Gwen Stefani Says Kingston’s Prayers Led to Her Pregnancy

09/04/2014 at 06:45 PM ET

Kingston Rossdale didn’t need a show to put his talent to the test: His voice was heard loud and clear.

During a Wednesday appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Gwen Stefani admitted she thought her family of four with husband Gavin Rossdale — including Kingston, 8, and Zuma, 6 — was complete.

“[Kingston] asked me, ‘Mom, are you going to have a baby? I want you to have a baby,’ ” The Voice judge recalls.

“I was like, ‘It’s over. We’re not having any more. This is our family.’ ”

Gwen Stefani Late Night with Seth Meyers
Lloyd Bishop/Getty

But Kingston used the power of prayer to bring his parents’ newest blessing — Apollo Bowie Flynn, now 6 months — into the world.

“Kingston … has a direct link to God, basically,” Stefani, 44, said. “[He started to pray,] ‘Dear God, please let my mom have a baby. Please, God! Please let my mom have a baby.'”

Ask and you shall receive: Before long Stefani and Rossdale discovered another baby was on the way. “I swear to you, he prayed every single night, and four weeks later, I was pregnant,” she explained.

“I brought out a cake after we found out it was really going to happen and it said, ‘We’re having a baby!’ I made him read it … and he goes, ‘Ahh! I prayed for that!'”

Now that Kingston has witnessed the power of prayer, Stefani jokes there’s no stopping him! “He prays for everything. He’s like, ‘Please, God! Please let me have another cupcake. He really believes,” she says.

— Anya Leon

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Showing 61 comments

Mamagirl31 on

She has cute boys!

Michele on

such a sweet and cute story!

Tina on

I love to hear stories such as this. God is good!

Anonymous on

I’m sorry but at her age, I doubt getting pregnant “just happened”!

lulu on

that’s nothing to joke about. it’s child abuse not to explain reality to him.

and she was right, they had enough kids. Gavin has four now. Kingston didn’t need another sibling.

Sadie on

What a great story! I wish more celebrities were open about their faith in God and prayer life…

RR on

To those who think it is odd she conceived “at her age”: My Grandmother had my aunt and uncle – twins – at 48. She had my Mom at 50. All very healthy.

javan on

Prayer doesn’t work; I prayed for her NOT to conceive. and no one can tell me they weren’t ALL hoping for a girl. Poor Gwen, her husband’s only daughter is with someone else.

Madison on

Umm, at her age, her fertility doctors prayed and it happened.

Kairy Salazar on

This is such a cute story why do people have to be such nasty trolls with their unkind ignorant comments???

Lala on

Such a cute story!! I’m happy his prayers were answered 🙂

Rai on

Can’t she just give a kid a normal name. Kingston isn’t a bad name…but Zuma and Apollo? Come on…..poor kids.

Baby mama on

Women learn about youreelves, your body and frtility! Most women are plenty fertile in their forties.
It’s not like you can stop using birth control!!!!
Just know yourselves ladies…. When you ovulate …
A small percentage can’t conceive for various reasons throughout their childbearing years but majority are fertile well beyond the infamous 40. Not saying wait until then as its all a guessing game but I wouldn’t be so negative or uneducated as to think Gwen is out of the ordinary in that dept.

Ally on

It’s going to be very difficult for her son to understand why god doesn’t answer his prayers one time things don’t work out for him. She should encourage putting all your eggs in one basket.

Dee Allen on

That’s so sweet, my mom says she did the same thing when she was kid, she would walk around singing God, please send me a baby brother and eventually my Uncle was born.

CC on

What a NASTY comment Lulu! How is it child abuse to not explain so called reality to him? You do realize that MANY, and I am talking thousands per year have babies at her age right? Don’t believe me, check out the CDC birth statistics for the US, its lists births by age group. Now there is YOUR reality check sweetheart!

Sam on

I wouldn’t read too much into what a small child prays for. I bet he was praying for a swing set later that week. Look, I don’t know how it is for Stefani but these celebrity women getting pregnant well over 40 is definitely not the norm where I’m from. I have friends in their 20’s that are having trouble conceiving. BUT— it does happen naturally over 40. I just question it more in hollywood where they have access to alternative methods.

Tanya on

Congrats on her new addition!

eve on

Everyone is getting pregnant in hollywood! I have a hard time believing that it’s happening naturally for the women nearing 45. Don’t get me started on all the “natural” twin deliveries. Having twins is a phenomenon in regular society but somehow so common in Hollywood. To each her own but it’s definitely a new age for reproduction.

CC on

To all those posting nasty comments about not being able to get pregnant naturally over 40, here are some statistics from the CDC website, note that they are from 2012, that is the latest they have, but it is noted all over the website that birth rates for 40 and over and increasing yearly.

2012 TOTAL birth rates in the US
age 18 85,310 (thousand)
age 19 133,655 (thousand)
age 20-24 916,811 (thousand)
age 25-29 1,123,900 (million)
age 30-34 1,013,416 (million)
age 35-39 472,318 (thousand)
age 40-44 109,579 (thousand)
age 45-49 7,157 (thousand
age 50-54 600 (hundred)

Kate on

This is not necessarily directed at Gwen (who has aged beautifully BTW). I can’t stand when women have a shameless preference for the girl gender. I know too many people that have like 3-5 boys because they kept trying for a girl. These same women actually cried and became depressed in the ultrasound room when finding out the gender. That makes my stomach turn and my blood run cold.

CC on

To all those posting nasty comments about not being able to get pregnant naturally over 40, here are some statistics from the CDC website, note that they are from 2012, that is the latest they have, but it is noted all over the website that birth rates for 40 and over and increasing yearly.
2012 TOTAL birth rates in the US
age 18 85,310 (thousand)
age 19 133,655 (thousand)
age 20-24 916,811 (thousand)
age 25-29 —-1,123,900 (million)
age 30-34 —-1,013,416 (million)
age 35-39 ——472,318 (thousand)
age 40-44 —–109,579 (thousand)
age 45-49 ——-7,157 (thousand
age 50-54 ——–600 (hundred)

CC on

To all those posting nasty comments about not being able to get pregnant over 40, here are some statistics from the CDC website, note that they are from 2012, that is the latest they have, but it is noted all over the website that birth rates for 40 and over and increasing yearly. The numbers for 2014 are likely much higher.

2012 TOTAL birth rates in the US
age 18 ——85,310 (thousand)
age 19 ——-133,655 (thousand)
age 20-24 —-916,811 (thousand)
age 25-29—— 1,123,900 (million)
age 30-34—— 1,013,416 (million)
age 35-39 ——472,318 (thousand)
age 40-44 —–109,579 (thousand)
age 45-49 ——7,157 (thousand
age 50-54 ———600 (hundred)

ABC on

@ CC – where does it say that these pregnancies were natural? Just wondering. If there’s no evidence of that then those could all be IVF or Clomid babies. It’s certainly not a bad thing to use fertility assistance. But it’s also not outrageous to point out how much things have changed. People are having babies closer to 50 and that’s noteworthy. It’s surprising to see middle aged women having babies. It’s not wrong, per say, but surprising.

JDiva on

Praise God for a praying child. A true blessing!!!

CC on

In reply to ABC:

It doesn’t say natural or not. The fact is that IVF is very expensive, and most families cannot afford it. I would not be so quick to assume that they are predominantly IVF babies, but rather its society changing and its normal to have babies in your late 30’s early 40’s. Many would say middle aged is 30 and beyond, so I am not sure why its so abnormal to you to see “middle aged” women having children, after all as you can see its a predominate age group having kids…so your sort of contradicting yourself or you honestly don’t realize that most new moms around you are past 30.

CC on

Also you may not know this but for decades, OB’s have tried to scare women over 40 into going on Birth Control by telling them they could have a birth defects etc…but now with modern tech and advanced testing, I think women are forgoing the birth control and not putting an end to their child bearing years. That is just my perception after reading up on it. I think we are going to see the numbers increase even more, because lifespans are getting longer and just because its more socially acceptable /common now to have a baby in your 40’s then it may have been a few decades ago.

CC on

Actually I want to make a correction, middle aged is not 30 and beyond. Middle age is the middle of the average lifespan so technically middle age is ABOVE 43 (see below) or older.

According to data compiled by the Social Security Administration:

A woman turning age 65 today can expect to live, on average, until age 86.6.
And those are just averages. About one out of every four 65-year-olds today will live past age 90, and one out of 10 will live past age 95.

Ellsworth on

Yet “God” won’t answer the prayers of children starving in Africa. A rich white lady needs another baby! Priorities!

stacey on

Oh my gosh, I LOVE this!!! Such a sweet story!

AGood on

The comment about God not answering the prayers of starving kids in Africa is beyond stupid. God values us and gave us freewill. It is not him who starves them, it’s people. Sadly, our society (as in the world) places little value on people we don’t contribute financially from, as in those in Africa. They are often run by terrible regimes and getting food to them is next to near impossible as militias do not allow it or steal it. That isn’t God, that’s us. God gave us an abundance of food, we developed this system of rich/poor. It pains him more to see them starving but to answer every prayer, as we see fit, would involve taking away our freewill. She might be a rich, white woman but a blessing is still a blessing and obviously, she helped God answer this prayer through relations with her husband. God is real. God loves us. God answers prayers but we also have freewill.

Marie on

@Ellesworth: how do you know God doesn’t answer the prayers of children in Africa? God feeds the birds, right? How can you think he would prioritize rich, white women and animals over the innocent in Africa? Pick up a bible and educate yourself.

Sandy on

43 isn’t that old people! Many women get pregnant at this age naturally.

Sandy on

In reply to Eve:
“Having twins is a phenomenon in regular society but somehow so common in Hollywood.”

Sorry but having twins is not a phenomenon in regular society. I know a lot of people with twins and guess what, they had them without any fertility help, and no they aren’t lying about that fact. You need to get out more and you will see that your wrong.

Claire on

Twins occur in less than 2% of pregnancies = not common. Nobody owes any explanation for how they bear children. I don’t personally wish to have children beyond 40. Most of us civilian folk can’t afford artificial impregnation so we have more pressure to family plan at earlier ages. It’s hard not to be annoyed with famous people who deliberately wait to have kids because they can afford every single path to parenthood. Everyone else is strongly advised to pursue pregnancy before 30. My sister is constantly getting hounded at 34 about being “beyond the prime time” for natural conception.

Melanie on

Too bad god doesn’t answer the prayers of starving children, or people in pain…..

CC on

In reply to Claire: Instead of spouting off what you believe to be true as if its fact, do some research beforehand.

The fact is that the twin rate is 3.3% NOT 2%. According to the CDC birth numbers for 2012, the Twin birth rate: 33.1 per 1,000 live births which equals 3.3%. As far as your comment of everyone is strongly advised to have children before 30, sorry but that’s a load of you know what. I was never advised that by my doctors and no one else that I know was either, and I know a lot of women.

Anonymous on

Baby Mama and CC what you wrote scares the hell out of me and many other women who spent years dealing with infertility at an older age. I’m scared women over 40 will listen to you and wait, only to have their heart broken when they find out they can’t have children. I’ve been seeing the #1 fertility RE in the country and run a Resolve group in my town. Let me first say those CDC stats include all the births from women who used some form of ART to help them achieve a pregnancy. Second, rarely do women over 40 get pregnant naturally. Of course their are exceptions. But our egg quality (and men’s sperm) declines quickly at age 35, then again at 40. 75-85% of an over 40 woman’s eggs are abnormal. If they do get lucky and conceive (and baby continues to thrive) there is a high chance of trisomies and birth defects. Most end in miscarriage. Hormones also decline so the lining of the uterus doesn’t thicken or there is no ovulation. It’s irresponsible to say womwn should wait and it’s irresponsible for Gwen to give false hope to millions of women battling infertility. Every woman (and man) in America should get labwork done throughout their life to check for early signs of infertility.

Carla Peele on

Oh, my goodness! What bitter comments! 😦 My mother-in-law was actually pregnant at the same time as her MOTHER back in the day, and TRUST me that was a natural occurrence! (My husband’s grandmother had seven kids and thought fertility treatments were unnatural). Gwen Stefani is NOT that old, geez… why do people want to take a sweet story and put in their bitterness and cynicism?

emily on

I’m pretty sure she wasn’t joking…why does it say she “jokes”

FelicityJune on

How about unprotected sex leads to pregnancy????

eastwest on

When we talk about a late pregnancy, over 40, must specify that it is hard to conceive naturally especially if it is the First pregnancy. There are lots of mamas and granmamas who gave birth in their forties, but mostly it was their fifth or seventh child. If women wait to give birth to their first child in their forties, it is hard to conceive and carry a baby, because the body, the eggs are old enough to afford such a big challenge for the body. But if it is the second or a further pregnancy, it is common and easier to have a child at 40. Gwen’s is the 3 child, she had her first in mid 30, so it is not a medicine miracle

Charlie on

To those saying God doesn’t answer the prayers of the starving people in Africa- You do realize that there is enough food in the world for everyone and nobody would be hungry. Consider that God answers prayers but we as a humans don’t always do the right thing and others suffer as the result of our actions. Why does 25% of the world have 75% of the wealth and resources? It’s not because God is ignoring 75% of the world, it’s because 25% of the world ignores the other 75% (in a general sense, not knocking the humanitarian work that is done in the world)

Claire on

CC: you can’t argue my personal experience… LOL. Just as you know lots of women conceiving twins naturally, my sister is constantly being pressured by doctors about her biological clock. I’m not saying it’s right but many doctors do suggest trying to have kids before 40, especially in women that can’t afford fertility treatment. My sister was not given a protective apron on her pelvic area because the technician assumed that she wasn’t having kids (she was 33 at the time). Again, it’s not right but non-famous, middle class women get different reproductive advice.

Anonymous on

Congrats! I hope he always believes in the power of prayer.

CC on

Oh Claire, you are so misguided, your speaking of one tech, that does not represent all and no tech would assume that at 33 a woman is not having kids, because whether you like it or not 33 is prime child bearing years. You clearly are not getting it, look at the actual birth statistics, your sister is still in the major biggest age group 30-34 having kids…how on earth can you say that society says that is past the prime when its clearly not. And how many doctors is she going too? I have one OB, most women only have one OB and maybe a regular doctor. You said she has several doctors pressuring her…I think your exaggerating. And of course doctors will recommend starting to have kids before 40, its gives them time to have more then one child and recover in between..this is nothing new that your stating…although in your earlier post you said before 30. I actually feel really sorry for your sister, I can just imagine what she has to listen to from you.

CC on

In reply to anonymous:

Im going to loudly disagree with you that women over 40 rarely get pregnant over 40, please back that statement up with solid proof. Real proof. Because as far as I know, there is no demographic on that one, so this is just you spouting off your opinion due to your own personal experience of being infertile. Okay so your saying that women who used ART are also included in these numbers…but we don’t know how many. The fact is that although some women use ART, the chances of success are not and its very expensive, so although some are using it, I don’t believe that those numbers are predominantly from ART. (But I will research this some more when I have time) The fact is that most in that age group who have already had kids, they are just still having more kids.

CC on

Also, I am not advocating that a woman wait until 40 to have a child, Im just saying that many women 40 and over are having kids…without fertility help.

Noneya on

GREAT story! Love this family! And Gwen – welcome to the “My 3 Sons Club!” Boy or girl – they love their kids – ALL of them! They do have a relationship with Gavin’s daughter……. Haters – go back to bed!!!

Jenny on

It was the same blessed story for us. My 3 year old boy wanted a baby brother or sister so bad that every time he saw his friends with their baby brothers or sisters he would ask where’s mine Momma. I told him that if that is what he wanted he should pray to Jesus, and now I’m pregnant with a baby brother for my sweet boy. God is so Good!!!!!

Rory on

Anonymous, I don’t think people are saying to wait, rather they are just saying evidence shows that women do get pregnant naturally over forty. From what I have read and I could be wrong, but a lot of the %’s that are given on infertility are based on very old studies done on small groups of women, so they aren’t necessarily the most accurate. We all know that fertility treatments are costly (so not an extremely large amount of women are going this route and they aren’t highly successful, so clearly the high number of births are natural. I agree that the increase in births over 40, is because its more socially acceptable and normal then it was when our parents were having kids, also celebs are making it more normal because so many of them are having babies past 40 and while I agree some are from ART, not all of them are. Either way, lets be happy for anyone who gets to become a mother no matter how they conceive or what age, its such a blessing!

Anonymous on

Didn’t know those statistics, quite an eye opener to learn these numbers.

GodZilla on

That’s so cute 🙂

Atheist Slut on

I’m sure it helped that his parents were fucking. Aint nothing no invisble sky daddy can do about that. 🙂

Anonymous on

FelicityJune- First of all, babies can be made through ANY kind of sex (well, any kind of “traditional” sex!), not just unprotected (last time I checked, there was only one method of birth control that was 100 percent effective- NOT having sex!).

And second, as anyone struggling with infertility would attest, having sex is no guarantee that a baby will be conceived (nor is there any guarantee of a successful pregnancy when conception DOES occur!). It’s that part that’s up to God. 🙂

Anonymous on

Also, as far as whether the pregnancy occurred naturally…In my mind, Apollo being a boy confirms that it did. Considering how much Gwen seemed to want a girl, I think she would have done gender selection had she gone the IVF route.

B on

All these commenters saying she used a fertility doctor must not know how common unplanned change of life pregnancies can be!

Hea on

As an atheist I find this sincerely weird.

leilarx on

Some people here are so mean and judgemental! I’m an atheist and still think this is a very cute story. Their fertility is their business.

Tina on

Um God doesn’t answer prayers in poor countries.

Olivia on

Huh. I thought it worked with sex, not god…..