotten help for him 1st before bringing a baby into the situation

debra40 on

so what if he is a great golfer? it will end with his coke habit.

Jays on

Like mother like daughter. However she should not have even thinking about getting pregnant while he was dealing with his drug issue. It’s not only the mother who has to be “healthy” when planning a baby. Sorry, I feel sad that people like this and Beiber and Pamela Anderson are how many people in the USA see Canadians.

Renee on

He looks just like her dad…ew…

Guest on

Really hope this is fake or a joke. They have absolutely no business reproducing.

rara on

Is it really wise to bring a baby into a situation where one of the parents is in the midst of trying to go through recovery for being addicted to coke?

mrsmass on

I didn’t realize she was a celebrity.

Ann on

MrsMass, she isn’t. lol

templar on


Kestrel on

Seriously? Jamsie, the baby cannot be born addicted to drugs because the father was high when it was conceived.
For someone who is telling this couple not to have a baby because they’re druggies, you should probably refrain from reproducing as well considering your debilitating lack of knowledge about biology.
I’d rather see a baby born to a couple with money than to broke welfare people. They won’t have the stress like blue collar workers do AND they can hire the best help – not Jim’s sister’s friend’s dogwalker’s mother to watch the baby while you go to McDonalds for the night shift.

Dawn on

That apple is not falling far from the tree. Her parents can’t really say anything negative as she was born 5 and a half months after her parents got married.

Anonymous on

Love Wayne Gretzky but feel bad that his daughter grew up to be slutty look-at-me wh00re.

Ella on

Yuck, he looks too similar to a young version of her father :X Hope they get their s#it together, a baby deserve more then a drug addict for a father.

words67 on

Wayne must be so very, very proud that his daughter is knocked up! Way to catch a guy you uneducated tramp. You did not get pregnant by surprise I am more than certain! You have absolutely nothing going for yourself so being a mom, a single mother, seems your only choice? Best wishes. The apple never falls far from the tree (Janet)

lynnie on

Does not sound very promising . Drugs, posing nude, fame. I see divorce in the future.

LM on

Wow, lots of negativity here. I think she is lovely but don’t know much about her fiance. But if every wealthy person who ever did coke was an addict, there wouldn’t be enough treatments centers to house them all. I’m not excusing drug use, but unless he says he’s an addict, he may have just been experimenting.

Anyway, best of luck to their growing family. They are certainly beautiful people.

Skiiy on

She is NOT pretty. And wait until she gets fat! He is NOT attractive. What is she known for other than being Wayne’s daughter and a skank? Who wants the father of their baby to be a druggie? Sad for the child. Money can’t buy health or happiness.

emily on

Anonymous -In what world is 25 and 30 “too young” to be first time parents? Considering a woman’s fertility begins to drop off in her late 20’s- I’d say age is not the issue in this case.

Isabel on

LM, most addicts refuse to accept that they have a problem at first. It doesn’t mean that he still isn’t one. This also isn’t a one time ordeal. He’s failed three drug tests in the past five years and is notorious for other various indiscretions.

While I hope for the best for their child, having a baby while one parent is in the throws of addiction isn’t smart, to say the least.

Anonymous on

Wow. All of you speaking about a woman and man you don’t know one thing about is disgusting. I happen to know them well and they are the most caring 2 people I have had the pleasure to meet. All of you other women saying hurtful disgusting things about Paulina should be absolutely ashamed at yourself. It takes one very insecure person to sit in front of their computer and say such hurtful things. Its time to grow up and take a look in the mirror. Good luck to the couple. This is an exciting time and they should be able to enjoy it just as much as anyone else.

Stella on

Has this girl achieved anything herself, or is she just the daughter of a former hockey player who posted photos of herself on all-fours in a bikini on instagram? Why is her being knocked-up a story on People?

WC on

Weird looking couple.

Anonymous on

I am blown away by all the comments insulting their looks. What is the point? I teach my children to not bully and not judge or insult someone by their looks. Don’t the rest of you do this as well? Children are a product of their parents. It is no wonder there are so many bullies in school these days. So very sad.

Sally on

Congratulations to Dustin and Paulina!

Vas on

Dustin does look like the former hockey player Wayne Gretzky.

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