Tiffani Thiessen Is Hoping a Second Pregnancy Will Happen ‘Right Away’

09/11/2014 at 05:30 PM ET

Her best friend just became a big sister — and now Harper Smith wants to be next in line for a sibling.

In an exclusive interview with online magazine Sweden With Love, Tiffani Thiessen admits she wanted her daughter to hit that milestone several years ago, but when another White Collar star announced she was expecting, the actress put her own plans on hold.

“We were going to try two years ago because I was thinking I’d like them to be three years apart, but my costar on the show got pregnant,” says Thiessen, who is slated to begin filming for her new cooking show, Dinner at Tiffani’s, in the fall. “I thought I couldn’t do that to the show. So we ended up waiting.”

Tiffani Thiessen Sweden with Love
Courtesy Elizabeth Messina

Harper may soon get her wish. Thiessen and her husband Brady Smith are “definitely trying” to expand their family — and no one is more excited than the future big sister.

“She puts more pressure on me than anyone! Every day she begs me to have a baby,” Thiessen, 40, shares.

“Every morning she wakes up and says, ‘Is there a baby in your belly?’ She thinks it grows overnight while we’re sleeping. Then she looks at me and says, ‘You’re not growing a baby, Mommy!’ ”

But has that magical moment — when Thiessen will finally be able to give her little girl the answer she’s been waiting for — already arrived?

“I don’t think so!” she admits. “I would feel it and I don’t feel pregnant right now. With Harper, it happened right away so I’m hoping it’ll be as easy this time around.”

Tiffani Thiessen Sweden with Love
Courtesy Elizabeth Messina

Whether it’s now or in the near future, the proud mama says one thing is for sure: Her daughter will shine with a baby brother or sister.

“I think she’ll be great. She’ll turn into a little mommy,” Thiessen explains. “She’ll probably have her moments not loving it, but I think she’ll be pretty helpful. She’s a secure kid.”

And a “very high-spirited” one, according to the actress. “She doesn’t stop until she’s completely worn out. She’s a very active little girl,” she explains.

But while her 4-year-old‘s strong will can be “challenging at times,” Thiessen refuses to completely tighten the reins.

“I don’t ever want to quash her spirit … We have boundaries and we have rules, but we’re not crazy strict,” she explains. “We want her to grow up to be both a respectful and happy person.”

Tiffani Thiessen Sweden with Love
Courtesy Elizabeth Messina

Photographs by Elizabeth Messina.

— Anya Leon

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Showing 52 comments

KL on

Aw her girl is soo cute!! I still remember her from Saved by the Bell, loved that show!!!

Etsy on

I hope it works out easily, for her, especially if she really waited two years because another coworker was pregnant and she ‘couldn’t do that to the show’. Fertility isn’t always so patient, so hopefully she’s already pregnant and hasn’t said yet! her daughter is very cute.

stacey on

Perfect parenting philosophy!! I couldn’t agree more!!!

carol on

Love the picture of mother and daughter together.

yasemina on

Wishing her all the best for a future pregnancy. But, at 40, I don’t like how flippant she is with these comments. A number of 40 year old women are led to believe it will be easy to get pregnant by these type of comments when in fact, it may not be. Thiessen doesn’t acknowledge her age in this piece at all. And no need to throw your co-star under the bus like her pregnancy caused you not to go forward with your own. It’s completely your fault if you wanted them close in age, but thought producers might not approve.

MC on

She’s very optimistic and gutsy to wait until she’s 40 to start trying for another baby, even if her first conception was easy. I speak from experience. Though the rich and famous have money and resources most of us common folk don’t. So, maybe it won’t be a problem for her. But either way, being pregnant in your 40’s is not easy on your body. I wish her the best of luck.

Anonymous on

I had no idea she was married with a child! Sweet! Best of luck to them.

Mommytoane on

Good luck to her.
I agree, the older you are the harder it is to get pregnant. Tho I have no doubt Tiffany would love her child no matter what, there’s also a higher risk of birth defects past 35 to think of as well. Hopefully everything is smooth sailing for her and she has another beautiful baby. Her little Harper is a doll and very obviously has her momma’s stunning blue eyes.

Krista on

The sign ‘butt nuggets’ lol!!!

sam on

That woman is gorgeous.

GSUgrad07 on

Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets? Oh my. Haha.

zfitz on

My boys are 4 years & 8 months apart. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope she gets preggo quickly. For all those out there who say at her age she will need intervention, I had my boys at 35 & 39 with no help🙂

Nicole on

@mommy she already had a baby after 35 so I’m sure she is well aware of potential risks. As for age, fertility is a funny thing. I’ve had friends have trouble in their 20s and I’ve had friends have no trouble into their. 40s just depends on the person. I do agree that celebs make it seems like they get no help at all and just pop out babies with ease and I don’t belie that ALL of them just did it naturally.

LisaJa563 on

Lovely family! Wow, she put it off her own family plans for two years for her costar? Wish her the best of luck. I needed help after trying from age 30-33 and finally became pregnant. Lucky her if it happens quickly at age 40🙂 — I hope that’s the case!

MWC on

Although I am a fan of Tiffani-Amber Thessien, she should have watched she said concerning the comments with her co-star being pregnant and getting pregnant at 40.

Her comments are a bit insensitive and flippant. I hope in her case that she will get pregnant easily, but she may have to eat her words because it might not be as easy as she thinks.

She should have gone ahead and got pregnant if it was important to her and not put it off. Read Aisha Tyler’s and other 40 year old women stories…even women who waited until they were 35 to 38 to get pregnant. It was quite difficult for them to do so.

yasemina on

Adding to my previous comment, I was 25 when I gave birth to our 10 year old son. He was a first try honeymoon baby. No issues, so easy at 25. I got pregnant again and miscarried at 34. We waited almost 10 years to have the house, college fund, and finances in order before trying again. It took me 3 cycles to get pregnant after our miscarriage with our identical twin boys who are now 7 months old. I had them at age 35. I feel very lucky and blessed to have my rainbows after the storm of miscarriage. I’m not sure age had anything to do with my miscarriage, but identical twins are more likely after 35 because your egg breaks more easily as it gets harder with age. The pregnancy was complicated and I had complete placenta previa and preeclampsia. Again, could be age related in part or just an anomaly with twinning. That’s why I was a bit taken aback by how flippant Thiessen is about getting pregnant at 40.

like it is on

Great article. Cute family.

NYU0385 on

@MWC, YOUR comment is a little insensitive. Not everyone is always ready to pop kids out in their 20’s and early 30’s. Get over yourself. She has a right to have a baby whenever she wants.

Shannon on

I am 43 and 7 and 1/2 months pregnant so don’t let the age thing deter you. I have been blessed that although most wouldn’t even try at my age, I got pregnant without any outside help. I just stopped taking my birth control and my hubby and I let nature take it’s course. It is our first and we couldn’t be happier. The baby is perfectly healthy and with today’s technology they can even tell you what you are having and screen for birth defects by 20 weeks. No high risk status even at my age. You go girl. Best of luck.

Pal on

Her daughter is so adorable!

charlotte on

Cute little girl. Wish her all the best in expanding her family!

Guest on

Such a beautiful momma and daughter. I remember when she was going through a hard break up with Brian Austin Green…..I wish her all the happiness in the world. Hope you get preggers soon!!

Laura on

I can’t believe she put having a second child on hold bc someone else on the show was pregnant. She had her first baby at age 36. I had some trouble conceiving and with a little bit of medical intervention I conceived and delivered just before I turned 35. When we tried for #2 when I was 37, it was much much harder, even with medical intervention. I asked my fertility doc why it was so much harder at 37 then at 34 and he said fertility really does a nosedive at 35 and rapidly drops at 36,37,38 etc.. She may have no problem at all getting pregnant, but that was a big risk to take, just for the sake of the show, considering she wanted her kids 3 yrs apart in age

M on

I didn’t realize it’s against the LAW to have children @ 40 or older. It’s not up to YOU when a woman should or should not be pregnant, unless you are bearing the expense(s) during her pregnancy and thereafter until that child reaches 18 yrs of age.

Alayna on

Kelly was always my favorite! At 40 the chances of her becoming pregnant isn’t as likely as it was 4 years go, but I hope things work out and she is blessed with another little angel.

MWC on

@NYU0385 Really? You are overreacting.

First and first, your comment is hostile. I was not being insensitive; I was giving a constructive opinion.

As someone who is older and does not have kids, I had that attitude as well. Oh I will wait until I get such and such of age to have children…and I waited too late, and it didn’t happen. I just find that Tiffani-Amber Thessien could have been a bit more sensitive to how she said those comments. There are many women who struggle with infertility.

I also didn’t think it was necessary of her to say that she held off because of her co-star, either.

We all are entitled to her opinions here. I wasn’t being hostile in my response, but I was pointing out concern in how she said matters.

But thanks for your imput to my comment,

Katie on

Tiffany and daughter are gorgeous. Never would I put my plans on hold for somebody else. Go ahead and try now. Your daughter is ready for a sibling!

Christa on

She was not being insensitive. In fact, she was being too sensitive to the needs and wants of others. I personally would have went ahead and TTC regardless of what my co-star was doing or how well my show was doing. She was being a complete sweetheart considering someone else in her decision making process. She could have passed her chance just from making that decision–taking her age into consideration and all…but I don’t think so. I see her with another child. Maybe a little girl 😊.

racoon61 on

A baby at 40? I’m a 46 yr old grandmother! Screw that! Good luck though…super cute family. Her hubby is HOT.

Jenae on

Harper is a beautiful little girl and while I certainly wish people the best ; hoping to get pregnant easily at 40 just doesn’t seem realistic to me. There are women in their 30’s who have a hard time conceiving!
I don’t understand why so many celebrities in their late 30’s and into their forties talk about having another baby as if it’s nothing!

Anonymous on

racoon61: Your a RUDE grandma at that! Not everyone has kids in their early 20’s, I shouldn’t have to inform you of this. Get with the times, 40 is not old to have a baby as your trying to insinuate.

Anonymous on

Janae: Not everyone has fertility problems. Don’t generalize. Look at the statistics from the CDC, thousands upon thousands of women are having kids past 40.

Andrea on

@Anon, racoon61 wasn’t being rude, she’s just expressing how many women feel about being pregnant at 40…she said nothing about it being wrong…sheesh. I completely agree with her, since I had mine at 33 and 36, and there is no absolutely no way I would do it again now that I am pushing 40.

Jax on

So nice to read about a parent that loves and adores her child. So many other sad stories I read today! Gotta love a wonderful Mama!

Anonymous on

Andrea: Actually the comment was rude, let’s agree to disagree. Further, what are you going to do, abort your baby should you get pregnant at 40? You said there is absolutely NO WAY you would have another so it begs the question.

Annie on

Lol. I know I had to put on my reading glasses does that say butt nuggets. That is nice how her parenting skills are I believe too not to strict but enough to know who are the adult parents.

Vanessa on

Her daughter is soo cute! I wish her luck. Don’t we all just wish #2 will come quickly. I’ve been ttc another for six months now. I’m thinking of starting a natural supplement like conceive easy or fertilaid. Anyone try?

jeana on

the girl can say “uterus” or “womb” as easily as she can say “belly” (ick). why not teach her the right words?

four-five years apart is good spacing. 40 isn’t ideal age for pregnancy but you do what you must.

jeana on

I howled at the comment from the woman who said she was 40 when she gave birth to her 10 year old son. That really REALLY had to hurt.

meshe on

Identical twins are not more common after 35. There is no evidence on identical’s at all. Even family history doesn’t factor in to identical twins. It is fraternal’s that are more common, as older women’s hormone levels fluctuate more and they tend to release more eggs in a cycle. Another factor being more women are attempting later pregnancies and using hormones.

Although the risks are higher the older a woman is, there is always a risk and it is an individual choice. My sister had a son with severe disabilities and major health problems when she was 24. And when she had her second son at 40 he was born with no issues and completely healthy.

Molly on

Ooh sweet photo. So happy for her!

Rachel on

Hurry it up, Ms. Tiffani. I don’t know how you can be like nothing and wait. I am 38 and my son is turning 4 tomorrow. I need to hurry it up for baby #2 because I am not getting any younger!! Wishing all the best, though!

Megan on

Good Luck to you SHANNON! I wouldn’t want a baby at 43. I am 32 and have two young kids and I always need a ton of energy to keep up. No more sleep for awhile. I am just glad my kids will be older and more independent when I am 43! I will get a chance to relax!!!!

Megan on

Hurry up Rachel because 2 kids are way more exhausting than 1! Even at 32 it wears me out. so good luck to you!

angie on

She is a great actress. Good for her.

Kathy Rushford on

My mom was 40 years old when I was born and I would like to advise against it. Think of the child and how being that OLD affects the quality of parenting they can give. I know the rich and famous can hire a NANNY to help them out if they’re to tired to bring them to the mall or a school function but the average family CAN’T do this and again if your to tired to do things and for your children you shouldn’t have kids. Don’t get me wrong I loved my parents and am grateful they had me but instead of having parents who took me to the park and play or the beach to swim, I would take naps with my dad. When I was teenager my parents were in their late fifties so when they were in bed I was having sex with my boyfriend outside our house they didnt have the energy to care what I was doing. And remember when your an older parent your kids see you get sick because lets face it your body doesn’t care that your secure in your financial and career aspects of your life, your body still breaks down from age related diseases no matter how much you work out at the gym. When I was 22 I got married and I couldn’t have a father daughter dance because my dad was too tired because he had Congested Heart Failure. By the time I was 42 I was an orphan. My dad died from CHF at 72 in 1998 and my mom passed away in 2007 of lung cancer at 82. No 40 something year-old child should be an orphan. So please don’t be selfish, think about your child growing up thinking at any moment my parent’s are going to die or how many kids will tease them because their parents look like grandparents.

Renee on

My fav celeb family! Lifelong fan of Tiffani. Her family is beautiful inside and out! Harper is the cutest! a mini-Tiffani! Hope they get their wish of a second baby soon! So adorable how excited Harper is about becoming a big sister. I think Harper would love a little sister to play princesses with.🙂

cori on

Good luck to her! She shouldn’t have waited so long though, I got pregnant easy with my first at 30 but ten years later never got pregnant again.

Stacy on

OMG! Their daughter, Harper, is so adorable! I wish them all the best!

Kathy on

Good story. She seems having a nice family.

Dana on

Be prepared to wait, Tiffani! We are the same age, and although you may want to plan forcwhen another kid comes along, it’s not gonna happen right away! Just be proactive and use anything that boosts fertility! Itvmay take a year or more, try not to give up!

Turner on

From reading the majority of the comments, I can see there are people still hanging onto the outdated notion that after the age of “35”, pregnancy is difficult and dangerous. Times have changed folks! The “success” of pregnancy should be taken on a case by case basis. Healthy and vital women can and ARE having healthy children well into their 40’s, without complication. If a physically fit, happy 40 year old woman wants to have a child, that’s her choice, her right…and I wish her all the best!

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