Kelsey Grammer ‘Can’t Imagine’ Not Having More Kids

08/25/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Kelsey Grammer Kayte Grammer Son
Allen Berezovsky/Getty

While he just became a father for the sixth time, doting dad — and The Expendables actor — Kelsey Grammer says expanding his brood even further isn’t out of the question.

“I can’t imagine not trying for more because it’s been incredible,” Grammer, who welcomed son Gabriel Elias with wife Kayte in July, tells PEOPLE. “As soon as [he] came out, Kayte and I were going, ‘Yeah, let’s do another one.'”

Grammer is also dad to daughter Faith Evangeline Elisa, 2, with Kayte, and has four other children — Spencer, 30, Greer, 22, Mason, 12, and Jude, 9 — from previous relationships.

The Partners star, 59, notes the latest addition to the family is settling in just fine. “Gabriel’s fantastic … He is a lovely kid. He’s been real easy and agreeable,” he says, adding one family member is still adjusting.

“[Faith] is having a little more trouble than anybody else … she realizes that her world has been chopped in half,” he says. “This wrinkle, I think, pushed her over the edge a bit.”

However, Faith seems to be warming up to her 5-week-old brother: “She kisses the baby all the time,” Grammer says.

And while he’s got a packed schedule with a TV series and a summer blockbuster, even Grammer isn’t exempt from diaper duty.

“I do more of Faith’s now, and [Kayte] has been pretty hands-on with Gabriel stuff. That’ll even out in time,” he says. “The bigger jobs are the ones I’m usually asked to do — the phrase now is, ‘Daddy, there’s a poop.’ So, that’s the one I’m in charge of.”

Dirty diapers aside, Grammer is just enjoying the ride and loving being a dad. “It’s just this overwhelming gratification of being close to life like this. It just gives you such hope and joy,” he says. “I’ve never felt more alive or more serenely happy than in the throes of life with these young people. I really enjoy it.”

— Jeff Nelson

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Showing 43 comments

valeskas on

Alzheimers does not help you, grandpapa

Guest on

Just trying being a good father to the ones you’ve got, Kelsey.

Mommytoane on

I like Kelsey and all, but gracious isn’t almost 60 a good time to start enjoying grandkids and relax? lol I know I will be enjoying grandkids and not kids of my own at that age.

Sara F Kraft on

Good Heavens. MORE kids? Don’t you think you’ve had enough? You’re already entitled to senior’s discounts and have 6 kids. The Earth is overpopulated enough; why not donate to those who are lacking food/water/shelter/proper healthcare with your excess riches that you can never spend in one lifetime? SMH.

Bella on

As old as he is? He’ll be almost 80 when the last one gets to college. That’s a bit much.

katie on

Sisck, sick, sick – he’ll be dead by the time this kid or another other before (or shortly after) the kid(s) graduate high school. SELFISH!!

ciparliamo on

difficult times when they are little, but they are so cute and you can send them off to bed….but teens at his age aint gonna be cute…….

Christine on

“Let’s ‘do’ another one”?
Quite possibly the most disgusting thing ever said. He’s gross.

katie on

Time to stop having babies, he’ll be dead by the time the kids hit high school.

guest3 on

Kelsey, I think 6 children with different women is quite enough….. Try keeping this relationship i n tact and look after the kids you have. Give some of your wealth to the poor kids who will never have enough of anything.

Erin on

In my opinion, he is being this is very selfish – which from all appearances in past relationships describes him in a nutshell. I hope these children are able to grow up with a father and not visits to the cemetery to visit ole dad.

Katy on

In a few years he’ll call this wife crazy and start bad mouthing her, or he’ll have an affair with the teenage babysitter(again).

Sam on

Never see him with Camille’s kids – shouldn’t he take care of the ones he got before producing more?

LeeAnn on

Why are you so concerned about Mr Grammer wanting to have more children? As long as he is able to provide for them financially, it should be of NO concern to you or anyone else. It’s amazing how you feel so superior that you can comment on matters that are none of your concern. Worry about your own lives and let everyone else worry about theirs.

woodchuck on


Jaylynn on

“Having” children and appropriately raising and supporting them are two very different things.

Guest on

Ewww! He already has six? And grandkids. Enjoy them Kelsey!!

Carolyn on

LeeAnn, when a public figure makes a public comment the public is free to make their own judgement.

Tdotchick on

Father of the Year. From the guy who in his last divorce wanted custody of his son but not his daughter. Go ahead, have more, therapists of the future will need clients.

guest on

This guy seems like a real piece of work. Bad work that is. I watched an interview whilst he was still married to one of the ex wives and raved about her. We all know what happened to her/them and how he bad mouthed his exes/mother of his other children. Despicable behavior tends to show despicable human being!

Eli on

Eye roll. Come on, dude, seriously? You don’t need to repopulate the earth at your advanced age. Lay down your sword. Literally.

chris on

Four other children from previous “relationships” — wasn’t he married to Camille? I would hate to have my daughter (if divorced from his father) referred to as a relationship. Come on PEOPLE.

Jen on

You have wonderful children. Now, man up and get your nuts cut, NOW

Dawn S on

I’m sorry but what a f’d up thing for him to say. Having kids and being there to raise them are two different things. Is he gonna stick around for another couple years, help pop out another kid or two, then dump HER for a newer model too? What a flake. And she’s an idiot for thinking she’ll be any different than the two former wives. Maybe they’ll all get a new reality show when he dumps her!

Kellie on

I can’t help but think this is nothing but a jab at his ex-wife Camille, who can’t have children. He’s very selfish.

Dawn on

You have GOT to be kidding me. I used to love this guy but now he just seems like a self-indulgent nimcompoophead. Having and raising kids are two different things. Just wait a couple years til he dumps this chick for another younger model and leaves her to raise the kids. Who cares if he provides monetary support, HAVING a partner to help raise them is what matters, not moving onto the next household. What a schmuck. I look forward to the reality show “All My Exes” with his string of blonde ex wives.

Vanessa Fasanella on

This story makes me sad. He has what, 5 other kids? And he wasn’t there for most of them, right? And he doesn’t even speak to one of them? Anyone can make a baby; not everyone should be a parent. He should think again.

Marcia on

He’s disgusting.

Katie on

Kelsey, with an expensive divorce behind you, and 5 kids, perhaps you should make sure things are taken care of for those kids first. Your new show, “Partners” is awful, and I’m guessing won’t get picked up again. So you may be headed into retirement. Time to enjoy the kids you have now, and make sure their futures are taken care of, for it’s likely you won’t be around to see this newest baby get married.

Mel J on

He’s got two kids in California that he ignores while living in NY with a 32-year-old who is popping out kids like a Pez dispenser.

Kathy on

Too bad he doesn’t feel that way with his other kids. when he dumps the mother, he dumps them too.

racoon61 on

Your happy because you’re never there. Meanwhile the young wife is enjoying your riches. Hey, as long as everyone is happy, awesome, but you do realize you BOUGHT your family…right?

Judy on

I have always liked Kelsey Grammer for his acting abilities and the great shows he has been in. However, I’m not terribly fond of how he conducts his private life which of course, is private and none of my business. I will say that coming from older parents myself and losing my dad at 14 (he was 65) it was hard not growing up with my dad around during those very important teen years. My mom was great and did the best she could but any child losing a parent at a young age has a special burden to carry. I am now approaching 70 and I think of my dad almost daily in some way so it has been almost a life long event that affects my life. Young people who lose a parent have a very special and different take on life without that person. Certainly the older parent enjoys the children and their legacy but I would like to see oldsters consider the children and what they really will leave them because they won’t be around for those children in their early adult and beyond years.

Erin on

Meanwhile, he’ll maybe make it to his little ones’ high school graduation. My dad was 44 when I was born and just died at 74. He tired easily, even though he wanted to do all the things younger dads did. It’s not fair to the kid, Kelsey.

Lisa on

Oh typical…men just go on making babies no matter how old they are. For women, that window closes around their mid to late 40’s.

Guest on

LeeAnn on August 26th, 2014

Why are you so concerned about Mr Grammer wanting to have more children? As long as he is able to provide for them financially, it should be of NO concern to you or anyone else. It’s amazing how you feel so superior that you can comment on matters that are none of your concern. Worry about your own lives and let everyone else worry about theirs.”

Is this LeeAnn Rimes the homewrecker? Don’t worry Eddie will soon be leaving you, just like Kelsey will be leaving this one.

jlo27916 on

Why don’t you focus on not cheating on your wife before you guys go having more kids?

moose17 on

Another example of the idiocy of another fractured ,stable family. Wonder how his other children feel about this.

Crazy Kelsey on

Hmmmm is he going to be married to one person and get another person pregnant again? He should be fixed.

Judy on

Lee Ann. Do you understand that it takes more than financial responsibility to raise kids? Money doesn’t buy everything.

raxtoren on

For all you people who bring up his age, do you also attack single mother who visit sperm clinics? Who raise their children as single mothers?
Lets say Kelsey dies, those children still has grown up siblings, tons of relatives on Kayte’s side AND yes, Money saved up.

Thats what I always find bizarre when a woman says he is too old to have children, yet never think about.

1. He has a family.
2. The woman has a family.
3. There is millions of kids being rasied by a single mother and isnt suffering from it.

meghan on

@raxtoren, try staying on topic.

BeMore Momma on

ewww, that is so creepy to me especially their age difference. I’m 26 and my dad is 51, she looks like she’s standing next to her father. She looks really old for a 31/32 yr old. Once a parents child (ren) starts having babies of their own…. it’s time the parents to stop having children and be grandparents, ijs