Baby on the Way for Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent

09/24/2014 at 03:00 PM ET

Nate Berkus Expecting First Child Sam Deitch/BFAnyc/Sipa

From newlyweds to new dads: Nate Berkus and husband Jeremiah Brent are having a baby!

The American Dream Builders designer announced the happy news on his Facebook page Wednesday.

“We have had the most special year and its JUST become even more beautiful. We are happy to announce that we are expecting our first child!” wrote Berkus, 43.

“While we can’t share much, we can say that thanks to a surrogate and the support of those we love we will officially be a family in the spring of 2015.”

After dating for two years, they made it official at a star-studded wedding in May, becoming the first same-sex couple to marry at the historic New York Public Library.

“I’ve known since our first date that Jeremiah was who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with,” Berkus told PEOPLE after their popping the question. “As we’ve shared the news of our engagement and been met with so much excitement and support we’re both reminded of how important it is that every person have the legal right to marry the one they love.”

We can’t wait to see the nursery.

— Michele Corriston

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Lori on

Love both of these guys. Jeremiah was amazing on The Rachel Zoe Project!

Diana Sanchez on

Congratulations to them! Much happiness!

suzan on

I would wait until baby was born. You don’t know what can happen in six months. Just makes sense. Fallon kept his a secret; others have done so also. I didn’t tell anyone I was pregnant until I hit 28 weeks. Just to be safe.

krtmom on

God they are both so cute!!! Many blessings for their new family!

Mika on


Jeff on


MandaJ on

Wonderful news. Wishes for a healthy pregnancy for their surrogate. Couldn’t be happpier for them.

Penny on

Too many haters! Just be happy a baby will get a home and make someone happy.

sam on

Such amazing news. Wish them all the happiness in the world.

Suzi on

That’s so great! They’ll be wonderful Dad’s!!! Much love to them.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Hooray…congrats to the happy family!

CM on

Suze- sharing the news of a blessing sooner than later is a personal preference and anything in life can happen at any time. Sharing great news early is not only fun, but can ensure that you have the love and support of those around you in the event things don’t go as planned. Support on either side helps to keep people connected and feeling stronger.

Katie on

Too bad they didn’t adopt a child who is already here……

Whitney on

So exciting!! Congratulations!! Note to People: maybe the sub headline should read “Celebrities and Babies” or “Parents and Babies” instead of “Moms and Babies”? Just a thought. Such great news!

Liz on

I am so very happy for Nate and his husband, however I am curious why does having a child make you a family? Why do people think because their are just the two of you, you aren’t a family. I am married and I consider my husband and myself a family.

Again, I am so happy for Nate and his husband, but I do wish people didn’t think not having children doesn’t make you a family!

Camden on

Another rich gay man who has “bought” a baby. Bought the eggs from a woman and then paid money to a woman to carry the baby….the rich gay man’s way of getting around the surrogate not actually being the mother…since its not her eggs. Guess the mother portion of the birth certificate will be left empty. So sad.

Anna on

Why are all the nicely dressed, well versed, sophisticated, and handsome men gay? Sad

Lilah on

Such cutie patooties!

myuntidydesk on

Oh they’ll be great parents! I hope it is a girl!

Seriously? on

Hey Suzan. STFU. Seriously. We’re all just tickled to hear that you waited until you were 28 weeks to announce your own pregnancy. But how dare you criticize them or anyone else for that matter for how they choose to announce they are going to become parents. Your way was right for you. That doesn’t mean its right for everyone else out there.

Newsflash, Suzan. The world does NOT revolve around YOU.

Seriously? on

Guest, interesting that you’re claiming to be concerned about bullies picking on this child yet YOU are the one doing the bullying.

Wake up. Its the 21st century. Families come in all shapes, sizes and colors now. This is NOT 1950. Its 2014. Time for you to catch up and join the rest of us.

Madison on

I think they’re both so adorable..congrats to the happy couple!

Storm on

I am pro gay marriage and pro gay people adopting but I do think it is very wrong to deliberately create a child who will never know/live with/form a relationship with one of their biological parents. This doesn’t just apply to gay people, to anyone who uses anonymous sperm and/or eggs. Children have a natural hormonal and biological tie to both of their biological parents and deserve to grow up with both of them as their parents, unless of course one or both are abusive. These children are going to grow up wondering who their real parents are and probably feeling a least somewhat rejected by that anonymous parent. They will surely wonder what their bio parents are like and where certain physical and personality traits come from and to deny them this is just plain wrong. These families may seem and happy when they are young but I’ll bet that once the children are teens and older, major problems will erupt, no matter how much their two mommies or daddies love them. Simple facts of biology cannot be ignored. I’m sorry, but it’s true. I am not at all against homosexual couples having children and think they should very much be welcome to and encouraged to adopt parentless children, but insisting on defying nature and creating your own baby in such a manner strikes me as somewhat selfish. I feel awful for these kids who will never know their moms or dads. In any other situation, we would feel terrible for the child, but when it is a gay couple it is always “wonderful”, “beautiful” etc. It just seems very hypocritical.

Valerie on

I find it VERY hard to believe that someone could wait until 28 weeks to announce a pregnancy. Your friends, family, etc. must be really stupid.

I agree with others that this is such a personal choice. For me, I’ve announced all 3 of my pregnancies right away. I would rather my loved ones share in my joy, even if that joy is short lived. Congrats to Nate and Jeremiah!

Astrid on

Awe, wishing the new dads to be all the best & happiness.

rachel on

@suzan. How sad you waited that long to share what is supposed to be exciting news. Obviously anything can happen during a pregnancy and everyone knows that. And should something happen to the baby, you’ll have your good friends and family there to support you through your loss. — because you shared the news with them.

Anonymous on


Debbe on

I have loved Nate ever since I first saw him on Oprah a long long time ago. I bought many of his candles on HSN. Then watched his show also. I am just so happy right now to hear this news. I have chill bumps because I know that soon, there will be a baby coming into this world that will be so loved. What a beautiful couple. Wishing them all the best.

Debbe on

TO THE PERSON NAMED STORM THAT LEFT A COMMENT: You should be more against straight men who procreate for no reason at all except for their own self pleasure and the ones that are killing their wives and kids. Nate’s kid will be raised with two loving dads. THAT IS A GOOD THING.

Debbe on

TO ALL THE PEOPLE on here against Nate’s choices. In the news just this week alone I hear about two girls coming up missing, one murdered by an alleged straight man who raped and killed her. Another story of a man who killed his five kids. Another of a man who killed his child by leaving him in a hot car. So, there are more things wrong with our world that two men that are happy to spend their lives together and want to raise a baby. It would be ideal to adopt a baby for any couple. But most want their own DNA, they deserve the family they want just like straight couples that use their DNA to procreate when they cannot have their own.

Hea on

Wonderful! I’ve always liked Nate and I’m glad he found love again.

Storm on

Yes but the baby will be still be missing a Mom, by design, and that is just plain wrong, not to mention grossly unfair on the child. No amount of loving Daddies can make up for not having your biological mother in your life, for no reason other than that your Daddies chose for it to be that way. I’m sorry but it is very selfish and this poor child will inevitably suffer. I feel as sorry for it as I do for any child who has one or more absent parents, gay or straight.

Any on

I think they meant one of them is the sperm donor. Impossible for both of them to be the parents! Get real, gay nor lesbians can procreate as a couple!

Storm on

Debbe, your point about all the horrible news stories of parents murdering their children is completely irrelevant to this discussion. These situations are not even remotely comparable. My point is that electing for a child to grow up without ever knowing one of its biological parents is very wrong and selfish on the part of those who it and should be, in my opinion, against the law. Children are not science experiments and do not deserve to be denied one of their biological parents just because two men or women want to create their own DNA child. Sorry, but they are asking to defy nature and reality and it will have terrible consequences, as these things always do.

Kat on

Let me guess…. it’s a boy!!! mmh..

stacey on

you mean buying a baby. Two men cant concieve, so of course they have to buy one….they act like they did something incredible when all they did was spend a little cash.

bkable on

A parent becomes a parent by parenting. Birthing a child doesn’t make you a mother… Nate & Jeremiah will be the baby’s parents. So therefore the baby will know both of its parents…
But on a side note, Who’s to say the baby won’t know it’s surrogate? Which is what I think you’re trying to get at. If Nate & Jeremiah, the parents, want their child to know their surrogate, s/he will. And after the gift this woman is giving them, I can only assume they will want her to know the baby as it grows up. But either way, that’s their decision.
No different than you choosing to introduce your children to your parents – you may or may not but that’s your choice and no one else’s.

Karen on


Storm on

It is not even a little bit the same as whether or not you have a relationship with your grandparents. The need for and tie to a biological parent (I’m sorry for all of fantasists, but basic facts of biology cannot be denied, however much your idealistic minds would like) is much, much stronger than a tie to a grandparent. And yes, actually, conceiving and birthing a child does indeed make you a “mother”. I really think alot of people live in cloud cuckoo land nowadays with regards to what they realize about the reality of nature and science…it is extraordinary the dopey ideals people tout that all completely defy reality…and worrying for the future of our children. Please, come back down to Earth people, and realize that one should not always be able to have absolutely everything one wants and that includes homosexual couples making their own babies. Sorry, but it is just plain wrong.

Katie on

Storm you said the child won’t know the biological parent so they should adopt instead. Won’t that adopted child have the same issue of not knowing their biological parent? What’s the difference?

Nannah on

That poor baby will never have a say in having a mother. How sad that this child will not know a mothers love and has no choice.

LouLou on

The only concerning part about all of the surrogates, IVF etc… are the long term complications. Hopefully there are none, but keep in mind the oldest IVF baby is only 35/36. Millions and Millions of babies are brought into this world via medical procedures (I was told this is the correct term to use), but we have no idea if they continue to live long healthy lives. I hope they do. No matter what, this baby will be surrounded by love and well taken care of.

nic on

pregnant already? Congrats!

Becky on


youknowme on

It’s too bad these 2 can’t make babies together because HOLY gorgeous baby Batman!

QDPie109 on

Yay!!! Talk about a handsome couple. They will bring a lot of love into this child’s life.

Anonymous on


Camden on

Wow Jamsie, thank you for sharing that sad and disturbing story. I hope you will share it on more message boards on these tabloid sites because no one even thinks of something like this, but I can totally see this happening, two gay men are going to think that is natural and want their own son to be gay. This is a dangerous thing that is happening, allowing gay men to adopt or even use a surrogate. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and I hope your friend gets through the abuse he suffered.

Camden on

I totally agree with Storm, well said.

Andrea on

I love how everyone is assuming the baby won’t know one or both of its biological parents. One of them is probably the father, and they may have used eggs from a woman who is already a part of their lives. Many children of gay and lesbian couples have a relationship with the other biological parent.

Camden on

After reading the story Jamsie shared, I’m totally against this sort of thing. Laws NEED to be put in place banning gays from adopting or surrogacy. I do not like the idea of two dads or two moms forcing their lifestyle beliefs on a child and trying to encourage them to be attracted to the same sex. That is wrong!!!

Tinkerbell on

This is a slippery slope, and wrong on so many levels and my concern is for the children involved.!!! I really wish I lived in the 1950’s, when times were much more wholesome.

sas on

Nate is ugly; his boyfriend is hot. Don’t see the connection

littletonpace on

Good God I almost died from how hot they both look in that picture. I know, they’re gay, my chances are limited but day-um!!! They’ll have a gorgeous family!

Aussie cathie on

Much love to you both x



Tina on

Happy for them. Is it just me, or do they look alike. One with a beard, the other without.

Storm on

Katie, it is not the same as in adoption (but as an adopted person, I know for sure how awful it is to grow up without your bio parents) as in the case of adopted children, it is not planned that way and there is a reason they have to be adopted, such as deaths of the parents or abuse or some other unforeseen reason. With this type of arrangement, it is deliberately decided that the child will be raised motherless – plain unnatural and very wrong indeed. There is a difference between trying your very best to make the best of a terrible situation (such as in adoption) and deliberately choosing for a child to grow up and live life without one or both of its natural parents. I would be beyond angry and resentful if I knew that the reason I did not have my natural mother or father was entirely deliberate and I have no doubt that these kids born to gay couples will feel the same way, once the delusion of “there is no right way to make a family” wears off. Guess what? There is, actually a right way to make a family. And purchasing a baby and treating its mother or father as simply a machine to spit out sperm or eggs is just a hideous practice.

ellymae10 on

From newlyweds to new dads: Nate Berkus and husband Jeremiah Brent are having a baby! Technically they are not ‘HAVING a baby. Men can’t have babies.

ellymae10 on

From newlyweds to new dads: Nate Berkus and husband Jeremiah Brent are having a baby! They aren’t “having” a baby…men are not made to carry a baby.

Camden on

Storm, please go over the us magazine website with the nate article and explain what you are saying here, you explain things very well.

Rebecca on

Poor baby, this is so unfair.

D on

You ‘Pro Gay’ people may be happy about this ungodly relationship BUT God is NOT happy about this that’s for sure!! It’s NOT what He intended marriage to be!! Because we live in a sinful, fallen world, this is what happens. Men go after men and women after women. It’s not natural! It’s ONLY reserved for a husband and a wife. PERIOD!

ems on

So I guess in their eyes, children don’t need mothers. Well they needed one so that they could buy this child, which is exactly what they are doing. Selfish and sad. Poor kid. Biology doesn’t lie.

Brianne on

Congrats, Nate and Jeremiah! To all of the haters saying this is unnatural, please keep that vitriol to yourselves! A baby is coming into the world with delighted parents-to-be ready, willing and able to raise him/ her! Once again congrats!!!

Saralee on

Debbe, you are wrong to distort the point Storm was making. As she clearly articulated, she’s not against gay people raising babies. She’s against the deliberate manufacturing (by gay or straight) of babies who won’t have the chance to bond with a biological parent. We all know the horrible things that happen in the world and the abuse of children, blah, blah, blah. That does not justify selfishly and knowingly creating a fatherless or motherless baby and depriving a child of a natural, biological bond. You are mistaken when you state that “they deserve the family they want just like straight couples.” First of all, no one “deserves” a child. It’s not an entitlement. But when it comes to gay relationships, you can’t have it both ways. If marriage is not about procreation, as many argue, gay coupling is definitely not about procreation either. I’m all for people loving whomever they want to love, but unless Mother Nature made a huge mistake, procreation is a heterosexual thing. The fact that surrogacy is made available by an unethical baby-making industry does not change that fact. Surrogacy is unethical on many levels. But to clarify, I don’t mean that parents who use surrogacy are unethical. They’re just consumers on the market to buy whatever is sold. It is the very industry that legitimizes and implements the technology without concern for anyone involved that is at fault.

Saralee on

Hey Brianne, a baby coming into the world should be about the baby, not about the parents. People can be fantastic parents-to-be and still be robbing a child of his/her birth right to biological bonds. Yes, there are biological parents who are bad people. That does not deny the importance of biology. Adoption is wonderful for children with unfit or no biological parents, but surrogacy is the deliberate creation of orphan children. That is not fair to children. Are you interested at all about how children of surrogacy feel about how they came to be? Many are quite vocal on the internet.

lp on

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.
This world is going to hell.

Saralee on

Jamsie, what you are describing is abuse. Some people are abusive and some abusive people are parents. You should not deduce from that that all gay parents are abusive any more than that all straight parents are.

p on

AWESOME news! huge CONGRATULATIONS to the happy couple! 🙂

tiff on

A great parent is a great parent regardless if their sexual orientation.
Congrats to them 😊🚼❤

kellbrigan on

Yea! Let’s deprive a kid of her mother and deliberately put her in a situation that has all the drawbacks and then some of a broken home! Hey, kid! It’s not that you were the victim of misfortune. We designed your life specifically to be bad! Don’t you love us loving “parents???” Yea us! Because it’s all about US and who cares if your life sets you up for drug abuse, depression and promiscuity!? It’s not like you’re really a separate person or anything.

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