Hilaria Baldwin and Daughter Carmen Sit Front Row at Fashion Week

09/09/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Baby’s first fashion show!

It was a glamorous girl’s day out for Hilaria Baldwin and her blonde beautyCarmen Gabriela, on Friday, as the mother-daughter duo celebrated New York Fashion Week with front row seats to Carmen Marc Valvo‘s collection.

But sitting sidelines for the show wasn’t the only way the two showed their support. Both Baldwin’s chic black dress and her daughter’s floral-print frock — paired with a matching flower headband — were courtesy of the designer.

“My two fashionable Carmens,” the proud mama captioned a photo of the three together.

Hilaria Baldwin Daughter Carmen Fashion Show
Larry Busacca/Getty

As models walked the runway, Alec Baldwin‘s baby girl showed off her excitement by clapping along. And after all that fun, Carmen couldn’t help but share about her big day.

“Emergency pit stop for a very important business call … We call this the iCarmen,” her mama joked on Instagram, posting a video of her daughter using her foot as a phone.

— Anya Leon

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Showing 45 comments

wendy on

She seems like a hands-on mom who genuinely enjoys spending time with her child, but a fashion show???? Seems like an odd place to bring a young child.

Heather on

That is an adorable picture. It is so crazy that he daughter is so fair!!

Christa on

Why,Heather? Hilaria is a white woman. Hispanic/latino whatever is not a race. She is a white Hispanic. The only thing I’m shocked about is she was born in 84, yet looks much older. No surgery will fix that either. She has a mature face.

Gracie on

Wow, pretty baby!! Of course, pretty mom, too, so that makes sense.

sky on

The girl is so cute, why pierce her ears?

Anonymous on

sky- It’s tradition among latinos (of which Hilaria is one). 🙂

Anyway, she looks adorable!

Tess on

She looks like her sister, Ireland.

Kat on

Christa – she might just be referring to the fact both mother and father have dark hair.

I got the same with my little blue eyed blonde, my husband and I both have dark hair and dark eyes. So many people would ask where her coloring came from.

Paco on

Please Sky. There are worse problems in the world than a baby with pierced ears. Try volunteering at an elementary school or a homeless shelter.

Lily on

Christa, Hilaria is not hispanic/latino. Being from Spain, she is European. A couple of years ago, I was personally corrected by a student from Spain who corrected her ethnic background to White Spaniard/European when I, unknowingly, listed her as hispanic.

Macy on

I know about about the fair child, dark-haired parents thing. My son was even more blond than that when he was born and was until high school. My husband has medium brown hair, I have darker brown hair. I always get that look from people, wondering if I cheated. I most certainly did not and never have or would. Where does he get it then? He’s the spitting image of his blond grandma, my husband’s mother. He has her shape of face, hair color, mannerisms, everything. Genetics can be a wild thing, and some things skip a generation.

Macy on


Ahh on

Holy entitlement! A baby at fashion week. Is she part of the 16 and pregnant cast?

L on

She’s a beautiful baby!!!

SplendaQueen on

She’s a darling baby and why on earth do people care if she’s at a fashion show? I would imagine she’s there because she’s a good baby and her mother knows she will sit there quietly and well behaved. If your kid is a screaming brat who acts up in public, obviously you wouldn’t bring him/her to a function like this.

Roze on

When is this kid going to grow some flippin hair?!

DJ on

The ethnicity of Hispanic does cover Spain, so she would be classified as Hispanic ethnicity. Not that it matters since the article is not about her ethnicity.

Gemini on

Wow those Baldwin genes are strong. She is so precious and very flexible like her mommy.

Ces on

The lovely baby’s odd shaped head looks quite big for the size of her body. Was she born prematurely?

Anonymous on

why does she have almost no hair ? seems strange at that age to look like that

AM on

What an Ugly baby 😁

jenniferyterry on

Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi, Bye Bye. A complete conversation, lol. Too cute.

jenniferyterry on

As far as her being at fashion week, I think it’s cute. She wouldn’t be the first baby there. Victoria Beckham brings her daughter as well as others. I think it’s a fun mommy/daughter experience.

Cindy on

She is adorable. Her eyes definitely looks like the Baldwin family.

Anonymous on

This woman is insufferable. Seen her on a couple talk shows and it’s so darn obvious she is dying to be a “celebrity”. Still love Alec but he was obviously thinking with the brain below his belt when it came to marrying this vile woman.

eana1 on

The baby was there ALSO modeling the designer”s fashion. :).

eana1 on

The baby was (also) there modeling the designer’s fashion/doing promotion for the brand-which is nice work, for the few who can get it! 🙂

And Valvo’s fashions for kids will get priceless and immeasurable “free advertising” and promotion because of whose daughter Carmen is.


Anonymous on

Sky…. Why not???? But yes it is tradition with Hispanics. My mother pierced my sisters and I ears as well as most of all her nieces when we were newborn. And with a needle and thread no less. The ears are very thin when we are first born so it’s the easiest time.

casstain on

This baby looks like an alien.

Guest on

Awe she is too cute, look at those eyes, she’s a Baldwin alright!!!

Maria on

DJ, I am from Spain, and the term Hispanic is not actually considered the same thing here in Europe than in South America. Hispanic comes from “Hispania”, the name the Roman Empire gave to the Iberian Peninsula (i.e. Spain & Portugal).

While our heritage is mainly Roman and Celtic , also Phoenician and some Arabic, the so called Hispanics in South America are the descendants of Europeans (mainly Spanish from the Columbus era, but also Italians, like in Argentina, and Germans in Brazil) and Native Americans (such as Incas, Aztecs, Mayan, etc), therefore they look way darker than Spanish people. Hence that some people like Lily here wrongly supposed -and then corected – that all “Hispanics” are dark haired and skinned.

Not the same thing – just same language.

Callie on

That is one GORGEOUS little baby. You may not like her father but there is no denying her beauty. She’s spectacular. Those eyes are amazing. I LOVE the shoe phone, awesome. As for her pierced ears, it’s not about race or ethnicity as I had my daughter’s ears pierced pretty quick out of the whom so let’s not bring race into this lovely picture, ok? Another thing, if you can’t say anything nice, shut your mouth. Don’t be rude about a baby!

Just saying on

What a cutie! She looks just like her blond big sister Ireland.

myabby79@hotmail.com on

This baby has overly large head, hope its not health related. She has pretty eyes too!

shoppinggal on

Sorry, but that kid is NOT cute.

Tigs on

Is that baby ok? Head looks too big for her body. Hopefully she’ll grow into it.

Heather on

Ok Christa. I meant her hair and eye color. It’s crazy to insinuate I meant something about race. I am white/blonde and my husband is Mexican/dark and my son has dark hair, as does my daughter. I believe that dark is a little more dominant…..hence my comment. Anyway, adorable photo!

Heather on

Oh, and also, no, all Mexicans aren’t dark. My kids are extremely white skinned. That part they did get from me. They are white Mexicans!

Angelica on

I can’t believe anyone would call this baby or any baby ugly. All babies are beautiful! And sometimes the baby’s head looks large but they grow into it. And I don’t grow hair until after I turned 1, I’m bald in all my baby pics. And we are Hispanic but we are all light skinned with hazel eyes in my family.

Val on

The kid is more look like from Baldwin’s family.

Midwest mom on

Her head looks so funny shaped because she has no baby fat to even out her face. I cannot believe they keep this baby so thin. Babies use their fat to actually build their brain, it is important for babies to be chubby. Some moms don’t understand this and want to keep their babies “thin and healthy”. In every picture she has on Instagram of Carmen, she never even has any chin rolls. She is very thin.

Nadia on

Maria ”While our heritage is mainly Roman and Celtic , also Phoenician and some Arabic, the so called Hispanics in South America are the descendants of Europeans (mainly Spanish from the Columbus era, but also Italians, like in Argentina, and Germans in Brazil) and Native Americans (such as Incas, Aztecs, Mayan, etc), therefore they look way darker than Spanish people. Hence that some people like Lily here wrongly supposed -and then corected – that all “Hispanics” are dark haired and skinned.” Typical of you not to inlude blacks part of Spain history next to Africa the middle east is allot further isn’t and you forgot to also to mentioned blacks also over central and south America. The three races are European, black and native majority of those people depending on the regions have all three combinations. Funny how you forgot that and how the black moors ruled Spain for at least 800 hundred years.

thistle on

I think it’s mean to poke holes in babies. Other than for a necessary injection. Babies don’t need earrings. I would never puncture my baby’s anything (not genitals either).

And those socks she has on look very uncomfortable!!!!

Nicole on

Looks like my sons head at that age lol. He was born 3 weeks early. He’s 7 now and grown into it just fine.

Elaine on

Strange how the daughter has so little hair at 2 years old. But she has beautiful eyes.