Pete Wentz Says He Is a ‘Great Diaper Changer’

09/20/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Pete Wentz iheart radio music festival
Bryan Steffy/Getty

Although Pete Wentz‘s new baby boy is too young to understand his father’s occupation, the Fall Out Boy bassist’s oldest son, Bronx, knows what his dad does — and he’s not impressed.

“[He] comes to our shows, but it’s the equivalent to me going to my dad’s job when I was a kid. At the end of the day, it’s Dad’s job,” Wentz told PEOPLE at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on Friday.

“All I am to him is his dad. When he sees people want to take a picture with me, he thinks it’s hilarious.”

In fact, adds Wentz, his 5½-year-old is completely “uninterested” in his dad’s rock star status.

But music isn’t the new dad’s only strong suit. If there was a trophy in the sport of diaper changing, Wentz — who welcomed his second son, Saint Lazslo, in August — would be the reigning champ, he jokes.

“I’m a great diaper changer,” he says. “There are a lot of things that go into it. Speed is a big part of it.”

As for daddy duty the second time around, Wentz says he’s prepared for what lies ahead.

“I know the phases now, I know that they change and you are on the roller coaster and there are ups and downs and you’re not falling off the ride,” he explains.

— Mark Gray

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Showing 14 comments

Anonymous on

Since when did Peter Wentz have “rock star status”….. stick to being a Dad.

Kay on

Since when did Peter Wentz have “rock star status”????????

Ces on

I admire Pete Wentz. He is not afraid to let his fans know how much he enjoys being a dad. He has such love for his babies.

soonergirl on

Billy Idol called and he wants his hair back.

Kidding Right on

Kay (aka Anon), you’re kidding right? Pete Wentz and Fallout Boy have been rockstars for a while. And he’s keeping it real on the dad thing.

Ella on

I wouldn’t call them rock stars lol their music is very pop. And maybe I’m a b!tch but I wouldn’t want to have a child with a man who used to be gay and has a child with another woman. Maybe he is a good dad, I’ll reserve judgment, but you don’t see him with Bronx that much and maybe that’s a custody issue and he tours a lot but Im just not a fan of his. I don’t mind their music at all but the guy just plays bass, and always try’s to make himself a front man, when Patrick’s the main talent (singer/lead guitar), he comes a across as cocky to me.

Chi on

Oddly enough, I like the hair. He looks good! His kids are so cute.

Who Knew on

Did you guys know Pete Wentz is black. Just a random fact I learned.

Kimberly on

Oh good Lord can People get any more ridiculous, even for them this is just a ridiculous article, oh I’m a great diaper changer like this is some wonderful skill your supposed to change the kids diaper!!…doesn’t take much to change a diaper, in the real world men do it all the time and the poor kid Saint Lazlo are you kidding me with a name like that. The child has to go through their entire life with such a ridiculous name. Don’t get me wrong I love babies and all and think it’s great he’s a good dad but we really dont’ need articles like this one.

Van on

He is a bassist of a band. A rock star? don’t think so.

Anonymous on

Get Real- No, he doesn’t have to go through his whole life with that name. He can change it when he’s 18 if he really doesn’t like it! 😉

DORK. on

@Ella what’s wrong with being gay? and by the way, he IS AND WAS bisexual, not gay. stop being such an @$$hole. and why is everyone being so mean? Sure he’s cocky. so what? And hes been in a band for, like, 8 years or something, not counting the hiatus. they WERE a rock band at one point, but they really can’t be categorized as a type of band.

Anonymous on

It’s strange to see so much negativity in the comments. Pete has proven himself, over the years, to be a very kind and genuine person. He does a lot for charity, and if you look into these things, he’s an amazing father who has a real love for his family and work. He is anything BUT cocky – perhaps in the earlier Fall Out Boy days, the fame went to his head – but he’s adjusted well. In my own opinion, the only reason people are hating on him in 2014 is because of the media and how they essentially made it their mission to rip him to shreds. The guy is 34 now, he’s no longer the “gay emo” the media made him out to be in 2007-08.

Grow up.

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