Carson Daly Welcomes Daughter London Rose

08/21/2014 at 08:15 AM ET

Carson Daly Welcomes Daughter London Rose
Courtesy Siri Pinter

Forget the Orange Room, Carson Daly is thinking pink!

The host of The Voice and Today’s digital studio welcomed his third child with fiancée Siri Pinter, daughter London Rose, on Wednesday, Aug. 20, the Today show announced on its Twitter feed early Thursday morning.

The post was accompanied by a sweet Twitpic of a beaming Daly as he held his new baby.

Pinter, a food blogger, followed up with a Tweet of her own, writing, “Thanks for all the love!”

The wee one, who was born just a week after Daly’s Today show colleague Savannah Guthrie welcomed her own daughter, weighed in at 8 lbs., 11 oz., and measured 22 inches long.

Hours after London Rose’s arrival, Daly appeared on the Today show via video, saying: “Baby and Siri are right here, they are doing very well.”

He also went on to explain their new daughter’s beautiful name.

“Rose was my grandma’s name … Etta was Siri’s grandma’s name so we have a lot of family history in the names,” he said. “Even when little London came out, we were still throwing out our last-minute short list, and London Rose Daly was the one.”

The couple — who were engaged in June 2013 — are already parents to daughter Etta Jones, 2 next month, and son Jackson James, 5, and Daly has been open about putting his personal life high on his list of priorities.

“I’m a family man first and foremost. Everything I do in this business, it all pays off when I come home,” he told PEOPLE in January.

The radio show host revealed his family was expanding during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in March.

“For years my mom was like, ‘When are you going to have a kid?’ And now she’s like, ‘Slow down!’ ” he joked.

— Anya Leon

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Showing 72 comments

valeskas on

Family man, don’t make me laugh, he would have already married her, if he was a family man.

SarahJane77 on

Aw, Carson’s all grown up now! I love watching him on the Today show. I grew up with him on TRL! He truly seems like a man who really enjoys his family. Congrats!

sue on

Family man? Great, but how about you marry the mother of your three children? Oh, you don’t have time? Right. That’s bull.

StacyR on

Best move Carson ever made, dumping Tara Reid.

Mary on

What ever happened to when are you getting married? Not when are you having kids Carson!! So sad cause he calls himself a family man!!!

Anonymous on

Fiancée?! Bwahahahha.

melancholyjoy25 on

London – great name for a city – not a person.

rrrrrraaaaa on

Beautiful name. But maybe he should marry her already instead of having 3 kids out of wedlock.

Jay on

Congrats but just get married already. You have 3 children and clearly have been together for a while. Set a good example for your kids and make the commitment.

sjs89 on

He is a family man. He’s there for his kids. And if you all can read it says they got engaged last June. So the ones who are being asses about this must have commented yesterday about a MARRIED Jill Duggar getting pregnant so fast. A lot of people get pregnant on their honeymoon. My friend is one of those people she got pregnant on her honeymoon to Paris.

sjs89 on

Everyone needs to shut up about people have kids out of wedlock with the same person they have multiple kids with. Its not your lifes so just shut up

Amanda on

Congrats to the family! I love London Rose and Siri’s smile in the last pic melts my heart – anyone that has every had a baby knows that same feeling of pure bliss! Beautiful.

stuckinsouthcarolina on

Love the name!

Jen on

She is just beautiful! Enjoy that gorgeous girl, much love and good health to all.

Niko on

Maxwell, Lincoln, River, now London for a girl. So choosing very masculine names for a baby girl is a Hollywood trend now? Carson isn’t exactly a Hollywood celeb, but still!….

Congrats to the Daly family nonetheless.

Nikki on

What century are some of you judgmental people living in where all you care about is that he’s not married? He obviously can provide for his family, loves his kids, seems like he loves his fiancée, and they all seem happy. I think he seems like a great guy and am happy for them all. Also love the name London Rose, and the fact they’ve used family names.

Bella on

What is all this marriage talk about? You cant be a family if youre not married? I mean Im married, I get it…..but to each his own! If theyre happy and this works for them whats the big deal? The kids have 2 parents that lvoe thme very much.

Diana on

You don’t have to be married to be in a loving committed relationship. Also, who says it can’t be a family man unless he’s married? You people are hypocrites….I’m sure many of you have people you are close to and call family even when they really aren’t. He’s good to her, and is loving and supporting his kids.

bitsy on

Congrats and best to all! Now let’s get the ball rolling on the wedding…..

Mimi on

Yeah, a family man who isn’t married to the mother of his children. What’s the hold up Carson?? Marry her already.

guest on

Oh, I get it, you’re only a family with a piece of paper that says so. Crawl back to the ’50’s

Lorraine on

Hey Carson – I really don’t get it. Why be shy about getting married? Why keep procreating without providing some semblance of a committed relationahip for your three children’s sake? Oh well – having more money than God means you don’t have to marry your baby mama. No bigee right – just keep on popping them out…

Katie on

Would be so nice if the cute little bastar$s had a real father. The greatest gift you can give your kids is to love and honor their mother. But that’s lost on this cool, hip-hop group of fame seeking morons.

Treal on

Time to put a ring on it!!

truth on

Seems like he just had a baby on the last season of the Voice? He likes keeping her barefoot and pregnant apparently.

Di on

Kind of agree, if you’re such a family man, why aren’t you already married?

Guest on

Why is everyone stuck on the fact that they’re not married yet? I don’t get it. You have to have a ceremony and paper to prove your a family man? Does that change the way you love your partner and children? Stop criticizing and enjoy the fact that two responsible adults have put raising and loving their children above all else….all i got from these pictures and this article is a great sense of love. Congrats to the happy family!

Kate on

Hilarious, I have been with the same guy for 15 years we have two kids together, marriage is not my cup of tea do to multiple divorces of my parents and he has accepted it. We have great relationship and love each other and I always get grief that we are not married. Which is funny as my friend has been married three times and has four kids by four guys but nobody bats an eyelid because she was married when she had them. Ironically one of the baby daddy she had a kid with was a guy she was not married to, the kid was product of an affair but then I am evil for not getting married. You are all hypocrites live and let live.

AmyRene on

So..why aren’t they married then? She is called his fiancee…they now have THREE children.Just do it already.

Sarah on

Y’all need to calm down about the marriage thing. It’s 2014. Get with the times. Plus they just got engaged a little over a year ago..perhaps they were in the midst of planning when she got pregnant.

Terry on

Katie – where does it say he doesn’t love her? Only with a piece of paper he can love her? I just don’t understand all the judgment and frankly why people care so much if they, or others, are married. The divorce rate is high so it isn’t like being married makes anyone more committed these days. If it did there would be no such thing as divorce.

Sunny on

Family means more than marriage. Marriages can be broken but family is forever.

maryhelenc on

You can be a family man & not get married. Marriage is an institution. It doesn’t make you a better father or person. Carson’s priorities seem to be Siri & his three children, not necessarily a piece of paper that doesn’t guarentee success. I’d say he’s doing just fine.

How about we all just congratulate the Daly family on their healthy new arrival instead of condemning him for not marrying Siri to best suit your interests?

Carolyn on

Why call her your fiancée if you can’t actually make it to the altar? Just say partner and let it go at that. I actually cannot stand looking at him and his “Orange Room” on the Today Show. Something so grubby about him.

Hilary on

When are you crazy people going to realize that in the 21st century you don’t have to be married to have kids and a family? Seriously not everyone is religious nor do they need a piece of paper to dictate their lives!

liarlairpantsonfire on

I have to wonder when I read these comments about not being a family unless you are married; Why does it matter to any of you how others define their family? Obviously this is working for them. I suggest you look at WHY its so important to you that others follow the trail you were led down. Do you feel you missed out on choices? It would help your own individual growth if you honestly addressed this.

Beautiful family. Comgrats to all 🙂

sixk on

Um, they’ve been engaged for over a year now, so all you saying they need to get married already obviously aren’t aware of this fact. They were waiting until she was born to get married. And whose business is it anyway how they live their lives? Since when does marriage determine the amount of love or dedication one has to their family? They’ve been together for 7 years and have 3 kids together, that’s about as family oriented as you can get in Hollywood.

JulieB on

Everyone saying “it’s just a piece of paper” keep forgetting the one thing that keeps a lot of guys from getting it. If you’re not married, it costs you NOTHING to open the door and walk out. Sure, there’s child support he’d have to pay, and that isn’t the issue here. The excuse that marriages often end en divorce is a lame cop out people use when one of the people doesn’t want to make the life-long commitment in the first place.

Hilary on

JulieB that is pure and utter B.S.

LA on

Siri adores him and the way he speaks of her and his family…..feelings are mutual. Love the picture of the way she is looking up at him.

Why not a wedding ???

Congrats to this beautiful family.

Gigi on

I think it’s kind of ridiculous to keep referring to her as his “fiancé”. They have 3 children together and are still not married. If that doesn’t push you to the altar nothing will. It’s okay if they want to continue on this way…just stop it with the “fiancé” crap.

Sarah on

Love the name until you put it with his surname…

London Daly sounds like a newspaper.

liza on

Why should he get married because marriage is a part of YOUR moral clause? He’s not trying to tell you how to live your life. Here is a man who has created a family unit with his longtime partner, with a family that he obviously loves and supports. Yet, all you some of you can focus on is a document? Get a grip. Not everyone sees marriage as the be all end all of life. I fail to understand why in 2014 people do not get that. If it is good for you then great, do your thing. However, stop trying to project your beliefs on everyone else.

BP on

Congrats, Daly FAMILY!

My guess is each one of you throwing out your judgment is A. divorced, probably more than once, and B. supposedly Christian. Get the **** over yourself and live your OWN life – it’s not your place to judge, you hypocritical bastards… Sheesh, enough already: GROW UP

Buffettgirl on

Love the name – I had a good friend in high school (late 80’s) named London. I always thought she’d be the only one I would ever hear of named London. Congrats Carson, Siri, Jackson and Etta!

Martina on

Beautiful family. But enough with the fiancée stuff! It sounds stupid after 3 kids. There is nothing wrong with being life-long partners without a piece of paper to confirm it. But don’t have it both ways. You don’t care about marriage – cool; don’t get ‘engaged to be married’…. You care about marriage – cool; get married before popping out three kids.

notmyname on

a baseball cap in the delivery room? Didn’t tony romo do that too? Why do I remember these things??? That baby looks much smaller than nearly 9 pounds.

GOD MAN, vasectomy!!!! Rabbits and dogs have litters, humans in first world countries don’t need to…..I can just imagine all the “disposables” around their kids. Too bad the dad isn’t disposable. ICK!!

c on

London Daly? Is he starting a newspaper?

Kathy on

How the heck long do engagements last anymore? Take the time to get married instead of making babies.

Anonymous on

I am glad I am not the only one thinking “when will he marry the mother of his 3 children?” GEEZ! But it’s not just him…it’s her too.

Dawn on

@NOTMYNAME – Carson and Siri’s baby was not nearly 9 pounds. Savannah Guthrie welcomed her own daughter, weighed in at 8 lbs., 11 oz., and measured 22 inches long.

Karen on

Congrats! “Family Man” Carson when are you going to marry her. Gee three kids you should have along time ago!

zoom on

He was such a jerk when he was on MTV .Im glad he has changed …. Congrats Carson Daly and girlfriend ..

amyinoaktown on

You don’t have to be married to be a family….most of the comments are coming from folks who apparently still live in the 1950’s. He’s there and taking care of his family. I think her look up at him says it all. LOVE.

Dulce Mae on

@notmyname, about what you said, “Rabbitts and dogs have litters, not humans in first world countries….”ect, really so you consider the norm of 3 children too many? What about the dumb baby factory of the Duggers and the next generation which has a pretty good start on “Too Many”.

I don’t care how many children people have as long as they can afford them, with that being said the Duggers have Zero common sense when it comes to Stopping! The fact(s) that their last child Jubilee was stillborn, and the one before that Josie who was born premature and who knows what medical stuff she could/will face is awful, I’am truly disgusted with their so-called Values, and now their kids are following the same Zero common sense packed beliefs!? I don’t understand, where are they’re brains? Oh wait, their all brainwashed to believe this is appropriate, and the older kids will be expected to “Raise” the younger ones while the parents keep creating and popping out more saing that it’s “God’s will”.
WTF? Brainless, Common Senseless Twits!!

Becca on

So, from reading these comments you can only be a ‘family man’ if you’re married to the mother of your children? Never mind if you’re an amazing father who is in love with his children & his partner? Interesting doctrine you all have there when you consider the divorce rate these days. They’re happy and will get married in their own time I’m sure, not to please anyone else. Plus I doubt that their kids mind somehow.

Jim Schwartz on

Aw, what a cute baby! Does anybody know who the father is?

Tiffany on

You don’t have to be married to be committed to your partner. I know a lot of people who got married first, then had kids, then got divorced. If you aren’t with the right person, it isn’t going to work, period. That’s why people should know the person they are marrying first and stop focusing on the wedding and looking pretty and feeling like a princess. I married my husband because I couldn’t imagine my life without him, after being together for 4 years. We have been married 6yrs now. Divorce is not an option. We took our vows serious.
Congrats on the new baby. Hope you do finish your family by getting married and having a happy lifetime together.

tori on

He should be ashamed of himself. I said it after the birth of his first 2 children,if he really loved their mother he would of done the right thing before god and his children and married her. He’s pathetic!

Katie on

For all the geniuses on here preaching that marriage doesn’t matter…..when people who “worship the stars” try to emulate them, you end up with a bunch of uneducated women having children, when they have no jobs and no money. Not fair to the kids. Of all the homes in the US living in poverty, 65% are “mom only” homes, and 90% of those homes have more than one child. Sure, it’s ok for the “stars” to do it, they have money. Unfortunately we have people who read this stuff and want to live like the stars, but they’re lacking the most important thing….the means in which to support the children. Wake up, we all have to pay for this!

Ugh on

London Daly sounds like a newspaper.

Jan on

Family man , next joke.

Jan on

London, well we’ve got Brooklyn , next New York. We god Lorde.

Lynne on

How married men aren’t there when their kids are born or the mother has to track her husband down to get child support or he sits on his butt all day and does nothing. Piece of paper means nothing much. he said he is a family man. He takes care of his and doesn’t hide the fact.

Marky on

That is definitely not a c-section baby! What a little doll she is, and I love her name. Congratulations, and best wishes for this family….

Guest on

Beautiful baby, beautiful family. Now, marry the mother of your children!

joan on

a piece of paper doesn’t guarantee happiness or change the way two people feel about one another. They are a devoted family. that’s all that matters.

Pal on

London Daly? Newspaper family!

xtavenandsqueakx on

First off, London is not a boys name. It’s unisex, and when paired with Rose it is clearly a girls name. It’s my daughters name and I love it. Landon is definitely male however. Why do people have to be rude about names when a lot of people probably don’t like YOUR names you picked out for your children. Second, why do they have to be married. Maybe, just MAYBE they are worrying about their kids more than a wedding. Get off your high horses and say something nice for once like “Congratulations!”

Andrea on

Marriage is not just a piece of paper. It is an emotional and LEGAL commitment to your partner that offers many protections for the partners and children that cohabitation does not. Not all states recognize common-law relationships, so I recommend any partners, especially those with children, do a LOT of research about what your legal rights are in your state if there is a crisis within the family…you’d be surprised what you will not be allowed/entitled to as a partner with no legal relationship to the other. Why do you think gays and lesbians are fighting to get married? They know it’s not simply a piece of paper…those that continue to say this are flat out wrong.

That said, I don’t believe partners should marry simply because they have a child, and that loving families take many forms. If they aren’t ready for the commitment of marriage, then they simply shouldn’t do it. However, Carson Daly has said they are ‘too busy’ to get married, which is a total crock. “Wedding” and “marriage” are NOT the same thing…if you don’t intend to marry your partner, then don’t call her your fiancee!

KL on

omg tiny cutie pie!!!!!!!!!!!!

em on

Why not Paris or Italy…