Carrie Underwood Debuts Her Baby Belly

09/08/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Check out that blossoming belly!

Carrie Underwood gave fans the first look at her baby bump while belting it out at the Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, Illinois, on Saturday.

The country crooner — who recently announced that she and husband Mike Fisher are expecting their first child in the spring — shined while on stage in a flirty floral romper with her long blonde locks framing her face.

And while her growing bump isn’t slowing her down, the mom-to-be, 31, admitted she’s already feeling the effects of pregnancy.

Carrie Underwood Pregnant Baby Bump

On Friday, Underwood — whose hit single “Two Black Cadillacs” is being developed into a murder mystery miniseries for Fox — joined fellow American Idol alum Kelly Clarkson (and her daughter River!) for Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood‘s show in Chicago.

“I may have gotten misty-eyed a few times. Hormones? Maybe. Amazing concert? Definitely,” she captioned an Instagram of Brooks performing for the crowd of adoring fans.

— Anya Leon

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Showing 49 comments

boohoobytch on

congrats to them but that outfit – just no lol

charlotte on

She is gonna be absolutely adorable as she starts to grow and show! Love her 🙂

Courtney on

I stupidly clicked on this article thinking Carrie had posted a picture of her belly. Nope! Just some stalkeration made into an article.

Congrats Carrie but People – please get a grip on these article titles.

Shawna on

I don’t see any baby belly at all in that picure

Brandi on

Lol what baby belly??? People magazine, lol you really need to stop with these exaggerated and misleading headlines.

ts on

she must have borrowed that outfit from Kim Kardashian

Regina Pressley on

fire your stylist, that is hideous what you’re wearing there. I see no bump but congrats on the baby.

seabot on

I honestly never thought I’d see the day when my first thought would be “Wow, Carrie Underwood looks hideous.” Whoever suggested that outfit needs to be fired. Immediately.

Jax on

You know the outfit is bad when not even Carrie Underwood can make it look good.

Elle on

There’s no bump. As for what’s she’s wearing….it’s hideous!

pat on

I love Carrie takes pride in how she dresses……you will not see her in the same outfit night after night!

Poppy on

LOL That isn’t a baby belly, it is a really unfortunate ugly outfit.

Kathleen on

Sorry but that outfit looks like a couch or curtains. Really tacky at that. Don’t see a bump either so it sounds like People Magazine are exaggerating headlines again like everyone else said. Anyways congratulations to the happy couple

justme on

Given that she is due in the spring, March? That would be very early spring she is all of 3 months along so no baby belly.The only thing that picture showed is was a very unfortunate pleated couch patterned outfit.

carol on

I wonder where I can buy a outfit like that one?

carol on

I wonder where I can buy that outfit?

Anna on

Love her and she is so pretty BUT it looks like she followed Maria from the Sound of Music and made her outfit from curtains.. She usually looks so classy!

Eli on

LOL that isn’t a baby belly, just a really unflattering outfit.

Jen on

Good for them, but that outfit is absolutely hideous.

Just saying on

I should have such a flat tummy! Give her time and don’t rush nature!

Taylor on

she is going to look fabulous!! God Bless to her and Mike 🙂

TK on

I wish the media would not use the term baby bump… I was happy to see the title said baby belly then there is was baby bump. UGH! Also that jumpsuit is something else.

SplendaQueen on

I see a baby bump, definitely, under the waist part. As for her outfit, floral prints are in if you haven’t noticed. Florals on a black background are the most popular.

Penny on

That outfit is hideous….she is georgous and knows how to dress better! Oh lawd!

Sacre on

I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen Carrie Underwood look bad in an outfit. WTH is she wearing and who told her it was a good idea to wear it?

Lilyflower on

I see no baby bump, but what’s with the outfit? It looks like she got in a fight with a table cloth…and the table cloth won.

Tee on

Carrie is very, very slender, so you can definitely see a bit of a belly forming. And while not one to usually say things like this, I would have to agree with the majority of commenters. That is a really bad outfit! But if she likes it, all power to her, I reckon!

Michelle on

That’s a baby bump? This is what I look like when I eat a hot dog.

Edyie on

Congrats but ooh that outfit and there is barely a bump yet lol seeking to get the bump picture.

skiiy on

That’s Carrie? Doesn’t look like her at all. What a hideous outfit!!

kasmin on

she is going to make a good mother wish i coud be her

kasmin on


eric on

she is still the most georgous women in country music? I Love your outfit It Look’s GooD on you.

Laura C on

As was expected, no baby belly, she’s not far enough along yet to really show. Title is misleading but expected from media. Carrie always looks lovely, but what’s with the outfit? She usually has better taste in fashion. Anyway, good luck to her & Mike, and please, wait until she actually HAS a belly on her- no “baby bump.” Whoever coined that stupid phrase should be banned from ever saying another word.

Page on

This outfit is less glamorous than she usually have on stage!

Michael Davis on

We are having a Roundup this week as I type this and I wished Carrie was performing here. I looked at that outfit and immediately thought, someone is missing their drapes. But you know, I have been a Hugh fan since her Idol days and I think she will go down as one of the best female country singers ever. But no matter, because in my book, she can do no wrong and she is the only singer that I would actually pay to see.

Mommytoane on

That could have easily been a fold in the fabric. There’s really not much of a “belly” there to speak of. I look rounder when I’m bloated! I’m sure many other women can agree with me on that one. When she’s actually GOT a belly, we’ll talk about a belly debut. Until then, she’s just cute as ever.

Hea on

My grandmother used to have curtains in that fabric but that was in the early 80’s.

Leslie on

Yup…No baby bump there. Just a REALLY unfortunate outfit! 😛

Lori on

Yikes. Take a look/see at Stacy Keibler’s fun fresh maternity wear. This outfit – something out of the early *80’s, bed spread catalogue. Carrie – you are too beautiful to settle for boring, dull, uninspired.

Anonymous on

Carrie is suitable for dresses not this kind outfits, it is unflattering.

Anonymous on

You people are crazy if you can’t see that little baby bump. It’s as plain as day, because Carrie has always had a flat stomach before and that is definetly not flat.

Jill on

Carrie is not wearing her wig … she looks plain

Pat dennis on

Carrie is so Beautiful. I wish her and her husband all the best.

Kate on

Carrie Underwood is so talented, so happy for her!

Anonymous on

Carrie looks good on any kind of clothes on her like gown, dresses, jeans, t-shorts. She is great.

nan7769 on

Who cares. Shes a snob.

nan7769 on

Thought she didnt sleep w her husband.. LOL

makayla on

cool very happy