Savannah Guthrie Welcomes Daughter Vale

08/14/2014 at 07:30 AM ET

Today is looking bright for Savannah Guthrie: she’s a mom!

The morning show cohost and her husband Michael Feldman welcomed their first child — a girl! — early Wednesday, Aug. 13.

Daughter Vale Guthrie Feldman weighed in at 8 lbs., 5 oz. and measured 19.5 inches long.

Her baby girl “has blue eyes, a little bit of blondish hair and the chubbiest cheeks you’ve ever seen,” Guthrie, who will be calling in to the show on Friday, told friends of the program. “Mike and I are so overcome with happiness, gratitude and joy.”

Savannah Guthrie Welcomes Daughter Vale
Courtesy Guthrie-Feldman Family

Guthrie, 42, began her leave from the show Monday, where she was sent off in style with gifts from her colleagues.

“It has been so much fun,” Guthrie joked of her nationally broadcasted pregnancy. “It’s been so surreal to go through this on TV.”

Savannah Guthrie Welcomes Daughter Vale
Courtesy Guthrie-Feldman Family

After announcing her happy news in March, the cohost said she’d decided to await a delivery surprise — although her own mother was hoping for a granddaughter.

“In my heart of hearts, I would hope for Savannah to have a girl,” mom Nancy told PEOPLE. “I probably shouldn’t say that because my son is just everything to me, but there’s nothing better than a daughter.”

Looks like she got her wish!

Savannah Guthrie Welcomes Daughter Vale
Courtesy Guthrie-Feldman Family

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— Sarah Michaud

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Showing 132 comments

Indygirl on

Congrats to the couple! So refreshing to see a “celebrity” or person in the media debut a newborn looking like the rest of us, makeup free 🙂

Bhavana on

I’m not a fan of this woman, but I am happy that her baby girl is healthy.

cmvmph on

Congratulations, Savannah! I also decided to wait until my delivery to find out what sex my child was… everyone told me all the old wives’ tales, and had me convinced I was having a boy. Well, the surprise I felt when I saw I had a daughter! There is nothing like finding out at the delivery – it is something I have always been happy I held out doing because it was very special.

Congratulations – little girls are the best! 🙂 🙂

Jo on


bitsy on

Congratulations on the new addition to the family. She is an angel and will bring so much joy to your lives!

Aranga the spider on

Congrats! The baby is so cute! (But I don’t think that the mother (hers) should have been saying before that she was hoping for a granddaughter. Those remarks she made are tastleless….. ‘nothing better than a daughter.”” Um, why?????? A baby is a blessing no matter what sex it is. Eye roll to her. )

Guest on

What a cutie! Congratulations to them both,

Natalie on

Congrats to her. But, her mom’s an idiot. I’d give anything for a child. When people SELFISHLY want one or the other, it makes me SICK. She SHOULD be thankful her 42 year old daughter GOT pregnant.

Babies on

Cute baby, but she could’ve saved the pic of herself for her private family album, though! WOW

Georgia on

Such a cute, sweet little girl. No doubt she will be super-loved. I just am left to question why/how celebrities are naming their beautiful daughters non-feminine names… I kinda feel bad for these little girls that will grow up with odd monikers… not a fan of Vale…it ranks up there with North….

Susan on

“My son is just everything to me but nothing is better than a daughter”… Ouch. Apparently her son really isn’t just everything to her.

genibre2013 on

Vale? SMH a million times over.

ke123 on

I love the name! Also, nice to see a mom looking the way woman actually look when they’ve just had a baby- a little tired, but completely content and in love!

Judith Warren on

congratulations to you both

auntblue on

Adorable baby! The name is different, guess it would have worked for a boy as well. A baby is a precious gift, whether it be a girl or a boy.

SarahJane77 on

Congrats! I love that Savannah didn’t have a makeup artist come in to do her face before releasing photos. It’s refreshing to see her looking so natural! I do think her mother’s comments were a little out of line. I have both a son and a daughter and I can’t imagine thinking one is better than the other! (However my mom was so thrilled when I had a girl bc I’m an only child and I’ll be able to carry on some of our girly traditions from growing up! But she loves my son equally as much!)

Anonymous on

You people are so catty. How can you comment on a woman’s looks after she just had a baby? These people share an intimate picture with the world and you ae all so nasty. I would love to have you post your picture after delivering a baby. I bet it is flawless! Looking beautiful Savannah!

Amy on

I love those adorable chubby cheeks!

Skiiy on

The Mom’s contradictory comment about the sex of the baby is dispicable. Really? Cannot imagine a mother saying such a thing. She should be ashamed.

Kerry on

I am a big fan of Savannah! Congrats to her and her hubby on the birth of their adorable baby. Love the name- nothing like North!

lynnie on

Congratulations to the family! I also had my first and only child at 41. He is 9 now and am so glad I did! I have met a lot of moms my age who had kids in their 40’s.

CristyG on

Congratulations!!! It IS refreshing to see a real picture of a woman that just had her baby. Beautiful!

On the other hand, her mother’s comments were disgusting. You just don’t say that.

Ashley on

Beautiful mom and baby—Congratulations to the whole family!!!!!

Ari on

Congratulations! Vale has to be one of the yuppiest names I’ve ever heard. That baby has the cutest chubby cheeks!

Mary on

Beautiful girls!

Jane on

I really don’t like Savannah as a Today co-host but she certainly did have a gorgeous baby! Congrats to the families, and chops to Savannah for showing the world motherhood is not about fancy clothes & makeup!

J on

Cant stand her, glad the baby is ok. 🙂

Beauty on

Congrats! She’s beautiful!!!

Cee on

Man people can be mean!!! Some of the comments here…why bother??? I just have to say Savannah you look so beautiful without makeup on. Your daughter is adorable and you and your husband are beaming. It just keeps getting better so enjoy! I think what your mom said was sweet, anyone in a loving family knows comments like that come from a place of love. All the best to the new family(:

Seriously on

I am sorry but what on earth is wrong with some of you people? My God the woman just gave birth. Do we need to comment on her lack of makeup or condition of her skin? To all you spewing criticisms, have you ever birthed a child? Let me tell you, looking fresh as a daisy isn’t your top priority. If it is, then you’re already off on the wrong foot as a mom anyway.

I think it’s great she shared such personal photos, she’s on our televisions every single morning. Give the woman a break. She looks pretty wonderful for just enduring the birthing process in my opinion and what a sweet chubby-cheeked baby! Wish her well or shut your pie hole!

sara on

Vale? Really? I wish that people would stop to think about their child and the name that they have to carry with them for their whole life. Vale?

Just Me on

Oooh that little rose petal mouth and perfect eyebrows. So very adorable as is every baby. They are a breath of fresh air and a gift from God no doubt.

Casey King on

So very happy for ya’ll. Enjoy your Vale for I fear she will grow up way too fast. My daughter, Kelley, is 42 but it seems like I gave birth to her maybe 24 hours ago. Shoot I have 2 grandsons 15 and 10 and they were just born about 15 minutes ago!!! I hope you have as much fun raising her as I had raising my Kelley.

Kendall on

Beautiful baby girl!

Kristen on

Cute baby – glad mom and baby are well. Savannah looks way older than 42 though. She’ll be one of those moms mistaken for grandma in a few years.

guest on

The baby is absolutely adorable and congratulations to the new parents!

Brooklyn on

Interesting name, but that is one adorable baby girl!!

kim on

oh my, that picture of little Vale is so precious! I’m glad mom and baby are healthy. I don’t like the name Vale but it isnt my kid so… lol

heather on

That is one cute baby!

bkable on

Aren’t all babies born with blue eyes? I thought it took a few weeks to see eye color?

Peggy on

Congratulations! What a beautiful little girl! Welcome little one!!

Denise on

Beautiful baby. Mom just gave birth and people are complaining about how she looks?!

Paula on

I can’t believe some of the comments I am reading. She didn’t have to put her baby’s picture for all the world to see. She could have kept it to herself.

amyinaoaktown on

Wow…only 48 hours since her maternity leave started….very close to having this baby at work! 🙂 Congrats…she is beautiful!

Anonymous on

OMG! That baby is so cute! Congratulations!

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Melissa on

Yeah… I agree with others that say it’s hard to hear they were hoping for one or the other. Of course, you can privately think that but to broadcast it on People seems a little bit vain. So does what I read about Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom. Her husband said they were “taking a test every day for three months because they wanted a baby so badly.” Try taking a test every day for 13 months. And finally getting pregnant and losing the baby at 10 weeks. Then we’ll talk.

Carolyn on

Odd name.

Tina on

Awwwe, sweet! Congrats!

Deb on

Indygirl, I thought the same thing. Bravo to Savannah for posting ‘real’ pictures!

Sarah on

congrats! love that she’s not all dolled up for birth either!

Eileen on

What a beautiful family!!!!! CONGRATUATIONS!!!
And little Vale, you certainly are a little cutie pie!!! Welcome to
the world!! God bless you all.

Kari on

Congrats!! So refreshing to see a celebrity post-partum photo that is devoid of eyeliner, fake lashes, foundation, etc. She looks beautiful and fresh and REAL!! And adorable little chubby cherub there too!!

LC on

She is a cute newborn! Love those cheeks! Congratulations to them!

Kat on

Savannah couldn’t win. If she was dolled up for her picture, she’d be criticized. Without makeup, she’s being criticized. Oh well. Cute baby. Yes, Savannah’s mom should have kept her mouth shut, but I think she may have known in advance what gender the kid would be. Some people say it’ll be a surprise, but they actually know already. And, it’s a surprise whenever you find out – ultrasound or at the birth.

Anonymous on

seriously….negative comments about the appearance of a non-makeup wearing new mother….if she had a full face on, you same people would be writing ‘OMG, she’s more concerned about her appearance than being a new mom’ Always something to complain about. Be happy of the cuteness and miracle of babies!

Carol on

I have never ever seen such a bunch of bitchy comments in my life. Good grief, yes, you are entitled to your own comments but for goodness sakes …. you all must be so much fun to have around. NOT!!

Tara on

So happy for her! This gives me hope that women over 40 can give birth naturally.

p on

GORGEOUS photo! congratulations!

Stephanie on

What a beautiful baby and what a stupid name. Maybe she will be friends with North West!

lr on

“I probably shouldn’t say that because my son is just everything to me, but there’s nothing better than a daughter.” What a stupid, insensitive thing to say.

Lila on

Beautiful pictures! Congratulations!!

Anonymous on

WHO… Savanagh Guthrie?

boohoobytch on

Awww, that’s actually a cute newborn. Congratulations to them.

Kat on

Beautiful baby! She should just go by Val.
About Michael’s face, I’ve never seen anyone whose left and right side look so different.

Cris on

Geez, such a happy thing turned so sad by the comments. Savannah has a healthy baby girl. That is cause for celebration. Why the comments about her looks, her age, that her mother secretly hoped for a daughter for her daughter? Who cares if you are a fan? If you have to preface your comment with that then why don’t you just stay quiet? If you had a baby would you have wanted to hear people say I don’t really like you but congrats on your baby. OR you look really old, you will be mistaken for the baby’s grandmother soon? That is just so sad to see for such a happy occasion.
Congrats to Savannah, Michael and beautiful baby Vale. May happiness always fill your lives.

libby on

Can’t imagine anyone saying a granddaughter is more special than a grandson! What a stupid thing to say. I have a daughter and 2 sons and I love them all the same. They are all special to me in different ways. Get real, Grandma!!

Anonymous on

In this life, you have a choice….you can choose to spread love, light, hope, positive energy, respect, that which is good…or you can choose to spread disgust, hate, dirt, nastiness, crudeness. What you choose to say isn’t so much about this beautiful woman who has brought life, purity and sweetness into this world. It says a lot about you, what you choose, who you are.

Sgh010 on

I’m sorry if I sound dumb, but how is the name pronounced? Like Vail? Val? Val-eh? Vahl-eh? Didn’t catch the broadcast and I’m curious.

Anonymous on

You have the choice…spread love or spread yuck. WHY on such a glorious occasion so many people would choose the latter is beyond me. Congratulations to this beautiful family!! What an adorable new life you have brought into the world!

Bella on

Ya know, it blows my mind t oread some of these comments..

Her Moms comment probably isnt what it seems. Ever had anything you said taken out of content? Accidentally or intentionally? And then to have it put in print…..shes no star-she probably wasnt “prepped” and she was probably very nervous!!!! Cut her a break.
VALE is a very cool name, good luck to the new family!

Momof3 on

She’s a doll those chubby cheeks!! I’m not a fan of savannah but so proud of her that she put a picture out there that actually shows how a woman actually looks and feels after having a baby. !!

Cherrie on

I was scanning through some of the comments, and I have to say, WOW, some women are catty. When the pictures of Beyoncé and Blue came out, everyone was going on about her hair & make up, and that’s not what most new mom’s look like, blah blah blah. Flash forward to today, no pun intended, and look at a woman who just gave birth, AT 42, for Pete’s sake. So now we’re going to put her down for NOT having make up on???? I was 22, and I looked like hell. But its still one of my favorite pictures because my precious baby was in it, and the joy and happiness in my eyes. Why do you all feel the need to be this way???

guark on

That picture reminds me of my own, makeup free. My daughter was born at the beginning of August also…but 10 years ago! I also waited until March to tell my coworkers when I could no longer contain it. A lot of similarities going on here. I don’t really watch Today much, but you seem very down to Earth. Your lives will change but for the better. It’s such an exciting time. Congratulations! (My girl is now in the 5th grade.)

Melissa on

Congrats! I’ve never heard that name Vale before!

jackie benjaqmin on

Congrats Savannah. Enjoy Vale at her baby stages because they grow up so fast before your eyes.

chevjuls on

Congratulation to the proud parentes of a beautiful baby girl.

scofieldd on

Finally her pregnancy is over. Savannah has been nothing but annoying, but baby is cute.

Jen on

So beautiful! Congrats and enjoy that sweet girl. Love her name, too.

Susan on

So happy for them and their healthy, adorable baby girl – not sure why it matters whether or not I’m a fan, what I think of the baby’s name, or of what her mother said (which I’m sure was meant well)! Congratulations to the beautiful new family!

JLodle on


Thomasina on

I can’t be the only one to have said “cute baby” and THEN said “jeebiz…Savannah looks 60 without makeup”. All of you women commenting how “Great” she looks are crazy. Look at all of those lines. Wrinkle city! Horrible. That’s sun damage, kids. Let’s just spare us all these new mommy pics. Show the baby, fine. Leave your oatmeal face out of it.

Chicky dee on

Wow! that lil rugrat couldn’t wait to get here, since she just went off on leave. Congrats to her and her lil one.

Melanie on

What a gorgeous baby and a gorgeous family! I’m so happy for Savannah and Mike. What a joyous time for them and their family. (But what’s with all the vitriol about what Savannah’s mother said? Talk about blowing things out of proportion! Also, when Savannah’s mother was interviewed by phone on the Today show earlier this week, she said the gender really didn’t matter to her, but she thought it would be a girl. And right she was !)

Chicky dee on

“You’re not a fan; you don’t like her as a Today show host; she has no makeup on”. I guess some of you here who made those comments are not mothers more like WITCHES since only a witch would make such remarks on an occasion such as this..

Denise on

Love her name. Congratulations!!!!

gb on

Congrats to Savannah and her husband. Baby Vale is adorable and Savannah looks beautiful for just giving birth. I wish I looked that good. To the immature people who think she looks old I say you’re crazy. A woman who’s 42 who hasn’t done botox or had plastic surgery.would have some lines on her face.l Nothing wrong with that and she still looks great. Also, please lay off her mother. My mom had a strong preference for me to have a girl but would have loved her grandson just as much if I had had a boy.

Cris on

@thomasina- her face is fine. She is raising her eyebrows which causes wrinkles. At least she isn’t some botoxed mess. Do you feel better for making a mean comment? Did that brighten you day? Did it make you feel like you inspired someone? If not maybe you ought to rethink what you should say?

@melissa- why make this be about you? Infertility is tough but this is the wrong forum. I tried for five years, got pregnant and miscarried at 28 weeks. It is rough and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone BUT this isn’t about you. And if reading stories about successful pregnancies hurt you then maybe you should avoid them for awhile. Not meant in a mean way. Knowing what upsets you and not seeking it out anyway makes it easier.

Anonymous on

Who gives a rats ass. Is she the first woman to have a baby? I think not

Melissa on

@cris You are 100% right. I just wanted to suggest people be thankful that they have a beautiful baby and a healthy normal pregnancy, which I’m sure she is. I’m sorry for your difficulty and loss, I can’t even begin to imagine.

Mark on

I used to want to do her but this pic makes her look old and raggy. Didn’t realize the amount of wrinkles she really has.

kiki boobey on

I thought that it was Leonardo De Caprio in the photo!!
baby is cute but mother needs some work on wrinkles!!

itsred5870 on

looks just like matt lauer

janell on


tboy on

Great Pic!!!Beautiful Baby!!! PLUS, we know why “{annonymous” has selected that name. Don’t know nuthin’, can’t say nuthin’ use a nuthin’ name!!!!

Tammy Adams on

I had my second daughter at the age of 42…..nothing wrong with a baby born after 35……btw, congrats on the girl, cute name also…….

Tammy Adams on

Nothing wrong with having a baby in your 40’s…..she wanted to establish her career……I had my daughter at 42……and was glad that she is here…..
btw, congratulations on the new baby girl….

Sam on

Thumbs way down to the grandmother for her ignorant comment!!!! There’s no greater blessing than a healthy baby of either gender. Cute baby though.

Sam on

There’s nothing wrong with waiting until 40 to have kids. I just hope they know how blessed they are. Many 40 year olds can’t get pregnant or afford fertility help. It’s nice to feel like you can wait until later but it’s not realistic for most of us. Dang. Glad to see a healthy 8 pounder join the world!!

guest on

That is one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen.

Janice on

My best to u and your family. What a cutie. Knew u would have a girl. All the fun u r going to have, u two can get dresses that match. Nice looking family. Nothing but the best. Miss u already on the Today show. U really brought a nice touch.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Awwwwwwwww….look at those cheeks!!

Congrats and many blessings!

Marianne Herrmann on

What a beautiful family…they look healthy and happy! Congratulations to them. The baby is beautiful just like her mom.

southernbirdie on

Cheers to you for looking like a normal mom after giving birth! It is a good thing you had a girl or your mom may have died of sadness however. Boys are fantastic too!

guest on

OMG what a horrible picture! I would never have let this be released.

Cindy on

Sweet baby! For all you judgemental harpies, not a thing wrong with the grandmother wanting a girl!!

Cindy on

Sweet baby! For all you judgemental harpies, not a thing wrong with the grandmother wanting a girl!!

Kat on

I think we can all agree that Ferguson, Iraq, the Ebola virus – all of these things pale in comparison next to a woman photographed without make up on. The fact that she also hasn’t done Botox? I now believe we are in end times.

jessiemaystorm on

Vale sounds nice but isn’t it what you say when someone dies, along the lines of RIP or Godspeed…. Interesting choice. Glad everyone’s happy and healthy and that she’s a girl so her grandma won’t think she’s a second class citizen (??)

Cici on

She’s so adorable. Congratulations Savannah!

AmyRene on

Darling baby…odd name..but not the worst I’ve heard.

rachel on

That’s an awful grandma. I have 2 girls and 2 boys — I love both genders equally.

Anon on

Not only is Vale’s head perfectly round suggesting a C section, but by the shape, it looks as though she may have been breech.

kate on

Can’t you just say CONGRATULATIONS???? What is wrong with you people?????

Tammy on

I hope that child is blessed with a top lip, unlike her mother.


Congratulations on having such a beautiful, precious little girl but, Grandma, did you need to let the world know your opinion as to why you wanted her to have a girl ’cause having a boy is just as fulfilling as having a girl. I had 3 sons, all of whom I adore and now I adore my granddaughters and great-granddaughters…..and grandsons, equally. I know you have an excuse for your comment but there is no excuse for it. God Bless

Hoda Kotb on

Wow Savannah looks terrible!

Amaryllis on

Her husband looks like Mark Zuckerberg.

Carrie M on

That close up shot of this baby completely made my heart melt. What a gorgeous, gorgeous child!!

Renate on

Very cute baby; AWFUL pretentious yuppie name.

MJ on

Congratulations to Savannah and her husband – such a wonderful time for them. Their new baby girl is beautiful.

RLG on

Geez, that baby is challenged. Looks just as old as it’s parents. Savanah definitely isn’t a looker so I knew the kid would had beauty issues, then factor in that geeky looking dad…and there ya’ have it…TRAGIC.

Anna on

Congrats to Savannah for the new addition!

Dayna on

Happy for Mom and Dad! What a beautiful little girl… PS Savannah, your mother is an imbecile.

sammy on

That baby is like a perfect little blueberry. I just want to eat her up! Savannah’s new mother glow is absolutely beautiful.

Ann on

God Bless Vale and her parents. It is so exciting. You will make great parents and Vale will have all the love she will need to be a healthy, happy and safe little person.

pat on

why does she look so old? isn’t she just 42 years old? must be the abuse she took from Matt over the years…

Amanda on

#1- why do you people care if she had a c-section?
#2- babies born vaginally can have round heads too, surprise! Actually if you ask me she has a typical newborn cone head, it is just more towards the back of her head than top.
#3- what does it matter if a mom is or is not wearing make-up!? Some do, some don’t; it is the mom’s own comfort level and we shouldn’t judge those who chose to wear make up or those who choose not to!

Anonymous on

Ooh adorable baby photos!

angie on

Savannah looks older than her real age, happy for her though.

Intheknow on

I am not a fan of the Today Show or those on it but a baby is always a happy occurrence. I don’t know why a big deal is made of celebrity babies but so be it. Anyway, congrats.

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