Roll Call! Celebs Share Photos of Their Kids’ First Day of School

09/06/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

School is officially back in session!

And with most children returning to classes this week, proud celeb parents have been doing a little show and tell of their own, taking to social media to share snapshots of their mini scholars.

Whether they’re off for their first day of kindergarten or hitting major middle and high school milestones, we’ve rounded up the sweetest photos of stars sending their kiddies off to campus. Talk about an A plus in cuteness!

From Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell‘s twin girls and Rob Mariano‘s pigtailed preschooler to Kelly Ripa‘s grown up gang and Melissa Joan Hart‘s adorable boys, check them all out below!

Rebecca Romijn Twin Daughters First Day School
Courtesy Rebecca Romijn

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Showing 26 comments

KRS on

Wow, those kids are all so gorgeous! Lucky parents…where I live the teachers have been on strike since mid-June and there’s no end in sight. Longest summer ever!

Anonymous on

Why is the kindergartner in the first pic wearing high-heels to school? Lol.

KRS on

I thought that too about the shoes at first. But I think it may actually be that she’s wearing flats and up on her tiptoes. At least I hope so!

leo on

So cute really makes me miss my childhood.

Melissa on

@Anonymous : I said to myself ” Is that little girl wearing high heels?” but then, I looked really closely and she’s just lifting her heels up. You can tell they’re flats by the way the side bends out.
Cute girls. The one with the flats sure looks like her daddy. I can’t tell who the other one looks like. I don’t think she looks like her parents but then, I don’t know what her mom looked like as a child. We all pretty much know how the dad looked when he was a kid, hehe. Cheers.

Marie on

I love how the smaller twin (first pic) is on her tippy toes to be even with her twin. She is alot shorter than her sister and raising herself up to match in height is just adorable!! I get their names mixed up, the but brunette who looks like her dad is much taller than the blonde who looks like her mom, but cute little girls and I bet they are wild at home!!! My goodness is Melissa’s boys gorgeous!

Anonymous on

She’s tiptoeing not wearing heels…jeez

Ann on

nothing special about the way they were dressed…look like regular kids

Elaine on

I think the celebs just want to be the one to show the pictures, not have the paparazzi chasing them down and selling their kids’ pictures to the highest bidder…

As for the twin girls, the blonde is Dolly, the brunette is Charlie.

All of the kids look great! I can’t believe how old Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa’s kids have gotten. Their daughter Lola is gorgeous!! Michael and Jaquin are very handsome.

Katie on

Ann I can’t tell if you are being negative. They look little girls I see everyday at my school and that is refreshing. I love seeing the perfect pigtails at 8 am and at the end of the day they are a mess because they ran around and had fun at recess.

Nally on

All photos are adorable and they’re the kids of rich and famous!

Kat on

Mark and Kelly made some mini-mes, din’t they?

Ava on

They are all so cute!

Anonymous on

Adorable! And Trista’s kids look more like twins than he O’Connell girls! 😉

Donna on

The O’Connell girls are Dolly and Charlie. I think all the children are cute and they look happy to go to school.

Rachel on

Oh my, Rob and Amber’s little girl is precious! where did that blonde hair come from? Wonder if they will keep going till a little boy joins that family!!

Sara K on

What a beautiful bunch of children!

charlotte on

Beautiful children, all of them.

Kelly and Mark made gorgeous babies. The oldest looks just like his dad, lucky kid 🙂

anonymous on

kelly ripas oldest boy looks exactly like his dad, goodlookin bunch, all blessed

Vas on

All these first day of school snapshots are adorable.

Anonymous on

How are you seeing the other pictures? I can only see the twins. “Next” button advances to another article.

Kathy Street on

Does Melissa Josn Hart mean that those companies gave her the new clothes shoes etc for her boys?

Anonymous on

Rebecca’s twin girls doesn’t look like each other.

Kyndra on

Great pics!!

Pal on

Love these photos!

anonymous on

Why is Job Kelly’s one daughter’s pants unbuttoned? You can see her underwear…