Pete Wentz Welcomes Son Saint Lazslo

08/21/2014 at 07:00 PM ET

Pete Wentz Welcomes Son Saint Lazslo Stephen J. Cohen/WireImage

Pete Wentz‘s new baby is a Saint!

The Fall Out Boy bassist, 35, and model girlfriend Meagan Camper, 25, welcomed a son, Saint Lazslo, on Wednesday, Aug. 20 in Los Angeles, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“Mom and baby are happy and healthy,” the rep says. “They are thrilled at the addition to the family and Bronx is over the moon to be a big brother.”

Up until the baby’s arrival, Wentz — whose 5½-year-old son is from his previous marriage to Ashlee Simpson — didn’t know the sex of his second child.

“We’re waiting,” the new dad told PEOPLE in May. “I think we’ll probably do a surprise on this one.”

But the couple of three years, who celebrated with a chic baby shower in May, have always made their intention to start a family together known.

“They’ve been planning this for awhile,” a source close to the stars told PEOPLE in February.

“What’s more exciting than having the pitter-patter of another little gremlin running around?” Wentz said in May. “Now it will be two-on-two.”

— Michelle Tan

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Showing 61 comments

Bhavana on

Congratulations on your baby boy!

Carly on

Congratulations! But really, Saint?

Leah on

Congrats! Bet he is a great dad. Keep going rol you get a girl Pete!

Ugh on

Saint. No pressure or anything.

Mel on

Best name I ever heard in my life ugh.

josie on

no, sorry, no. just no. I think that Bronx has the best name of ANY celebrity kid, bar none (Coco has the worst one), but this? No. Stupid. Rhymes with Ain’t. and too many people attach meaning to the stupid notion of “sainthood.” ugh. and did anyone try saying Saint Lazslo Wentz out loud???? How many sibilants are in that? Does Pete even know what a silibant is (no, it isn’t associated with “sibling”).

Swap the names and call him Lazslo.

MaryAnn on

The spelling is Laszlo… is Hungarian name.

Janie on

Congrats to both!!!

Anonymous on

Kinda curious why they named him Saint Lazslo.
I think Lazslo Saint would have been a little less strange. At least then he could go by Laz as a nick name. I wonder if all the celebs who choose strange names for their kids do it so their children can have a good reason to change their names as adults and choose their own name? Whatever, it’s their baby…I just feel sorry for this newest generation of kids with crazy names.

Elara on

I think Lazslo Saint would have been a better choice. It is slightly less weird, and he could have gone by Laz as a nick name. Whatever…its their baby, they can choose whichever name they want, but why give your kid a name they will be teased for? What is the thinking?

I wonder if celebs give their kids stupid names so they have a good reason to change them as an adult. If I grew up with a name like “Pilot” or “Kal-el” or “Prince” or “Apple” or “North” or “Saint” or “Bronx” I would change my name as soon as I turned 18. I do feel sorry for this newest generation of babies with crazy names.

annoula on

makes sense now…

László is a Hungarian male given name and surname after the King-Knight Saint Ladislaus I of Hungary

misslee on

Saint Laszlo, (the actual saint, spelled L-a-s-z-l-o) is revered in Hungary and thought of as its greatest hero. It’s a strong name for a baby!

Ashlee on

Just what I was thinking .. Saint is not a name it’s a title … I can’t wait to see if he lives up to “Saint”…

JustAGirl on

Congrats on your new baby boy! Pete seems like a good dad 🙂

lola on

takes the cake for the worst baby name. lazslo is slightly bareable but saint. really? just plain stupid. these are trying to be yuppie relevant. he was married to ashlee simpson so he will never matter much since he is linked to her.

Marisa Beatriz on

I think that’s a big name for a kid to live up to. I doubt he would (live up to the name) especially in Holly weird/lala land. Bronx is a much better name and I never thought I’d ever say that.

Taylor sparkles on

Saint? Umm okay

Kellie on

I’m curious….do celebrities have contests to see who can name their children with the oddest names?

Cali on

These movie stars and their name, saint..come on

templar on

Babies are pure life joy…Congratulation!

templar on

His name is Not “Saint” but “Saint Laszlo”…I didn’t know PW was Hungarian…Laszlo is Hungarian name

Ash809 on

Can any celebrity think of any other phrase other than “over the moon”- it’s getting annoying.

KL on

Omg.. you had 9 months to think of name and thats what you came up with?? Horrible name…. but Congrats

Ginger on

Who was the last celebrity that named their kid something normal? Saint. How stooopid. Lazslo, not so bad.

Stacey McRae on

You should see the names on my 9th grade roll sheets this year! God help us as least half are completely stupid or the most bizarre spellings of common names you have ever seen. Way to handicap you kids! If you pronounce their name incorrectly you get attitude when they pronounce it. I want to tell them to thank their parents for all but putting a sign on them that tells someone, here comes someone with an attitude who is going to be a total loser in life. They know the name is a trainwreck and they will ALWAYS be pronouncing or spelling it for anyone they encounter.

Stew on

Saint? What a stupid, pretentious name!! Lazslo would be unique enough and fine, but Saint is just ridiculous!

amy on

I wonder how many people in the world give their kids weirdo names like this and we just don’t know it because they aren’t famous… I mean, it can’t just be celebrities screwing their kids up this way, right?

Anonymous on


guest on

I don’t think Pete would name his child Saint Lazslo just for the fun of it. Obviously, it has some meaning to him, so it would be great if people could maybe respect that instead of just assuming that they named their child something that some people consider a “bad name.” Anyways, congrats to Pete and Meagan (also, I have to add- with their genes, that’s gotta be one beautiful baby)!

guest on

Also, if you think celebrities naming their children “odd” names is tiring, just imagine how all of your comments about it look together. EXHAUSTING.

erin on

Why do you people care what his son is named? It’s his choice for crying out loud. People can name their child whatever they want. I get that you may think it’s a “stupid name”, but Pete and Meagan have obviously put a lot of thought into it.

Anonymous on

Dumbest name ever

Tiffany on

Really dumb name.

emily on

I thought Bronx was terrible but Saint Laszlo is even more ridiculous then Bronx. by far the worst celebrity name is speck wildhorse .

Anonymous on

what a stupid name…….i swear some people only think of the shock factor when giving a child a name…

Maddie Harr on

What a dumb name

justmemartie on

Just a tidbit here: The name Santo (Saint) in Spanish and Italian, was quite common for many, many years – it wasn’t an unusual name for an older person to have. In fact “Santino” is the diminutive and very popular in some Hispanic countries lately. Having lived abroad in Spanish speaking countries the name Saint doesn’t ring strange to my ears.

dd on

laszlo is not bad, but saint? be serious

i thought bronx mowgli was bad, but this might be worse

Alex Richter on

Next thing we know, he’ll be from Steelwater Port. Ha ha ha.
Welcome to this world, kid. Welcome to the party.

Alia on

Maybe he should have waited to see if this relationship will actually work out before having a baby with her….just a thought. At this rate, he’s gonna have 10 kids from 5 different girls by the end of it all. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing for the first kid, Bronx, but guessing bad or neutral, not good.

genibre2013 on

I can’t even with these idiotic names.

Yaz on

I don’t think PW is Hungarian or Spanish. I think his mother is Jamaican.

dottie on

So what if the kid becomes an actual saint, will he be named “Saint Saint” ?:D

lola on

Well, I think it is safe to say we now know who came up with equally ridiculous name Bronx Mowgli!!! Did you really just name your boy Saint?! What an idiot!

eyeroll on

His middle name should have been hood, and he could be called Sainthood.

Skiiy on

He seems like a good Dad (except for the naming part) and hopefully this relationship is more stable than that with the cooky Ashley. The name, really? The idea is to fostor self esteem in your children and not start them off with the added challenge in life of having a screwy name they have to defend and live with until 18 when they can legally change it. Celebrity kids are born into the spotlight and don’t need a F-d up moniker to add additional attention to them. Their life will be hard enough. Hope he never makes a mistake.

Jan on


lola on

Well, I guess we now know who was responsibe for giving his son the ridiculous name Bronx Mowgli!! Saint? Really!! These strange names fom a guy named Peter, you should really consider what your boys are going to have to go through with these names!

Anonymous on

That’s one ugly name. Hope this kid is homeschooled so he doesn’t suffer the name calling at school!

Tanya on

Saint? seems this name is starting popular these days.

Jennifer on

Don’t these parents realize that what they name their child is something that’s going to be with them FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES?!?!? It maybe cute now because the child is still a baby, but wait until they get older. I can already see the taunting this boy is going to go through when he starts his school years. Parents need to realize that when it comes to certain things like this, OTHER KIDS CAN BE BRUTAL!!!

fiona on

saint – really? how silly.

Mel in STL on

Ummm…did the article writer misspell Laszlo or did Pete Wentz?

IvyLane on

This is a joke, right? C’mon. It has to be a joke.. Someone please tell me this is a joke. I. can’t. even…

IvyLane on

Okay, Dave Grohl just named his daughter Ophelia Saint. What. the. hell? Do these people consult each other when their kids are born days or months apart and decide on a “name of the day, week, month or year”? For people who pride themselves on originality, they sure do borrow names pretty often.

Niko on

Saint Lazlo? Ugh…

sandy on

Saint? Really? It always amazes me the pompous, ego maniac attitude these celebs have. I feel SO sorry for this child. Knock it down a notch- your not that great Pete.

Sharon on

Saint??? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Letsbehonest on

Isn’t there any ACTUAL Saint, Saint Laszlo? So, I guess, in a way; it’s no different than many cultures that use “Jesus”. Not something I care for myself, as I think it is such a big name to live up to. But also, not completely out there, if you look at it that way.

Anonymous on

Silly name but happy for them!

Ari on

I really like the Hungarian name Laszlo!!