Kevin Jonas ‘Would Never Push’ Daughter Towards Musical Career

08/22/2014 at 08:15 PM ET

Kevin Jonas is the first to admit that parenthood has thrown him for a loop.

“What surprised me the most about having a baby was how long you can go without actually getting good rest!” the musician, 26, who welcomed daughter Alena Rose in February, tells PEOPLE.

“It’s incredible that your body will allow you to sleep for two hours, and then you’re up, and then two hours, and then you’re up.”

Kevin Jonas Danielle Daughter Alena
Michael Lavine

But he and wife Danielle don’t mind Alena’s crazy schedule. “She rules it!” says Danielle, 27.

Their favorite time of day? Post-nap, around 2 p.m. “Right when she wakes up, she’s in a really good mood,” Kevin says. “She’s very active and expressive. She takes a lot after me!”

In fact, Kevin says he wouldn’t mind if Alena actually followed in his footsteps.

“If she told me she wanted to be in the music industry or the entertainment business one day, I would help her fulfill her dreams, but only if they were her dreams and not mine. I’d tell her the good and the bad, but I would never push her.”

Kevin Jonas Danielle Daughter Alena
Michael Lavine

That’s a conversation for later. For now, he and Danielle are just trying to manage their new life as parents.

Although Kevin works from their New Jersey home “on a few different startups in the tech world,” the couple — whose reality show Married to Jonas is on hiatus — doesn’t get to spend much time together.

“I try to get Dani’s attention, but I’m number two!” Kevin says. But he and Danielle hope to change that. “We’re trying to schedule one time a week, even if it’s just lunch, to talk one-on-one about how each of us are doing.”

In the meantime, he says, it’s the typical new-parent juggling act. “At any moment, we’re either trying to get something accomplished or checked off our list. But it’s worth it. We have an amazing daughter.”

Kevin Jonas Danielle Daughter Alena
Michael Lavine

For more of our interview with Kevin and Danielle Jonas, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now

— Stephanie Emma Pfeffer

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Showing 22 comments

Mel on

Alena looks like his twin!!! Just adorable!! And those cheeks are so squeezable!

Mamaof3girls on

Very sweet. She doesn’t really look like mom or dad in coloring-but you all must be doing se things right-look at those happy, crinkly eyes! How is her name pronounced? A-Lynn-uh, or a-lean-a?

Timmy on

Definitely looks a lot like Kevin.

sara on

She is Beautiful. They are soooo blessed and it looks like they know it. Pictures are GREAT 🙂

Vanessa on

Earrings?? Seriously. Ugh. Earrings don’t look cute on a baby. They look ridiculous.

Ashlynn on

Why make a comment about the earrings? Not your baby, not your problem. As a mother of 4 daughters who all had their ears pierced at 6 months, nothing matters than ones OWN parenting choices. You are not Alena’s parent. You don’t need to make the call about whether you think it is cute or not considering that it doesn’t actually affect your life.

Angelica on

Aw, their baby is so cute!

Aussie cathie on

Totally adorable family. Want to squeeze those cheeks. Can’t help it I’m Aussie with Italian heritage

Ali on

These pics are adorable. I love how down to earth they seem just hanging in their pj’s.

Mya on

Cute except for the earrings.

Mommytoane on

I just have to say CUTE kid! She’s one of the cutest I have seen and so happy too. Love it.

Tee on

What a precious little girl! Alena is adorable!

S.W. on

She is a cutie! Looks just like her daddy. Not a fan of the earrings, but to each their own. I just personally find them to look tacky on children. At least no one will think she is a boy wearing earrings.

Anonymous on

What an absolutely adorable baby!! She looks more like Daddy so far, in my opinion. Beautiful little family!

Margar11 on

Many cultures have babies wearing earrings. I had earring since I was a baby. Just because something is different than doesn’t mean it’s wrong or “tacky”.

Waldo on

It makes me feel sick seeing babies with earrings. Children should decide if they want pierced ears or not.

I have two lobe piercings on each ear and had them in my teens. It was painful for the rest of the day. I knew what I was going through, but a 6 month baby does not.

angie on

Their baby is so cute, love the name Alena!

Kate on

Capital “A” adorable!

Yay! on

Oh good Lord, Joelle. Relax. Why get so upset?

Judy on

Beautiful baby to a great couple.

Judy on

The earrings look cute. Both my girls got their ears pierce as babies at the pediatricians office. Neither one cried. It was no big deal.

Liz on

What an adorable baby. Shame about the earrings.
I just cringe seeing that. It is trashy and tacky and carries that stigma. I thought this couple had more class than that.