So Cute! Snooki’s Son Plays with JWoww’s Daughter

09/02/2014 at 06:30 PM ET

It’s a match made in Jersey Shore heaven.

Jenni “JWoww” Farley‘s daughter and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s son are off to a great start in becoming BFFs like their mommies.

Farley, 28, posted an Instagram of 2-year-old Lorenzo Dominic standing sweetly over her baby girl, Meilani Alexandra, on Saturday, accompanied with the too-cute caption, “Counting toes.”

jenny Farley Nicole Polizzi Kids Photo
Courtesy Jenni Farley

The reality star and fiancé Roger Mathews welcomed their first child in July, but both moms are adamant there’s no romantic future for their fist-pumpers in training.

“I feel like it would be weird if they hooked up or started dating,” Polizzi, 26, told PEOPLE in February.

Hopefully three isn’t a crowd: Polizzi is pregnant with her second child, a girl.

“They f—— better [get along],” Farley joked to PEOPLE in May of their daughters. “They’re basically cousins. There’s no option. You’re sisters.”

— Michele Corriston

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Showing 33 comments

KL on

Aww cute!!!!

Debbie on

JWow and Snooki are both major-league wh##es, so their kids are little ba$tards, for sure!

Nancy on

Wow Debbie. You sure are a HUGE bee-yotch! I hope you feel really good about yourself after calling two little children that kind of name. You’re PATHETIC.

Marilyn on

Debbie, be careful…your own trashy roots are showing. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

rose on

That baby girl is adorable

Unknown on

Who cares about these trashy woman, all they want is 15 min of fame, well ladies its over NO ONE CARES!!!!!!!

templar on

Babies are cute no matter what 🙂

Lyla on

Yes the show they were on was trashy, but you can clearly see that there is a genuine, life long friendship between them and the fact that their children are gunna grow up with friends so close that they could basically consider as family is truly a blessing. Having a friendship that these kids are gunna develop is truly rare, but extremely special and you can already see that happening in this picture.

commonsenseplease on

People change. Clearly, some who post on here don’t. Anyone who can say mean things about a child is a sad excuse of a human being. Their parents did not make the best first impression on the public but it is obvious they love and are/will take great care of their children, who are adorable!!

Bobdd on

Make sure you post something that the masses will like and agree with. If you don’t, you’ll be ripped a new one!

trost on

Meh. Not click worthy.

Callie on

I still can’t get over these two morons have children. The children are gorgeous and I’m happy they’ve changed their ways but it’s still shocking.

Guest on

Nothing about Snooki or JWow is adorable.

I only clicked on this to post and BEG People to STOP making these two “celebrities.”

The rest of “da shore” crew has sunk into obscurity…let these two follow…fast.

Gill on

Um a cute picture!

jenny on

that’s a beautiful little girl!

Mommytoane on

Absolutely adorable. I’m not at all a fan of either gals, but that does not mean they didn’t make cute kids.

charlotte on

Cute kids. But is Snooki’s new baby girl gonna be a “cousin” or a “sister” to J Wows daughter. She claims both… Stupid comment.

heathertucker1978 on

wow debbie you must be trash at its best i dont care how you feel about the mothers but you never talk about children like that they are adorable

Denise on

So sweet! Beautiful kids.

exit82 on

Lyla- please terminate the word “gunna” from your limited vocabulary- it is vile

L on

Debbie, you are obviously desperate for attention on here. I feel sorry for you. Please find a life.

They’ve both really grown up, their babies are beautiful.

Melissa on

I love Nicole and Jenni, but why are they already talking about them “hooking up”? They’re still babies!

Mel on

That baby should be strapped into the chair, that is very unsafe, and just irresponsible.

NV on

Sweet he is rubbing her feet!

LolAtMorons on

I just read the comment “not click worthy” but they had time to comment, lmao, wow, they both grew up (some people do that) everyone was young and dumb at once, you negative people still are dumb! Get a life!!! Both babies and mamas are gorgeous ❤

boohoobytch on

adorable babies

Dena on

Babies are cute and I’ve always kind of liked Jenni. But is it just me or does her face look different?

B on

Can someone help me figure out the pronunciation of this name? Lol…is it MELANIE or MAY-lahni?

Keirsten on

Never ever mess with the babies!!! It shows the type of person you really are! Who cares about their past! They are happy with a beautiful family! I’m happy for them both!
Besides the hook ups in the past I wouldn’t of mind making the $ they made for Jersey Shore! At least they had fun!!!

GM on

This picture is so cute!

Georgia on

Really don’t care. People Magazine…PLEASE STOP calling them celebrities because they are NOT!

Ann on

Who cares about snook I and her. Brats they all are short and ungly

stone island on

Yo no estoy en linea con lo aqui escrito, pienso sinceramente que hay muchos matices que no han podido ser considerados en cuenta. Pero valoro mucho vuestra exposicion, es un buen post.