Baby on the Way for Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry

09/09/2014 at 03:15 PM ET

Sara Gilbert Pregnant Linda Perry Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Sara Gilbert is going from newlywed to new mom!

The Talk host and wife Linda Perry are expecting a baby together, she announced on her show Tuesday.

During the series’s “Facing Your Fears” segment for its premiere week, Gilbert, 39, explained why she couldn’t complete her dare of lying on a bed of nails and having a cinder block broken over her stomach.

“I actually can’t do it, because I’m pregnant,” she revealed, tearing up. “I feel good, I feel really good … at first I was really tired.”

Later in the show, Shemar Moore and Kristoff St. John poked fun at the happy news, with Moore joking, “The only thing bigger than Sara being pregnant is that I’m the baby daddy,” as his fellow The Young and the Restless guest star insisted, “I’m the baby daddy!”

The actress already has two children — daughter Sawyer, 7, and son Levi, 9 — from her previous relationship with TV producer and writer Ali Adler.

Gilbert and Perry, 49, married in March after dating for three years.

“We’ve always been pretty open with each other,” the rocker told PEOPLE in April of her relationship with Gilbert. “I think that’s what the draw is.”

— Michele Corriston with reporting by Lynette Rice

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Showing 116 comments

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Have loved Sara since Roseanne, and I’m so happy for her and Linda.

Shauna Silva on

Yay! Congrats to Sara and Linda! I love both of them and I am a huge fan of both! So excited for the both of them!

Janie on

Congrats to both! I turned the channel prior to the wonderful news, darn it! Lol! Good luck!!

sheila on


yasemina on

I’ve been following Sara’s career from the beginning. Congratulations to Linda and Sara! Sara always comes across as one of the most real and sincere actresses in Hollywood. Can’t wait to go home and see the DVR of her happy news.

AvidAthiest on

Cheer up, Sheila. Once you stop being so judgmental, you can turn that frown upside down.

charlotte on

good news. congratulations.

eastwest on

How did they choose who was going to carry the baby? And if they used a sperm donor (most probable), aren’t people afraid that there are a lot of brothers and sisters around and their children might marry and have children with their sibling?

Kimber on

Reene, why does it matter? Really NONE of our business HOW they conceived. Sheila, can we assume you’re simply jealous that someone else is happy? Congratulations to them!

thicket on

Two children already. Two is enough, I mean really, two is enough! Devote yourselves to them, they have great names! And 49 is so old to become parent of a newborn, aieeeee…….

Always liked Sara but do not like the nose she has now.

Kat on

Wonderful news! Congratulations to Sara and Linda!!! Best wishes!😀

Callie on

And the one who provided the sperm was?????????????? I still can’t believe Linda Perry is the best Sara Gilbert could do; she’s so gross.

Shannon on

When did Linda Perry turn into Steven Tyler?😉

Anonymous on

Eastwest Linda is 49 and Sara is 39 so I’m sure Sara carrying the baby was a no brainer. There are many people who use sperm donors so while the possibility of marrying a sibling does exist the chances are remote. It’s not any different than a child who is put up for adoption.

Callie on

Hey AVIDATHIEST – What did God ever to do you?

Sheila – Ignore the ATHEIST and the other haters that feel better calling you names for making a frowny face.

Kimber – Relax! You are entitled to your opinion as is everyone else.

Callie on

😦😦😦😦😦 Gross

Callie on

I believe it. Linda looks like a dude so she most likely has a pen*s

Callie on


Ellsworth on

Penny, atheists aren’t mad at God, we don’t believe he’s real. It’s like someone asking what the Easter Bunny did to make you not believe in him.

cassie on

Is it the same father Melissa Etheridge used?

Aussie cathie on

Congrats to both. May life give you all it has to offer

Tigs on

Congrats Leslie Winkle, Sheldons arch nemesis.

missy74d on

They have a baby on the way……..together? It takes a man and a woman to make a baby.

p on

Exciting news! Congratulations!

Jes on

Love both Linda Perry and Sarah Gilbert. I have been fans of both of these ladies for a very long time. They make so much sense together. Congratulations to them I hope they have a happy healthy pregnancy.

Linda on

Oh brother………and to those who get mad at those who do not say congrats or think this is wrong,….give it up as it is ok for you all to say hey that is cool but a lot of us DO NOT think it is cool at all and when we speak how we feel we get attacked for it so BACK OFF and let us have our say as well. Sick of this bs. I find it disgusting as well…like many others do too. Sorry.

Guest on

I like Sara Gilbert as an actress, but that is one ugly hemale she’s hooked up with. Scary looking…

maryhelenc on


To all those who “don’t agree” or “don’t support,” then why not just say nothing. We’ve all been in a sitch where we don’t agree, whether it’s a friend who is having a baby but in a bad relationship or that cousin on welfare having a child she can’t afford, but instead of causing undue stress to the mom & baby, you bite your tongue because it’s tactful. Show some tact & refrain from commenting. There’s no reason to ruin Sara & Linda’s baby joy by saying something mean spirited.

jenny on

just not right and if anyone tells me any other way there back stabbers we all know this is so so wrong but the people are scared!! scared to say anything about it. come on people this is totally gross!!!! and sara cant act!!

DaisyMoon on

Love Sara, Love Linda even more, and Love Shemar the most YUM!


DaisyMoon on

Jenny…it’s they’re…as in THEY ARE…not there.

Also, the same can be said about people who don’t support this…THEY’RE scared!

imaprincess on

Missy74d – it takes a sperm and an egg to make a baby.

Ann C. on

Congrats!!! Baby bump

Lisa J on

OMG! That was fantastic!! Congrats… brought tears to my eyes….

yasemina on

Callie-Linda Perry is actually quite accomplished. She penned Pink’s “Let’s Get it Started” and Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.” You could actually learn some lessons from that song, “you are matter what they say…words can’t bring me down…” It’s not just about what’s on the outside. If this is his you act, one might figure you have a pretty ugly inside.

lynn on

If there’s a gay in sight this people magazine is all over the crap…yuck

lynn on

If there is a friggin gay in sight this people magazine idiots are all over it…. Why? Because half of them are probably the same… :PP

Miffy on

Two women cannot be expecting a baby “together”. That is not biologically possible. As for those who at constantly trying to silence dissenting opinions: too bad for you. We’ll speak out against this if we want. This is utterly unfair to deliberately bring a child into this world who won’t have a father. Disgusting and wrong.

DaisyMoon on

Anon…the only way that’s a credible argument is if straight people never screwed up their kids…

tosha on

“they ” are not having a baby so whos the father?

ems on

I’ve heard from kids born out of the same situation that have a hole in their lives because they don’t know who their father is. It’s innate. Kids want to know their mother and father. Nowadays the kids are last on the list! Who cares what trauma they have to go through, right??!! As long as us adults get what we want.

Jnessa on

@imaprincess – PERFECT answer to respond to ignorance!

kelly122 on

To all of you who are saying insulting and judgemental things about Sara and her wife Linda, I have this to say to all of you……James 4:12 “There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor? “

ems on

It’s not insulting and judgemental to tell the truth. The truth is that the baby has a father somewhere who he or she will never know. It’s a biological fact. I’m not hating on anybody. It’s just a very sad situation for the child. God had a great plan when he gave us all fathers and mothers! There must have been a pretty good reason why He did it that way, don’t ya think? If you are going to quote and read Scripture, read all of it!

gayisnotnatural on

I feel so sorry for an innocent baby that has to be born into that type of lifestyle. This child will have to pay the price for their sins.

M2M on

I am amused by posters who think the child will be “messed up.” Because, of course, the children of male-female couples all turn out perfect, right?

Oh Please on

There are plenty of crappy moms and crappy dads out there doing it the “Natural” way who hate each other, or abuse their children or neglect their children. This is a committed couple in love and married, I prefer them raise a child then a drugged up crack head mom with her meth cooking husband. But your logic says its ok cause they are hetero…..please what a child needs is a loving stable environment.

Reene on

Kimber, (in answer) – The only way in the spirit of life for a baby to be conceived is that there is a Father & a Mother as the Good Lord planned it – Here it looks like there is a “Real Father” who has a child that will soon be born and this child will never know who his or her ‘Real Father’ is. And I am not jealous that someone else is happy! My concern is for the baby! Read what ’ems’ wrote!

AvidAthiest on

Hey Callie. I am not being aggressive at all, Callie. Unlike you, what they do doesn’t affect me. And the word ‘gross’. Seeing as your vocabulary is limited, I will use small words. Judge not lest ye be judged. Isn’t that what your bible says (yes, Matthew 7, I believe).

AvidAthiest on

Sorry, Callie. I neglected to answer your inane question of “what did god ever do to you”. My answer; not exist. Thanks for playing.

Sharon on

I’m sooooooooo pleased as I love Sara and she and her partner deserve the very best. HUGGGGGGGGGG

Erin on

Why are all of you hateful, closeminded, bigoted people commenting on an article about a couple you obviously dislike? Get over it and move on! I don’t go around commenting on the Kartrashians, I skip those articles. Please do the same with articles YOU don’t like.

That being said, congrats to Sara & Linda!

goodie on

Congrats!!! I think I just lost all my mascara!
Women have a choice to have a child and this choice from Sara was made from love and we need support our sisters in that same love🙂

ems on

What do you do about the problem of the child wanting to know, which they will, who their Dad is? “Why doesn’t my father want a relationship with me?” Fathers and mothers have complimentary functions and relationships with their children. Two women can’t give a child the aspects of fatherhood that they will need as they grow up. And vice versa, 2 men. Kids need their fathers and mothers!! The injustice is being done to the child but no one is thinking about them. I don’t know any perfect parents or children. The point is these kids are put into the position of being without an essential relationship in their lives on purpose, at their expense, on the whim of adults.

kelly122 on

To all those talking about how this poor baby has a “real” father somewhere who they will never know, answer me this, please. What about a single woman who goes to a sperm donor clinic? What about the woman who’s boyfriend or husband leaves them, or is killed before the child is born? My father walked out on my mom the day she found out she was pregnant. I was raised around my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins? Did I ever feel I missed something? Not at all! My grandpa and my uncles filled any void I may have lacked for a male presence in my life. You are grasping at straws to try to justify your dislike and judgement of a gay couple. Live and let live for crying out loud! They don’t hurt you, why do you care? Oh and this child will be raised with more money and privilege than you could ever hope to know, so don’t worry about them being bullied……seriously, any argument to further your agenda of hatred….it’s pathetic.

Leigh on

So sad. God forgive us.

Kate on

How wonderful. Praying for a safe easy pregnancy and a healthy beautiful child.

Anonymous on

Highlight of my week!!! CONGRATS to them!!!

Bee on

My first crush was Darlene on Roseanne. My instinct was correct. Happy news, wonder what they’ll name him/her!

Missy on

The announcement is so sweet and her emotions are adorable. Minus the big dummy swinging her around like she has no sense lol. Anyway I wish them all the best and congratulations!!!

Sam on


Anonymous on

all i can say is this world is so messed up!!!

Jan on

I’m sorry Sara has no taste , I’m sorry Linda is just gross and the thought of her rising child is just even more so.

Saralee on

Miffy, some infertile heterosexual couples also expect a baby “together.” That is biologically just as impossible. But “expect” means “wait.”Sometimes a surrogate is pregnant for a couple and the intended parents are “expecting” the baby’s arrival. In this case, they’re waiting together for a baby to arrive because they will both be parents to that baby. That is what expecting means. Was it so hard to understand? If you want to be literal, only the pregnant woman in a couple, whether gay or straight, expects the baby to come out of her body.

Mandy on

For all of those people hating on this couple, I was raised by 2 women for the first 7 years of my life. One was my actual mother, the other my grandmother as my real “dad” was nothing more than a sperm donor who, in the short amount of time he was in my life, poured beer on me & my food because I wouldn’t eat & also threw all my toys away because I wouldn’t pick them up at the age of 2. My mom left him whenhe raised a hand to hit me & her mom stepped up to be my second parent. I didn’t grow up scarred being raised by 2 moms as I always called my grandmother mom as well. All that matters is if a child is loved & taken care of so back off. Congrats to them.

Sam on

Give it a rest with all the comments about being judgmental! You people in favor of this mess are just as judgmental as anyone else. I see you on here judging those of us who are not in favor of this kind of silly relationship. And bringing children into this chit is just wrong and you know it that’s why you have to constantly defend such ridiculous actions. There is nothing normal or healthy about this mess.

Christine on

Best thing I’ve seen in a long time!

jenna on

@EMS I agree with you but save your breath. The gays wanna marry like heteros, raise children like heteros but they will never be heteros, ever no matter how hard they try. Purpose ly denying a child one of their parents is cruel no matter what they say!

JJ on

Congrats to the couple and to her other children who will get a new siblings soon.

Me on

missy 74D….they used a man…where do you think the sperm came from…your dad?

Me on

Mandy…I love you and wish more people had a brain like yours

Me on

Ems…my kids “Dad”, “Father”..left me and them for another women and announced it too me one day after work…he didn’t have any contact with our kids for 10 years straight and my kids never cared or asked why any rarely asked about him, they aren’t scarred or damages or left with a vacant hole in their lives, i must have done ok with them too cause my oldest goes to Columbia….so, Einstein,…your theory is crap…as long as kids have people who love them in their lives they are fine

Me on

Also…”They” aren’t having a baby…really….”they” don’t have a baby together when its a man and women…just the women has a baby…unless we have figured out a way for a man to give birth and I didn’t hear about it yet

Kari on


dan on

Linda Perry needs to b start eating… well congrats but at their age, I’ll be damned i wanted a baby. .. there’s too much more to life I’d be doing right now like traveling

ewww on

It is everyone’s business when they post about it all over the web. They both look like meth addicts. Disgusting!

kitkat on

Yum, wishing Shemar was my baby daddy! Yummy.

stacey on

How attractive!

Candice long on

Sick, wrong, SO very wrong.

veronica cervantes on

Congrats!!!!So happy for them.

philippafrederique on

I am frankly shocked and disgusted by the amount of hateful comments people have left here. What surprised me most is that Americans (because I’m assuming the majority of commenters are American) are so proud of their freedom and their “land of the free”, but clearly these ideals can just as easily be put aside when it comes to same-sex relationships. It’s hypocritical and narrow-minded in my opinion. Two people who love each other are having a baby, and if you don’t agree with that please just refrain from commenting.

And as for the child being “messed up”. I believe that around 50% of marriages end in divorce these days, and there are a lot of broken homes and single parent families. So I’m guessing the child will be well off in a family with 2 parents, which is more than a lot of children can count on these days.

Martha Stotts on

Congratulations to Sara & Linda. That is so great. I still feel that gay men should not raise children, excluding Elton John.

SarahJane77 on

Love & acceptance, how hard is that concept? I wated to be a SAHM when I had children, bc my mom was a SAHM. But had I been raised by 2 moms, I wouldn’t have wanted to be a lesbian, bc I am innately attracted to men. Same arc couples are not perpetuating a lifestyle. They are simply falling in love and having babies. I know straight couples that have used egg donors, sperm donors, and surrogates. It’s not any different.

Hea on

To “Callie on September 9th, 2014

Haha! Wow, you must be a special kind of stupid if you ask an atheist that question. I can tell you that your God has never done anything to me because I do not for a second believe that there is a God.

Hea on

It takes an egg and a sperm to make a baby. And a woman with an uterus to carry and birth the baby. As for them doing this together, expecting a baby together, that is quite simple. They are married, they go through life together and it’s only normal to share experiences with each other. I am sure Linda will adopt the baby legally once he or she is born which will make both of them legal parents of THEIR child.

Plenty of children are born each year without a father present in their lives. Plenty of children will never know who their birth parents were or why they were adopted. Plenty of children grow up with both their parents but could at the same time not be further apart from them emotionally. What a child needs the absolute most is love and a safe and stable home. A loving home which allows said child to grow up into a strong and independent person who know love, respect, empathy and have honest morals and ethics.

Hea on

Callie – As an atheist I can honestly say that your God has never done anything to me. I find your question hilarious.

Marie on

Congrats to them both! I became a mother at 45 & 48 to twins. Sara is a fellow vegan & I am sure she eats well! I am a straight woman, but I have always thought Linda was sexy & of course Shemar too, that goes without saying!🙂

DumDaDaDumDum on

I don’t understand all the hatefulness. It is definitely not WJWD. Christ was awesome, Christians can suck some times.

Maria on

This is great-congratulations! Thanks to all those who gave words of support and encouragement, and confronted the homophobic and hateful comments.

casstain on

Congrats though Sara’s wife is very unattractive.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to them!

Lia on

So sad when kids are brought into relationships like theirs. Poor babies.

Katie on

Gross! Poor baby!!! Seriously. YUCK! God made for men and women to procreate!

Ginger on

Sara is a funny lady, loved her talk show, happy for her.

angoie on

Two ladies having a baby yuck!

Meg on

Reading some of these comments makes me crazy. So judgmental! Live and let live people. And have some respect.

Me on

Kind of selfish! I’m sorry but at that age it’s not fair to the baby. Their not going to be able to do most of the things young parents do with their children. They have 2 kids isn’t that enough? If they wanted to add a member to their family why not adopt one of the millions of teens in foster care. They barely have a fighting chance.

JM on

The amount of hate and ignorance in these comments is botb appalling and embarrassing. When we wonder why we can’t get people to come through the doors of a church, this is the reason right here all spelled out. Christ reached out and loved those the “religious” had outcast meanwhile he turned over tables in the temple as “religion” had become their idol. God is love and upon that all foundations are built and through that lives can be blessed and the world changed. Hate doesn’t help anyone. God calls us to be bigger people than that.

Ashley on

Feel so sorry for this baby…:(

Anonymous on

They will raise the child like any other couple, good for them!

angie on

Who said gay people can not have children? Maybe they can do it better than the regular people.

Me on

Really happy for both of them. And to those of you who aren’t? #suckstobeyou It says a lot more about you than it does about them.

Congrats, Sara and Linda!

Holly on

geez both chicks are butt ugly. pooor kid is gonna be hideous.

Anonymous on

Good for them. They deserve the happiness in their life.

Yazz on

Best of luck in the pregnancy. This article has sparked topics of the existence of God, morality,physical appearance and gay rights. I just say live and let live. Her sexuality or unborn child does not in any way affect me. As a Christian I do believe and practice freewill, kindness, respect and above all love and that goes to my fellow sisters and brothers gay, straight or atheist.

Angelica on

Kimber, it does matter. Renee has a good point. With so many kids being conceived by sperm donors, how do you know who’s related or not? What if half siblings end up marrying each other?

Anonymous on

Congratulations to them. Love Sara.

Villy on

Don’t care how Sara got pregnant, as long as these two can raise the child well, that really counts.

Hea on

Is there not enough evil and menace in this world for you to go around and hate and condemn people who just happen to love each other?

Tree on

Sad to see bigotry is still I’ve and ill.
As far as being worried kids will be bulled, that’s same argument used to argue against mixed race
childre. Also, these women are each having ONe child.
Sounds responsible to me

midnight123 on

I still watch Roseanne, LOVE HER!!!! And Linda, is awesome. So glad hey have each other. That’s FANTASTIC news. CONGRATS!!!!!

lynnie on

Congrats but I hope the baby is better looking!

Beauty on

I think Linda Perry is beautiful both inside and out and has a beautiful smile. Two people in love having a baby. There is nothing more beautiful.
For those of you with insulting and hurtful comments aboutbLinda Google LindaPerry and Pink singing What’s up and watch the video. You will see what a soft and beautiful person Linda Perry is. She is gorgeous with her long curly hair and beautiful smile. And there is something so deep about her. She has a beautiful soul. She is going to be a great Mom! I am very happy for them. Those children are lucky.

Truthfinder on

I think Sara is a really sweet person (don’t know her personally)but that is how she presents herself. Having said that, I believe that a mother and a father is the best for a child. I don’t believe in same sex marriage but if they want a child I think it would better serve them and other children if they adopt. Caring for a child that was unwanted for whatever reason…God would honor that.

Karen on

I have read all of these comments and I would never judge. I have a gay son but when it comes to this having a baby, I have to agree that it is just not natural. Like a lot have said, it takes a man and a woman to have a baby no matter what EVERYONE SAYS, WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH THEM OR NOT.

Debbie Boullion on

i hope that sara did a medical history on the donor

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