Aww! North West Makes Her Modeling Debut

08/14/2014 at 08:05 AM ET

No one expected Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would take their daughter, North, to a department store portrait studio, but this takes baby photos to a whole new level.

The curls. The cardigan. The Chanel purse — everything about the 14-month-old‘s modeling debut is absolutely adorable.

“It’s never too early to care about fashion,” designer Karl Lagerfeld says of North, who rocked a Chanel brooch and bag for her first professional photo shoot.

The black-and-white portrait can be seen in the fifth issue of CR Fashion Book, a style guide North’s mother graced the cover of last year — while pregnant.

Tori Spelling Stella Saved My Life
Courtesy Chanel

North will be featured in a story entitled Legends, which “celebrates the unconventional side of fashion icon status,” according to the magazine’s website.

With her first solo magazine spread behind her — she posed with Kardashian and West for Vogue in March — North now knows her way around both Mom and Dad’s worlds. Earlier this month, she cuddled up to West while in the studio.

— Patrick Gomez

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Showing 187 comments

Holly Albrecht on

She is a beautiful baby!

Jaylynn on

This is ridiculous. She is 14 months old – she could give a rip about fashion! She is a pretty girl, though!

Becky on

That’s an adorable picture. I don’t often blow some up the asses of designers and celebrities, but my comment is about that…that’s a cute little, plump baby playing dress up and she’s adorable!

Anonymous on

She’s beautiful.

Not falling for it on

Well, it didn’t take long for them to start whoring her out.

Emily on

And then the parents come (again) screaming for privacy for that little girl!! This girl has no idea what a purse is! SMH

Courtney on

What a shameless family!

Blankita on

She really is beautiful !!! Just like her mama

Emily on

BTW, this is not a flatter photo of the baby. I have seen better pictures of her.

Nina on

Too bad she’s got more of Kanye…not too cute!

Stylista on

I’ve never seen a picture of her smiling

Anonymous on


Chloe on

I cant stand either parent, but my gosh she really is a beautiful little girl!!

J on

I’m so glad her hypocritical parents are keeping her out of the public eye.

Anonymous on

She is beautiful but never looks happy.

Ahh on

She looks just like her parents. They don’t smile either.

Dawn on

Beautiful baby, but honestly this makes me sad. She should be playing with her cousins with blocks and drooling on a toy somewhere, not working a photoshoot and playing with a purse that costs half as much as a car 😦 She’ll be behaving like she’s 30 before she’s 12.

MM on

“It’s never too early to care about fashion!” Thanks for the giggle first thing this morning. How ridiculous! North has NO IDEA she’s being pimped out by her materialistic parents. Poor baby. She’s beautiful yet unfortunate in so many ways. I hope she learns (on her own) to fill her life with experiences and philanthropy and not just a bunch of useless, name-brand stuff.

Kate on

Shoving their kid into the spotlight already, color me surprised. But please give them privacy, only when they ask. What a joke. I never see the poor girl smile, I feel so bad for her growing up in a circus!

Jay on

So sad!

Judy on

She is precious!

bec215 on

She is beautiful, but we have never seen a photo of her smiling…i just hope while her parents marriage is a sham, they do not see her as a “brand ambassador”, but as their daughter.

babygotcheeks on

mini kanye

Lindy on

Such a shame the kid looks just like Kayne…

kathy from fla on

Adorable! Wish I could say the same about her greedy, self-absorbed, narcisstic parents !

Ari on

I can’t believe they pierced that baby’s ears. No I can believe it. Kim wants her little accessory to sparkle.

sassyRN on

I am definitely not a fan of Kim & Kanye but why all the hate bc their daughter did a photo shoot? I see plenty of babies modeling for clothing lines/stores. Why is she any different? You all make me laugh when you criticize stars for letting their children do modeling but when non famous people let their children no one has a problem with it. The hate is real on this post..lmao

sassyRN on

Um Ari, 90% of people get their children’s ears pierced. Why is it any different?

Lindy on


Just Me on

Gotta pimp that kid out ASAP, right. The baby is 14 months old… knows NOTHING about fashion and could care less about the name on the label. This is nothing more then her parents using her for more attention. Sad, really.

mary on

Poor baby looks like her dad ugh n she looks so scarred then nothing as she grows up she will have to be 2nd in her parents life what happen to not wanting to show her at all

Madison on

This photo just takes ridiculousness to a whole other level. A baby sporting a Chanel bag and brooch? If this photo doesn’t scream pretentious, I don’t know what does? It’s just plain silly looking, but then again, look at who her parents are.

Ladybug on

She’s a beautiful child, but I wish I had a dollar for every pic of her
not smiling. That would pay the bills for a while!

lexi on

gorgeous girl and beautiful photo!

Guest on

She’s beautiful, but it sickens me that she’s already being pimped out by her fame whore parents (esp. Kim). A child has no say and it’s wrong.

Erica on

I thought Kanye didn’t want to pimp his baby out?

sam on

She is a little doll. What a deep thinking look she has on her wee face. Go North!!

Sharon on

She is a beautiful baby. I hope she’s a happy baby too. She’s growing up so quickly. She needs a brothers and sisters Kim/Kayne!

Louise on

Is this for real? Let me go throw up… This makes me sick. She looks like Kanye (not a good thing).

Kendall on

Pretty girl, but she always looks so scared 😦

tosha on

dang yall r mean! she looks like kanye, not good !!!!?? thats messed up! lol. why didnt they name her Knorth tho? pimping her out? they have no shame. they r all about money.

Just saying on

She’s a gorgeous little girl but what is this…the third generation of Kartrashians to hound us? I actually feel sorry for her for what’s to come.

Kristen on

Mini Kanye — looks and attitude

Sunny on

Uncle karl is an idiot. Wasn’t he the one that chose Brad Pitt for that godawful commercial for old lady perfume? Now this. Loser.

Anonymous on

I thought Kim and Kanye didn’t want her in the spotlight??

Tess on

This baby never smiles…not sure I would either with those nitwits as parents though!

Gemini on

The baby is cute but remember the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She is being raised by two of the world’s most narcissistic individuals. She will grow up thinking she is better than everyone else and this is sad. It feels like they are using the baby for more fame and attention and of course $$$$. They make me sick.

Norah on

Who is this for — all the other 1 year olds looking on with envy and disposable incomes??? These people are shameless…

Guest on

Wasn’t Kanye the one who said he didn’t want his daughter in the spotlight? Either he’s a liar or Kim got her way.

itsallgood on

This is so dumb and No she is not a modeling doll. She is only a kid with fat jaws and spit coming down her mouth. Go away with this, a normal kid with an ARROGANT MOM WITH MONEY.

heather on

It’s not a baby playing dress up. It’s adults dressing up the baby. This kid couldn’t care less about fashion.

truth on

I have yet to see this child smile

WhiteLily20 on

Lol…too funny! The pic is actually really pretty…but seriously? I think that little girl is probably more concerned about when her next nap time is, than “fashion”. 😛

Donna Hall on

She is very cute, but she never smiles….

Bianca on

It’s true – it’s never to early to care about fashion… and forget that women offer so much more to the world than looking pretty in clothes!

So sad.

J on

I think the pic would have been better if nori was looking at the camera

Connie25 on

She is a beautiful baby! Gorgeous!


She is a gorgeous baby!

Plumeria on

Gorgeous baby, but c’mon.. you won’t allow her on KUWTK but you will allow her to be a fashion model?! I just dont understand these people’s priorities! Not too mention..I DONT CARE what anyone say’s KK is NOT a fashion ICON.. SMH!

c on

Thank you for sharing your beautiful baby with us. Beautiful Nori!


So much for keeping her daughter out of the spotlight, just like her mother, she is pimping her daughter out. No wonder she wants more kids, just a way to make more money.

ceci on

@ari, I had my ears pierced at 2 months. All the girls in my family did. All my school friends did. I never saw the big deal about because iIt was normal. Why do you make it such a big deal?

Amy on

She isn’t shown on TV, you just hear her voice. But they can put her in magazines

M.G. on


M.G. on


Leonie on

this is truly disgusting. Those “parents” should be prosecuted. I feel sorry for that child.

Europa 19 on

Don’t get your shorts all in a knot. This is probably half an hour out of the baby’s day. Relax. She’ll be okay.

Fall on

Tramp in training.

Olivia on

This baby always looks so unhappy :/

Mon on

So they wanted to keep her out of the public eye did they? How materialistic are Kim and Kanye! It really is gonna hurt when they fall off their cloud!

Tina on

Aaannndddd, here we go. So begins the money-making career of North West. Why, that didn’t take long at all.

Kat on

I simply cannot wait until she goes to rehab, eating disorder clinic, liposuction etc. Will those be covered in 18 years time, People?

seabot on

She is a gorgeous baby. It’s too bad her parents are more interested in publicity for her than a stable family life.

Liz on

Beautiful little girl.

kim on

What a shameless family. She just a babe. She’s cute though.

Blair on

She looks like Kanye what happened

Tina on

Kanye is a liar he said he wanted to keep his child private I guess if the ex editor of French vogue comes calling it’s ok to pimp your baby out… Him and Kim are greedy they will do anything for publicity.. Now North is older Kim can use her as a prop just like she does all her family.. Kim and Kanye are the most vile self serving egostical celebrities I have ever seen.. But Americans just love to worship them

Ann on

She could be a beautiful baby if she just smiled once in awhile. She always looks so sad. I know Kanye’s scowl is his trademark, and the baby looks just like him, they don’t need to encourage her to make that face too. Come on Kim…show your baby how to smile and giggle and have fun!

lg on

kid looks like her thug father!

Anonymous on

Money Honey… that’s all she will be.

floormodel on

thank God they decided to protect her from the pres…. oops.

Angie on

Cant stand her parents! But North is beautiful.

cristiana on

how cute! she has daddys chipmunk cheeks!

Wow on

Growing up to learn what the least impt things are in this world.

P.U. on

Beautiful baby girl. I expected another pregnancy announcement in the next few months. She’s in a race with Duchess Kate.

OhMyGoodness on

“It’s never to early to pimp out your baby”.. that’s what the picture should of said.

Bella on

i dont know if she always looks “unhappy” or if she just has her disgusting fathers chin……

Angela on

Beautiful girl. The whole thing is silly but as a social worker, I’ve seen children abused. This child is presumably fed and loved and certainly has a roof over her head. I’m sure she plays and smiles like a normal baby…

lynnie on

Not a fan. Not very cute.

shilohkesslinger on

Any money she makes goes into a trust that her parents can’t touch. She will get access to it at 18. The most the parents can do is claim a manager’s fee. They don’t really need her to bring attention to themselves. They do that fine on their own. This article says most read on it, those that are commenting why they won’t go away you just think about that while you continue to comment. She looks beautiful and innocent learning about Mom’s job and becoming financially secure independent of her parents. Not a bad move parents.

noisefrom1981 on

um, SassyRN, I’m pretty sure 90% is WAY overstating how many (moronic, vain, egocentric) parents get their newborn’s ears pierced. No infant needs pierced jewelry. I believe most parents have better sense and are more concerned about their baby’s well being than about victimizing their infant for something they consider fashionable, which has the potential to be dangerous and does NOT benefit a baby in any way.

jlo27916 on

I do not give a rip about her parents- AT ALL, but she is a beautiful baby. I wish they were raising her more “real life” though. But that’s not of my business and they will deal with the repercussions of that… Plus all a child wants is their parents to love them and play with them and give them their attention 24/7- I see North with a lot of nannies for long periods of time- I hope Kim lays off that for North’s sake…

Marcy on

Ugly! just like her parents. Poor kid.

Guest on

OMG someone give Beyonce tips on baby hairstyles and CUTENESS!!!!hahahahaha BUT Kanye you do realize you and baby have been sucked into the exploitation of the untalented sex tape empire you said WOULDN’T HAPPEN???? Kimmie using baby to improve image! hahahaha

AshleyandAndrew on

and just like that North West has made more in this photo shoot than I will make in a year #dangit

Dawn on

She is a pretty girl, but I can already see Kim and Kanye doing what Kris did her her girls. Enjoy your baby girl while she is little, and stop with all the designer clothes, she really does not care what she is wearing.

floormodel on

Whoever picked today in the ‘when will they sell out their kid’ pool sure won a butt load of money.

angie on

Its a very cute photo!

Good on

Um, SassyRN – Please provide some credible statistical fact for your 90% of children have pierced ears percentage. Gypsies do and certain ethnic groups tend to, but hardly 90% of all children. I wouldn’t dream of doing that to an infant, toddler, child. One should decide for oneself if they want to be physically altered. I have pierced ears; got them when I was in college and able to make that choice. for myself and without my parents endorsement, btw.

Mnimouse on

Sweet Goodness. It’s not enough that we have the no talent Kardashian’s crammed down our throats on a daily basis, but now this. Turning into a different kind of magazine. We have one tiny little article on Lauren Bacall and this…boo.

soncee on

There is no doubt about it, Nori West is a beauty..but there is something disturbing about her mother’s “need” for constant attention! I hope Nori grows up to be as happy, healthy, and well adjusted as she is beautiful.

trixie on

Coco Chanel is flipping in her grave. Her brand was about elegance and timelessness. Now it’s being slung over the diaper of a baby whose parents would have never represented the Chanel brand in her day. Kim and Kanye are just behaving as they usually do but, Uncle Karl, you should be ashamed.

Sarah on

No matter how I feel about her parents NORTH is a beautiful baby…She is gorgeous…

bkable on

Adorable picture! But let’s be honest… this kid couldn’t care less about fashion. Her idea of fashion is whatever shoes help her stay on her feet and clothes that her mom doesn’t care if they get dirty!

cornholio on

Her face looks like it always hurts!

Blair on

I can’t imagine why a grown adult would make a negative comment about the appearance of a baby. That’s cruel. I do think baby North is too young to make her “modeling debut,” but it is what it is, and at the end of the day her parents will have to pay the consequences, good or bad, of the lifestyle they expose her to.

Star on

I can’t imagine why a grown adult would make a negative comment about the appearance of a baby. That’s cruel. I do think baby North is too young to make her “modeling debut,” but it is what it is, and at the end of the day her parents will have to pay the consquences, good or bad, of the lifestyle they expose her to.

Ann on

Has anyone ever seen this baby smile? They are starting her out early which is confusing considering the parents insist on keeping everything private about their baby…..Poor thing so hope she spends lots of time with Kourtney and her kids who are just regular kids having fun…..can you imagine having Kim as a mom?????

wth isgoinon on

She is a very beautiful baby but the poor kid never looks happy. She is never photographed smiling. Happy babies smile!
And for goodness sakes! Would someone please tell Kourtney to comb Penelope’s hair! That kid is always so raggedy!

fanofboarwalkempire on

North is really a beautiful little girl and she looks very fashionable!

Paula on

Pretty girl but hopefully she’ll know more about fashion than her so-called parents.

Candi on

What a bunch of haters on here everytime Kim or any of her family is mentioned. Worry about yourself and after you get perfect then start critiquing everyone else. The baby is cute and the outfit is too. Also, I think her parents obviously love her. It was Karl Lagerfield who wrote the fashion comment, not her parents. Get a life, haters!

Truthfinder on

She is an adorable child…I wish they wouldn’t put her on display!

peyton on

Just like my dog. You train them when they are young and they grow to be good at something. I just hope they are not giving North treats for her

ann on

Maybe if she didnt look like her father she would be cute. She has his mean look.

Guest on

She’s beautiful but it seems odd that Kim won’t allow her to be filmed for the show due to privacy concerns but she’s okay with her modeling.

PJB on

That family will do anything to keep their 15 minutes of fame going to include exploiting their kids!

Guest on

She’s a beautiful baby but it seems odd that Kim won’t allow her on the show due to privacy concerns but she’s okay with modeling

Janet697 on

that is so sad that chld looks like her talentless ugly father.

Jeeeeee on

She’s working the camera… and doing the nasty Kanye pout.

Guest on

I see they are starting her off on the materialistic lifestyle already.

gyl on

Say what we want about the parents and grandma, but his is a beautiful baby.

Lollipop on

Poor girl, she is so being used by her parents. She deserves a healthy, lovely, and happy childhood too.

Andrea on

She is a beautiful little girl. However, I find it pretty darn funny that she’s in a fashion-related shoot, since neither of her parents have any taste or class.

Linda on

Beautiful baby! Hate the parents. Too bad they are grooming her already to look like her mom, grandmom, all her aunts…..they all look the same with false eyelashes dark overmade eyes……it is a shame!

Cathy on

Kanye wasn’t too worried about drones on this day. He needs to pick a side and stick to it.

Cathy on

@peyton – feet’s LOL…….I think perhaps you meant feats.

slawson on

Stop whining and complaining haters. If you had a beautiful child that could model or act, you would do that for them, right? But they cannot because of who they are? Give me a break. I see the green eyed monster growing and will continue to grow. BTW, I DO NOT like Kanye-Kim, have never heard his music and do not have cable to watch her sorry show. However, their child is cute, if people want her to model, why not?

Shell on

The child that never smiles.

freya on

I think she’s pretty in your average kind of way. Kim and Kanye does not even have to hire a body guard for her this baby is gonna blend in the crowd as long as she will be kept out of the limelight. Blue Ivy Carter on the other hand will always be hounded by paparazzi. She got Jay Z’s face and Beyonce’s

Hello? on

Didn’t Kim and Kanye always making comments that they want their child to have privacy? Now she’s in some fashion book?

Mom Of Twinz on

No matter how some feel about her parents, she’s a beautiful girl. @Jaylynn, do you think that other babies that model clothes care about fashion? What’s your point?

Whittierlil on

Poor baby has her father’s smileless unhappy look. I have yet to see a happy photo of this baby.

Ru on

The baby of a porn star and racist should not be glamorized

Gina Stoll on

For the love of all that’s holy, PLEASE MAKE IT STOPPPPP!


They’re already pimping the baby out??! DISGUSTING.

ts on

all they did was grease her nappy hair back, throw on a $500 sweater and put a $1000 purse in lap and called it modeling

JT on

Jeeeeez, she couldn’t even wait until the girl was 16 before she started pimping her out???

Anonymous on

Hope she is a physicist.

shanell on

She is so adorable. I love little North

Susie on

I bet grandma is not happy that mommy and daddy have complete control over north’s modeling and grandma will not be the one getting rich off another Kardashian.

Sccrmom19 on

Let’s be honest, if that baby was in a stroller on any street, she wouldn’t be a “stand out”. Just an average baby. Besides, she always has that “who are these people” face.

Court on

too bad she looks so much like the father:(

Becky on

Christ…..will it ever end?

Steva on

Daddy is rich and Mother’s good looking, so North should enjoy Summer time and every day of her life.

For the haters, my Mom used to say “You run your mouth and I’ll run my business” and I’m sure Mr. & Mrs. West would say the same.

Tamu on

Pimping child out already. She looks just like Kanye and she always looks unhappy. Parents are both media whores and hypocrites – always talking about privacy!!!!

Robin Sanford on

All disdain for the parents aside, she is a beautiful baby.

Why, though, can’t I get the song, “Gold Digger” outta my head?

carol on

I mean really?? You want privacy?? I must give it to Kim she has no talent but she is making monies hand over fits and that would include her daughter. As a mother she should be a shame.. keep your kid out of the public its called self respect.

Kat1129 on

She is a beautiful baby but I feel so sorry for her!

Blue Ivy on

That poor baby. Her mother is probably picking apart this picture, wondering if North is old enough for a nose job yet.

luc on

while all babies are cute…this one not so much.

templar on

Super cute baby :)…Unfortunately, already SOLD FOR FAME !

Me on

Her parents are idiots. However, she is an adorable baby.

micky on

I know it’s wrong to say a child is ugly so I won’t I’ll just say she looks like Kanye and he is one ugly MF

tami on

Jut a bunch of haters making comments. First off, you know that baby is beautiful and if you had an opportunity for your baby/child to model, you FUCKIN would do it too. How many babies are in magazines get serious. Doctors will pierce your ears at 6 months you idiots. Nothing wrong with that. The baby doesn’t smile for you ignorant people but she like most babies will for her parents & family. My daughter always cried for professional pics but was happy and healthy. You are just haters and they don’t need their baby to model for money….they are already rich. So, they didn’t want her seen at first and that is understandable based on some of the crazy a** comments here. STOP HATING. The baby & Kim are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Hannah on

This annoys me beyond belief. Not because she is ‘modelling’ at such a young age but because Kanye got all up on his high horse about exposing his child to their lifestyle, and not filming her in the reality show or taking her photo because it isn’t her decision, she didn’t choose it etc. Then he does this. It’s absolutely no different. Pick one side or the other but you can’t get all snotty about people taking her photo, and refuse to have her appear at all on the reality show and then get her to PROMOTE chanel for all the world to see. Hypocrite.

Hannah on

@slawson It’s not to do with her modelling or not, it’s because K&K made all these statements about how they want to keep her away from the public eye, they don’t want her seen on TV or in photographs etc etc. So it’s pretty hypocritical to say all that and then do this.

dutchtea on

Well…so much for privacy for baby North…..

Anonymous on

She is a beautiful child who couldn’t care less about all this nonsense. And everyone talking about introducing her to fashion at an early age are just stupid. I hope they pay as much attentions to her proper development and education as they do do to her “fashion” sense. I feel for this child. She deserves so much bettter.

Gidget on

North is absolutely ADORABLE!

Anonymous on

What happened to her hand. It looks like an adults

Gidget on

Some people are SO NEGATIVE!!! That in itself is simply SICKENING!!! People, people, people, PLEASE remove all of the hatred, jeolousy and envy from your heart! Jesus take the wheel!

Ricki on

She seems to have her daddy’s temperment.

Tanya on

North is so cute is this photo!

Anonymous on

What Ever!!!!! Seriously who really cares….Why is her hair look greasy or dirty!!

Anonymous on

This is not a cute kid..

KL on

Ya seriously, she could care less about what she wears she’s only over a year old!! Stupid advertisment. But she is a cutie!!!!

Ginger on

Like North’s outfit in this photo, so cute.

cindy on

Sad that her skin is being bleached…she would have been cute as a dark black baby like kanye.

cindy on

Too bad her skin is being bleached…she would have been a cute baby if she was still dark skinned like kanye.

Anonymous on

I’m sorry, but that has to be one of the ugliest kids I have ever seen!

Ann Coulter on

I’m sorry, but that has to be one of the ugliest babies I have ever seen!

T on

Wow! I can not believe that people can be so jealous and cruel. Many of you know that if you had the opportunity to become rich you would. A lot of you are doing things on the job to get that BIG RAISE! (ie., stabbing coworkers in the back, sleeping with the boss, brown nosing)…get out of here!! Get off the social media sites and go find your success!(money, friends, or happiness) A bunch of bullies sitting behind a computer screen talking sh$t…smh

Damn Gina on

She is absolutely gorgeous. Too bad her dad is a douche and her mom is a fame whore!

Dee on

What is with all the hate??? Hate on the parents all you want but calling the baby names and saying she’s ugly? Time to take a time out guys and start reflecting about your own demons. Wow…. just wow!

Anonymous on

with all their money i have never seen this child dressed cute. Always in white, black or grey, she is a DOLL put some color on her

sue on

with all their money when are they going to dress this DOLL up in some cute clothes. I have only seen her in white, black or grey. Kids clothes are so cute dress her in something pink, purple, blue something

Anonymous on

Gooooo awaaaaay! OMG this is an ugly baby

seashoreshells on

I guess kim will be a mama whore just like her mama….apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Anonymous on

She is a cutie! 🙂

Saundra on

Ewe! She’s ugly!

Sal on

Poor unhappy kid

so cute on

Nori is such an adorable little baby girl. I don’t get it when grown ups make rude remarks about her or Blue Ivy, Sufi Cruise, Shiloh Pitt, etc…, They are just children and if you can’t say anything nice about a child then “Don’t Speak”. 😉

Katie on

She got more of Kanye’s fugly genes yuck

Charlotte on

Umm are we all looking at same photo??? Every Mother thinks their baby is beautiful but let’s face it, North is not ever going to shine in the looks department. She is a carbon copy of Kanye who is homely at best. I feel sorry for her being born into Kardashian family where looks are everything. Sickening that they ‘pimp’ her out like this for money too.

michelle smithwick on

This baby is NOT cute nor photogenic. It’s ironic that the MediaWh#@%, Kim Kardashian would have an unattractive child. Kourtney’s children are beautiful and she’s smart enough NOT to have people judging her children the way this clueless couple neglect their child. And, there’s irony in that, too!!

michelle smithwick on

I also wonder if Kim is not secretly ashamed of her child’s hair because it’s ALWAYS greased down and pulled back? It’s obvious Kim thought her child would be a mini-me and beautiful; with long-dark hair and a feminine face. Instead she looks like Kenye because black genes are dominate. That genetic info is even taught in high school biology classes but I doubt she took an academic course load.