Christina Aguilera Welcomes Daughter Summer Rain

08/17/2014 at 11:30 AM ET

Christina Aguilera Welcomes Daughter
Jason Merritt/Getty

Christina Aguilera‘s baby girl has arrived!

The Voice coach and fiancé Matt Rutler welcomed a daughter on Saturday, Aug. 16, in Los Angeles, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“So proud to welcome our beautiful daughter Summer Rain Rutler into the world,” the singer Tweeted early Monday morning.

This is the second child for Aguilera, 33, who is already mom to a 6½-year-old son, Max Liron, from her previous marriage to Jordan Bratman.

The pop star’s pregnancy was revealed in February, a week after Aguilera had announced her engagement to Rutler, a film producer whom she had met on the set of Burlesque in 2010.

In March, Aguilera revealed she was expecting a girl. “I’m really excited to meet our baby girl,” she told PEOPLE in June. “This has been a very easy and enjoyable pregnancy.”

Aguilera turned up the heat over the summer, celebrating her baby shower in early July with a rather risqué cake before posing nude for V magazine.

“As a woman, I’m proud to embrace my body through all stages of life, staying fearless and confident in surrendering to the unknowns the future has in store,” she said at the time.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Elizabeth Leonard

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Showing 92 comments

Irina on

Congratulations! Very happy for Christina and Matt!

Miriam Poulsen on

We want a name!


Congratulation to be blessed with the girl. Hope Christina decide to raise her with class & modesty NOW. These days_young girls desperately needs a role model_someone special to look up to & admire for inside raw beauty much more than outside faded beauty.

Kathy on

Kiss that $$ maker….he will never have to work again.

Melissa on

Congrats! I’ll bet she is going to be “Beautiful”!

Angelica on


Ann on

Another Hollywood baby…..wooohooo!!!!

Ella on

She was pregnant?

Kelcie Willis on

Congrats to them! Can’t wait to find out what her name is.

leilainwunderland on

@GirlModesty Despite what your religion may teach, modesty is a matter of personal choice. Nothing more, nothing less. Whether one chooses to live a life of modesty or not does not determine whether or not they are a good person, have inner beauty, or can be a ‘role model’. Let’s not shallowly base human worth on physical appearance, or- like a certain misogynistic, violent, totalitarian religio-political group from over seas- ‘female sexual purity’. The enlightened members of the female sex thank you.

bebe on

Bella, she was married before she had her first child, and look how that turned out.

Leigh on

Wait, I thought that he was a “Production Assistant”??

notmyname on

was daughter born with white-blond straw peroxide hair? 😉

Watch, the girl will have a multi-syllabic name. So many people feel (as my dad did) that boys must have “easy’ and “conventional” names but that girls should have flowery or creative or more complex ones.

I might be wrong, though. It would be nice if the daughter got something “ethnic” (man it’s hard to use that word, because jeesh, what does it even mean…”not-U.S.A” no, that isn’t it, because the U.S. has so many ethnicities)

Lilyflower on


Bella, marriage does not guarantee that someone will stay.

Karen on

The crickets you hear are those few people that care.

Lindy on

Congrats….hoping they won’t name the baby a fruit (Apple), direction (North) or a stupid paint color (Blue Ivy)…

H L on

Oh crap she had a leo girl…… she’ll be going through hell for the next 18 years…. well, i should say 13, us girl leos are good up to the age of 5 and then it is all downhill from there!!!!

Debbe on

When you get to the unknowns Christina, I doubt you will wanna do anything risque again. If you do, it will be quite gross. I am so happy my mother never did anything risque in front of us and was simply a sweet sweet and classy mother. I don’t want anything sex connected to my mom, that should be her private moment, kids don’t wanna know that. They will eventually tell you that it is gross, no matter how open-minded you teach them to be.

Debbe on

Modesty is quite attractive and does not mean that you are not empowered.

Jo on

Oh yeah right, she embraces her body. That is one big laugh. She has a skinny bitch obsession just like so many of the other Hollywood types or she wouldn’t have gone on the diet binge (after people started talking about her weight gain). Now that she let this dude she cheated on her husband with, knock her up (which I’m sure wasn’t planned) she has to do it all over again (just like dumb sumb Jessica).

BethAnn Strauss on

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby girl Christina. Your a true inspiration to allot of people and your songs have gotten me through so much. Your son and now daughter are extremely lucky to have you add there mom!

leilainwunderland on

@Me: Since when should whether or not a future child would be ok with it dictate the choices that an adult makes with their own bodies and physical appearance? The body belongs to the individual, not the future family members of the individual. I’m sure her children will make decisions with their bodies (like tattoos, piercings, etc.) that she may or may not approve of in the future either. Their body, their choice.

@Guest: I completely agree that modesty doesn’t mean you’re not empowered. I’m just saying modesty should be a choice without pressure, rather than something that women are shamed or bullied into being with the bible or any other cultural force. Same thing with choosing to reject or rebel against modesty, or anything in between.

Anonymous on

Ok , now marry baby daddy and make your
Baby girl legitimate. Nice to have a fathers name on
Birth certificate. What are you worried about

Sissy on

Congrats! Pls we don’t need one more weird name like” Willow,Lyrica,Apple,Pears or Blue Ivy!”

doesn't mean squat on

Please like marriage means people don’t cheat or there is more of a commitment. I know more married people that cheat then single. So what if she had a baby it’s not like I have to support it.

doesn't mean squat on

You can not even spell…how sickening!!!

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them.
I always hold my breath to hear what the baby’s name is though when they are celebrity parents!

JosieJ on

@Bella – All I ask is that two people know each other before creating a child together, the marriage certificate is up to them because it does not guarantee a damn thing. Marriages break up these days just as people who are dating, only there is not a lot of paperwork involved with lawyers getting rich. Let everyone have the family that works best for them.

Anonymous on

Love the name! Congrats!

progressiveParenting on

Congratulation Christina, Welcoming Your Second Child is a big deal, tips and Advices at

Mary on


Mary on

So happy for her

t on

Congratulations on your bundle of joy! 🙂 Now please get married for God sake! Christina and Matt!

Anonymous on

Summer Rain, isn’t that one of the douche scents…..(btw) not making fun of the child….just saying, I think it’s a douche scent and hopefully with mom’s money, she’ll be at a school where she won’t be made fun of….but congrats…..can’t wait to see the picture.

bebe on

@Anonymous: You don’t have to be married for the father’s name to be on the birth certificate.
And the douche BRAND is called Summer’s Eve, not Summer Rain.

genibre2013 on

Ridiculous name, per Hollywood usual. And Bella, I agree with you. I’m 32 and is there is nothing wrong with the “old-fashioned” idea of being married and then having kids.

jewels1972 on

Anonymous was right! I knew I had heard “Summer Rain” somewhere before….it’s a scent for Summer’s Eve douche! Anywhoo…..congrats on the baby girl!!! ♥

meme on

What a white trash name….. Shows how trashy the parents r also…

blondechick on

Summer is a pretty name. Hope they just call her that. Summer Rain together sounds so “my parents met at Woodstock” .

Anonymous on

@bebe there is a difference between “BRAND” and “SCENT”…..I asked if there was a “SCENT” called Summer Rain……

April on

Cute name! Congrats!

Guest on

Well, I suppose it’s better than:

Winter Frost
Fall Leaves
Spring Showers

Mary on

Summer is a pretty name, I like it.

tiff on

Not a terrible name. Summer Rain sounds like a scent from Bath and Body works lol.

Stella on

“Summer Rain” sounds like a brand of douche.

Marilyn on

Those comments were made before there was a name announced.

maryhelenc on

LOVE her name! Very Earthy & Summer sounds so nice with Max. Congrats Christina, Matt & Max!

Mika on

Welcome to the world, Summer Rain!

I love the name 💜💚💛💙❤💓

bkable on

I really didn’t think it could get worse than North West… I think I might have been wrong

Sammy on

Interesting. Wife’s nephew has a daughter, her mother was named Summer. Now the mother of his son goes by the name Rain.

nene deve on

Summer Rain….She will have her own kiln and her dress will be made out of wheat!

mic on

summer rain is a song by johnny rivers from 1967. not summers eve ha ha. i am sure christina and matt are on cloud nine. very happy for them!

JosieJ on

Summer and Rain are two very beautiful names but together it sounds like an item on the feminine hygiene aisle. Summer Rose or Summer Belle would’ve been better.

sigh on


jessiemaystorm on

Yikes, some of the comments on here are a bit much! A simple “Congratulations” would suffice; it’s pretty irrelevant how much you wish a couple of strangers were married before they reproduced. Given that the year is 2014 you should probably learn to accept that there are a plethora of different families out there and they’re not all going to suit your outdated ideals. So, congratulations Christina, Matt and Max, and welcome baby Summer!

Katie on

For all of you touting being the enlightened females, you do understand that of those homes with the “mom only”, their poverty rate is 65%. Guess what, it may work for Christina and some other Hollywooders, but for the vast majority of those “mom only” homes, it isn’t working out so well. A bit of good news, the rate of “mom only” homes is beginning to stabilize, and in urban areas is actually decreasing. It takes time, but things are going to have to turn around, the rest of us are getting sick of paying for people who want to live like Christina, but on our dime!

Guest on

Although her name is better then Rainbow, it still sounds like a stripper name! Still love Christina though.

Jenna hulst on

@sissy, my daughter’s name is willow and I think it’s a beautiful name. Plus it suits her personality. Sooooo, yeah. You can suck it.

DebLG on

Love the name!

sammy on

She named her kid after a douche product.

Erin In KC on

Sounds like a hygiene product…

AbbyDogg on

I can’t believe all the commenters who can’t read! The article clearly states the baby’s name: Summer Rain.

Taylor on

Guess it could have been worse. She could have named her Monsoon Season.

Randa on

They Named her Sumer Rain…
which by Hollywood Standards is pretty Tame..

Mommytoane on

Congrats. Name is cute, not too far out there, but still cute and girly.

kjc on

Summer Rain will get along fabulously with Kelly’s new daughter River Rose, I imagine.
My first thought was deodorant.
Congrats on the birth of her daughter. As long as her and her fiancé are happy with the name, that’s all that matters.

loveall on


Terri on

Pretty name! Can’t wait to see baby girl.

SAR on

The name’s not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. Summer is pretty. Could do without “Rain,” though, especially in tandem with “Summer.”

Oh well, it’s Xtina’s baby. Congratulations. I’m sure Max is happy to be a big brother.

Emily Rose on

I love the name Christina Picked out for her daughter it so pretty! 🙂

KL on

Aww the name Summer is cute!!.. but Rain.. seriously?? Ok..

Summer on

My name is Summer and I was born in 1975. I was named after Mrs USA 1975, Summer Bartholomew. I think it kind of unorigional for her actually,lol. But Hey I like it! And so did my parents!

Pixy14 on

summer rain??? ugh……

Pixy14 on

i guess its not as bad as north west…..but still…..

Rachael on

Congrats, but seriously on the name? This is a child, not a puppy. Sheesh!

Brianne on

Congrats Christina, Matt and Max on the new addition! Love the name!!!

Summer on

My name is Summer and I was born in 1982. I’m surprised she went with this name since it’s so 70s-80s. But, obviously, I think it’s pretty. Congrats to her! She’s always seemed like a great mom who loves her child (now children) so much.

Ivy. on

@nene deve Love the Friends reference!

I don’t mind the name….the ridiculousness doesn’t happen until the middle name, and luckily, people rarely go by their first and middle names together. So she’ll just be Summer. Which is nice.

Mel on

Kinda surprised with the name choice. Thought she would go with something a little more interesting instead of flower child.

Tonja on

Isn’t summer rain a feminine hygiene product? Not liking the name but congrats

Hanelle on

Gratuluju k miminku, Christino 😉

Anonymous on

congrats on your new baby, beautiful name, all the best to you all

taradawes on

“Summer Rain” – sounds like a feminine hygiene product. Oh well, I’m sure she is an incredibly adorable baby.

Lady M on

Oh my, Ladies! You had me cracking up all the way through the comment section. That was the best laugh I’ve had all week.
– feminine hygiene product
– her kiln and dress made out of wheat
– bed, bath and beyond soap
– stripper
– Summer Rain with River Rose
– last but not least, “at least she didn’t name her a fruit, a direction or a color.”
Thanks Ladies! You made my day!

lola on

Oh geeze!! So, now she gives her daughter a hippie name?! Poor kid. Could’ve been Winter Snow, Fall Breeze, Spring Dew, ……. all horrible for a person’s name, but I guess all of these are still better than rainbow!!

IvyLane on

AbbyDog, before you get your panties in a wad, please note that People releases the press release/article with the information they have, then they go back to the original article and EDIT it to contain the update with the name. The comments stay with the original post that did not announce the name. No, people aren’t “not reading” the name. It originally wasn’t there, but was added later.

The very first thought that popped into my head with the name Summer Rain was a douche scent. Can’t help it…that’s the thought it provoked. Then, I thought, she won’t have to come up with a stripper name because she already has one. If she had been born at other times of the year, her name could have been Spring Flood, Autumn Smoke or Winter Slush.

PA on

Summer Rain is a lovely name, at least its not like other ridiculous Hollywood kids name.

Anneli on

I’mo not really sure about Summer Rain…:)
But I’m sure about Rain Summer Ratler!
This is a gorgeous name.
Whne a girl will be grown and will be recieving a pass, she can changer the order as well)))

cher on

Am wondering why she had a c-section….I think these Doctors are just doing these wayyyyyyyyy toooooo much…….

Zaddiiiee Telly on

Congrats to yall!

Chiluvr1228 on

My son’s friend just named her baby girl “Winter”. Is this starting a new trend?

locks keys bead charm on

Music started playing as soon as I opened this web site, so annoying!