Kristin Cavallari: How Having Children Changed My Family Plan

08/14/2014 at 05:00 PM ET

When it comes to her growing family, baby number two is twice as nice for Kristin Cavallari.

“It’s a lot easier in the sense that you know what to do and expect, so you have a lot more confidence,” the Fabulist host, 27, tells Michigan Avenue magazine.

Even deciding on a name for now 3-month-old Jaxon Wyatt was a breeze. Cavallari admits she and husband Jay Cutler skipped the entire name game with their second son after seeing his moniker in a magazine when she was pregnant with her firstborn, 2-year-old Camden Jack.

“We had already picked out a name, so we just held onto it,” she says. “We decided if we had another boy, that’s what we would name him.”

Kristin Cavallari Michigan Avenue
Jack Perno

Despite the smooth start to double duty parenting, the new mom admits she’s still getting used to raising two boys.

“You have zero time to yourself now. Camden takes a nap at one o’clock, so when Camden’s going down, Jax is just waking up to eat and play, so there’s literally no time,” she explains.

“But it’s amaz­ing and really sweet seeing Camden love being a big brother. Plus, you’re definitely more relaxed with the second one because you’re not stressed out by questioning everything that you’re doing.”

As far as expanding her family even more in the future? Cavallari may consider downsizing her original plan.

“Before we had children, Jay and I both wanted four, and now we’re thinking three, but we’re just going to have to see how it goes. Right now the last thing on my mind is having another baby, but it is a ton of fun,” she shares.

Kristin Cavallari Michigan Avenue
Michigan Avenue

When the couple decides it’s time to add more members to their brood, the reality star turned designer knows Cutler, a quarterback for the Chicago Bears, will be onboard.

“Jay is a great dad. He’s incredibly hands-on, and he has been since day one,” she says. “It’s so sweet seeing him with Camden and Jax, and there’s nothing sexier than seeing your husband as a great dad. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in this situation.”

— Emily Strohm

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Showing 53 comments

naymen on

Whatever……you don’t vaccinate your children against deadly diseases. That should be child abuse!

pole on

Vaccinate your kids!!!
She doesn’t even understand why she is opposed to it. Beyond child abuse if you ask me.

Maggie on

Vaccinate your kids, you’re incredibly stupid not to but she’s not known for intelligence.

Beth on

I think it’s kinda silly that her one kid is named Jaxon and the other has the middle named Jack. It would be like having a child named Sophie and another with the middle name Sophia. Pretty darn similar! I really dislike the trend toward unique name spellings – just spell it Jackson!

Guest on

Great that she’s such a loving mama. Too bad she cares so little about other children, who are just as loved by their own families. Not vaccinating your kids puts other children’s health at risk!

Mary on

Is she planning to home school her kids, cause kids needs their shots before sta.ting school/

Zeze on

This girl must have the world’s best publicist because she has literally done nothing in the past 5 years but have babies.

Guest on

She’s a child abuser. Those kids would be better off in foster care.

Brandi on

The ignorance in these comments never ceases to astonish me. SMH.

Stu on

how is not vaccinating child abuse? sticking a child with 47 needles before age 5 seems worse to me. I love how people say that non-vaccinated children put other children at risk…if vaccines are that wonderful, why would a vaccinated child be at risk? feeding your children organic food and keeping impurities out of their bodies seems like the farthest thing from child abuse to me.

me on

enough already…it’s not that hard to get pregnant when you’re not using birth control…for most women it happens within a year…did you not take heath class in high school…obnoxious

stelinde on

wow… educate yourselves… it’s called herd immunity… the children she’s putting at risk by not vaccinating her own are the children that can not be vacciated for one medical reason or another… it’s the people who refuse to vaccinate their children that are causing diseases that were previous on the downfall to rear their ugly heads again… there is NO research that proves vaccines are bad… the ONE that there was had to be REVOKED because it could not be substantiated!

blessedwithboys on

@Mary. No they don’t, do your research. 🙂

Pat23 on

Thank you Stu, finally someone who has common sense. Child abuse?? To all who dare to say it’s child abuse not to vaccinate is a sick asshole, and are the true child abusers. It’s funny how clueless people can run their mouths on a subject they know nothing about. Would a parent not go to jail for child abuse or really it would be attempted murder, if they filled up viles full of aborted fetal tissue, aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, and other carcinogenic material and injected it into their kids??? But somehow it’s ok and legal to take them to a doctors office to do it?? 47 vaccines before the age of 6, all containing health damaging chemicals and neurotoxins….hmmm ok…who are the child abusers now??

Pat23 on

You are wrong Mary, that’s a lie that is being told to parents. It’s illegal to deny a non vaccinated child school entry.

Pat23 on

If any of you knew a damn thing about what’s going on with recent breakouts of disease, you will find out that it’s the vaccinated who are spreading the diseases. 85% of whooping cough cases were vaccinated for it! 85% is a VERY high number! Same goes for measles! Even mainstream pediatricians are admitting the tdap has been a HUGE failure. How can they deny it when the proof of its failure is blatant for all to see??

Isabel on

No, Pat. If you’ve read any peer-reviewed research in the past five years, you’d see that the most recent outbreaks in the United States and United Kingdom can be traced back to non-vaccinated children (i.e. the measles outbreak in Wales, whooping cough outbreak in California, etc.).

Certain populations, such as newborns too young to receive vaccines or cancer patients who have weakened immune systems and are currently undergoing chemotherapy, rely on the vaccinations of others in order to remain healthy so when a parent makes the moronic decision to not vaccinate, he or she not only puts his or her children’s lives at risks but the lives of countless others.

Also, no organic diet or clean air will prevent a person from contracting measles or another potentially deadly virus.

Pat23 on

And another moron opens their mouth….Isabel, you are a million percent incorrect! You should be quite embarrassed of yourself actually. There is verifiable and irrefutable proof that it is the vaccinated that are spreading the diseases. Very interesting reading the statistics of the diagnosed. Many are 9-12 yrs of age, just at the age when they get the tdap booster, and then they come down with whooping cough….hmmmm. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Nourishing the immune system with nutrient dense food most definitely plays a HUGE role in whether one comes down with the disease or how well they fight it off. Diet and lifestyle has everything to do with immune function. Of course the Twinkie eating soda drinking person is going to be more susceptible to sickness and disease. That’s a fact.

Alia on

It gets annoying when celebrities flaunt their “perfect” families. Some women can’t have kids at all, and some can’t have more kids because of circumstances. And that’s not even mentioning the women who can’t find a husband/partner. Not everyone has millions of dollars in the bank and full-time nannies on hand. She’s constantly talking about her kids in every article – how about she do something else in her life, and then talk about that?

mer on

I don’t know what the problem with her exactly is, but I generally like what she says about her family, especially her husband’s involvement.

Tanja on

@Alia: If you are so jealous of her then what are you doing here?^^ You don’t even know that woman so why are judging her?

Funny when people come here to spread their hatred towards celebrities because they “reveal their lives to the world” …if you have a problem with that stay away and ask yourself what you did wrong in your life because you don’t have millions of dollars and seven nannies at home. 😉

I love jealous,frustrated women…complaining…that’s what they can do best.

guest on

She keeps coming out in articles discussing home much time she spends with her kinds, how involved her husband is and marriage is perfect to put her marriage in a better light. Keep in mind they broke off their engagement, she got pregnant (claims she didnt until later) and went ahead with the marriage.

guest on

(Typos in the post before now corrected) She keeps coming out in articles discussing how much time she spends with her kids, how involved her husband is and marriage is perfect to put her marriage in a better light. Keep in mind they broke off their engagement, she got pregnant (claims she didnt until later) and then went ahead with the marriage.

John on

She “couldn’t ask for a better partner?” She will when one of her children dies from an infectious disease. She’ll scream “Why didn’t you make me vaccinate them?”


Kristin on

I don’t get why people are so judemental. She chooses to not vaccinate her kids. Thats her option. I chose to vaccinate mine, but I made that choice. But I also chose to space them out much further, than getting multiple shots in 1 sitting. I felt better about it and it was easier on my kids. I’m guessing that the spike in measles and whooping cough, might have something to do with the overflow of illegals coming into our country. And no, you do not have to vaccinate your children for them to go to public school. I believe there is a form you can sign, that waives it. I like Kristin, I think she has come a long way from her Laguna Beach days. Being a mom and a wife. Heck, she isn’t out on the town getting hammered and thrown in jail for 30 minutes at a time. She’s at home taking care of HER kids. Kudos to her.

Matt on

Yes, she has come a long way from Laguana. Getting knocked up and being a single mother with no educational or work experience can be tough. Great opportunist move on her part to go forward with the marriage. If things don’t pan out she is still young and will get a divorce settlement. You go girl!

Courtney on

Why are some bashing her because she’s spent the last few years giving birth and raising children (and sharing that with the public)? Why must she do More…isn’t that the greatest contribution to her life (and possibly society): Happy, healthy, loved children. Why isn’t motherhood enough? If you don’t think it is, then you’ve never raised children yourself, you haven’t worked in the educational field or social services with children who are unloved, underfed, often abused etc, and you probably haven’t begun to understand what your own parents did for you. Redirect your judgment elsewhere.

Jen on

My son is not vaccinated and I am proud to say that.

Alia on

@Tanja….you must be one of the women who have “perfect” family with 3 kids and husband, and are constantly posting pictures of your perfect kids on Facebook for everyone to see how perfect your perfect family is. Am I right? LOL.

Anonymous on

Yeah yeah whatever. A dime a dozen!

Marcus on

She seems like she is wonderful mom. All the people who are complaining about her decision to not vaccinate her kids remember this; these are her kids she carried them and gave birth to them so she can decided what she wants to do.

Alia-Please seek help immediately. If you don’t like her why are you here?
Beth-Have you own kids and you may name them what you want. Stop being annoyed about silly things.

stacey on

I like both of her little boys’ names…first and middle. At least they are real names, and not another Noah or Caleb.

Gina on

She should home school her kids if she doesn’t vaccinate her kids.

NV on

She seem having a great family, happy for her!

Anonymous on

Ooh the photos looks great

Anonymous on

Perfect family. Kudo to her.

Jen on

I’ll never forget her idiotic comment “I’m so scared of autism”. As a mother of an autistic son who is wonderful, happy, and healthy, I am hurt she is scared of something she obviously knows nothing about. Vaccines don’t cause autism anyway but she should know autism is not the end of the world or scary, her ignorance is.

emma on

Maybe the third time will be the charm and she will get a princess. You know it bothers her that she has 2 boys.

angie on

They can afford to add one or two more kids because her husband makes lots of money.

Rachael on

Why is this woman newsworthy? She’s done nothing but have a washed up QB’s children the last couple years. Time to move on…

Marcus on


If she is not neworthy than why are your here?

Anonymous on

She needs to vaccinate her kids this time around!

Tiara Techno on

How Having Children Changed My Family Plan – like vaccinating? I wouldn’t wish any mama or child the diseases that they may have to endure due to making the choice to expose the risks of not vaccinating.

Dawne on

Many parents say they are exempt from vaccinating their kids for “religious” reasons so that the kids can go to public school. I send my daughter to a Catholic school and the only excuse not to vaccinate is if there is a health issue. Sorry, I don’t want my child around an unvaccinated child. She was a preemie born at 28.5 weeks and had to spend the first 2 months of her life in the NICU. So, sorry, I don’t want an unvaccinated child endangering my child. The people who chose not to vaccinate need to be fully educated on vaccines then make the decision. Having celebrities voicing their opinions on the subject is really a joke. When one of them has a medical degree, then maybe I would listen. I don’t think it is abuse not to vaccinate but, as much as so many children travel, the parent is putting the child at great risk. I want to protect my daughter so I got her vaccinated. I also used my head and didn’t have 10 vaccines in one day. I spaced them out and she got what she needed and on schedule. She also had to have RSV shots-2 shots every 30 days from October through April. RSV kills 2% of preemies and causes permanent lung damage in up to 25% (read this off the CDC website in 2006 when my child was born). I didn’t want to risk my child’s health. I think that is the main issue-by not vaccinating your child, that is putting other children at risk.

Lisa on

She is uneducated, classless and tacky.

Anonymous on

Very happy for her having a great family

Marcus on

Way to judge someone Lisa. Im guessing your so perfect right.

Molly on

Love the dress she is wearing on her first photo!

Sarah on

There are a lot of pseudo-scientists on this board. Clearly we’ve never lived through a polio or diphtheria outbreak. Talk to your grandparents. Of my grandfather’s five siblings, two did not survive into childhood because of diseases we don’t worry about today.

Sally on

Would a man ever say “Sally is such a great mom. She’s so hands on, and has been from day one. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in this situation.”

VM on

Kristin needs to vaccinate her kids, because it involves other kids who are around her kids.

Carrow on

I was just wondering if having 2 kids had changed Kristin Cavallari’s life plan. Fascinating read.

Anonymous on

Um she had a nice family plan except the vaccinating part.