Pete Wentz Introduces Son Saint Lazslo

09/04/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

His name says it all: Pete Wentz‘s son already has blessed his parents.

With the Fall Out Boy bassist out on the road with his band in the days leading up to baby boy’s birth, the couple were hoping their son would hold out on making his big debut until Wentz, 35, was back in town.

On Aug. 20, Wentz and girlfriend Meagan Camper welcomed Saint Lazslo.

“I think at some point, the name Saint came up because we thought he’d be a saint if he waited to arrive until his dad was home from tour, and he did,” the couple tell PEOPLE exclusively. “The name suits him.”

As for Camper, 25, it’s been a smooth transition into motherhood. “Meagan is a natural mom and it’s amazing to watch her with him,” Wentz, who assisted in the delivery, says.

Pete Wentz Introduces Son Saint Lazslo Pamela Littky

And while the new parents are in the throes of late night feedings and diaper duty, it’s big brother Bronx, Wentz’s son with Ashlee Simpson, who is making plans for the future.

“The addition to our family is very exciting and Bronx is already planning everyone’s Halloween costume,” jokes Wentz.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Michelle Tan

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Pete Wentz And Girlfriend Welcome Son

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Showing 56 comments

Mellissa on

How adorable is he? I actually like his name, I knew a kid named Saint. Pete’s already a great dad, that little boy will be greatly loved 🙂

Pam on

That’s a beautiful baby! Mom is very pretty too. Best wishes to them all.

Melissa on

Really adorable!

Bhavana on

What a cutie pie he is. I could cuddle and kiss that baby all day.

Mel in STL on

It bugs me to no end that they misspelled Laszlo!

Carolyn on

Bronx, Saint? Dumb-ass names.

Judy on

The baby is beautiful.

Ala Lemon on

Not a fan of the name, but the baby is quite cute. Congratulations 🙂

Terry on

Adorable baby.

Emese on

It is not Lazslo it is Laszlo a Hungarian name

Lindsay on

Beautiful family wow!

Callie on

I just threw up!!!! Horrible, horrible name. I am so sick and tired of celebrities naming their kids STUPID A$$ names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Macy on

Saint Lazslo? It’s a baby not a priest

charlotte on

Cute kid. Don’t like the name, but hey, it’s not my kid, so congrats on the beautiful family!

Stella on

I hope he doesn’t get Pete’s mouth/jaw!

Boston93 on

The mom is gorgeous!

Zsoka on

hahaha i’m happy i’m not the only one who is bothered by that misspelt name. now i just wonder if People misspelt it or they actually named him Lazslo instead of Laszlo…i’d love to hear how they pronounce it too 🙂

sharon Little on

Beautiful child,but,name sounds like a Vampire,but-maybe thats what they were going for.

sat on

sweet baby!!

Monica T. on

Beautiful family. I like the name. I hope he puts a ring on it.

Mary Ann on

Baby is beautiful name not so nice

eastwest on

Oh that’s Saint, Pete’s son!

Jamey on

Two nobodies and a kid. Big Deal.

Seriously on

Nice photo, except I want to knock that stupid hat off his head. Let the photo be about the baby. I immediately looked at that ridiculous hat instead of the child.

Sara K on

Beautiful baby! I follow Meagan on Instagram. She is just gorgeous.

Sara K on

I don’t usually respond to critics ruining photo comments for everyone, however, yours just takes the cake. How about people be themselves in photos with their new babies, huh? How about that? How about he’s a rocker and he wears hats and why should he be anything but himself in his first family portrait? You must be a miserable loser.

LM on

Wow, his girlfriend is stunning. Good looking family!

Congrats to Pete.

Jennifer on

Cute baby …. stupid name!

London Bridge on

Perhaps Pete Wentz’s hairline is receding & that’s why he wears that “stupid hat”–thankfully both of his sons get their hair from the mother’s gene–I think he looks like a Hasidic Jew [he’s covered in tattoos so he’s obviously not, although Adam Levine is also Jewish so you never know] so I just say, Mazel tov! to Pete & Meagan…

Judit on

I think it was quite late when they chose the baby’s name because the 2nd one totally mispelled. Lazslo? No, no, no. Correctly it is LASZLO. Like this it has a meaning. But with Lazslo?
Laszlo is a Hungarian male given name after the King-Knight Saint Ladislaus I of Hungary (1077–1095). Meaning is “one who commands glory”.

Sarah on

I love that Mom has (seemingly) no makeup on – not that she needs it – and unwashed hair. Refreshing to see a little reality of new parenting!

Guest on

What a sweet cutie. Best wishes to all!

Seriously on

Oh you got me Sarah K. I’m a miserable loser for having an opinion about his hat which I think looks stupid. You’re an idiot. The mother looks beautiful, simple and elegant and draws no attention to herself. The father could as well. That’s my point. Blow it out your @ss.

Lala on

Adorable baby!! Mom needs to wash her hair though… I know a shower isn’t always a top priority for new moms, but with dad at home, and possible nannies, SHOWER!

Maddie on

What a dumb name for a baby

taradawes on

Adorable baby – sadly stupid name given to him by his parents.

krista on

What a cutie pie😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊.

Bee on

Saint… I think my eyes nearly rolled out of my head with this one. Saint and Bronx Mowgli… Come on now.

KL on

horrid name!! But he is a super cutie!! aww!

Kelly on

Its spelled “Laszlo” NOT Lazslo. Its a Hungarian name, and its my ex’s name and my son’s middle name. Shame they did not get the spelling right. Saint is different, for sure.

Mindy on

I can’t say that I like the name Saint, but I think it’s better than Bronx.

Stew on

Cute kid, horrible name! Saint is a title you have to earn, not a name.

Aussie cathie on

Gorgeous pic beautiful baby …. Odd name! Not a fan

Charli on

Beautiful baby!

dd on

the girlfriend is pretty
the baby is cute
the photo w/ baby is beautiful
i’m not crazy about the name, but congrats!

tina on

Beautiful baby.., do cute..too bad Bronx’ didnt get the same look.

Diana on

What a burden to put on your son with that name-sad that young parents are not thinking of the consequences of ‘their’ ‘at the moment’ decision when naming their children, they are only thinking of their own silliness at that moment.

Ruins Barry on

They look so good together. I wish them the very best.

Sasha on

I see a lot of both of them in Saint !

Mag on

Saint? Too much to live for.

Anonymous on

Adorable! But why wasn’t big brother Bronx in the picture? If you’re going to do a family portrait, include the WHOLE family!

Theresa on

Adorable photo, very happy for them!

Holly on

Terrible name. Pete should be banned from naming kids from now on.

Carrow on

Wow he’s a big boy! So precious!

Val on

Very unique name, happy for them!

Meagan on

Why are people so bothered by the “mis-spelling” maybe they misspelled it on purpose to give a changes to the name. Does it really matter? Like my friends daughter is called Kymberleigh, should I moan at her for misspelling it? No a) it’s her child and b) they can spell it which ever way they wish