Second Daughter on the Way for Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk

08/22/2014 at 11:30 AM ET

 Jenna Wolfe Pregnant Expecting Second Child Stephanie Gosk Stephen J. Cohen/WireImage

It’s another “Oh, baby!” moment for NBC’s Today show.

Correspondent Jenna Wolfe offered joyful news for viewers Friday when she announced that she and partner Stephanie Gosk, a foreign correspondent for the network, are expecting their second child — another girl! — in February.

Wolfe, 40, shared word of her family’s expansion, noting that daughter Harper Estelle, who turned 1 on Thursday, was soon to have a sister.

“I figured, I got pregnant, I did it right the first time. I’m just going to do the exact same thing again, and we’re going to hope for the best,” she joked as Gosk, 42, tried to join the conversation via Skype from Tel Aviv, where she’s currently on assignment.

It’s been a big year for babies on the morning show — including the recent arrival of host Savannah Guthrie‘s daughter Vale along with Carson Daly‘s third child, daughter London Rose, born Wednesday.

None of this was lost on Wolfe.

“We’re actually going to [have the baby] here in the Orange Room,” she teased.

— Andrea Billups

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Showing 30 comments

templar on

I like Stephanie Gosk. Great reporter. Jenna Wolfe is unfit for her current job. Good luck with baby!

mommy2eandl on

Congratulations and the best of luck to you both!!

LA on

Don’t drink the water at NBC or you’ll get pregnant !!!

Booom on

Congratulations, Jenna and Stephanie and Harper!!!!! So excited for you all!

Dawn on

I’m running to drink the water at those studios! Congrats to the beautiful family!

klutzy_girl on

Cute way of announcing! And congratulations to them but what is in the water on that set? LOL.

forrest gump on

this is siiiiiiiii BEAUTIFUL!!

p on

Fantastic news! CONGRATULATIONS!

Amy on

Wow, that was fast! Congrats to both of them. Love the name Harper.

Guest on

Please bottle the water in the their building and send it to me. I will pay for shipping and handling.

Becky on

LOL. “They” are not having a child together. The one who is pregnant presuming she used her own egg is the one having a baby with a probable unknown sperm donor. Gosk and the donor are having a baby.

valeskas on

Good luck Jenna and Stephanie and I love Jenna on the weekends.

Hea on

Congrats to them!

Homosexuality has been a fact of human life since the, well, most likely since forever. When exactly is your God going to do something about it? Could it be he doesn’t care? Could it be that he loves them as he loves straight people? And why can’t you love thy neighbor or at least respect that we’re all different. We’ve all got out preferences. And what’s it to you? It’s their life, not yours. It can’t possibly affect you.

jeeva on

If she did it right the first time, why does she need another? Sounds greedy to me.

Brooke on

I LOVE these two. Harper Estelle is a lucky girl to have two mommies that worship her.

Lbethanne on

Wonderful news and congratulations, Mommies!

carolyn on

Congratulations to both Jenna and Stephanie! You both are to notch reporters and parents. Enjoy every minute….they grow so fast!

Unknown on

YEA!!!!!!!!! Congrats Jenna and Stephanie, much love and happiness 🙂

To anyone who is a negative nancy, GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!

SAR on

I think it’s great that People announces births to gay couples and marriages between gay couples just like it announces those events for straight couples: matter-of-factly.

Ivy. on

I love the name Harper Estelle. I look forward to hear what they’ll name the second.

Saralee on

Hea, who are you talking to? Sounds like you’re responding to someone who has yet to comment. That said, while homosexuality is a fact of life, reproduction between two homosexuals is not. One of these women is having a child with a male stranger and the other woman will presumably adopt. Judging by the donor children’s blogs, many of these children are not happy with the arrangement.It seems like all these couples–gay or straight–who go the donor route only think about what they want.

g.turner on

Savanna……unwed pregnacy
Carson….unwed pregnamcy
Jenna….lesbo pregnancy
Is the Roker/Willie bromance to be announced next ?

Hea on

Saralee – there were posters on here that said God would punish them. I had no idea this place was moderated these days but, apparently, it is and they have since been removed.

Any – So you don’t consider adoptive parents parents then? It doesn’t take genes to be a parent, it takes lots of guts and even more love.

Julie on

Parenting (noun)

Process of raising and educating a child from birth until adulthood.

Gee, it sounds like they’ll both be parents too me.

joan on

@g.turner – savannah got pregnant just before her wedding, after she was engaged. That used to happen 200-300 years ago all the time.
And Carson has been in a long term relationship as well as the Jenna and Stephanie. SO WHAT if they aren’t married? Marriage doesn’t guarantee anything.

Anonymous on

Any child needs Father and a Mother.

Anonymous on

Um two ladies having a baby, great. Next.

lil on

whose egg was used for 2nd baby jenna or stephanie ?

truthtalker on

So who is the MAN who impregnated her. I mean she had to get the sperm from some man.

Magc Man on

I know I’m very prejudiced, but Jenna Wolfe is the best thing on Morning TV. I am a 60 plus male who loves her enthusiasm, smiling face and genuine caring for what she does. I’ve been watching theToday show for the last 10 years since I retired, and her coming onto the weekday time slot is the smartest thing NBC has done in a while.
Good Luck Jenna……………with the show & yours & Stephanies addition in Feb.!