Kristen Bell: Dax and I Had a Baby Name Breakthrough

09/24/2014 at 04:00 PM ET

Kristen Bell Steve Russell/Getty

In a move that would make Veronica Mars proud, Kristen Bell has cracked the case of the baby name game.

She and husband Dax Shepard were “completely stumped” about what to call their second child earlier this summer, but the expectant parents have now solved the mystery.

“We had a little bit of a breakthrough. We’ve settled on one, thankfully,” Bell, 34, tells PEOPLE. “It’s a lot of pressure, especially because we felt ‘Lincoln’ was so perfect.”

As for when almost 18-month-old daughter Lincoln‘s little brother or sister is due, she says, “Hopefully sometime soon!”

And what does she think of Shepard’s new bell-shaped tattoo on his wedding finger?

“It was surprising. He just came home with a Band-Aid on his finger one day. Those are the kinds of surprises I get at home,” she jokes. “And people wonder why I keep letting him knock me up.”

Pregnant or not, the House of Lies actress always pays extra attention to staying healthy, making her the perfect brand ambassador for Neutrogena Naturals, a new skincare line full of bionutrients but free of harmful chemicals and parabens.

The idea is that people should be just as mindful of what they’re putting on their skin as they are in their bodies to lead natural lifestyles.

“It’s always simpler than you think. There is no gigantic trick to it. For me, it’s being more conscious of the world around me,” says Bell, who makes sure to conserve water in her home, get half an hour of exercise every day and eat plenty of fruits and veggies.

Not that she doesn’t indulge in some sweet treats. The Frozen star says she’s craving peanut butter during her pregnancy — and, as seen in her and Shepard’s adorable Samsung commercial, she has to steer clear from videos of “cute animals interacting.”

Bell also likes to play up her shape, favoring flowing dresses on the red carpet but snugger outfits at home.

“I make a joke that when I’m pregnant, I always dress a little sluttier,” she says, laughing. “It makes me feel more like a human and less like a whale.”

Though she didn’t celebrate Monday’s 10-year anniversary of Veronica Mars “other than with a smile and some nostalgia,” Bell is pumped for pal Ryan Hansen‘s spinoff web series, which takes meta to a whole new level.

The cult show’s actors play versions of themselves. Playing lovable loser Dick’s concept of their characters. While filming a CW pilot.

But if you ask Bell, someone else should have filled Neptune’s notorious teen detective’s shows long ago.

“I’m currently very excited for everybody to see the upcoming episodes of Play It Again, Dick, because I think it might be, dare I say, my favorite incarnation yet,” she teases. “I think Ryan Hansen should have been playing Veronica Mars all along.”

 — Michele Corriston

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Tieraney on

These two seem like fun and loving parents, lucky for their kids because they will probably grow up in a house full of laughter and joking. Wonder if it’s a another girl or a boy this time around.

Christa on

Why are people asking her why she keeps letting him knock her up? And why is she repeating it? That’s rude. I would probably say she was joking if it wasn’t Dax himself putting down his own looks…

Paula on

If it’s a boy, they may name it Mary Todd, lol!!!!!

Mamaof3girls on

I like them, they seem like reasonable, concerned parents. My money would be on Maddox-slightly more masculine than feminine and works either way.

Mandy on

She is a good actress, hopefully they’re going to give a more normal name this time.

Cute on

They are so cute together, she and Dax. I love love the Samsung commercial and when she’s crying over the cute video…I just go awwwww. They do seem like a great couple. And, Lincoln is a good name…distinguished and just different enough to be unique.

Jay on

I think that they are the most perfect couple!! I love the commercial they do together. Love, love, love them. Can’t wait to see what they have and what they name it!!

Kat on

Wow Christa, that was an obvious joke. And a joke many pregnant women have made to their husbands before her.

Kestrel on

Aaaaannnndddd queue the people who are offended by her “knock me up” remark.

You endlessly complain about how nobody is married before having kids and then when they DO you don’t want them to joke about it.

It’s a veritable Möbius strip of logic. No end, no beginning, no making sense of it.

It’s lovely that there are at least 2 people in the world who have a sense of humor that they can share with their children. Unlike you hausfrau stone faces.

Andrea on

Ugh I can’t stand these two. Lincoln is a stupid name for either gender. If she has a boy I’ll go with Abraham. And there’s nothing offensive about the term knocked up. I think it’s funny, my husband has knocked me up three times already.

Moo Moo on

Indulging in sweet treats like peanut butter?! Oh wow that’s going overboard!

Two Cents on

I think they are adorable but what was the point of the article? No baby name. No due date. No gender reveal. The title would make you think otherwise. But instead all her endorsements and their shows listed. Just seemed like a big pr piece. No worries publicists we like these two, you don’t have to push fluff pieces on us. (Stories like this are pointless and annoying People.)

Marcia on

Lincoln is an awful name for a girl.

Sue d on

I am waiting on the edge of my seat. Can’t stand the suspense.

Agreed on

I agree completely, ‘Two Cents’.

For the record, I understand/agree/support with their campaigning to keep their daughter away from the paparazzi. Yes, I’d LOVE to see a picture of Lincoln. But I absolutely respect their desire to not make her photos public.

But I don’t understand the point of this article. I don’t blame that on Kristin, I blame it on People. There’s no reason for this. It doesn’t tell us anything…not the name, the due date, the gender, etc. 2 minutes of my life I’ll never get back again! lol

Congratulations on baby #2!

Wednesday on

For whatever reason, she’s always rubbed me the wrong way. A bit too smug, too smarmy, like she’s trying too hard to be funny and witty. I remember her saying something really dumb when she was first pregnant and filming a love scene. I’m paraphrasing but it was, “I feel like I’m having a menage a trois!” Who says that?!?

Lincoln is a stupid name for a girl.

Emer on

Used to like them but now all of the talk about Everything is annoying. 😦

Judy on

They are such a cute couple.

Audrey on

I’ve been waiting for an article about this girl to come up. I don’t usually give her a second thought but found her samsung commercial to be so annoying. I remember reading an article from her about how celebrities should have their privacy and blah blah blah. Then she goes and makes a video that deliberately invites people to care about her personal life. Most people still don’t care but there;s no other motivation behind that commercial. Celebrities are weird. Even the seemingly level headed ones are batshit crazy. They love the attention but want to seem like they don’t. This whole article didn’t serve a single purpose. She just wanted some attention apparently.

raiinedrops on

I LOVE their commercial! I will purposely stop fast forwarding on all of my DVR’ed shows when it comes on so I can watch. They are so so sweet together.

amy on

Last names r so in now… how about Anderson or andersen?

syd on

Kristen Bell seems like a sweetheart. There are a lot of miserable people out there who dislike anyone that seems happy and laid back. As for the comment on getting knocked up – to the ones who are soooo offended, get over yourselves. As if you’ve never made a joke like that before. And I’ve heard names far worse for a girl than Lincoln. It isn’t my favorite but I can think of a billion celebrity kids that don’t even have a real name for a name.

drusillarain on

Wow, a lot of negative people on here, wonder what’s stirring up all the bitterness today? I hope you all feel better about your own lives now that you’ve spent time hating on people you don’t know. Hopefully you’re nicer to your real life family and friends than you are to complete strangers who have (apparently) personally offended you by doing one of the following: a) picking a baby name you don’t like b) using a phrase you don’t like c) promoting a current project which is a requirement of their job, or d) …I don’t know, existing?

Anonymous on

mamaof3- I hope not, because then everyone will jump on her for “copying” Angelina! Anyway, I love Kristen, and I can’t see why anyone would be bothered by this sweet article!

Huh on

I don’t get why everyone is hating on the name “Lincoln”. It’s popularly known as a famous man’s last name but that’s just it….A LAST NAME. Last names are not partial to any gender and Lincoln is a wonderful name to name their kid after since it’s for someone that both Dax and Kristen respect. The only reason everyone hates on it is because the American way of thinking (due to the importance of that name and man in our history) caused that name to be perceived as masculine.

Marky on

Wednesday, you must have had a corn cob shoved up…your nose, or something to make you such a crack when it comes to Dax and Kristen; they are such a cute couple! He is so funny and together they are as cute as can be! Haven’t seen their child, so have no idea whether her name suits her or not, but not my child so why should I criticize? They seem as if they probably have fun together every day. BTW, I hate the term “knocked up”, never use it because it seems to reduce the idea of pregnancy to two strangers who never met each other and ended up with a very unwanted pregnancy, rather than two people who love each other and made a child as a result of that love.

guest on

I just want to say : that yellow-bej outfit is wonderful.

Trixie on

Was that an article or a Neutrogena ad?

darla on

Bravo, Two Cents — love to see someone tell it like it is. Instead of getting distracted with her child’s name, her clothes or appearance, you recognized that this is an article about nothing. If she didn’t have a project or product to promote, she wouldn’t be giving People the time of day. The nuggets of personal info she’s provided are insignificant. What a waste of space!!!

Linda on

Here is someone gushing about a new baby and yet this same person (couple) fought to have the paparazzi never to photograph their children nor be anywhere around them. They want to keep their kids in the background so why come out with a story like this? Do they have a new movie coming out, new book or something they are trying to push?

charlotte on

@Andrea, for someone who “can’t stand these two” why did you take the time to comment AND guess the baby’s name?

These two are one of my favorite Hollyweird couples and I wish them all the best 🙂

Jenifee on

I like the name Lincoln. It’s not my favorite but I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s definitely not bad enough to argue about. She used to get on my nerves a bit but after seeing her offscreen personality she’s much less annoying. Seems like she really has a sense of humor and doesn’t mind joking about herself. They’d probably be a fun couple to hang out with. Oh and I seriously doubt her jokingly saying “knocked up” takes away from he way she really feels about making a baby with her husband.

Anonymous on

Linda- They should be allowed to gush about their kids like any parents. The paps need to learn to leave celeb kids alone, no matter how much their parents talk about them! 🙂

Jody on

Kathryn Heigel why hasn’t she had her own children and why is she so angry she should count her blessings from Jody Siciliano from Washington State.

Gail on

Lincoln is a terrible name for a girl. It’s a boy’s name.

Patricia Ehlert on

Congrats you 2 are the cutest couple, sorry that this is the last season of