All the Details on Blue Ivy’s Adorable VMAs Dress

08/25/2014 at 01:45 PM ET

Blue Ivy Carter was a ray of sunlight that lit up her mother’s face at the VMAs on Sunday — and her gleaming gold dress didn’t hurt the effect, either.

The hue of the 2½-year-old’s frock picked up the glimmering mosaic pieces on Beyoncé‘s bodysuit as the singer accepted the Video Vanguard Award from her daughter and her husband, Jay Z.

The good news: We tracked down Blue’s dress. The metallic mini shift dress — complete with too-cute flutter sleeves — is from Bonpoint and retailed for around $350.

Blue Ivy Bonpoint Dress VMAs
Kevin Winter/Getty

The bad news: It’s sadly no longer available. But the line has similar dresses to give your little one that golden effect, like the Pebble Triumph Dress.

And don’t forget the matching hair bow, ballet flats — she wore Kenneth Cole Reaction Copy Tap shoes in gold/snake — and Blue’s must-have of the night: hot-pink shades.

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Showing 62 comments

L on

Such a beautiful family moment. I loved little Blue dancing away to all of her moms songs & when she said ” Good Job Mommy” or whatever she said, my heart melted. Love them!

Tia on

Blue was absolutely adorable last night! When she clapped & said “Go Mommy” last night, I could have melted. Beyoncé was beaming at her daughter & husband. The cutest thing was the slide show that played while Bey sang her song song “Blue.” Love the Carter’s!!

Jill on

When her husband & daughter came on stage, Beyonce smiled & broke into tears. So beautiful!

Since People likes to post things about the Kartrashians, let’s point out a few details:
Notice how Jay & Bey always have their daughter
She smiles!
She isn’t with a nanny & not only pictured when it benefits the mom (showing her ass, or an outfit.)

donnatex on

$350 for that wrinkled mess? I thought she was wearing pajamas.

Judy on

The had their little girl with them for more attention. It was all a publicity stunt.

maryhelenc on

Blue is so cute. Her yelling “Go Mommy” was precious.

They looked like a happy & beautiful family last night, but Hova is looking his age. I can see him retiring after this tour.

LaVonda on

I thought that was a beautiful moment. The performance was good from beginning too end. Go Bee you go girl. You & Jay & lil bee look so cute together. A great family

Keith on

Blue Ivy is this generation’s Chastity Bono.

Callie on

Can’t believe they would waste that amount of money on a dress for a child! They should have donated that money to charity! What greedy little people. Can’t stand this couple!!!

April on

I loved how Beyoncé beamed at her family! Beautiful family! Congratulations!

L on

Suzanne you sound foolish. Look up their charitable contributions from LAST YEAR alone….millions. And if I had the money, I would buy my children expensive nice things too. Hater!

Anonymous on

Even with the expensive dress, the little girl still looks like her dad. Poor child.

yeahisaidit on

Even with that expensive dress on she still looks like her daddy. Poor thing.

Guest on

Seriously. Why would anyone think taking a baby to the VMA’s is a good idea?? I wouldn’t even let my kids watch the filth, let alone go to it. Odd.

cb on

that was a great pr moment. totally staged though. but at least they did show the kids face and not just the back of her head.

slawson on

You idiots are so stupid. I’m guessing you “stage” events for your kids too? You dears, are not stars or celebrities. They are both. Therefore, the events they take their children to are not what you would do. Is it staged when they have pictures at the park, beach, walking down the street, or coming from the store. Wow…broke and miserable people, like some on the post, are so horribly miserable that they cannot be happy for anyone. Miserable people are not happy for themselves, because they have no idea how to begin to find happiness. It’s so good Bey and her family no nothing about you; neither do they care. Pathetic h8trs. Find your own success, or sit down with your ugly attitude, and be quiet with your broke selves.

Anonymous on

I like that Beyoncé and JZ are keeping it real with their little girl, no high heels (aka Suri Cruise) no twaxing (tweezing, waxing…no hair straightening, like, you know who)!!!

Kimber on

That was a waste of $350. Ugly, wrinkled mess.

charlotte on

@Anonymous – when did Suri Cruise wear high heels as a 2 year old? I must have missed those pictures……………… And Blue Ivy has gotten cuter. Still not a fan of her parents, but at least they seem to enjoy being parents!!!

Joy on

They have TOO MUCH MoNeY for that girls hair to be looking like a hot mess! Literally threw a bow hope it stuck

rockstarharrison on

There are some very mean spirited people on here! Good lord! Always negative – nothing positive. I’m not a super Beyonce fan, however, I found the entire performance to be the highlight of the night. And, the end… adorable. A little one staying up past bedtime for a big moment for the Mommy is NO big deal, and I guarantee you that she was behind stage for most of show.

Mommytoane on

Charlotte, Suri was photographed with heels at the age of 3. Prior to that Katie admitted that Suri liked wearing little dress up heels at home. So yes, Suri was wearing heels at the age of 2.
Cute dress, cute little girl. I love that she actually knows who her parents are unlike some celebs out there (*cough*kardashians*cough*)

Stef on

She looks just like Jay-Z, I don’t see any Beyonce in her features.

Tee on

I honestly don’t know much about this family since I don’t listen to that style of music but I’ll tell you this… the smile on Beyonce’s face in that picture is tremendous! She is just glowing and looks so incredibly happy. What a beautiful family photo!

ceecee on

I would like to know when are they going to comb this poor child’s hair. Beyonce spends so much money on her weaves and clothes why cant she spend some on a hairdresser for the child if she cant spend time doing it. That dress is do messy looking dont see 350 dollars, I could have made it for 10 dollars. Furthermore this woas a good pr moment for the parents and the only reason she is relevent is she does not wear any clothes on stage and always has her a*s hanging out for people to see. True talent does not have to grind, shake their a*s or perform almost naked.

DaisyMoon on

Jesus, comb her hair!

…and no, I don’t mean straighten it…natural is just fine, but that just looks like a tangled mess.

junio on

Very unattractive and impractical frock; wrinkles easily, so not good for a sit-down event. Much cuter dresses available for under $40. I like the shoes but not the hair bow. And doesn’t Mrs. Carter feel STUPID standing next to her black-haired family members with her Tang-colored straw weave dangling down? jeez. Black hair is very nice looking!

I did not watch the program but as for greatest entertainer — what instruments does she play? Can she juggle? Can she do a back handspring? Walk a tightrope? Hmmm…She sings, I know, and she dances some. Not sure her husband’s opinion is without prejudice.

junio on

I don’t think the kid sat in the audience for very long, no toddler would want to sit for hours and hours. The stage thing reminds me of when Whitney brought Bobbi Kris on stage and said “Don’t do dat” when Bobbi tried to grab the microphone.

Anna M. on

I am sorry….this looks so staged and in my opinion, it is to squelch the split rumors. When JayZ and Bey kiss, it looked a little awkward. With Blue Ivy…she is adorable and was cute cheering on Mommy. It was lovely she helped her Daddy give her Mommy the award. How sweet to remember that time.

Ru on

Poor kid looks like her dad

Michelle on

Blu is so adorable & beautiful! She has ethnic hair. It’s supposed to look like that! When she gets older she can relax or get a weave. Some people are so ignorant on here. All these people talking shit are probably ugly themselves.

Stephanie on

Are there people seriously on her criticizing a toddlers hair and dress choice? You’re are pathetic people and sound awfully jealous. I’m not even really a Beyoncé fan.. But how dare you make fun of a baby. Reconsider what you have done with your lives.

MJ on

Blue looked adorable. Incredibly sweet little girl, with a beautiful smile.

vivi on

at least the spend time with blue unlike kim k and nut ball and why was kim even there and her 2 half sisters should be ashamed of themselves texting at a moment of silence

Tia C. on

@Mommytoane & Vivi, I agree well over 95% of the time, if you see them you see Blue unlike Kim Katrashian and Kooyne! She is a cutie!!

lola on

I noticed Blue turned her head when mom tried to kiss her; was it because there was very strong perfume? Was baby being coy? Was it the glare from that ghastly leotard Beyonce was wearing? eeeek. At least dad wasn’t wear a ball cap; that hat was a new look. I wager he even showers and sleeps with the ridiculous gold neck chains, though. what is UP with those on all the rappers?

I like the name Blue Ivy. I don’t care for her dad’s compositions or her mother’s hair.

Sandra on

@slawson….That’s how you tell em!

Natalie on

Cute little girl! Love her. But, $350 on a little girls dress? Oh boy…

Anonymous on

Some of you sound like idiots. So many other celebrities bring their children to events and nobody says a thing. I think it was a beautiful moment and who cares if she wants to spend $350 on her daughter’s dress. She’s got it and it’s their business. Also, did anyone stop to think that she was probably playing backstage and the dress just got wrinkled. And her hair is called a twist out. You don’t comb it, you finger pull the twists apart and style how you like. Leave these people alone. It was a great performance, she deserved it and I wish them the best!

Clarice Lamb on

You people need to stop throwing stones. Beyonce’ has worked hard for everything she has. That’s her and Jay Z’s kid not yours so who cares how you feel. I’d buy my kid a $350 dress to come out and celebrate my success too. Did anybody stop to think that she was playing backstage most of the night and that’s why the dress got wrinkled? Common sense people. And her hair is a twist out. It’s just finger pulled apart and it’s free. I love that she doesn’t follow the norm of what you ignorant people think she should with her child’s hair. Wish them all the best!

cher on

Unreal taking a kid to the VMA’s it is pure trash…Blue is NOT a nice looking lid at all…Her father was a drug dealer……….Nasty family…!!!!

cher on

Comb the kids hair…looks like a brillo pad…!!!! ugly child

Alexa on

Blue Ivy is gorgeous! Beautiful family

beachbum on

Is it a new thing for men to not wear a wedding band when they are married? I know I’ve seen one on JayZ before but lately he hasn’t had one on.

AmyRene on

A baggy,wrinkled dress on such a cutie.

jenc on

That is a really cute family picture

Gametime68 on

Well unfortunately the child looks like him. I thought her performance was 1 step up from Stripper Pole Raunchy. I saw nothing “feminist” about it or her. “A billion dollars worth of ego” on that stage. What? Nobody else was allowed to touch the award before she touched it other than Dizz-Z? Farce.

Realist on

I can’t believe how people can talk badly about this child’s looks but turn around and oooh and awwwh over the pink, wrinkled, bald headed, Benjamin button looking, white celebrity kids. When I see some of those ugly kids I just skip over the post and keep my negative thoughts to myself. To each their own I suppose. SMH

Qdopie109 on

Wow some of you people are so mean spirited how do you look in the mirror every day??? Talking about a little girls hair. I for one am not African American so I can’t begin to imagine the time and effort to smooth out her hair being so curly but I can imagine it would take some time and I highly doubt a 3 year old would sit for any length of time to do that. As for them spending $350 on that dress what business of yours is it how they spend their money? Yes it’s wrinkled but clearly you haven’t been into any boutiques or high end stores because this look is very popular. Not a fan of either of them by any means but to attack a little girl is a whole new low for this society! I suggest those folks attacking little kids appearance souls re-examine your lives because you clearly miserable people.

S.W. on

No different that the Kardashians. Publicity, simple as that. As for the little girls clothes, no big deal. I don’t think the parents are as “close” as they try to make people believe.

Lori on

Suzanne how much have you donated to charity

Tiffany on

How pathetic some of you are! Hiding behind a computer bring nasty about a toddler. Utterly disgusting.

Gail on

Like the dress on Blue, very cute photo!

Anonymous on

A lot of ppl are making comments that they wouldn’t spend $350 on a dress. I’m pretty sure if you had the income Jay and Bey has, you would. They don’t even miss that money.

angie on

That dress costs $350. You can find one similar like that for about $25.

Tonja on

If I was rich I certainly wouldn’t be buying cheap clothes. They have the money to spend and it’s their business. As for her hair, most little kids do not want to sit still to get braids, etc. she’s only little once, why shouldn’t she be natural?

Anonymous on

Um a cute family picture!

Glenda on

It’s none of my business what Beyonce & JayZ spend on their daughter. I just want to know why there is a screw sticking out of the heel on her shoe? It couldn’t have been comfortable! Didn’t anyone notice?

Gia on

Blue looks cute but her hair needs to be groomed, kinda messy hair.

Nunya on

I sure hope she grows outta look’n just like J..I’m sorry..but fuck its not a good look for a man…its definitely not a good look for a girl..OMG that child is hurt..I’m sorry..adorable as she is …she is not a cute lil girl at all….and its not because of her hair…although they could give it some structure. Jus because she’s wear’n it natural doesn’t mean that it can’t be styled a little better…sometimes that baby’s hair look’s like lint balls are dangling from the ends of her hair…not cute at all…give her some lil twisties or some other more attractive natural style…..

Nunya on

@Callie ..1st of all its their fuck’n money and they can wipe their asses with it if they want to…You act as if they are the only celebs that splurge on their children. 2nd They can fuck’n afford it…so stop hating…and 3rd…you must not have heard about the concert they put on in NYC to help with poverty…and need to check your facts before you start making your judgmental ass comments…and 5…jus make sure you are doing your part for charity while you worry’n about what the fuck other people are doin with their money!!!!!!!!!!

Nunya on

@Charlotte..uh..yeah you missed that.she was actually 3……she’s been wear’n lil heels for a while now….I mean they weren’t 5″ heels but they were lil hi heeled shoes for her age group…I thought it was adorable..and you know Katie Holmes like most if not all celebs pay a nice penny for their kids clothing…so Beyonce and J are not the 1st and wont be the last… chk the link out: