Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood Expecting First Child

09/01/2014 at 05:45 PM ET

Carrie Underwood Pregnant Expecting First Child Mike Fisher Ben Gabbe/Getty

Her hit “Mama’s Song” is about to take on a whole new meaning.

Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher are expecting their first child next spring, the couple announced on social media Monday.

The country star broke the happy news with a clever Instagram playing off of the very appropriate holiday.

“In honor of ‘Labor’ Day, Ace & Penny would like to make an announcement. Their parents couldn’t be happier …” Underwood, 31, captioned a photo of her precious pooches wearing “I’m going to be a big brother” and “I’m going to be a big sister” shirts.

Fisher, 34, a center for the Nashville Predators, confirmed the announcement on Twitter — and gave a hint at one creative baby name.

“We haven’t picked names yet but it’s looking like Fly is gonna fly. #boyorgirl #flyfisher,” he Tweeted.

Underwood and Fisher celebrated their fourth anniversary in July. The couple married in a Southern style wedding in Georgia in 2010.

— Michele Corriston with reporting by Mary Margaret

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Showing 137 comments

Jackie on

yeah!!! congrats! that baby will be gorgeous! I wondered when she was going to be a mama!

B on

So happy for them!! They will make a beautiful baby!! Can’t wait to see what name they choose!

Carly on

Awww! So cute. Congratulations and well wishes =)

Trish on

Oh my goodness, how adorable are those doggie shirts. So cute!! Congratulations. I’m very happy for them both!

Lila on


Anne on

I guess that lady who was griping about Carrie not having a story on People can calm down now.

powerturtle90sdudemon on

We’ve all been waiting for this beautiful event to happen. Carrie’s going to rock this pregnancy. While I fully understand Kelly’s choice to be low key with /her/ pregnancy, I hope Carrie is a little more public, or at least more social media-present with her pregnancy. Not only does Carrie host the CMAs, she’s probably not due until after the Grammys…

Amelia on

Congratulations. Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Tammy on

I hope they are not gonna name their child Fly! OMG!

LC on

Are we sure this doesn’t mean they are just going to adopt another dog? 🙂

neb1997 on

Great news. Love Carrie. 🙂

Sharon Kovach on

I am so very happy for both of them… I know she will be an amazing Mommy… I was so afraid she was not going to have children like so many stars these days…. so I am so glad ….. Family is everything…..

Rosie on

How exciting! A celebrity I like who’s going to have a baby. Can’t wait to see her grow and glow through these next 9 months.

Annieyo on

I usually roll my eyes when I hear about another pregnant celebrity. But I’m really happy for Carrie and Mike. I’m not a huge fan of Carrie Underwood’s music, but from what I heard about her, she’s level-headed (my former boss is related to her, so she was always talking about her at work), she keeps the drama out of the spotlight, and she seems like she’s a good role model. Congratulations!

Tasia on

Yay congrats to them!!

Amber on

It’s a miracle! She’s pregnant, and they’re already married!

Raffaele Zuccaro on

Thats what happens when YOU screw around

elisamaoficial on

May God bless all of them! Happy! *-*

Nicole on

@sharon, maybe you didn’t mean it that way but just because you either chose not to have kids or can’t have kids, that doesn’t make the family you choose to make any less special or important.

Amanda on

She is my favorite celebrity by far! Congrats Carrie and Mike, baby is going to be gorgeous and oh so loved! Please don’t name him/her Fly though 😉 lol

Lindy on

Love Carrie…congrats !!!!!!

Tess on

Congratulations!! Love her!

Peg on

please please PLEASE give him or her a normal name. Michael Fisher, Angela Fisher, David Fisher, Kelly Fisher, Christopher Fisher – but please no Apples or Norths or Fly!

Mary on

So happy for them, love Carrie, and that will be one gorgeous baby.

Tee on

Oh, YEA! What exciting news for Carrie and Mike!

Aussie cathie on

Oh bless……. So are millions of other women…..

Anonymous on

congrats to you both!

Zen on

Congrats Carrie! On the down side I hope the baby doesn’t get his father’s enormous chin. I don’t think her husband is good looking.

David Barlow on

“Fly Fisher”? OMG I hope he was only kidding.

Imagine what the child will have to go through in school with a name like that.

Anonymous on

VERY NICE!…love CARRIE–she’s always seemed so humble/gracious/appreciative of her fame & fans/and she’s gorgeous with a beautiful voice…to boot! [[And…it’s *REFRESHING*, to actually see someone “famous” – have a baby AFTER they’ve been married for four years!]]

Anonymous on

I think Mike’s tweet about ‘Fly Fisher’ is a pun on someone being a fly fisherman or fly fishing. I highly doubt they will name their kid Fly. But who knows…

Chris on

OMG … Kayne West got caught with his snake in Carrie?

Romancegirl on

Amazing and congrats! I never thought Carrie would have a child. Good wishes to them both.

Chris on

Kayne West at it again???

paisley on

Congratulations to them both!

P Guest on

What great news, they waited a while after getting married to start their family, which is great. Hope Carrie has a good pregnancy & I’m sure will be a georgeous baby!!!!

Anonymous on

Yea! I am happy for them . Carrie Underwood seen like searcher humble person . Good luck to them.

yahoo on

I actually had to come here just to remember who she is.

Doreen on

Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy gahhhhhhhhh!!! Congrats to the BOTH of you!! I was wondering when you would be expecting! WTG! hahaha

Pheba Jane on

That’s gonna be one fugly baby!

Hilary on

I thought she didn’t want kids? Didn’t she say she had no maternal instinct? Hm well at least this kid will have it’s father. He seems like he actually wants and will care for it.

BoPeep on

Yay! Finally! It’s going to be a gorgeous baby!

Kandi on

Congratulations to the happy couple

Pitter-Patter on

There are a lot of bitter pills posting here.

mary on

congratulations Carrie and Mike on the baby news , God bless you both and baby

Christina on

You people are really insensitive. Just because someone does not have a baby does not mean their life is not complete. I have cerebral palsy and never met the right guy…This does not make me a failure. Congrats to Carrie.

notmyname on

she needs a biology lesson if she thinks humans can be parents of dogs. so so stupid. I love my pets but I am not their mommy. And putting sweaters/vests on dogs is an indulgence that should be eschewed. ick. And how sad the infant/toddler will be god-brainwashed. Not intellectuals, these parents. Not that intellectuals are “better” than other humans, but some awareness of reality, without delusion, seems logical.

Lorrie on

First congratulations to them. Second, Big sis and Big bro tshirts for their dogs?!! Seriously?!!! Will have a new additional owner yes but they won’t have a little sis or brother. Huge eye roll on that.

Veronica on

Please don’t let that baby look like Mr. Potato Head, um, I mean Mike Fisher…

Ginger on

Congratulations Carrie and Mike !!!!
So happy for the both of you ! Yeah !!!

Reine on

So happy for them.

OKCKelsey on

Hey Lorrie, some of us consider our pets part of the family. My children refer to our dogs as their sisters and my parents refer to them as their grand dogs. Sorry you don’t feel the same, but then again, maybe some of your human family members feel that way about you.

carintowne on

LOVE them!! Can’t wait to watch her pregnancy style – she is so gorgeous! Congrats Carrie and Mike!

LMR on

@jamsie – I read the same article – which is normally done months before it’s gone to print. I’m sure she meant – AT THAT TIME – the interview was done. She has never said she didn’t want children, she just said not at this time. And I ‘doubt’ it was an accident – she probably didn’t want to publicize they were trying – it’s personal, nobody’s business. Kudos to her for keeping her private life private!! Wishing them all the best and here’s to a happy, healthy baby!!!

amyinoaktown on

Congrats! Glad to see they are still going strong and will soon have a little one!

Anna on

So happy for the family!

Olivia on

Fly? Fly Fisher?

Jenna on

Awesome news! I’ve been a fan of hers ever since she won American Idol. Can’t believe that was nearly a decade ago! Congrats to Carrie and Mike; that will be a such a beautiful baby!

Charlie on

I’m pretty sure she said at the time she wasn’t ready for kids as both her and mike had a busy schedule… but perhaps she made comments to stop media from asking her when she is going to have kids- rather than say “we’re trying” or have photos every week wondering if she is pregnant, she said she wasn’t ready at that time.. and that article was written almost a year ago…

And to those who say she doesn’t seem maternal? What has she done that brought you to that conclusion? She doesn’t drink or do drugs, she has been happily married for four years, both her and Mike volunteer with various organizations, they have a strong faith (not to say that those who don’t have faith aren’t maternal), and both have solid incomes….. I’m curious what in her life leads you to believe she isn’t maternal?

rrrrrraaaaa on

i dont even like country music but i love her! she seems so down to earth and is a huge animal lover. I am so happy for them. I think they’ll be fantastic parents.

Sunny on

Wasn’t a big fan before but I am now because of the shirts she put on her dogs. THAT is so cute. It reminds me of me and my mom. Today she was all upset because she doesn’t have granddaughters and I said yes you do and pointed to my dogs. Lol

Lola on

YAY YAY YAY!!!! I’m so happy for them! I can’t wait to see this beautiful baby!!!

Kay Pasa on

Precious!! She will be a wonderful mama. Congrats to them!

Judy on

They will have a beautiful baby!

Carrow on

Now THAT is good news!

justme on

Love Carrie & Mike! Many congrats to them! And who cares what she said in a past interview…maybe she changed her mind? Maybe she was told she couldn’t have kids so she said she wasn’t that maternal so she wouldn’t be criticized by people for not having any but then it turned out she could? Life doesn’t always go as planned. I am sure they will be wonderful parents and whatever the circumstances regarding her timing for getting pregnant, it’s really none of our business. Wish them the best!

Librababe on

Awww yay!!!!

robinepowell on

Congrats to Carrie and Mike!!

I’ve always liked one song and only song of hers. Before He Cheats.

Mra. TK on

Good news for them. Now the world can be on “bump” watch.

Ginger on

Great news. Wishing them all the best.

Emily on

I have known soooo many people who say they never want kids, don’t like kids, etc. And then they have them! And they’re normal loving parents who would go to the end of the earth and back for thier children. No need to judge- kids change your life and perspective.

SamIam on

for the love of god, please don’t name your child Fly!

Beth on

Carrie Underwood is a gem, such a beautiful and talented woman with wonderful values. Her husband seems to be the same way, and I’m sure they will be wonderful parents. Congrats on the fantastic news!

STYX65 on

I’m really happy for both of them.
Please decide on a normal name or at leadt s normal “old fashioned” name.

Kendall on

Wait. Celebrities can get pregnant after they’re married? What is happening?

Aly on

Yay! So excited for them. Been waiting for them to start a family. They seem like they are such a fantastic couple!

Ann on

His hair is frightful.


Who is Carrie Underwood?

bb on

Very happy for them both. Seem to be a lovely couple and very supportive if each other…I bet she’ll be one adorable pregnant gal 😉

Sable on

Congrats to Carrie &her hubby, she’s one of my favorite idols.hope she has a healthy child.think mike was joking about naming their kid that.

Missy on

Great News. Congrats to A Beautiful Couple. And now Baby!

Kristina on

Congrats to Carrie and Mike on their baby such great news and surprising news. But after 4 years of marriage you deserve one of the greatest blessings that God can give. You two will be great parents if you just pray about it and leave it in God’s hands he will take of it. God bless you and your soon to be family. The saying is good things come to those that wait. That must be true because God had a perfect timing for you and Mike. Good Luck and God Bless. May you raise your baby with love, faith and happiness.

Lemur on

Are the dogs getting a “human” brother or sister? OR another canine brother or sister?

I think Mike & Carrie would be laughing out loud, if they are really talking about another dog…They never mentioned a baby!

Congrats to the Mom & Dad, regardless of what species “baby” they are having! LOL

Eli on

LOL I came to see here if any commenters would yap in glee about how she was married before getting pregnant and there are oh so many. I knew the commenters here would not let me down with their obsession over a man-made ritual.

Kristina on

I don’t care what they name this baby has long as it makes sense and you can pronounce it then I’m fine with that. It shouldn’t matter to us it is their child not ours and the name they give their child may have a special meaning to it. So all the negative talk can just stay off here because we need to keep them in our prayers for a healthy baby and pregnancy.

PD on

I don’t care what the baby’s name is, as long as he or she is healthy. Congratulations. I’m one of those people who couldn’t have a kiddo, but get so excited for others who do. It really is such a thrill to see a new tiny human enter the world. Teach your children well….support teachers….support all our kiddos! God Bless.

Kristina on

Why would anyone say that Kayne West was caught with his snake in Carrie that is just wrong and I am going to tweet her and tell her what you said. That is not right and you should post an apology. Mike is one of the kindest, loving and nicest people you could ever meet and Carrie is best friends with Lady Antebellum (famous for song Need You Now).

Kelsey on

Congrats to the happy couple. She is already healthy, happy and beautiful and I don’t expect anything less than that during her pregnancy. I’ve always admired her and her lack of media attention despite being in the limelight. That is hard to accomplish and endure. I wish the couple and the baby-to-be well. All that matters it health.

Pep on

Yay, congrats!! “Fly Fisher” haha 🙂

Ala Lemon on

Congratulations 🙂

Anna M on

Congratulations!!!! What wonderful news!!!

none on

Who the hell cares about thos fake bimbo!!’

veronica cervantes on

Love the announcement!!

Hea on

Sarcasm, irony and plain obvious jokes. It can sure FLY right by people.

Van on

Congrats to Mike and Carrie!

Ann on

How exciting for them…….another couple doing things the right way!!!

beachbum on

Yay love her. She is so well put together and level headed. Love to see good things happening to good people.

Mommyofthree on

Jamsie- I agree! Hopefully this baby will make her a little bit kinder. Her interviews- her own words- are a huge turnoff and somewhat appalling.

AnitaC24 on

Good for them! Congratulations!

Ann C. on

Very happy for them. Boy or Girl

charlotte on

Exciting news! So happy for them. Congratulations!! 🙂

sheila on

I think this baby will be beautiful!!

Jamey on

I can’t believe some of these posts–over excitement over an overpaid celebrity who is pregnant. Get a grip people.

Jennifer on

@ Anne, I was thinking the same thing in my car this morning when I heard this news on the radio. Let’s hope she posts appropriately today 🙂

Anonymous on

Mike needs to have his hair fixed, the style doesn’t look good on him!

maria on

OK thats great news BUT animals are not children. I am not my dogs mommy and my kids are no my dogs siblings.

bkable on

OMG! I sound like a stalker but I have seriously been waiting for this day for so long haha

pat on

Congratulations to this wonderful couple on the new Baby. Carrie has been nothing but a class act for years…Her husband shows he has nothing but love and respect for her. No weekly tabloids for them. I know it may be early, but they are thrilled over this expected bundle of joy, so are their fans!!!

Missy on

Fly?? Really…….Love you Carrie but Fly?? WoW! I would rather Orange over Fly LOL…..what’s the nickname going to be growing up? Maggot?? No fly please. Just saying

bb on

I know its hard to say about celebs and people you don’t know, but they at least seem like very nice people and I’m happy for them! They’ve had some time to enjoy just the two of them, and their furbabies of course, and now they are ready for the next step! Good luck to them!

smithy on

Dear Carrie,

We want our hair back.


The 80’s

Rosie on

I REALLY hope Fly is a joke! So happy for them…and know they will be great parents! Hope it’s a girl who is as pretty as Carrie.

g2-2be86066a2ab48995494a5815a60fa86 on

Martine McCutcheon is pregnant with her 1st baby too!

Jean on

Awe! Congratulations Carrie & Mike! Very happy for both of you!

Erin on

FLY?? Reminds me of that dreadful movie – The Fly. Hang that one on a kid why don’t ya

Susan on

Please let him be making a joke about the name….

Valarie on

Hum Fly? Funny name!

Lisa on

For those people saying she didn’t want kids, here’s what she said two and a half years ago:
‘While Underwood says she and Fisher aren’t looking to expand their family any time soon, they definitely plan to have kids, eventually.

“He’s going to be the best dad ever,” Underwood says of Fisher. “And that makes the whole parent situation seem much, much better.”

As far as how many children they plan on having, Underwood tells Oprah: “I think two is a good number … he’s like, ‘I want seven.’ ”

Congratulations to the two parents-to-be!

Linda on

Bahahah too funny FLY FISHER what a dumb name I prefer North to Fly……really?

Linda on

Oh who cares, my next door is neighbour is preggo too…big whoop

Lisa B on

Congrats to Mike & Carrie!
I remember thinking the same things right before I got pregnant with my daughter: “I don’t like kids, don’t have the patience, blah blah.” But my now 5 1/2 year old daughter has transformed me. I’m sure it’ll be the same for Carrie. It baffles me that so many people on here are actually being negative and nit picky about a married couple having a baby. Probably the same people who would have an issue if these 2 were pregnant and not married. I guess nothing is ever good enough for some of you. I’m happy for them. 🙂

angie on

Love these two, so happy for them!

KL on

Can’t really stand her.. but Good for them!!! That will be a beautiful baby

Van on

Hope they’re going to give a normal name, not a strange name like so many Hollywood kids name.

Amy on


KingKing on

Congratulations! To a person who seems to be beautiful on the inside & outside. This talented lady is going to be a wondeful mama.

Christa on

Congratulations! best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy! So happy for you both and your families. God bless!

mille prim on

conuatulations mike and carrie, I am really happy for them being carrie is an Oklahoman, arrie and mile will be great parents.

JA on

Can’t think of two better people to have a baby. They will be wonderful parents, and the baby will be beautiful and talented. Congratulations and God bless!

VM on

They are great couple, so happy for them!

Diva on

That is going to be a beautiful baby! So happy for them! Congrats!!!

Mariola on

Congratulations! I know you will be a wonderful parents! … about baby names, try to pick one that has a meaning and if you get twins …. get the names starting with C and M (initials of your names:)… Best of luck and can’t wait for news on a new arrival next year!

LoveCarrieUnderwood on

Carri is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacie on

I am very excited for them. She is so nice and she will be the best mother in the world. She deserves to pick out the name of her baby because this is her first child. She said she didn’t and wasn’t ready to have a baby. They waited until she was ready to have a baby. I cant wait to meet their baby boy. I hope it turns out to be a cute little baby. She is the best person in the world. No famous actress could ever replace her besides her and jill. Jill and her would get along just fine because they are both due in the spring and they are both having boys. Their husbands are really nice to them and they deserve that since they are pregnant. I am obsessed with the duggars and carrie underwood. Carrie underwood is my idol. She is my idol because she has not done anything wrong.

devin on


devin on

howdidyougetpregnantand also im up bfor adoption go to childnet.com

lana on

so dom