Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Name Daughter Esmeralda Amada

09/16/2014 at 01:15 PM ET

Eva Mendes Pregnant Expecting First Child Ryan Gosling Dara Kushner/INF

Update: Daughter Esmeralda Amada Gosling arrived at 10:22 a.m. on Sept. 12 in Santa Monica, California, PEOPLE confirms via the birth certificate.

Originally posted Sept.16: Hey, it’s a girl!

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes welcomed a daughter on Friday, Sept. 12, PEOPLE confirms. She is the first child for both actors.

“She’s absolutely in heaven being a mom. She’s never been happier,” a friend tells PEOPLE of Mendes, who delivered via c-section.

“She and Ryan are just in awe of this beautiful person they created. It’s a really special time for them.”

Mendes, 40, and Gosling, 33, began dating in 2011, costarring in the 2012 drama The Place Beyond the Pines.

PEOPLE confirmed the pregnancy in July, but the couple kept Mendes’s growing baby bump under wraps for months.

“Their lives completely changed as soon as Eva got pregnant. They used to travel all over the place together and go on hikes with their dogs. [But in the past few months] she barely left the house,”  a source previously told PEOPLE. “Ryan has been taking care of her, picking up food and running errands. He has been very supportive of keeping things a secret.”

Though they hid the happy news, an insider told PEOPLE the stars couldn’t be more thrilled to expand their family.

“This has been a long time coming,” the pal said of the very private parents-to-be. “Ryan and Eva definitely discussed children before. She knows how much he wants to be a dad and he’s going to be an amazing father.”

— Michele Corriston with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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dancer92136 on

I will bet that is one beautiful little girl.

Mom Of Twinz on

Congrats to them!

bkable on

Congratulations!!! Exciting news – can’t wait for more information!

charlotte on

Congrats on her arrival!

Marina on

This is fast…

Lynnda on

Congratulations !! She will indeed be a beautiful girl !!!

boohoobytch on

awww, congrats to them

missjanenc on

Geez, don’t people get married first any more before just popping out kids?

Mrs. Winkler on

I am upset at the fact that they covered up her pregnancy. There are A LOT of people out there who CANNOT have children due to health issues, etc…and why would you cover that up and be ashamed? That is a beautiful thing and YOU BOTH CHOSE TO BE IN THAT TYPE OF CAREER, NOT US. You knew when you became a celebrity you would be under scrutiny and in the limelight so why cover up something so beautiful that two people created and shared in together? That is disgusting. Any other time you would be bouncing all over the paparazzi flaunting your half-naked bodies in skintight outfits. What you don’t want to show off just how beautiful pregnancy can be and how your body can change, lol? Get over yourselves.

Jennifer on

Almost forgot she was pregnant. Other people like Mila Kunis seems like they’ve been pregnant for years

Lilyflower on

I bet that is one BEAUTIFUL baby girl. Congrats!

Dawn on

Congratulations to them!

Melissa on

@Mrs. Winkler : Good, Lord get over it!! She most likely covered up the pregnancy because like any other person, being famous and pregnant should remain private. At least they could keep that to themselves.

Lila on

Awww! I love these two together. Congratulations!

Jbp on

I’m sure they were my “hiding it out of shame”. They are a very well known couple and they don’t usually like the spotlight. So in a time where she would need to be as stress free as possible, it was probably easier to stay out of the limelight than fight paps and people when she was out.

Lilyflower on

@ Mrs. Winkler:

You’re joking, right??? You can’t possibly be serious with that ridiculous comment.

Guest on

Umm….. Mrs winkler, it was an accidental pregnancy. They were broken up. That’s why it was kept quiet.

Tina on

Congrats! Looking forward to seeing pictures.

Anonymous on

@Mrs Winkler, first, there is no need to shout. Second, what does the inability of others to produce a child have to do with this situation? Third, you really should learn how to form a sentence.

Jennifer on

@ Mrs. Winkler…
It is their right whether or not to share this news with the world. There is a lot of information about them that gets shared that they can’t control due to their career choice and the media. I certainly don’t see them as hiding it, or as a slap in the face to people who can’t have children. They just didn’t choose to voice the pregnancy, and that’s definitely their choice to make. Congrats to both of them.

Nicole on

Ugh hate them together. I don’t see this lasting

Anonymous on

@Mrs. Winkler, whoooooooosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Worry about yourself

Katrina on

Wow, some people need a reality check. Congrats to them both on the birth of their precious baby girl. However, i dont see them as having “hidden” a pregnancy.. it was clear any time she stepped a foot outside the house she was pregnant, they were just selective in who they told actual facts to. Who can blame them? Your job as a parent is to protect your children and it is clear to me that is what they were doing. Good for them! They might have chosen their careers, but their baby did not. Good for them for choosing to not let everything be out there and keeping things private and just for them. Newsflash people, just because they are movie stars does not make everything they do your business. You are entitled to their movies and anything to do with that movie, but you are not entitled to know all about their children if they do not want to share. Good lord, you would not walk up to a stranger on the street and ask personal questions about their pregnancy and children unless you knew them.. even then it is not really your business unless someone chooses to share it with you. While i would have loved more info as well, i can totally respect their need to keep info on their child private. Congrats to all their family, and hope mom and baby are doing well! Hope you are all a happy, loving family enjoying these first few days as a family!

mrsl42388 on

The birth of a child is such a beautiful thing and it’s clear that this couple considered the I impending birth of their daughter to be something private for them and their family to share. Celebrity does not equal full disclosure of every aspect of their lives. In this day and age of every celebrity eye twitch being thrown on our faces, it’s refreshing to see couples who choose to save parts of their lives for themselves. Doing so in no way means they were ashamed or insensitive to others. Congratulations to the happy parents!

Well Then.... on

Mrs. Winkler, you seem to have a very strong opinion on the lives of these people you don’t even know. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps she stayed out of the public eye because she wanted to have a peaceful pregnancy & not have media scrutiny? The media is RUTHLESS to pregnant women. Also, she is slightly older, having her first child. Maybe she was afraid there would be complications or issue and did not want anything bad to happen from the stress of it all. If anything happened, the media would PREY on her like a bunch of vultures. Let them lead their lives as private as they want and bring a healthy baby girl into this world without negativity.

rftallent on

@Mrs. Winkler, and they both chose to make this a private issue between the two of them. Being a celebrity does not make us privy to every intimate detail of their lives. I also appreciate that they didn’t post pregnant bikini pictures. Some things should be reserved for the mother and father. Congratulations to a beautiful and classy couple.

Cate on

I don’t get why she would barely leave the house? Being pregnant is not an illness. Unless what the article really meant was she is nesting, etc.

Texas Gal on

@ Mrs. Winkler- Whoa!! Step away from the computer! Who are you to break down the reasons why YOU think they kept this pregnancy “hidden”?? It wasn’t hidden. They just chose NOT to let you or me or anyone else that they are NOT close to, know. What’s the big deal. Get over yourself! Rant over….. Congratulations to the new parents!

Tina on

they are not a good match.

Carol on

Mrs. Winkler, there is a very big difference between an actor and a celebrity. Celebrities are those who court the limelight on purpose, ie Kim Kardashian. Actors, on the other hand, act, and have become famous as a result. Celebrities are often in the limelight for no particular talents at all, and will sell every aspect of their lives to continue their time in the spotlight. Actors become well known for their work. Although some actors are happy to be in the limelight, this is not the case for all. Nobody is required to bare the details of their lives for the sake of public curiosity, especially something as private as the birth of a child. Get over yourself.

The Truth on

@Mrs Winkler, you don’t know there personal or medical history, and there could be a host of reasons why they chose to keep it private. For all you know she could’ve had prior miscarriages or other health issues. You are not entitled to their private business. period.

K.B. on

Congratulations to the proud and happy parents. I’m sure this baby will be a beautiful little girl. Health and happiness!

Ali on

Lol that this is “breaking news”, congrats non the less!!!


wow I had no idea she was that much older than him she looks great for her age.

Whittierlil on

@eh… I don’t see the beauty in her everyone seems to see. Ugh. He does seem like a good daddy to be. Good luck to baby.

Sonia on

A beautiful couple. I wish them much happiness always.

Lizzy on

@ Mrs Winkler
I know where you’re coming from with that statement, but to you and the rest of you posting why would she keep her pregnancy private, why would she hide it. I honestly believe it could be the pregnancy itself, maybe she had a high risk pregnancy and was bed ridden. She is 40 and unfortunately the later in age a woman is the more careful and riskier a pregnancy can and should be cared for. I myself have PCOS since I was 19, my ex husband and I started trying to get pregnant right from the beginning of our marriage which we were 22 and 23 yrs of age. I underwent a lot of different procedures and my ex also did to makesure that nothing was keeping us from conceiving, when a woman has PCOS, we don’t ovulate like a woman with no issues. We have to take ferility meds. That is why Kate Gosselin had multiples in both pregnancies because she also had PCOS. I still have trouble conceiving. I understand what you all are saying but we can’t jump to conclusions, Eva could have had a high risk pregnancy, my mom did and she was bed ridden by the end of her 2nd trimester on all her pregnancies, my dad took care of her when he wasn’t working and my grandparents whom lived on the same street would check on and take care of her the other times. Congrats to Eva and Ryan, may God bless you and your little miracle( angel )

Jamey on

Another unmarried Hollywood couple has a kid. Big deal. They’ll split in a few months and their publicists will release the standard issue ‘They remain the greatest of friends and will stay committed to raising their child.”

L on

Congrats! I’m sure she is gorgeous, can’t wait to hear what they named her!

guest on

Wow Mrs. Winkler you sound like a nut job. They have no obligation to the public to flaunt their pregnancy. Nothing about keeping things private says they are ashamed of it either. How they want to handle the birth of their child is totally up to them. We don’t OWN celebrities. Their business is to act and promote movies, tv, products and causes not to allow us to slowly see their belly buttons turn inside out.

Audrey on

I understand wanting to keep your pregnancy private (especially at 40) but it backfires when you are really famous.. It seems like proudly announcing it offers more protection because people lose interest faster. The mystery only attracts more attention. Yes they will be fodder no matter what but less so if they address it quickly and move on. You gotta leave your house.

Guest on

Remember when People said they were broken up? Then all of a sudden they’re expecting. I think they aren’t actually together

WS on

Congrats to them! I hope she looks more like her mother. I don’t see why women think he is good looking.

Missy on

Wow apparently some ppl are not upset these two ddnt act as “classy” as the Kartrashians and pose it up.

jana on

Why the secret? Beautiful parents, CIA baby?

Meghan on

Just my two cents, but perhaps she kept hidden and out of the spotlight with her pregnancy because she’s 40. It’s an entirely realistic possibility that she was put on bed rest due to the complications that come with pregnancies, especially a first baby, in older women.

Susan on

I see People’s writers couldn’t resist including that tiresome phrase “growing baby bump” in this article. Who wants to make a bet on how long it’ll be before they are running an article about Eva “flaunting her post-baby body?”

olygirl on

Mrs. Winkler: did you ever consider that Eva has been ill during her pregnancy and that’s why she hasn’t been seen? So judgmental you are; shame on you for spewing out what you consider to be truths.

Guest on


Did you ever think that maybe they ‘hid’ the pregnancy because they didn’t want to be publicized and hounded for 9 months? Whether they chose to be in a career or not, they seem to be a very private couple.

J.C. on

Oh YAY, that is just great news. Two very sweet people. They deserve all the happiness that a child will bring. Best wishes to them and their daughter for great health and happiness together!

Mamagirl31 on

I bet she’s a beauty!! Can’t wait to hear what name they chose… congratulations to both of them!!

Lily on

I bet this pregnancy was unplanned for Ryan but planned for Eva. Ever since it was announced that she was pregnant I felt like she either poked holes in the condom or lied and said she was on birth control thinking that if she was pregnant he would finally marry her lol.

Sue d on

Seriously Mrs. winkler?? You are upset about how they wanted to keep their privacy as best as they could? Just because they make movies doesn’t mean they need to be in the public eye 24/7. Maybe you need to get a life?

lexi on

congrats to the beautiful family/couple 🙂

Redhead in China on

And the ovaries of a generation of women wept! I would have loved to be his baby mama! Congrats to them!

BeMore Momma on

Celebrity or not, everyone is gonna know I’m pregnant! I have 2 girls and finding out I was pregnant was the happiest moments of my life!!! I know not all expectant women are the same but that’s how I felt and I will continue to feel that way especially if I am ever blessed with another bundle of joy : )

Beauty on

Awww, congrats!

sexy88 on

she was definitely hiding her pregnancy, smh!!! I just saw a pic from july i believe of her trying to hide her stomach. she was hunched over carrying a bunch of bags and blankets. I get that paparazzi is crazy but to hide your stomach is just insane. live your life

Alexa on

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!!

Bettie on

Love them both! Good for them keeping it private, I bet that baby will be gorgeous!

Lisa on

Newsflash, everyone: it is 2014 in America, a country where it is VERY easy to get married and divorced over and over again. Marriage does not make a family, love does. Nor does marriage guarantee stability for a child. It really does not matter if they are married or not, as long as they are happy and loving parents. Best of luck to them.

Monica on

Yuk! She looks like she could be his mother. LOL I guess I always saw him with Rachel Mcadams. I do think it was a little silly to hide the pregnancy. That is a time in your life where you want to show off to everyone. I never knew but I guess that was the plan. Im sure the baby is beautiful.

rftallent on

@sexy88, apparently Eva chose to do it differently than you. Her body, her baby, her right.

amyinoaktown on

So much for People reporting they were breaking up….Congrats.

Natalie on

First Congrats to the happy parents! Time to get on my soapbox -Okay to the person who got all crazy about them keeping the pregnancy a secret. Last I checked um they have the right not to say a single word, just because they’re in the spotlight doesn’t give ANYONE the right to know everything that goes on in their lives. That’s up to them to disclose that information or trust the company they keep. I’ve got fertility problems and couldn’t have children but I wouldn’t ever hold it against anyone that could or can. Did you ever think that “maybe” Eva had issues getting pregnant and this could be their miracle baby? Life is not always fair. Are you expecting a personal invite to see the baby as well?

Casey on

I agree Monica. She looks OLD! I didn’t even know they were dating. I too hoped he would get back with Rachel McAdams!!!I’m sure the baby is adorable though.

Ann C. on

OMG!!! This is great news for Ryan & Eva. I bet their daughter is Sooooo beautiful. Congrats to Ryan & Eva becoming parents for the first time for the both of them. I’m waiting to know baby girl name. Now i am waiting for Mr. & Mrs. D. Wade to get pregnant

Bhavana on

Congratulations Ryan and Eva on the birth of your baby girl. I bet she’s one little cutie.

sexy88 on

@rftallent, you are replying to the wrong comment

rusticharbor on

Congrats to them!

Gabee on

Clearly Mrs. Winkler forgot to take her meds.

jewels1972 on

Wow, a lot of girls born in Hollywood lately!! Congrats to the happy little family! !! ♥

Danny on

A baby human for George and Hugo to love and protect. Congrats!!

sat on

Aw, congrats on a baby girl!!!

Dilly on

Congrats to them!

Aimee on

Like other celebrities that are advance maternal age, I think she hired a surrogate and reason you never saw any pregnant pics of her.

Whattheyhay on

Wow some people can get really crazy over some people they don’t know. That’s scary. Congrats to the parents!

Seriously? on

WOW, ‘Mrs Winkler’. You seriously need to calm down. Perhaps she rarely left the house because she was confined to bed rest? WHO KNOWS? But it most definitely is NOT your business to judge and rip these people for something you know NOTHING about. STOP making ASSumptions.

Maggie on

In my opinion those people who are saying she was hiding her pregnancy or was ashamed of it…have you stopped and think maybe she didn’t want to be scrutinize and stalked on how much weight she gain or what she wore while pregnant?…..CONGRATS EVA AND RYAN 🙂

Sammy on

@Mrs. Winkler, you need to chill out. Seriously. Just chill out. If they were making it all about the pregnancy you would probably consider it flaunting, and rubbing their ability to have kids in the face of those who can’t. You’d accuse them of using their miracle as a way to get more attention, and of being horrible attention seeking behavior. There are a lot of celebrities who keep family away from the press, and a pregnant woman not wanting to have everything from swollen feet, to her expanding butt attacked by the press has every right to stay at home and say leave me alone. You aren’t entitled to get to share their joy.

TIa B on

Wow, congrats to both of them for the arrival of their baby girl and for keeping it so private! I haven’t seen one picture of Eva pregnant!

Angelica on

Congrats to them both!

Lil MoNsTeR on

Still have hard time believe it. Woww! Their kid is going to be a hot Lady in the future.

denise on

Congratulations on your little angel.

Michelle on

Love them both…Congratulations!! I’m sure she will be a very beautiful and much loved little baby.

annibanani2 on

Life, as I know it, is over. Good news: I bet the baby is beautiful and now there’s another DILF to add to the list.

yorba on

ew. they’re just so ugly. I just don’t like looking at them. so I won’t

tita on

felicitaciones a los padres que dios los bendiga

Anonymous on


G on

ryan gosling and rachel mcadams forever!!

Rosie on

Did I miss the baby’s name?


HA RC on

Oh no, my chances of marrying him are getting slimmer!!!

hsmith on

she trapped his ass. so sad.

leelee58 on

@Mrs. Winkler, wow you certainly need to get a life. What celebrities do or don’t do is none of our business unless they choose to make it so. Just like your business is not my business and vice versa. Capisce???

Guest on

LOL no need to comment on the crazy Mrs Winkler; everyone’s got that covered. Ill just say congrats to the new parents and be on my way. 🙂

Nicole on

Wow she really stayed hidden away huh …. Did we even see any pics of her pregnant? Wonder why

Rachael on

One of the fastest celebrity pregnancies.. I like that, compared to some that are pregnant forever, it seems. Congrats, hopefully it all works out.

Melanie M on

Another out of wedlock child hits the world who’s parents won’t be together on the child’s 2nd birthday. What are these people doing. Kids deserve better.

Jenn on

I hope she looks and acts like Ryan and not Eva!

Rally on

Hey Myla Cree: 40 is NOT old! She can have a baby just like thousands of others at 40, so clearly if she is able to have a baby then she isn’t old! Get a clue! And guess what honey, you too are going to be 40 if your lucky so remember you said 40 is old!

Anonymous on

To all of you saying she had a surrogate, get a clue! She didn’t go out much because the paps would have been hunting her down and selling her pics and then there would have been a ton of articles written about her being pregnant and a ton of rude comments from people like you saying she is using a surrogate and ragging on her age! She has the right to privacy and maybe she isn’t a attention whore like most celebs. Get over it, Ryan is with her not Rachel!

Anonymous on

@ Mrs. Winkler everyone has their own opinion, but I don`t agree with you. They act in films – that their job, promoting them is one of the job aspects, but their personal life – I don`t think so.
Not everything has to be known to whole world.

Anonymous on

I had no clue they were dating. After a couple of rehab stints, I thought she had disappeared completely off the Hollywood scene. I hope she stayed clean during the pregnancy.

Curious on

I had no clue they were dating. After rehab stints, I thought she disappeared from the Hollywood scene for good. I hope she stayed clean during her pregnancy.

Anonymous on


Bella on

Happy for them both!
And if they chose never to marry, who cares “Mrs. Winkler”? Its not 1950 ad if that baby is loved nad taken care of and the parents are together is a piece of paper going to change that? im going with no.

Eva on

Love that pic! She must really love that guy. He looks like he’s just beaming too. That’s just sweet

Aussie cathie on

Mrs Winkler what’s your problem? Congrats guys…

KL on

Well whats her name?!?!?! Jeeze… don’t post a baby announcement without a name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KaaJaa on

Awww can’t wait to see the beautiful girl. Congrats to them enjoying this wonderful time!!

Anonymous on

Yay congratulations to them!

AmandaC on

I feel sorry for them. They obviously want their privacy and People splash it all over the internet & magazines. They should respect the fact they have not wanted it out there.

Anonymous on

Didn’t know she is 7 years older than him, thought they had similar age.

Mrs. Mom on

@Mrs. Winkler: people like you are the reason why many celebs keep their business private. None of us are entitled to know every little detail of these people’s lives just because they are famous actors. Get a grip. Get a life!
Congrats to the new parents. Babies are awesome! 🙂

AM on

Eva Mendes is absolutely one of the most beautiful women in the world…especially her hair. Why then, is PEOPLE using this God-awful photo of her? She looks like a cleaning lady with that stupid wrap on her head. PLEASE use a different pic in the next update about the gorgeous Ms. Mendes. THANKS!!!

Steph on

Gossip abounds online that Eva was hoping for a proposal and to announce both happy events at the same time…that’s why she denied being pregnant on Ellen, then hid out after being rejected by Ryan. Gossip also says these quotes are the spin of a publicist trying to make their relationship look OK…

Guest on

Don’t think they are a good match, but congrats.

Guest on

Congratulations to the happy couple. I bet that baby is beautiful.

Melisse on

I just hope that little girl grows up to have a normal childhood (not overprotected nor overexposed, neglected or spoiled etc). I know a lot of these A-list busy actors don’t have time-or maybe interest- for daily hands-on parenting themselves, so the kids end up being raised by nannies or extended family.

Priscilla on

Hope they give a normal name, not a strange name like so many other Hollywood kids have.

Renny on

Getting pregnant was the only way she could keep him.

Vinn on

They seem kinda a down to earth Hollywood couple, happy for them!

Mary on

Love the name, so beautiful!! 🙂

DaisyMoon on

Sounds like a fortune-teller’s name…

Brooke on

With that name, I see pasties and donkey shows.


say what on

What the heck name is that? they should have gone with blahblahblah gosling.

Cindy on

Congratulations to them!! Beautiful name💜

Tess on

Another doozy of a name to add to the list!


@Mrs. Winkler…….It’s their CHOICE, their life., don’t like it, too damn bad.


I just dont get the secrecy! I just dont understand.

krtmom on

Horrible name!

Johanna on

Amada was her character’s name in We Own the Night. Not a fan of Esmerelda. Sure to be a beautiful baby though.

Etsy on

I wonder if her nickname with be Esme (Ess-may) I think that is quite a pretty nickname.

Anonymous on



She hid herself because she wasn’t really pregnant. she is a 40 year old women. They clearly hired a surrogate to carry their baby for them, and wad advised by her PR Rep. to lay low as not to let the cat out of the bag. She has never looked pregnant at all this last year. Its typical Hollywood, all smoke and mirrors.


This is an overweight girl in braces and glasses kind of a name, Esmeralda? Kind of like Betty or Dora, or Rose. lets hope she doesn’t look like the Ugly Betty character because that name would fit perfectly.

Ashley on

Atrocious name, WOW

Christy on

Esmeralda is actually a very literary name. She is the love interest in Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. She captivates Don Quixote and is his fantasy. Amada means my loved one in Spanish. Her name clearly has a very strong Spanish influence.

Callie on

Really on the fence about this name. Oh well….Congratulations to them

Natalie on

1. Congrats to Eva and Ryan, I’m sure they’ll relish these moments.
2. Um Mrs. Winkler – I see you’re very passionate about people you don’t know. Sweetheart you need to relax. I don’t think they got around calling you to discuss everything in their lives just yet. Don’t get upset because they didn’t go along with the name you chose.
3. No matter the year – people have children out of wedlock. Clearly this won’t be the first nor will this be the last. Shocker I know!
4. Does it matter what anyone thinks if they’re a “good match” or they won’t stay together? They’re both consenting adults, but those opposed should really get in touch with Ryan and Eva’s people. Discuss your opinions about their relationship and I’m POSITIVE They’ll get back to you all in a timely fashion.

ELC on

What a hideously ugly name for a baby.

yikes on

oh my, Mrs. Winkler below….
you are just spewing horrible comments without thinking for even a second!!! Eva is 40years old!! As an older newly pregnant women, she was being cautious about her every move because of her age. If anything, she was desperately trying to shield herself of any public heartbreak if something tragic had happened to end the pregnancy. Also, Eva is very well known for her classic style and never has been ‘half-naked’ as you put it. Calm down! It’s her first and maybe her only pregnancy….. have some respect

LisaJa563 on

I’ll bet she’s a beauty.

Woof to that name though.

Lila on

Congratulations and many blessings!

JulieU on

I love the name. It’s a classic.

Lila on

Congratulations! Absolutely love the unique name.

Tess on

No kidding!

casmia on

So happy for them. I’ll bet she’s just as beautiful looking as the both of them…Now leave this brand new family alone 🙂 Cute name, btw.

Stella on

Did anyone else notice “PEOPLE confirms via the birth certificate…” like ok, I get that they’re in the public eye, and birth records are public, but c’mon People, have a little respect. This wasn’t a release from them, or their publicists. Not cool.

Anonymous on

Finally, a normal name. Beautifully exotic name.

guest on

All I can think of is Aunt Esmeralda on Bewitched! It’s the most normal name we have heard out of Hollywood in a while though. And it’s a girl’s name (until a celebrity uses it for a boy, I guess!). Enjoy your baby girl and ignore the hater comments if you read this board 😉

Marilyn on

I like Amada Esmeralda better but it’s not that bad.

alex on

Being latin, I thought the correct name was Esmerelda? Maybe it’s a play on words?

Amada- I had a cousin with that last name from Chile. Maybe it’s a family name

Anonymous on

who cares?

samantha post on

You can bet your last dollar she didn’t disclose this information and is very pissed at this time. TMZ went searching for it.

Anonymous on

Don’t like that bame

Combo on

Hate the name. Yuck!

KingKing on

I thought of the TV show “Bewitched”. That was the mom’s name.

Carol on

Sperry …. You are a complete idiot.

Mrs. Winkler … You just said that to stir up everyone and get everyone talking about you. No one could be that stupid to make such an insane comment.

JP on

Oh my word what a mouthful. Maybe it’s a common name in her country but the only Esmerelda I know was Samantha (Bewitched) mother!!

Maria on

I was named after my grandmother who passed before I was born. Just yesterday my mother and I were talking about a friend who wouldn’t name her daughter after HER mom because she didn’t like her mom’s name, which led to me asking my mom if she would have named me after her own mother if SHE didn’t like her mother’s name. I said, “what if your mom’s name was….Esmeralda? Would you have named me after your mom then?” I just picked a name that seemed “unique” yet “strange” to ME, that I had heard on TV (Bewitched, anyone?) and imagine my surprise to click this article and see the lovely Eva and Ryan have named their child “Esmeralda!” And, yes, yesterday my mom did say she would have named me “Esmeralda” if that had been her mom’s name. 🙂 I believe the name is not so uncommon in hispanic culture, but, personally, I have never known anyone named “Esmeralda.” It’s sweet, I think it’s unique, but it made me laugh to see the name – because, it’s just a very weird coincidence for me. 🙂

Sue on

Congratulations to the The Wonderful Couple
And I bet that little girl is a beauty!! Can’t wait to see
A picture of her😊

Angie on

Legit thought she was going to give her baby a white name and completely forget her own culture. I hate it when Latinx do that. But I’m surprisingly pleased. Good on you. She’s just as much a part of you as she is a part of him.

Lala on

I read EsmerELda, and didn’t love it. But rereading, I see its EsmerALda. Just that little change, actually makes a big difference. I like the name a little more now.

Laurie on

Love the name. Esmeralda is a classic Spanish name. Amadameans “loved one” and is also a Spanish name. Very pretty name.

Gabrielle on

I love the name! It is so exotic!

And @Mrs.Winkler you don’t even KNOW them. It is NONE of your damn business to know if she is pregnant or not. You are obviously just jealous. YOU need to get over yourself.

Marilyn on

King King and JP: Endora was Samantha’s mother’s name. Esmeralda was her aunt.

Guest on

Maybe she didn’t leave the house because she felt like a big bag of poop. Lord knows when I was pregnant I could barely leave the bathroom floor. Maybe she was put on bedrest early and was in danger of losing the baby. Who knows? At any rate it’s none of our beeswax, they had a little girl and all is well. Other than the fact that Eva Mendez thought it was ok to have a baby with MY BOYFRIEND, it’s a happy occasion overall, methinks. No need for negativity.

icu on

How do you know she’s beautiful? Pretty babies come from ugly parents. Sorry new kid… she’s going to hear “but your mom is such a milf?!?!”

Bealou on

Oh Mrs. Winkler, try not to criticize their decision. We have no idea if this was an easy thing for her either and the fact she didn’t want to be in the spotlight may stem from wanting to enjoy the pregnancy out of the spotlight OR being afraid something could go wrong. I don’t think the hush hush approach came from a place of shame. Felicidades on the name, very pretty.

Plusku on

Love them having a baby girl and hope they show a pic soon but her name sounds more like what you’d name a Yacht! Happy for them tho! 🙂

Welcome to the 21st century! on

@missjanenc: NOPE. Unlike the 1960’s where people acted like they were virgins, and then got pregnant, had a quickie wedding, and then poof! 40 weeks later a baby magically popped out under the guise of honeymoon coitus, nowadays people keep it on the up and up. People get married nowadays IF they want to, which is a helluvva less of a sham than getting married “just because” you knocked someone up and her Dad was going to kill you if you didn’t make an “honest woman” of his daughter. Welcome to the 21st century!!!

KW on

Nice. WAY better than that poor Kutcher baby (Wyatt? for real?)

isa on

Mel on October 9th, 2014
Accidental pregnancy my ass…she trapped him…old hag

Yup, she trapped him for the past 3 years. I wonder why he didn’t leave her in those past 3 years he was with her. She must have held a gun to his head and forced him to get her pregnant. Do you realize how stupid your comment is? Or are you just too plain stupid to figure it out?

isa on

Some people have serious anger issues. Why are there 99 mad people? Mad over what?

celeste on

when I clicked on this link I thought the parents had revealed their baby’s name, but the article says it was confirmed through the birth certificate – this should be the parents choice to disclose the name of their baby – makes me sad that we can’t – I mean won’t afford them that privacy. now I feel bad I participated in it! ugh!

Gina on

Amada means loved in Spanish.

Margarita on

What a beautiful name! Esmeralda is the proper spelling in Spanish. Amada is a common name in Spanish and it means “loved”. I don’t see why people are criticizing the name. At least she wasn’t named after a fruit or some weird hype the parents are on.

sas on

First off, congrats to them. But WHY do stars feel they have to name their kids these horrible names. When was the last time you heard of an Esmeralda except in the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

seabot on

Actually I’ve heard Esmeralda very frequently, just not in the US. I wonder why people think American names are the only normal ones.

KL on

Esmeralda… Seriously?!?!

Anonymous on

Just wondering if the baby is healthy – a little strange they hid this from everyone

Hope all is well though

Melissa on

Nice name! Just like the gypsy in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

stacey on

Good god, that name is horrible.

Susu on

Lol , as in the hunchback of notre dame , that poor kid will go through life hearing kids say ” the bells , the bells ” and making fun of her

Marianne on

@Mrs. Winkler :

She has the right like anyone else to her privacy. If she wants to keep her pregnancy or children out of the spotlight, she has every right to. As you stated SHE signed up for this life, not her kid.

Alice on

What a gorgeous baby she’ll be!!

Cathi on

Different kind of name, but not as bad as Apple, Gwyneth Paltrow’s kid. I’m sure it’s a beautiful girl!

Aussie cathie on

Oh dear ! What a putrid name….

Georgia on

I usually love unique, ethnic names (I have one myself) but this little baby’s name is not one I’m a fan of (not that it matters to them). I never like when the last letter of the first name is also the first letter as the second name; when that’s the case the names just run together and seem ultra-long and complicated. I have to believe there will be a cute nickname that gets used like Esme. Esme Gosling I can get my arms around. I hope they enjoy their baby!

Marisa on

@ Mrs. Winkler take your meds. You’ll feel better. Congrats to the happy couple, but Esmeralda Gosling? ugh Really?

MayBaby on

I like the name! Looking forward to seeing a picture!

jj on

Mrs. Winkler i couldn’t agree with you more!!! Shame on them..

Meena on

That’s a dumb name.

Peyton Paisley on

Oh! That poor child with a Quasimodo heroine name. Esme.

Kimber on

Who can blame celebrities when they try to keep stuff private. Reading through the comments pretty much all I see is a bunch of self-righteous idiots who b!tch because of this childs name. News flash; it’s not YOUR child. Don’t like the name? Too bad. Don’t name YOUR child that. Jeez people……..get a life.

Anonymous on

I think the name is lovely! BTW, where are people getting that this was supposedly an accidental pregnancy? Nothing has ever been said about that (except maybe by the oh-so-reliable tabs!). Maybe, just maybe, the pregnancy was PLANNED (especially since he at least wanted kids- something that everyone seems to have missed!).

And the claims that she used a surrogate due to her age? Please! She’s 40. Plenty of women get pregnant at that age (no, it doesn’t usually happen as easily as for younger women, but it’s more common than a lot of people tend to think!). Plus, even if things weren’t happening naturally, it’s not like she doesn’t have the money for IVF or other ART procedures!

sharon Little on

What a horrible name !!!! Were they fans of Bewitched/Agnes Moorhead ?

DesertRose on

Thank God they didn’t name her after Wyatt Earp

Bernadette on

We always feel the need to give it a poetic spin, don’t we? She got pregnant by accident and now a baby is born. That is all. She said in interviews she did not want to become a mother. Also, mentioning how they discussed having kids (like Mila and her guy) doesn’t make it sound more adult; it just proves it was an accident. How about you don’t send out comments to the public about your personal life through “sources”?

dellaaurora on

Wow, that’s one cute name. Amada means the beloved, originally Spanish while Esmeralda, also Spanish, means emerald that-of course we all know- is a gemstone. It feels like they mean Esmeralda the beloved as in the emerald beloved gemstone. Aww, she’s so precious gemstone for them, so adorable. Congratulations for Ryan and Eva for having cute little Ms. Esmeralda Amada Gosling. I bet she’s a cute beautiful girl. God bless her and God bless you both.

Anonymous on

Something tells me that these two might already be married as well.

Mandy on

I’m sure she’s a beautiful baby, but her name sounds like an old lady. Good thing she was born to famous parents! Congrats again to them!

LK on

Amada was my grandmother’s name. Means beloved. Beautiful choice and I love the way they are handling the press on this.

Guest on

Am I the only one that is bothered with the fact that they did not release the name, but vulture paparazzi found it by sneaking a peek at the birth certificate? Classy, People.

Give them Privacy on

I’m also bothered that the name was revealed from her birth certificate and not from the parents themselves. That is an invasion of privacy. If they wanted the name released they would have announced it themselves.

Michelle on

Can’t wait to see pictures of this beautiful little baby. Congratulations.

Sable on

Don’t like the baby’s name, sounds like ryan was more eager to become a parent than eva was.sure they’ll stay together because of their child.don’t think it will last their relationship.

Anonymous on

I saw the Birth Certificate on TMZ.com … and I am wondering why an Aunt signed the BC and not one of the parents … kinda weird if you ask me.

Ana on

Esmeralda and Amada are both cute names on their own, but they don’t sound good together at all. They both end in “da” and both have the long “a” sound in the second to last syllable. Sounds weird together.

Sonia on

This man like a girl !!! beurk

Anonymous on

They used a SURROGATE!

Maria Lopez on

yeah she had a c-section just like me !! i hate when women bragged about their easy-super-cool-natural delivery ! 😉

ac on

ok there are plenty other celebs tried hiding an still cameras got some shots but we never, ever saw any form of a bump – something aint right :/

Kellie on

The name Esmeralda makes me think of the television sitcom Bewitched.

Mary on

Congratulations to the happy couple. Anyone who is negative over their relationship and having a baby together, GET OVER IT!! And get over the fact that he LOVES her and chose her. They deserve their privacy if they want it and deserve to be happy. Be happy for them. Hope they have many years of happiness together and I’ll bet they will get married and have more children. Rachel McAdams can get over it too….

Anonymous on

Does anyone get married before having children anymore? What happens if you have a child and the relationship doesn’t work out? Seek Jesus.

dylan jordan on

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