Savannah Guthrie on Baby Vale: ‘I Feel Like Life Just Started’

08/15/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Savannah Guthrie has been overwhelmed by the arrival of daughter Vale, calling herself a “big ball of mush” as she gets used to new motherhood.

“I feel like life just started,” Guthrie, 42, speaking by phone, told her Today colleagues on the air Friday morning. Her voice breaking with emotion as she shared her excitement, she also took viewer questions about her Wednesday morning delivery.

“I can’t get over the joy that she brings — it’s kind of inexpressible. Honestly, I think it is beyond words,” Guthrie said of her 8 lbs., 5 oz. blue-eyed girl.

Savannah Guthrie Welcomes Daughter Vale
Courtesy of Savannah Guthrie

The Today host, who also was visited in person in the hospital by Today colleagues Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales, said she hasn’t been able to sleep much, prompting nurses to give her some sleeping meds Thursday night, even as Vale is sleeping well.

The birth, she admitted, has shifted her universe.

“I feel so different. I just feel like life just started,” she said. “Honestly, I can’t get over the joy she brings. It’s just inexpressible.”

Guthrie also said Today viewers had convinced her that she was going to have a boy, and she and husband Mike Feldman were better prepared with boy names when, surprise — a daughter arrived, much to her own mother’s desire.

“I really was shocked when they said, ‘It’s a girl.’ We had a few names on the girl list,” she said. “We thought it was pretty unique but not kooky or weird.”

Choosing a name, however, paled in comparison to first gazing upon her child, who continues to bring happy tears to Feldman and Guthrie.

“In the moment she was born, I cried a cry I’ve never heard come out of my own mouth,” Guthrie, who considers herself a proud and thankful mom, said. “It was just this joyous explosion.”

Savannah Guthrie Welcomes Daughter Vale
Courtesy of Savannah Guthrie

 — Andrea Billups

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Showing 41 comments

Lexie on

So happy for you! Look forward to lots of laughter and joy as the years go by. Don’t think about the teenage years yet…lol…just kidding. Mine was a great kid.
I used to try to memorize everything about mine, from how small her fingers were to the feel of her growing hand in mine through the years. It just can’t be remembered, except that it was priceless.

ELC on

I’m very happy for Savannah and her husband with the birth of Vale. She’s a beautiful baby-love those cheeks. Not sure I like the name though. Just enjoy!!

boohoobytch on

My life started when I came out of my mother’s hooha, just sayin’

Tess on

I loved watching her go through pregnancy and Vale is just beautiful. Now I look forward to watching her grow.

valeskas on

I guess she is not breastfeeding her baby, or they would not have given her sleep meds.

L on

Not a fan of any of them quite honestly. But I do like the name Vale, congrats on a healthy baby. Best wishes.

Anonymous on

@ Life goes on…. sounds like you’re one of those who like to fuel the flame of breastfeeding vs. non. Get a life!

AT on

@ Life goes on – Not only is it irrelevant, we don’t know anything about how she is choosing to feed Vale based on taking some sleep meds. The hospital routinely gives pain medication to all new moms, even when nursing. I don’t see why they wouldn’t give sleep meds too if need be.

Cyndi on

She is an absolutely beautiful baby – congratulations to all! Let’s hope that in 42 years, if Vale feels life for her is “just beginning”, too, that she’s not tied down caring for 84 year old parents.

Kat on

Well, life has “just begun” for the kid anyway.

Marie on

Savannah cannot stop smiling! Love it and so happy for them, Vale is beautiful!

Mommyofthree on

I breast fed all three of my children- and had a sleeping pill two nights in a row with y second baby in the hospital.

Mommyofthree on

After the birth of my second child the hospital gave me a sleeping pill two nights in a row- and I nursed all three of my children. Let’s just be happy for her! Enough with the judgement and tearing down. So. So happy for this mother who is so clearly in love with her new baby daughter.

RD on

So happy for her that she gets to experience the joy of motherhood. Congratulations, Savannah and family!

megan on

That’s such an awkward pic when you think about it, considering they both slept with Matt to further their careers + one of Natalie’s kids is supposedly Matt’s. And remember that Savannah got pregnant around the time it was revealed she was having an affair with Matt.

Izzy on

Congrats , i know she is trying to relates to be like us” well like most au natural ” bad idea when you a public figure , she could fake it a little and use a little blush , a little gloss , a bit of clear mascara to open those eyes a bit more or kept those private moment private, if she decided to go “fresh face ” for the world to see , bad pr , a no no, in any case congratulation .

Guest1985 on

Really Megan, What you saying is BS. That BULLSHIT you saying
Natalie & Savannah had affair with Matt to further their career.

Chibi on

Congrat! The baby is Vale, mom is Savannah. How many cities do they plan to get through. Much happiness with the little one. May you both enjoy these wonderful years!

Kat on

@Megan, I feel you. Yes it’s awkward considering Matt has tapped both! Michael should of been disgusted!

Judith on

I’m so happy for her and her husband. Babies are blessings. I have four.

lil on

umm why is a pic of savannah with matt and natalie released instead of

doesnt matter how hard you try nbc, matt has really soured in is the viewers eyes.

Woah on

How can someone look so different without make up? People on TV and in media really go through a transformation every day!

sav natural face lil on

wow no one could give savannah some tinted moisturiser ?
natalie you are vying for sav’s spot huuh ? so you figure let the world see her natural face.

Lorraine on

I know the feeling. Nothing like it – in all this world. Enjoy every second. Glad you did not miss out on experiencing motherhood. It is all fleetingly sweet. Soon enough your precious baby girl will be grown and gone.
Best wishes, Savannah.

scofieldd on

What’s up with Matt? He seems to be on “happy juice First with Pippa Middleton and now this photo. I’ve asked other mothers if they texted a colleague while in labor. I think Matt and his wife had problems.

dukegirl1992 on

She seems really happy and is sharing her happiness. Good for her! And she looks great. Makeup, really? So what if she doesn’t have tinted moisturizer on? She seems so joyful. Can people stop finding fault? As I was told as a child “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything”. If people followed this rule though, the internet would fall silent. Congratulations to the happy family! She is beautiful.

Guest on

Give me a Break, every other parent feels the same way.
But I am sure as much as she gushes, about her baby,
She will be up and back at work as soon as possible and leave her with a sitter.

MayBaby on

Congratulations to Savannah and Mike on the birth of your beautiful, sweet, precious baby girl! I love Savannah’s smile in the photo. She looks like she is so proud and overjoyed as she describes. You’re making me look forward to that wonderful day of having my own child. God bless Mama, Papa, and Vale!

Kimberly on

Awww, what a beauty Vale is!

Bhavana on

Megan, I think you’re full of hot air. As much as I don’t like Savannah or Matt I don’t believe that they slept with each other. And absolutely don’t think that Natalie would sleep with him in a million years. Nope, I am not buying it.

fiona on

eww, this woman makes me want to vomit! thank God for make-up savannah – yikes!!!

tfitx on

Her reaction mirrors my own. Motherhood is humbling. Miraculous.

Marcia on

How can people be so nasty? She looks pretty good for just giving birth, and besides, who cares?

Jo on

I love Matt Lauer! Go Bobcats!

BlondeBrunetteTravel on

So sweet and I’m happy for her and for her husband. I admire the way she’s been natural in her post-baby photos. Glasses and no make-up in this one make me like her more than I did at first. Good on her!

Debbe on

I know the feeling. I was too excited to sleep as well. It last well over a year for me.

CoVo on

Who cares if she breastfeeds her child!? Mind your own business and quit looking for an excuse to make a positive occasion into something negative.

Kelly on

Congratulations she is beautiful!

Anonymous on

She is the same idiot who said breastfeeding is disgusting and should be done in the public bathrooms when asked what her opinion was about the woman who was breastfeeding in the restaurant. She said the breastfeeding mother should have had the decency to cover up and go to the bathroom stall for privacy and that no one should have to be subjected to look at that while in public. Indecent exposure is the word she used. She will gush for about a week then get back to work hire a nanny or two and post photos of her baby when she spends her 20 minutes with her after work. She’s a moron

sky on

@ cyndi: What a rude and insensitive comment. Women have children in their early 40s now, keep up with the program!

Mel on

I’m so happy for them! Savannah seems like she’ll be a great mom. She and her husband are very blessed to have a healthy, beautiful baby girl.