So Cute! Camden Lachey Celebrates His Second Birthday

09/17/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Happy birthday, Camden John!

For their son’s second birthday, Nick and Vanessa Lachey put on their hard hats and created an adorable party zone for their little guy.

And we have to admit: We totally wish we were a part of this crew.

“Cam’s construction themed birthday party this past weekend was soooo fun!” she wrote Wednesday on Instagram.

The mom-to-be added a fun twist to the traditional construction color palette with bright hues of reds, purples, blues and — of course — orange, which could be seen on everything from the outdoor decor to the creative invites.

“I wanted some color instead of the typical black, yellow orange and brown. So here’s what we came up with,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a snapshot of his invitations. “I LOVE the pop of color!”

Nick Vanessa Lachey Camden Birthday
Courtesy Vanessa Lachey

Guests were encouraged to dig in to the delicious delicacies, including construction-themed cupcakes and cake pops — all set up under a “high sugar voltage” warning sign — and a refueling station filled with drinks.

The actress put together her own set of blueprints (photos!) for her dream cake. And it was a job well done from Cakes by Rumy, who created a three-tiered dessert, complete with all of Camden’s favorites.

“Cam’s birthday cake was perfect! He loves tires so we decided on a huge wheel base,” Vanessa, who dressed the part of forewoman in overalls and a red bandana, wrote.

Before quitting time, the mini workers went home with tool boxes.

Caution, Nick and Vanessa: Now entering the terrible twos.

— Anya Leon

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Showing 35 comments

Anna on

That’s not their actual LA address on the envelope screen shot right? It’s just a mock one…otherwise may want to change that to the usual 555 Main Street, Anytown, USA. Just a suggestion. Invitations and party look adorable.

Crystal on

Anna, you think they live at 123 Forklift Way? LOL. Obviously that’s a fake address for the screen shot (construction theme anyone?)

Bhavana on

That’s a cute theme for a little boy’s birthday party. The cake is cute, too but does not look edible.

Nicole on

What an adorable party! Great theme idea!
I’m guessing Anna is wishing she could delete her comment right about now.

Aloha on

“Constructio theme???’ Just because he’s a boy doesn’t mean he’d love to be a construction worker or something. Sorry but this is really stupid. Why not go with a Disney theme or something that’s actually cute and appropriate for a 2 year old!

L on

Anna, sweetheart, I hope you just woke up or something. You don’t honestly believe that they put their real address for all of the world to see, do you?! LOL.

They are a cute family, best wishes on their new addition!

thorax on

beautiful cake. spoiled child.

as for their address, you can find it on line. everyone’s is on line.

Sunny on

Thorax – how do you know the child is spoiled? Are you his nanny? I think that’s a bit of a harsh comment, considering you are making your assumptions based on how nice a party they threw for him.

Ces on

Can’t compete with the gazillion dollar baby, Maxwell. Not only is she rich, at age two is the most heart stoppingly beautiful toddler I have ever seen..

Guest on

A 4 hr birthday party for a 2 yr old?

EllaHella on

I love the theme. We just celebrated my son’s 3rd birthday and he loves cars, trucks so we did a construction theme as well.

vallatt on

Love the Party Theme!!

nikki on

Hmmmm, I was expecting a picture of him in a little hard hat

Mia on

Vanessa looks tired. Poor Camden has her eyes. Why would she share a private birthday party for her son? Guess being unemployed makes you desperate

kjc on

First of all Guest – 11-2 is only 3 hours, not 4.

And Aloha, maybe Camden’s favorite toy is a tractor, or he loves driving by building sites. No just because he is a boy, doesn’t mean he has to grow up to be a construction worker, but that might be the kind of stuff he’s in to right now. Maybe he could give two hoots about Mickey Mouse.

My son just celebrated his third birthday and we did a Lorax theme because that is his favorite book, but I don’t expect him to grow up making Thneeds.

monica kennedy on


L, AND L ,

Ala Lemon on

Cute, but I don’t see the point of a three-tiered cake for a 2-year-old. What is he going to get for his 18th? :/

Tina on

The cake is cute and the party theme is great.

guest on

I really like this family. Nick comes across as such a nice guy and Vanessa is so beautiful. She looks adorable in those pictures. Can’t wait to see pictures of their baby girl. She is sure to be as cute as her big brother.

Gill on

Nice pictures, seems they had great time!

mer on

Ladies (mostly), where does all this negativity come from, seriously. How come some people can ALWAYS find something negative to say?

I see an adorable boy (seriously, those huge dark eyes!), nice well thought through party and loving parents. Isn’t it beautiful?

charlotte on

Really great idea for a kids party! He is a cutie too.

Paige on

This is such a creative party. Good for them.

stacey on

Good lord, he is his mother’s identical twin!! Very cute party!!!!!!!!

Rachel on

Wow. There is an insane amount of catty bitchiness in this comment section! First of all, perhaps they went with a construction theme because he enjoys playing with trucks and bulldozers! I know plenty of little boys who adore digging in the dirt/sand/anything with them. And Disney? Not every kid loves Disney characters either. Most parents choose party themes based on what their children like.

Second, how can you say that a child is spoiled from photos of one birthday party?

Third, how does sharing a photo of her family and her son’s birthday cake on instagram make her “sharing her private family party”? She shared two pictures… the rest were shared by the woman who designed the theme. I don’t see photos of the gifts, festivities or anything else so it seems pretty private to me. And money? Nick Lachey pulled in quite a few million last year between touring and hosting shows/gigs so I doubt they’re hurting.

WTF on

Monica Kennedy- take a break from the stalking and fill your time with a grammar/punctuation class 🙂

Anonymous on

Rachel- Exactly! I’d also like to point out that maybe, just maybe, she shared the photos because she’s a proud mama and likes to show off her son!

stacey- I was just thinking the same thing! I wonder if baby girl will look just like Nick?! 😉

Isabel on

Aloha, what an odd thing to complain about! I know plenty of toddlers, both boys and girls, who love construction-themed toys, movies, books, etc. Not sure why you think it isn’t age-appropriate.

Storm on

Camden is such is a bad name. It is the name of a ghetto town in New Jersey and also a ghetto part of London famous for being where the likes of Amy Winehouse and the Sex Pistols went to buy drugs and “shoot up”. Awful, awful celebrity trend. Seriously, if they like the nickname “Cam”, which they will probably end up calling up him anyway, why not go for Cameron? Way more normal and no horrible connotations. Can’t stand these creative names – the parents just end up sounding so uneducated and classless. Having said that, the boy is very nice looking and resembles his mother a great deal. Just wish he had a normal name.

Bee on

What a cute little boy! 🙂

xoxo on

Wow – he looks like his mom’s mini-me in that picture. He used to look so much more like his father. Amazing how genetics change! Beautiful family.

betty on

he is freaking adorable!

Renny on

Vanessa is Eurasian and her son looks like her.

Vinn on

These are cute pictures, great theme idea. The boy is so cute.

JacquelineCote on

I wonder how many people showed up at forklift way LA? LOL