Ciara Is Exercising Every Day to Get Pre-Baby Body Back

09/14/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Ciara Post Baby Body Exercise Trainer Gunnar Peterson Mark Von Holden/AP; Inset: Ben Hider/WireImage

That’s one determined mama!

New mom Ciara, who gave birth to son Future Zahir in May, has been hitting the gym daily to get in workouts with personal trainer Gunnar Peterson.

“When you say she’s working out every day, that sounds like it’s crazy but it’s not,” says Peterson, who is launching the Gunnar Challenge, an online weight loss and fitness training program, later this month.

He adds, “It’s a ritual. She’s showering every day too. She’s not destroying herself.”

The celebrity fitness guru says Ciara has a well-rounded approach when it comes to getting her pre-baby body back.

“She’s working hard, she’s getting it done, she’s eating properly, she’s getting sleep while she can, and so she’s getting leaner and stronger,” he says. “That’s the way to be the best mom.”

The key to toning up her body post pregnancy is varying workouts.

“The typical workout is that it’s not typical,” explains Peterson. “Depending on where we are in the week, there’s a focus on pushing movements, pulling movements; there’s lower body, there’s working different planes of motion, whether it’s front to back, side to side rotation.”

The trainer continues, “It’s about keeping her moving. There are a lot of intervals in there. It doesn’t make for a happy camper, but [it produces] great results.”

Peterson incorporates several “big body movements” into their workouts: squatting, lunging, overhead pressing, rowing, push-ups, mountain climbers, crunches and jumps are his go-tos.

For Ciara, her dedication to her workouts is paying off — in a big way. “You see the body, she’s already right there,” says Peterson.

For any new mom, Peterson recommends easing back into working out. “Make sure you get clearance from [your doctor] first, and once you have that green light, start slowly and build up and you’ll get there,” he says.

“A lot of people pull up their old workouts, dust it off and try to knock it out, and then they’re defeated because it was way harder or they couldn’t complete it. You have to build on it.”

But while a baby may shake up the workout routine, it’s not an excuse to call it quits.

“Work out with the baby,” says Peterson. “It’s going to be a different kind of workout, but you can do a side lunge, pick up the baby, touch the baby down. You can do a squat to a press, you can do rotations. There are a ton of things you could do. You could do your cardio by taking a walk with your baby. There are ways to get it done. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely doable.”

— Gabrielle Olya

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Showing 21 comments

Amy on

Why is there so much shame in pregnancy weight? It serves a purpose and does not mean you are “letting yourself go”. Stop it, women. You are okay.

Kat on

The way PEOPLE treats pregnant women and new mothers around the issue of weight is truly disgusting.

Charli on

Losing the weight fast isn’t going to stop her man from cheating.

JJ on

While its great to be healthy and lose excess weight that can be unhealthy what is the rush about its ridiculous these Hollywood ladies are expected to be size 0 the day after they give birth practically. Its okay for women to just enjoy being with their babies and be normal new moms who are tired sometimes and just spend time at home in sweats with their little one. Fitness is fine but when we start telling women, especially famous ones, that they can’t even take a break to be a mom without worrying about their weight and appearance that is just sad. Oh no how dare you gain weight while pregnant like a pregnant lady your the worst. So you just gave birth not that long ago huh well better hit the gym the day after you leave the hospital wouldn’t want you to rest at all and appreciate this big life change.

Guest on

Well said, Kat!

Brandy on

Cut the crap…. Those swollen salivary glands under her ears look like bulimia. You don’t look like that after pregnancy from working out and watching your weight. It’s just another unattainable standard.

Summer on

I’m beyond sick and disgusted with People’s obsession with post-partum women. How about a story about the babies and how the moms are loving being a mom? Gunnar Peterson ticks me off, too. A lot of moms are either working outside the home or are chasing siblings around – they don’t have the luxury of maids, personal assistants, nannies, and chefs. Sure, working out an hour a day would be easy if you had all that help!

Anonymous on

Well, I thought she lost quite a bit of DEAD weight already. How much did the cheating baby daddy weight anyway?!

guest on

Well, I thought she lost quite a bit of DEAD weight already. How much did the cheating ex-baby daddy weigh anyway?!

Renee on

I do not understand the media’s mentality behind the ‘pre-baby weight’ comments. Your body changes, period. My ribs expanded, imagine that! Should I have rib-reconstruction to have them made smaller? Embrace the changes and enjoy your family. Stop trying to be something from your past! grrrr

ajack008 on

Am I the only one who isn’t disturbed by her wanting to lose her baby weight? She’s never been a big girl, so why wouldn’t she want to get back down to a the size that’s “normal” for her? And the fact that she has access to a celebrity trainer means she probably will be able to do it quicker than someone without access to one. So what? My cousin has always been small. Once she had her baby, back to workout mode she went and she lost the weight. Her kid didn’t suffer because of it. Her family didn’t suffer because of it…What’s the big deal?

Kat on

@Bill Your comment made no sense. No, I don’t get upset at other women for what they choose to display (or not) of their own bodies. You, however, sound like the kind of creeper that goes to the park to glare at women who wear shorts.

Marky on

No offense, but I see no swollen salivary glands, and frankly, not everyone wants to be lying around the house in sweats, still 35 lbs overweight, just holding their baby hen their baby is a year old. If you want to, that’s your business, but don’t act as if everyone else does. Personally, I just didn’t gain too much weight to begin with, and the weight was all gone by the time the baby was 6 weeks old. I exercised some, but not more than 20 minutes twice a day, while the baby napped.

Onelove on

Eating healthy is particularly important for a new mama (I know, my co-worker is one) so I am glad to see a mention of that !

Sara K on

I found the showering comment a little weird. Did we ask if she’s showering everyday?

miss annji on

I think she is beautiful the way she is now, she has lost a lot of weight and judging from her pics she is already back to her pre-pregnancy weight. Celebrities need to take a cue from Amber Rose, she lost the weight over time as that is how the weight is gain originally. Ciara looks small now and thats probably due to the breakup btw her and Future. You can see it in her face the stress and heartache. She is on the right path but do it safely. Also I did not understand the showering everyday comment, is her trainer saying she did not shower daily before? Anywho she looks great and I hope she keeps up the good work. I am glad she is no longer with Future he set out from the beginning to get with her and said so in an earlier interview and he is disrespectful for him to tell the world it didnt take him long before he got her “goodies” (her first hit song and reference to sex). Baby Future is gorgeous and she should continue to focus on being a great mom and getting her career back on track!

Marky on

The reference to showering isn’t that hard to grasp….he was saying she exercised daily, just as she showers daily. They are a part of her day, just like getting out of bed in the morning. Does that sound like I mean she never got out of bed before? No, it means, “Just as she showers daily, she exercises daily.” He’s saying if you want to exercise, you can do it without overdoing, and can incorporate time with the baby into your exercise time, rather than taking time away from the baby to do so.

Nilsa on

Ciara looks gorgeous. Good for her!

Yeah I Said It on

Fat moms always have excuses like, “I don’t have personal chef, maid, trainer, nanny” etc… Cut the crap fatty you don’t need all of that, people who want to lose weight (without medical conditions that prohibit that) do!! Period!! When your kids are a sleep get your fat ass up and work out!

Ginger on

She looks very fit, doesn’t look like she has weight problems.

Anonymous on

Ciara wants to able to show off her dance moves and get her career back on track. So i don’t see anything wrong with. getting back to the way she was before the baby.