Kyle and Eva Amurri Martino Welcome Daughter Marlowe Mae

08/11/2014 at 02:15 PM ET

Eva Amurri Martino Welcomes Daughter
Rob Latour/Rex USA

It’s time for some sweet lovin’ from her Honey!

Eva Amurri Martino and husband Kyle Martino welcomed their first child over the weekend, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Daughter Marlowe Mae Martino was born on Saturday, Aug. 9, weighing in at 6 lbs., 11 oz.

The actress and her husband, an NBC sports analyst, “are thrilled and enjoying the new addition to their family,” the rep tells PEOPLE.

Not only are the couple first time parents, but the arrival of their daughter also means Amurri Martino’s mother, actress Susan Sarandon, is officially a grandmother — one who will not be called grandma.

“I borrowed this name from a very dear friend of mine who’s from the South, and his grandma was ‘Honey,'” Sarandon has said.

In February, Amurri Martino, 29, and Martino, 33, announced they were expecting and later revealed the sex of their baby with a sweet snapshot of mommy-and-me shoes.

But the mom-to-be, who most recently appeared on Undateable, isn’t the only one stocking up on goodies for her baby girl.

“I plan to just completely go against everything my daughter’s trying to do and spoil them completely,” Sarandon joked to PEOPLE in March.

And while Sarandon said that the couple’s name choice was “unusual,” she admitted she was a big fan of the moniker.

“It’s not a vegetable, a city or a place. It’s a real name … I really like it,” she said.

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— Anya Leon with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Showing 39 comments

selfyshhh1 on

I bet the baby is adorable.

Catherine on

I think it’s cute when grandparents use nicknames. It makes it less confusing if they have two or more sets of grandparents. It’s pretty common. And I love the name Marlowe! Very pretty, unusual without being too weird.

bkable on

Cute Name!

Brooke on

I love the name Marlowe, but I think with Martino, the flow is bad.

Katy on

My children have 4 different sets of grandparents. That’s 4 grandmothers and 5 grandfathers. It gets confusing for the kids sometimes. I understand using alternative names.

Katy on

Ha ha- I wrote 5 grandfathers. Makes us sound like Big Love. I meant 4.

erica2 on

I am a ftm having a baby boy in September…my mother does not want to be called grandma either…my husband’s mother does…my mom will go by Honey too 🙂 it think it’s cute and different. This will be my mom’s first grandchild she is happy to be a grandmother but doesn’t feel the need to go by the traditional grandma, granny etc. to each their own. I love the MMM name Marlowe Mae is too cute…I like the middle name Mae…there are far too many girls with the middle name Grace, Rose, Marie, and Faith it’s nice to finally hear something different!

Ari on

My great grandmother was named Marlowe. I’ve always been a fan of the name! I’m sure that baby is adorable.

valeskas on

What about Nana, Susan. She can do what she wants, the baby will call her whatever it wants too.

Delancey on

Sounds like a great name for a future actress or announcer!

Amanda on

I was expecting a really unique name based on her comments in the past. Marlow is becoming waaaay to common.

sharon Little on

I don’t know,my husband calls me Honey,can’t Susan be NANA??? I like Marlowe.

bitsy on

Great news, great name! Congratulations.

shannon m on

My children have several sets of Grandparents (got to love blended families!) which would make it confusing for everyone to be “Grandma”. They have a Grandmother, a Granny, a Ma, a Noni, a Nonna, and a Gigi. When I was growing up I had an aunt Helen on my dad’s side and a Grandmother Helen on my mom’s side so to avoid confusion I called my mom’s mom “Grandma Sugar”. It’s actually what I hope my grandkids will someday call me, but at the rate I am going and my baking hobby I will probably end up being Gramma Butter.

Marcia on

Love the name, congrats to them.

Danielle on

LOVE the name!!! Congratulations and enjoy your new baby!!!

Danielle on

Ps: Skiiy is a B I TC H.

KW on

Never heard of them. Susan Sarandon, I have. She needs to get over herself.

Melissa on

Congrats! Nice name! My birthday is also on that day the baby was born (I just turned 17)!

Laura Rose on

Honey is a very endearing name for Grandma and it is used in the south alot.

Sara on

Congratulations Eva and family! And I love the name, very beautiful

fiona on

the name is very nice. thank goodness its not another apple, brooklyn, paris or bear. where some of these celebrities get these names is beyond me.

lorrie on

I wouldn’t say that Marlowe is a “real name,” though it is not an uncommon surname. The e at the end will cause spelling problems for the kid. Sounds as though they were looking at Marshall Mathers when they chose those three initials!

Marlo Thomas doesn’t have “Marlo” on her birth certificate.

My cousin has always called her mother “Honey.” I find it creepy. Try the Sheldon Cooper handle, Meemaw.

krista on

Congrats to the happy couple😊😊😊😊😊!!

Kica on

I agree with Susan. When it’s my turn to be a grandmother I’m going by either Nana or Grandolly.

Anonymous on

Marlowe Martino?

Didn’t these parents say the name out loud first? Sounds like a spoof on an old time gangster name. Ridiculous.

soph on

Marlowe Martino…’k.

KL on

Aw cute name!

micky on

Congratulations to the happy couple, love the name

Anonymous on

Marlowe Mae Martino? Sheesh.

lola on

I love the name. Grew up watching Marlo Thomas. My grandbabies call me Aubbie and I wouldn’t change it for anything! It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. You don’t get to decide things that don’t concern you.

Cathleen on

Lovely name!

mer on

Love the name. I had no idea she was that far. In comparison, it feels like Christina Aguielera has been pregnant forever.

Lili on

I was expecting the name to be different based on Susan’s comments… It’s the third celeb to name their daughter that… Still congrats to them all

Molly on

Love the name. Congratulations!

Poor Thing... on

I had a Grandma growing up & my mother is Grandma to her grandsons. I had always been told, “Whatever the kid can say is what [he/she] will be called”–my aunt & uncle’s grandkids call them Bapa & Nana…I guess whatever syllable the kid can pronounce…

Pam on

I have lived in the south all of my life (almost 53 years) and have 8 grandchildren. I have never heard anyone call their grandmother, or mother “honey.” Seems that should be reserved for your significant other. I am Gramma ( or Amma to the younger ones that are not talking quite as good as the older children). I knew I did not want to be called Nana as I have always hated that for some reason. I do know quite a few grandmothers that go my Mimi – and I love that. Very easy for babies to pronounce. Of course there are Meemaws and Mawmaws too.

Ashlynn on

My daughter doesn’t call my mum Grandma either. She’s MiMi to my 4 little ones. Miss 4 calls her MiMi Moo and my mum LOVES being called that. It’s sweet 🙂 something a bit more uncommon.

My youngest, (6 weeks) was going to be Marlowe if he was a girl 🙂

Congratulations both of you ❤ ❤

Ginger on

Call her nana if susan doesn’t want to be called grandma.