Eva Amurri Martino Introduces Daughter Marlowe Mae

09/10/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Eva Amurri Martino had all her ducks in a row awaiting the arrival of her first child with NBC soccer analyst Kyle Martino.

But nothing could have prepared her for the 36-hour labor and delivery of little Marlowe Mae, who arrived on Aug. 9 — 11 days early.

Mom Susan Sarandon was on the first flight to Los Angeles once she received the call from her daughter and by her side, along with Kyle, during the delivery. “It was great to have her here,” the actress, 29, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Her “marathon” homebirth at the couple’s California abode was a “really, really, intense experience,” she says.

“I just felt so lucky to have the kind of delivery that I wanted and that there were no complications. At the time, I was like, ‘Maybe I’m crazy’ because it was so intense. I think everyone has that moment when they’re in labor, but once she came out I felt like I could do it again in a second.”

Adds Eva, “I expected it to be a very weepy moment and for me, it was totally surreal.”

Susan Sarandon Eva Amurri Martino Daughter Marlowe Mae First Photo
Regine Mahaux/Getty

Daughter Marlowe Mae — her first name is one the new mom “always loved” and her middle name is Eva’s initials backwards — “came out with her eyes wide open, holding her neck up and staring right at me,” says the actress. “I was mesmerized by that moment.”

And Kyle, 33, was mesmerized by his wife. “I was like, ‘This is all my fault!'” he jokes. “Then it was the most amazing thing: My wife took on this incredible, strong, ‘I’m going to do this’ mentality and just rose to the occasion. It was the most attractive thing I had ever seen. It was an incredible surge of unexpected emotions.”

But Sarandon may have summed it up best, telling PEOPLE, “I have loved working, playing, and traveling with my daughter — but nothing prepared me for watching her birth Marlowe. She was a warrior and I’m so proud to be her mother and to be a part of that beautiful new child.”

For exclusive photos and more on Eva’s emotional home birth, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Jennifer Garcia

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jenniferyterry on

Pretty baby, she has mom and grandma’s gorgeous hair color.

~*~ on


Guessed on

Wow! What a head of hair on that dumpling!

DaisyMoon on

Aww…what a beautiful photo and will you look at that head of hair…precious.

lynnie on

Gorgeous photo and baby. Congratulations!

DebLG on

Beautiful picture – love her name too.

aJ on


Lu on

Congratulations! What a lovely picture of three generations.

bkable on

That is one woman who looks just like her mama! And if the hair is any indication, little Marlowe will look like her mama too!

charlotte on

Just lovely! Congratulations on the new little blessing. Great name too!

Say Cheese on

Ummmmmm. …Eva ‘ s initials backwards spell Ave not Mae LOL

shannon m on

To the person who posted that the middle name Mae is not her mother’s initials spelled backwards, think again. Her name is Eva Ammuri Martino which means her initials are E.A.M, backwards that is Mae.

HA RC on

Eva’s initials spelled backwards is Mae. EAM backwards is MAE.

Lirpa on

Eva’s initials are E A M…Eva Amurri Martino. Spelled backwards is MAE, not her first name. Just sayin…

guest on

@ Say Cheese Her name is Eva Amurri Martino, so yes, it IS MAE. She is going by her married name.

Ranae on

It’s her initials, not her first name. Eva Amurri Martino = MAE

DV on

I feel for her being in labor for 36 hours. That is how long I was in labor. I went into labor 11 days early and delivered the next day.

Beautiful baby!

Anja on

Eva Amurri Martino’s initials would be E.A.M…..backwards Mae….

TK on

That is a big baby and all that gorgeous hair. They all look simply beautiful.

boohoobytch on

awwww, precious

dancer92136 on

Simply beautiful

Mamagirl31 on


Boo on

Coming from a medical background, I think homebirths are great as long as the mother acknowledges that there may come a point in which they will need to go to the hospital. As long as they acknowledge that, that may happen, not that it will necessarily, then it is fine. You have to do what is best for mother and child; if delivering at home is safe and they are ready to change their plans should something go wrong, then it is fine. Each mother is different and if they and the baby have been deemed healthy then they should deliver wherever they want.

Amy on

Ugh, what a gorgeous family!

Tee on

What a sweet picture! And yea for another celebrity speaking out about home births!

Sarah on

Well done! I’m planning my 3rd home birth (due in Dec!) and we’re so excited to welcome a new life into our home. I was so happy to hear she also birthed at home.

I’ve always thought this family was amazing.

ELC on

Beautiful baby with some head of hair on her. Eva looks like Susan. I never realized that. Enjoy Marlowe!

Candy on

A happy homebirthing family, and a beautiful sweet baby. Congratulations!

tanya on

Marlowe is a beautiful baby.

Anonymous on

Do we ALWAYS have to see boobs hanging out?

Shirley on

I am sooooo tired of seeing everybodys boobs! Was there a baby in this picture?

Gail on

Lovely photo, congrats to them!

Leah on

Beautiful photo of three generations. Congratulations again!

KL on

OMG.. look at all that hair!! lol sooo cute! LOVE babies with lots of hair 😀

4tcatmom on

What a gorgeous family, and a beautiful name, it flows

lola on

NYC mom…why don’t you fill us all in on what your spawn has done. Never mind I don’t care. When any of you are featured in People then I might notice. Until then…. zip it and try to be nice.

Pisa771 on

What a beautiful photo. And that head of hair!!

Anonymous on

Marlowe Mae Martino? Honestly, do these parents ever say the name out loud first? Sounds like an old fashioned stripper’s name. Poor kid.

Lisa on

What a beautiful picture. People who write off homebirth as automatically irresponsible and dangerous are uneducated and have never looked at birthing statistics. As long as an emergency plan is in place and the birth is taking place near an equipped facility, it can be a perfectly safe and beautiful experience, as it sounds like this one was. Happy for her that she got the birth she wanted!

Sunny on

Aww beautiful photo of granddaughter , daughter and grandma. I just adore Susan surandon. She is so cool in my book. S

macs on

Great picture of those big boobs, I mean beautiful baby!

Aussie cathie on

What a beautiful little munchkin xxx

Anonymous on

AWWW, what a cutie! And look at all that hair!

Oh, and to all the people complaining about Eva’s boobs: I guess you never go to public pools or the beach. Because you see WAY more there than Eva is showing…and most people don’t bat an eye about it!

Guest on

Gorgeous baby but not sure why Grandma was in this pic and not Eva’s husband. Would rather have seen him, he is the father after all.

AnnieG. on

Oh dear, some people seem to be just looking for something to complain about.

It’s a beautiful photo! Nothing and nobody is missing from it and there’s nothing inappropriate being shown.

Congratulations to the parents and the proud grandmother!

Lisa on

Beautiful picture representing three generations–congratulations!

dd on

real nice photo
nice hair on baby
cute foot!

patty on

Cute love the hair

angie on

Very cute picture and love the name.

amyinoaktown on

Interesting she chose to take photo with her Mom and not her husband.

lil on

why is the father not pictured?

Anonymous on

Lisa- It says there are more photos in the magazine. I’m guessing he’s in one or more of those. 🙂

Isabel on

Her hair is gorgeous!

GG on

The name is so cute. Congrats!