Kourtney Kardashian and Her Kids Cuddle Up for Bed

08/18/2014 at 11:35 AM ET

Make room for baby!

So far, it looks like Kourtney Kardashian‘s growing belly hasn’t put a snag in the reality star’s co-sleeping setup.

On Monday, the mom-to-be — who is expecting her third child with Scott Disickshared a snapshot of her snoozing alongside her children, son Mason Dash, 4½, and daughter Penelope Scotland, 2.

“Happy Monday!” Kardashian, 35, captioned a photo of the threesome piled together in bed.

Kourtney Kardashian Kids Sleeping Instagram
Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian

And while she stayed comfy in an all-white ensemble, her kiddies opted for matching pink and blue pajamas.

“Bath time!” she wrote Sunday evening on Instagram, posting a picture of their Roberta Roller Rabbit Ticochon Sets ($55).

Sharing her sleep space with Mason and Penelope — and getting the occasional feet in her face! — doesn’t bother Kardashian, who has been open about her parenting style.

“It’s just what came naturally to me. My family definitely all think I’m insane for having [the kids] in the bed and breastfeeding them for forever. But I couldn’t care less,” she has said.

— Anya Leon

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Showing 49 comments

D on

She’s a GREAT Mom!!

emily on

It’s funny how people act surprised when she (or any other big celebrity mom) is a good mother. Being famous doesn’t absolve you from being a human being…you still love and care for your children as any “normal” person would. We all like to believe celebrities are so “other worldly” that they couldn’t possibly love and take care of their children! Money doesn’t change that in a person (mother OR father). Crappy parents come from all income levels.

Hea on

Haha, love the feet-in-brothers-face-sleeping pose.

Mom Of Twinz on

Priceless photo for her children. I had nightmares as a child. Nothing like crawling between my parents and feeling safe.

Jennifer on

People aren’t surprised she’s a good mother because she’s a celebrity, Emily. They’re surprised because she’s a vapid Kardashian.

Anonymous on

…wouldn’t be people mag without some irrelevant article on the Kardashians…

Callie on

I have no doubt she’s a good mother. What I question is why she won’t let them sleep in their own rooms in their own beds and makes Scott sleep in another room. Cut the cord Kourt, cut the cord!

fiona on

the only normal one out of the bunch!

kelly on

Cute pic….but I’m sure the clothing company paid her to post a picture of her kids wearing the pajamas.

Valv30 on

Love it! So cute.

anabanana on

When it came out that twitter has 23 million bot accounts, I wondered if celebrities, like the Kardashians use bot accounts to make them seem more popular than they really are. Anyone else think that?

Laura Conway on

Love her parenting style!!!!!

Yes on

She’s AWESOME!!!

amyinoaktown on

Apparently, People Magazine is being funded by the Kardashians..it’s the only explanation I can think of why there are no less than 3 stores each day on this absurdly money/fame hungry family.

gracie on

I just don’t get the “family bed” thing….especially when Kourtney doesn’t allow Scott in. It is an indulgent parenting style that has way more to do with the parent’s needs than the kids. A child does not need to breastfeed past the point he/she regularly eats solid food. It is the mother who has an emotional need to contine , not the child.This style encourages a child to be parent dependent and does not help childen develop self-esteem by becoming more independent.

Kristin on

Gracie you could not be more wrong about the effects extended breastfeeding has. Please do your research before you make ignorant statements for all to see.

J.P. on


Guest on

Adorable! She’s my fave sister. All others have been married, divorced. Not Kourt. Wise and has common sense. Kourt & hubz kids are really gorgeous. Number 3 is on the way …. exciting! Well, when you are a zillionaire everything is exciting. AND better. Thank Ryan Seacrest girls!

stacey on

PRECIOUS!!! Love the “family bed ” !! What a great mommy 🙂

angie on

They are so cute! The outfits are cute too.

loni on

breastfeeding is natural. Paper/plastic diapers are not. and now she will be buying/using more. shame.

pajamas at garage sales are 50 cents: clean, nearly new condition. recycled/reused. Soft too. natural cotton sometimes, and not polyester.

someone referred to Kourt and her hubz. they aren’t married. isn’t that the point of all of it, celebrating her choice not to divorce?

Ahh on

That’s not cute on my world. Looking forward to everyone smothering their sibling. No wonder Scott sleeps in another room.

James on

I was breastfed till the age of 7 and it didn’t hinder me none. And I still like milk, but not from cows.

Pisces67 on

She is a good mom. I think she’s a better than Kim. At least she’s with her children most of the time. Kim’s all over the place unless North is with her. Anyway, I wish Kourtney the best on her new baby.

Jenna on

Can we see pics of the nannies and housekeepers?

Lollipop on

A GREAT mom sleeps with her husband and leave her kids to sleep in their own bedrooms…

Sarah Ferrer on

How do they even have time to make more babies when she won’t let them sleep in their own beds? What does she do? does she put headphones on them and blindfolds?

TampaMD on

Cosleeping is the leading cause of preventable infant death in Florida.

Nikki on

thinks this is staged.notice P feet is in Mase face..no way would a kid sleep like this…this is way scott dont sleep in the bed..she always has the kids with her..who knows if they ever sleep in their own beds..wrong!..time to cut the cord kort and let them grow up a little,….oooooooooh thats right, its YOU that is insecure and needs them in bed with u

Sophia on

Yes she’s a good mother but not a great girlfriend. Scott Disick couldn’t be clearer he doesn’t want more kids, not yet at least. And she once again tricked him or basically threatened him with sex to have the third. (Scott also does a bunch of things wrong of course, it doesn’t justify what Kourtney does and vice versa.)

SplendaQueen on

She’s not insane. She is one of those women who was born to be a mom. It looks like she’s a real good one too!

Maryah on

Family picture? I guess Scott is not part of the family lol

Mya on

I cannot stand the Kardashians but I do love her parenting style 😉
As a co-sleeping family I LOVE this photo, nothing beats all of us snuggled up in bed. Such happy memories being made. And probably her BF is the one taking the photo (to the person asking where he is)

Lisa on

Nikki – Ha, you’ve obviously never slept with children. That is EXACTLY how they sleep. Cute pic. She seems like a good mom. Better than her own and her sister, anyway.

M on

Awww, so cute. Wonder if Scott will see the pic while he’s running around all over the place with Khloe.

gracie on

Kristin…I have done research…I am a professional in the field of pediatric medicine. Again, extended breastfeeding…beyong 12-18 months… is more about the mother’s emotional needs then the child’s nutritional ones.

Gina Stoll on


Gina Stoll on

Jack azzzzzz

Ginger on

Where is hubby? At a bar?

mary on

Yes kourt has it together i like her better then kim n also prettier n not out showing her body like kim a very good mom

dd on

sleeping with your kids as they get bigger and bigger dosent really sound like a great idea…but whatever.

Mommytoane on

Looks a little uncomfortable at times, but sweet at the same time.
I’m not a huge fan of cosleeping past like 2 unless its for naps and such. Kids need to learn to sleep alone. I know a gal who still sleeps with her 12 yr old, since the 12 yr old won’t sleep alone. Kids need some independance. When they start sleeping with their feet in your face its prolly time to find a bed for them. lol.

DD on

Did it ever cross anyones mind that maby Scott took the picture?

Be be on

Love how Penelopes foot is in Masons face!!! I’m not a Kardashian fan but I think Kourtney is by far the most down to earth, intelligent one into family and she seems like a good mom from what I see on tv/ tabloids

sarah fordham on

love this pic, just the way it should be. and for all the haters out there of this type of parenting and querying intimacy, just have a think , there a plenty of other places to be intimate in a home, other beds in the house is just one of them !!!

Donna on

Kourtney is nothing but a monkey faced hoebag and her entire family should be banned off the face of this earth. They are taking up space, especially Kim’s fat rump roast! I can’t stand these people.

Milky on

Oh America, how repressed you are. I really hope Gracie is fibbing about working in peds otherwise god help you all 🙂 There is nothing weirder than drinking COW’S milk – human milk is meant for humans, and 1-4 year olds are still teeny little developing humans. Breastmilk doesn’t suddenly run out of nutrition at your arbitrary squeamish cutoff date.

Vivian on

Yes!! I work that co-sleeping thing every night! Nobody crying, Just sleeping and cuddling. Hallelujah!

Anonymous on

I am not a big fan of the kardashian but I really like this girl. She does whats best for her and her children.