Terri Seymour Expecting First Child

09/22/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Terri Seymour Pregnant First Child Clark Mallon
Frazer Harrison/Getty

Terri Seymour will soon have an extra special someone in her life.

The Extra correspondent is expecting a baby with her boyfriend of three years, British model Clark Mallon, she announced Monday on the show.

“I’m extremely excited and really happy to say I’m pregnant,” Seymour, who is four months along, told Extra. “Clark and I are going to be a mummy and daddy.”

The couple — who will likely find out the baby’s sex soon — will welcome their first child next year. And although it’s all finally “sinking in now … in a good way,” Mallon says, the pair were shocked when they received the news.

“We were in the car and the doctor called. He was on speaker phone — it was nice because we both got to hear it at the same time — and, of course, I burst into tears. Clark couldn’t believe it,” Seymour recalls. “We were trying to get pregnant.”

But Seymour, 39, and Mallon, 24, aren’t the only ones excited about the upcoming arrival: New dad Simon Cowell is already staking his claim on a big role in the baby’s life.

“His reaction was really sweet, extremely happy for me, then he turned around to me and said, ‘Of course, I obviously have to be the godfather,’ ” the mom-to-be says.

“I was like, ‘Okay,’ and he said, ‘I’m serious.’ It kind of makes sense since I’m [his sonEric‘s godmother.”

— Anya Leon

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Showing 56 comments

Mischka on

Whoa, whoa, whoa Mrs. Robinson! Your boyfriend is young enough to be your son!

Liah on

24. What?!

abby on

Aww. Thats cute how the guy u used to bang will be the godfather.

Dawn on

He’s old enough to be her babydaddy but not old enough to know what happens when you date a biological ticking clock…? Can’t understand why either of them were shocked to hear the doctor say preggers? Pee on a stick like the rest and save the doc bill. They’ll be devoted and respectful parent pals–statement next month.

betty on

So she’s 39 and wants a baby and he’s around. I’m sure they did what people do to make a baby so not sure why they were so “surprised” at her being pregnant.

Robyn on

I know age is just a number but I was a bit shocked to see that she is 39 and he is 24… like how long have they been together? As bad as it sounds I am kind of hoping it’s been a short time…freaks me out thinking about a 19 year old boy dating a 37 year old woman…

Staycee on

I feel ya. BUT Demi was 15 years older than Ashton and they were happy….. once. I say go for it- she looks amazing and seems really happy. Good for her.

Sherry on

Probably not as rich as Simon Cowell but he’s definitely better looking in my opinion!!!

Tiro on

Omg, 24?!? Wtf is she thinking? And yes, I would say the same thing if the man was 39 and the girl was 24.

Christine on

I’m 29 and the idea of dating a 24 year old leaves me feeling icky, so I can only imagine how I would feel about it at 39 years old. I hate to say it, but this probably won’t be a long term relationship. Men typically mature much later than women do, so dating a man almost 20 years younger probably won’t end well.

maya on

I’m more surprised to see that she is 39 and he’s 24 (and looks like a gay blade if ever there was on – nothing wrong w/ that unless you’re going to be tied down with a baby when you’re still one yourself).

DE on

Holy Crap, how did that happen?! Yeah that’s what happens when you have unprotected sex.

Callie on

Weird, just weird. Did she go rob the cradle at the daycare center? Sick

postathread on

“Shocked to hear what the Dr. had to say”… what?? that’s what happens when you have sex without protection…ummm you’re 39, I would think you would know that by now…” maybe your 24 year old boy toy doesn’t, but you certainly should…another Hollywood baby out of wedlock.

Bio Clock Ticking on

For those questioning her shock, it could be because she’s 39! Fertility takes a huge drop between 35-40 making it more difficult to get pregnant for some. For all we know fertility treatment could have been involved which is why the Doctor called.

Cyndi on

I feel for his mother. I have a 24 year old son, and I have to admit I’d be a little bugged. She’s so much older and has lived and enjoyed those years and he hasn’t. So basically she is robbing him of those years that she has already had.

Lacey on

Is that the baby on the right? I’m so confused.

bebe on

Robyn, your math is a bit off.

Kpat on

I think it’s awfully sweet that her & Simon are in each other’s lives in a positive way. Though they moved on with their respective significant others they remain really great friends.


good looking couple…This will be one gorgeous baby!

Agao on

According to another website, they have been together for three years and have been trying to get pregnant!

krtmom on

All these people who are “shocked” when they’re pregnant make me laugh! If you’re having unprotected sex, there’s a pretty good chance that could happen! Idiots!!!

Tess on

Did she get his mom’s permission before making him her baby daddy?

heather on

HAHAHA at Lacey!

Alisa on

Wow people are so judgmental. They are both adults and seem very happy. If my 24 yr old son told me he was dating a 39 yr old woman, I would be happy for him if he’s happy!! In some ways older women really know themselves and much less drama!!

Enough please on


Sonia on

Go Terri!

Much hotter than Simon for sure!!!

Tree on

If their ages were reversed, no one would mention it.

Tina on

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out Simon paid this kid to give his ex a baby. She probably only has that correspondent’s job on Extra because of Simon. ‘Cause let’s face, her voice is a misery to listen to. Simon will be the godfather. Looks like they’ve got it all figured out. The 24year old will be given a lucrative career, and so on. I don’t think anything is off limits with Simon. He did get his friends wife pregnant.

sandra on


Gina on

Can’t stand this woman or her voice. He is also too young for her..

jenniferyterry on

I see why she’s pregnant, he’s hot.

K on

Why is everyone assuming his life is over because she got pregnant? Last time I remember, it takes two to make a baby. He was a willing participant. I don’t believe a guy can be “trapped” by a woman. You either wrap it up or you don’t. Men know what the consequences are if they don’t. Either way, wish them both a healthy, happy baby.

fairceltic on

She is pretty much the same amount of years older than he is that Simon was when she was together with him. Easy with the double standards!!

Sarah on

Just think when she turned 30, he turned 15. That’s just wrong on so many levels.

Julie on

Congratulations Terri and Clark! I’m glad to hear that Terri and Simon have stayed good friends.

Rachael on

How does anyone have an “accidental” pregnancy at 39? Congrats to them both, I don’t see a 24 year old “kid” sticking around long with a woman 15 years older…

shanice on

I’ve always thought she was a sweet woman. She must be so overjoyed to be expecting her 1st child. And hey, the father is gorgeous, too!
Best wishes to them both!

Ally on

She didn’t say it was an accidental pregnancy, she said she was shocked. Maybe they were trying to get pregnant and it didn’t happen straight away, hence hearing the news from the doctor rather than simply taking a pregnancy test.

lola on

He’s 24!!? If I were his Mother I would have said NO fing way!! Wow, I don’t care if it were the other way around, 24 is too young to be with a 39 year old who’s clock is ticking. He got played!! No way this is going to last. Just a reminder…don’t be a fool, wrap your tool!!!

Emma on

This double standard stuff is so ridiculous. He’s dating a woman older than him. So what? It’s no different from an older man having a baby with a younger woman. If they love each other and want this baby, that’s all that matters. Heck, he’s really lucky. He found an attractive, worldly woman with a good job. He could do a lot worse for himself and his child.

nikki on

hmmmmmmmmmmmm 3 yrs…seems like she was just dating Simon…her voice is so scratchy, hard to listen to her..i guess she is a cougar..huh…well congrats..hopefully it works out

Sarabella on

Some women are their own worst enemies. Who cares about the age difference? If this were reverse and the man was that much older no one wood bat an eyelash. Congrats to them both!!

Anonymous on

Mmm, I’m not one for double standards but the average 24 year old BOY has no desire to be a father. Sure, a 24 year old boy COULD be a good father because once his baby is born he will change overnight and turn into a real man, but that doesn’t mean the average 24 year old male wants to be or should be a father….especially not with a much older woman. Men dating older women just goes against nature and evolution. I know women don’t want to hear this, but men do and always will prefer younger women. Humans are animals too and we still have the biological drive to have kids. And men, unfortunately, have the drive to have kids until they die. Therefore a man will always prefer a younger fertile woman over an older less fertile or infertile woman. Basically, this relationship will NOT last, and its kind of pathetic of Terri that she’d have a baby with a 24 year old. She should know better. Her ticking biological clock must have gotten the best of her logic…

The Truth on

Evolution is not dictated by male preferences. Women are more physically attracted to younger men as they get older. All you are doing is reinforcing norms influenced by patriarchy and male dominance. As an anthropologists, I am well aware that are many of explaining the same evolutionary fact. Unfortunately, it has generally been done in a manner that reinforces patriarchy.

She can be with whomever she pleases. No, we don’t have crystal balls that tell us their relationship future. If she’s happy, good for her. Worry about your own relationships with men you predicted wouldn’t cheat because they older, but did anyway.

Sara K on

That is going to be one gorgeous baby!

Anonymous on

Ally- That’s what I think, too. Anyway, congrats to them! Also, people (both women AND men) have (and WANT) babies at 24 all the time. So why shouldn’t he?

Karen S on

While the age difference is large, they HAVE been together for 3 years and were trying for a baby. So I say congratulations to them!

Tracey on

What a handsome babydaddy and 15 years younger too. Only problem is it’s yet another out of wedlock child whose parents won’t be together in 2 years time. This bloke’s a lot more handsome than that old man Cowell she was with.

Pat on

Hum odd at the large age difference, he is too young for her.

Myranda on

Such negativity on the post. Trolls with no lives.

Dana on

Uhh 39 and 24…it’s a trap!!!

Heather on

Everybody is so judgmental! This guy can make up his own mind on who he choses to be in a relationship with. I don’t see her holding a gun to his head. Maybe he feels like he wants to start a family. And for the one that says she’s robbing him of his youth? That is just the stupidest comment I have read in a long time. Again, it’s his choice.

Nancy Arrigo on

So an un hardy congrats to Terri & Clark on their baby hope they will make wedding plans soon and have a second kid after they get married.

Anonymous on

@ The Truth

Umm, what I’m saying is true. Take any basic Biology: Evolution class and the professor will lecture the same thing. Women are born with a certain numbers of eggs and will one day become infertile. Men continue producing sperm until the day they die and can impregnate women until they die. Men are far more sexual than women. Women tend to place more importance on a man’s personality, his level of success, and his money. Men place more importance on a woman’s youth and looks.
You’ll never hear about a man complain “I can’t be with that woman, she’s such a dead beat! She’s uneducated, has no career, and nothing going for her”. Because men don’t care. They just want a young and physically attractive woman regardless of her achievements in life. However, its very common to hear women complaining “That guy is so cute but he’s not educated, has a bad job, and doesn’t have his own place, etc”. And its common for women to date men they are not physically attracted to just because of the other benefits of being with the man (i.e. being with a successful man who can take care of the family). It may sound primitive, but humans still have these instincts whether people admit it or not. Young men sometimes date older women for a short while because they are attracted to the woman’s confidence, her sex appeal, and her experience in bed but these relationships never last long term. The young man will fall for an older woman who looks good for her age (and isn’t THAT old yet), but once she completely loses her fertility and starts showing physical signs of aging, he will trade her in for a younger woman. That’s just the way it is. Look at other animal species. You don’t see wild male animals trying to mate with older females. And once they get old themselves, they don’t stop trying to mate with the young females. Even if men don’t want children, the primal urge to procreate is still wired deep in their biology. Why do you think most rich and/or famous men date much younger women? Because its natural and they can afford to do it. I’m sure if the average middle aged man had the opportunity to get with a significantly younger woman, he would. But most average men don’t have that opportunity so they settle for a woman their age.

Ed on

This is a great