Kardashian Kids Launches Fall Collection in Toddler Sizes

09/05/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Kardashian Kids Toddler Line
Courtesy Kardashian Kids

When we first got wind that Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian were creating a kids clothing line, we were instantly intrigued.

Then we got a sneak peek at Kardashian Kids, fell in love — and had one big complaint. The chic collection only catered to babies up to 24 months.

What’s a (toddler) girl to do?

Luckily, Kourtney’s daughter Penelope is growing up — and the clothes are too! The sisters have gone back to the designing board to broaden their fashionista fan base with faux fur trimmed wool coats and classic quilted dresses that will be available in sizes up to 5T.

“Penelope continues to be our inspiration for the line as she’s grown into toddlerhood. We have so much fun watching her begin to form opinions about what she wants to wear,” says Kourtney.

And with plenty of mix and match pieces like cozy hoodies and panel leggings, the collection isn’t only fashionable, it’s functional too.

“I love to see the girls playfully mix the prints and pair with our comfy leggings. For the colder months, they can top off the look with the wool coat,” adds Kourtney.

New mom Kim already has her eye on her favorite for daughter North. “I love the black and white pieces for fall, especially the long-sleeve bodysuit with sequin and trim detail,” she says.

The fall toddler collection will roll out on Sept. 19 at Babies “R” Us, with the latest infant line — including peplum velour skirts, star printed hoodies and two-piece cotton sets — debuting on Sept. 29.

Kardashian Kids Toddler Line
Courtesy Kardashian Kids

— Anya Leon

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Showing 35 comments

Gemini on

The little girls are adorable but the outfits are blah. Really not into the black, white and gray look. Children love color.

Jamie on

MUCH better than the pleather they had out for their summer line.

yasemina on

I’d never buy their line if I had a daughter (I have identical twin boys and a singleton son). I wouldn’t buy because they don’t practice what they preach. These clothes are adorable. So are the clothes in their baby line for the most part. But, why would I want to buy when I know that this is NOT what Nori will wear. Nope, she’s only allowed grey sweats and black onesies. If the Kardashian’s want to sell their line, they should put their own kids in it like Tori Spelling did with Lil’ Maven.

Zeze on

Saw their clothes at Babies R Us- pleather and leopard print, no thanks.

kjc on

The clothes are cute. I have sons, but if I had a daughter I’d check it out. I mean, I’d rather not give them any more money, but if I liked one of the pieces, I wouldn’t not get it because it was the Kardashians.

Nikki on

We live in a society where everyone is free to make as much money as they wish in whatever manner they sit fit–with that being said, I’m still blown away by the popularity of the Kardashian family. I think it’s such a statement about our society and how truly valued pop culture is. I wish there more smart or athletic girls for little girls to look up to. These girls will continue to make money off of society’s obsession with reality television and shallow ideas about what makes a girl truly popular. I will not be buying anything these girls have to sell. Making a porn doesn’t qualify you to be a clothing designer. Sorry Kim and sisters.

Anonymous on

What the he!l now!?! Trying to milk as much out of that sex tape I see. Glad I’ve never spent one red penny in anything associated with this klan, and NEVER EVER will.

Anonymous on

What the he!l now!?! Trying to milk everything they can out of that sex tape I see. Glad I’ve never spent one red penny on anything associated with this klan, and NEVER EVER will. Next!

Jo on

Yeah right, Kim had nothing to do with this other then putting her name on it. That witch has no mothering instincts unless a camera and the press are handy to cover it ! Khloe on the other hand desperately wants to be a mom and Kourtney is ready to pop #3 (though I think she could have found a better dad for these little ones). Both of them love kids and seem to act like normal people in thinking kids come first. Though not a fan of the K family, if Kim were not involved I might think of buying their brand as the styles are cute and not like what the K girls wear.

Kim on

Great. Now even toddlers are going to start dressing slutty.

Guest on

Venus Williams said something interesting in her “excellent” CBS Sunday Morning interview. She said she didn’t want the biz to rely on her name so she kept it off. I HATE the untalented sex tape empire like I think JLo can’t sing BUT when I saw a gorgeous purse in Khols it “happened” to say JLo (daughters luv her). So the sex tape empire needs to concentrate on great clothes less untalented sex tape empire affiliation!!!! I love shopping for my 4yr old grandson!!

Anonymous on

The designing is fine but not going to buy Kardashian’s line.

Jenb64 on

Anyone think the black, white and gray outfit looks just like Wednesday Addams used to wear?

Amelia on

Didn’t read the article, or really even look at the pictures. My first thought from the headline was tramp clothes for toddlers.

Madison on

I would never support/purchase anything that they’re a part of. I hate everything they represent and hope their clothing line flops like Kim’s boobs!

guest on

Who would want their child dressed like lard a$$ dresses northwest???
But I will bet there are women with more money than brains who will!

Maryah on

I’d dress my daughter with these outfits… If I ever take her to a funeral. This is not fun or girly stuff at all.

Renee on

You people are so narrow minded. So what she made a sex tape. Look at the actresses and actors that have taken nude photos. Their stuff was leaked to the media just like Kim’s was. Get over it. Move on. There are more things to worry about than bashing someone just because you are jealous. The clothes are cute. Very cute in fact. And so what that they’re black and white, there is probably plenty more.

Elizabeth on

Kardashian inspired clothing for toddlers, aka how to make sure your toddlers don’t even have a chance to look classy at even a young age.

Andrea on

I have and would NEVER buy anything with their name on it.
We already know these clothes won’t be seen on North cause they won’t be good enough for her. When I see their name I think greed and sex tape and talentless.

Sue on

I d rather have my kids run naked than wear the clothes of this vulgar family line.

SplendaQueen on

What I’ve seen so far have been really cute and versatile.

Jennifer on

I’m guessing considering that the line “supposedly” came from this trashy family that one skirt would probably cost at least $60. The reason why I said supposedly is because it’s clothes that other people designed that these trashy people slapped their name on to take the credit for. Parents pretty much now a days can’t afford to buy clothes that expensive for their toddler. Especially since the kid will probably out grow it within the next year or so. It’s a waste of money.

Pann on

Kardashian should have her family members do the modeling on her designing line.

Mary on

They have zero taste in clothing, not cute for little girls at all.

Kristin on

Anybody who buys anything from this classless, vapid family needs to get a life. The last thing in the world I’d want on my child would be something bearing the Kartrashian name. “Hey kids – let’s aspire to be uneducated, porn stars!” Way to instill values…

Angie on

Guess the price of the line is not going to be cheap!

Sue on

WHOA photoshop!!

Ann on

Kim dresses North like a boy so whats up with that plus that slick down hairi…..geeeez! she is a baby that is always dressed rather fugly so put some color on her than maybe she will smile…..clothing line looks dull so not interested….

Gina Stoll on

Oh goodie…more CRA* I can turn around on the rack facing backwards…lol

Arggg on

The clothes is cute. I would dress my daughter in it. I don’t care who designed it or whose name is on it. As long as it’s not made in a sweat shop with child laborers, I will buy cute clothes that’s reasonably priced. People are spending too much energy hating the K family. Focus on how to improve yourselves, not how others should be.

okiedokiepokie on

I don’t believe for one minute these people are doing the work behind all these things they are launching. Kim is on to many vacations for one thing. I believe Kourtney might but not Kim. All of a sudden after Kanye is is a business genius. Computer games, kids clothes, women of the year. She’s so busy putting on and taking off clothes and makeup w/ vaca’s when would she have time? Oh yeah and a baby.

Callie on

They never wear their own clothes! They want you to buy them so they make money but they don’t wear them because they are cheaply made. They are expensive and made of piss poor quality. Shame on them!!!!! Perhaps if I ever see any of these idiots wear their own clothes I might change my mind but I doubt it

Aussie cathie on

Do you really think they designed them especially Kimmode ? Please this woman can’t even dress herself!!

Barbara A. on

Seriously, what I can see in these couple photos it looks just like all other kids clothes out there. Nothing new, nothing overly cute, pretty much just regular kids clothes. I saw a interview where they said they’ve had so much fun DESIGNING, the clothes for the kids line, please anyone help me, what did they design? My daughter is now 27 and she worn clothes just like this!! Her winter coat was a Rothchild with a matching hat, so my guess is their DESIGNS will be the same.