Stacy Keibler Welcomes Daughter Ava Grace

08/22/2014 at 02:15 PM ET

Stacy Keibler Welcomes Daughter
Donato Sardella/WireImage

Stacy Keibler‘s bun in the oven is finally fully cooked!

The actress and TV host welcomed her first child, a daughter, with husband Jared Pobre on Wednesday, Aug. 20, she announced on her website Friday.

“Jared and I have been blessed with the new love of our lives. Ava Grace was born at home on Wednesday,” she writes.

“We’ve never experienced a level of joy and happiness like this before! Thank you so much for all of the special wishes and positive energy.”

The pregnancy was smooth sailing for Keibler, 34, who announced she and Pobre, a tech entrepreneur, were expecting a baby shortly after the couple tied the knot in March during a beach ceremony in Mexico.

“I haven’t had one day where I’ve been sick or tired,” Keibler told PEOPLE.

Instead of morning sickness and third trimester exhaustion, pending parenthood brought only good things for Keibler, who told Fit Pregnancy her marriage was already stronger.

“Our bond is so strong and special and getting pregnant has made it even more so. It’s been so much fun preparing to become new parents together,” the mom-to-be said in May.

Weeks before baby girl’s birth, Keibler told PEOPLE she and Pobre were ready for her big arrival — and had already decided on a name for their daughter.

We just talked about one name and that was it — easy peasy,” she said in July.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Elizabeth Leonard

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Showing 96 comments

Amy on

Congrats! Won’t be long before People is blathering about her “post baby body.”

Sarah on

Beautiful name. I’m very happy that she has settled into a happy new marriage and life.

Sun on

Let me guess, she had an easy-peasy perfect, pain free labor and delivery too?

Kate on

Wow!! Congrats to Stacy and her husband… Love the normal name.. Very pretty.

Gray on

Ava Grace is pretty, but it’s a very popular name.

nrych on

All I can say, good job on giving your daughter a normal name!! That’s abnormal in Hollywood….ahem, Apple and Moses? Come on now….

Guest on

That felt like a lightening fast pregnancy for some reason…congrats!

Sammie on

Congratulations to Stacy and her husband on their baby girl. What a beautiful normal name.

Carolyn on

Ava is way too common.

jenniferyterry on

Home birth, I’m impressed! She’s stronger than I.

Pretty name, congrats.

lee on

Love the name!

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them. Beautiful name. I know it’s common, but there’s a reason for it!

Torrance on

Oh my goodness! ANOTHER baby named AVA! My God, aren’t there any other names on this planet? There will be twenty Ava’s in every classroom across America for the next twenty YEARS. Be more original, folks.

valeskas on

Every name for a baby is a good name I hate people who always criticize.

ImALadyToo on

That’s interesting. I think Clooney’s sister’s name is Ava.

Anonymous on

Beautiful name…

Chris on

I bet those of you are saying her name is too common are the same people who complain when parents choose a unique name. Geez.

ImALadyToo on

Oops, never mind. Clooney’s sister’s name is Ada, not Ava!

lola on

Now that is a BEAUTIFUL name!!!! Congratulations new parents. Now the fun and love begins.

Taylor on

“We’ve never experienced a level of joy and happiness like this before!” At home birth – I bet she never experienced a level of pain like that before either. She gave birth Wed, today is Friday, how is this BREAKING NEWS?? At least the baby has a lovely name. Good job and congrats to the new parents.

sandy on

well good, now we can stop seeing so many preg pics of her! ack! but I do like the lace one below (its just kinda personal, I dont think I would have shared it to the world) but anywyas, pretty name too, congrats to her, I just hate the way preg stars always hold thier belly in pics etc…

ksu2000grad on

Congrats! That is my niece’s name, she’s 8 1/2!!!

Rachel on

My daughters name is Ava Lorriane. She is 8 and been the only Ava in each one of her classes.

Needless to say, it’s an elegant name that she can grow into. I don’t like all the cutsie girl names that end in the “ie or ey” sound.

Erin on

And no, George Clooney does not have a sister named Ava as was posted. Her name is Adelia. No matter how many Ava Grace’s there are in the world, or how popular the name Ava may be it’s a lovely name – at least it’s not Summer Rain or Monsoon Spring! Geez

K.B. on

What a beautiful name! I bet she’s a little cutie. Congrats to all.

templar on

Nice :)…Hope she takes on mommy’s looks and looong legs 🙂

templar on

Classy name for baby girl!

Taylor sparkles on

Finally a normal name

Anonymous on

Love the name!

kay on

Congrats to them. I love the name Ava Grace and plan on naming my daughter that someday. Not because of any trend but because I love it. Sadly I knew there would be whiners are on here complaining that its too common. There are always going to be popular names, it used to be John, Jennifer, Kelly, etc. That’s just the way it goes. It shouldn’t stop people from choosing the name for their child that they love. In college I had two roommates with the same name and so we just called them by their last names, even now that they’re married we still do it as an endearment term.

ELC on

Congrats to the happy couple on their newest addition to the family. However, I’m not fond of either name.

dd on

Love the name but can’t lie. I’ll laugh if I hear about Ava Grace’s colic a few months from now. She reminds me too much of Brooklyn Decker’s character in What to Expect….

freespeech92009 on

LOL on classroom rosters — all the Avas, Isabellas, Kaitlyns, Dylans, Madisons, Taylors, Ryans, Rileys, Kaylas, Michaelas (often misspelled Makayla), Kaylees, Shaylees, Shaylas, Mackenzies, Quinns … will have to go by their middle names, there are so many.

Sacré on

I swear people will get on here and b!tch about everything under the sun. That name is too weird. That name is too common. She should have done this. She should have done that. Geezus, just congratulate the woman and leave it be.

Congrats to Stacy and Jared on the birth of little Ava Grace. Happy to hear it was a safe and healthy delivery. Best wishes to you all.

Anonymous on

LORDY who cares if it is a common name!! My name is Elizabeth of which there are about a billion and hubby is Michael, of which there are about another billion. And we have gotten through life very happily. Ava Grace is a beautiful name and served Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly very well…and best of all, she will not have to spell her name constantly…congrats to the happy parents!

tcvajv on

Congratulations. Beautiful name!

Kay on

I love that she chose a simple yet elegant name fir this little girl,instead of the usual HollyWeird name!

Carrie M on

Best wishes to the baby and parents!

Jennifer on

Congrats Stacy and Jared!! BTW: I would be willing to bet that half the posters on here have children with common names. Just say congrats and be happy for them instead of complaining.

Chleo on

Good Girl!!! Congrats. Love the name…

Carol on

There are thousands and thousands of names, but yes, let’s keep using the same ones over and over and over….

guest on

Beautiful name! Not weirdo name. Happy for her and her husband

Lilyflower on

Goodness, some of you will find any reason to b!tch. Either the name is too weird, or it’s 5 of common. Doesn’t matter if it’s a common name, it’s still beautiful. Congrats to the happy couple.

Lilyflower on

*too common. Damn phone lol.

Marilyn on

That makes three celebs that had babies born on Aug. 20: Stacy Kiebler, Carson Daly, and Pete Wentz.

Nicole on

Ava Grace is a very beautiful name. It’s funny seeing people on here say it’s a common name because if she would have given her baby a weird name then people would have been going crazy making fun of it and being rude about it. Ave is a common name but I think that is because it is a classically beautiful one.
On a different note I just want to say congratulations to the new parents. I’m sure Ava is an adorable baby.

MJ on

Next headline will be about her up-coming divorce.

Sam on

Everyone is complimenting her “very normal name,” and yet “Ava Grace” is probably the most common name combination for girls in the last three years. We Samanthas, Jessicas, Laurens, and Ashleys encourage parents to think at least a LITTLE out of the box.

Mary on

Congrats, love the name, I’ll bet she is a beauty.

Andi Simps on

I guess Tony Dovolani now has two DWTS celebrity partners with daughters named Ava Grace!

Tired of People on

You people are too much. Stop complaining about the name. You gripe when it’s normal, you gripe when it’s not. By the way @Torrence, I hope there’s not too many more of your name. Get over yourselves!!!! And Sam is telling parents to think outside the box!! Issues because of your name? Geesh!

Easyup on

She looks fanominal in these photos. She really rocked this pregnancy because all the pictures I’ve seen of her, she looked fantastic, she really took good care of herself. Wishing much joy and happiness to the new family.

April on

I think it’s a very pretty name. People complain when it’s weird and complain when it’s not. I doubt they care what we think of it anyway. Congrats to them though

Susan on

Congrats to the family and what a very lovely name.

gymluv on

It is refreshing to hear a celebrity not complain about how awful being pregnant was and how hard it was. I wish them all the best, congrats on your baby girl.

Guest on

Melissa Rycroft from the Bachelor franchise named her daughter Ava Grace. Hope she doesn’t find this out…OMG

Tiffany on

If she had a unique name people would comment. A normal name people comment. Get over it. It is a beautiful name and she is a beautiful mom.

Lexie on

Congratulations, and what a beautiful name!

Jamey on

I’m sorry, but this isn’t “Breaking News”. A woman who dated George Clooney and is not known for anything else but a rushed into marriage and a nearly nude pregnancy shot.

Tee on

Love hearing about people in the public eye promoting home birth! And such a beautiful, classic name they chose for their daughter. Congratulations to Stacy and her husband!

Helene on

Congrats. Love the name.

NIC on


jeeva on

great first name, icky middle name. Good initials!

Delores on

Agree. Congrats anyway!

Kica on

Beautiful classic feminine name for a girl.

mindy on

So excited to hear about another homebirth mama. Congrats Stacy and Jared!

Kathy Carpenter on

Beautiful name….Congrats

Wow on

Well isn’t life just grand?

Guest on

I was going to name my 4 yr old daughter Ava, but decided against it because it was so popular. I named her Myah instead and guess what, now that has become a popular name. Who cares as long as it is a name that the child will not be teased for!

Truthfinder on

Normality…Good for “Baby Ava Grace” and her lovely name. Way to think about the baby for once and give her a normal name. Congrats!

Callie on

YAY! I just love her. Congratulations to the new couple and the blessed baby girl. Also the baby name ROCKS!!! Absolutely beautiful name.

missmooherself on

This is such wonderful news! Congratulations, Stcy, Jared an& Ava Grace. This is a great name for the Little Princess! 😀

Jazz on

Her married name “Pobre” literally mean “Poor” in spanish.

Angelica on

That’s great that she had a home birth! Pretty name for a girl too.

Kay on

My niece is named Ava Grace, it is so annoying popular but it is also a beautiful name that will age well. I’ll take an Ava Grace any day over North West.

Parsley on

Good for her, I hope all are well. Now go away Stacy, your 15 minutes are up.

Dulce Mae on

One word, Boring!!!

J.C. on

“Tweedle dee tweedle doo, everything is easy peasy for me! Never had a day of discomfort, morning sickness or even fatigue! All you other ladies don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to being preggers. Just eat organic and exercise, for heaven’s sake! Oh, that’s right, you don’t have residual checks from wrestling coming in like me…well, too bad. It’s not my fault you work at McDonald’s and have been on your feet 15 hours a day. I’m gonna show you how it’s done — get off your fat pregnant tushies and maybe you can be like me. Woopsie, my water just broke. Oh well, whatever, child birth is such a breeze. Maybe if you all stop complaining, yours will be too.” – Stacey Quibbler Keibler Pobre

Anonymous on

Ava Grace is such an overused baby name, though it’s pretty.

Ann on

Love the name………..

Karen on

Congrats! What a beautiful and normal name!!!

Torrance on

Actually, it’s spelled TORRANCE and I am thrilled to DEATH I have a unique name and not the boring common names of my generation: LAURA, LISA, AMY which I hate most of all and now everybody is naming their daughters AVA which is absolutely preposterous. You have nine months to come up with a name and you choose AVA which every female baby in America has been named? When Sarah Michelle Gellar had her daughter, I BRACED myself for another Ava and was shocked the named her daughter Charlotte which is fabulous and even she said at the time that she couldn’t name her something common. Yes, who likes names like Moon Unit and Apple, but jeez, ANOTHER Ava! Ridiculous!

J on

most names have been common, even more in common with one another. Matt, Mike, John, Jennifer, Jill, Melissa……..that’s the way it is all over the world. Why the surprise?!

lynnie on

Congrats. Love her name !

Jennifer on

Congratulations to Stacey and her husband1! I love the name Ava Grace, a normal name for once in Hollywood! I am sure Stacey will make a great mommy!!

Kristen on

Too everyone complaining (like really) that Ava Grace is too common. A name is a name people… it’s the personality you put into it that makes it your own. My daughter once had 4 Rachel’s in her Girl Scout troop of 14 girls. Talk about confusion. But each girl had such a distinct personality that all you had to say was “Rachel was working on her this project….” and everyone knew which Rachel it was! Nothing wrong with normal and common!

JulieB on

I am one of the people who are very happy for her. Happy that she made a beautiful life for herself before that egotistical louse George Clooney destroyed all of her good years and wasted them.

chiwoman60 on

Nice to see a home birth.. Way to go! She was relaxed in her own home and she could do what she wanted. Love the beautiful name.

Parsley on

George Clooney wasted her best years? He was with her for 2 years, during which she had fabulous vacations, went to any A-list event she wanted, had access to gorgeous clothes (probably for free), learned how to look, talk and act her best, and had the company of a gorgeous, talented, interesting man. He got her entertainment career started (she was a lady wrestler before, for god’s sake). At the time everyone wondered what the heck he was doing with HER. I’ll bet she wouldn’t take anything for those two years

bibliotecaria34 on

Good lord, you people are absurd. If a name’s not “too ridiculous”, it’s “too common.” Nothing makes you happy. Just be happy for her – Ava Grace is a lovely name!

KL on

Aww yay!! Beautiful, NORMAL name!!

sheesh on

Sheesh…if she would have named it a non traditional name she would have been blasted. She gives her daughter a beautiful, yet popular name, and people blast her. Pitiful folks. What she names her kid has no impact on you either way so why bother critiquing it. Congratulations on the baby!

Lyn on

Next? Easy peasy divorce! lol

Anonymous on

Love her name, so normal!

Sharon on

Congratulations!! Beautiful name 🙂 finally!!!

tiff on

That’s my daughter’s name.