Dean Cain: Being a Working Single Dad Is ‘Difficult’

08/09/2014 at 12:30 PM ET

Dean Cain‘s used to being called Superdad.

The actor, 48, who rose to fame in the 90s hit Lois & Clark, says that raising 14-year-old son Christopher on his own has been his greatest, and toughest role yet.

“He’s my favorite person on the whole planet,” Cain tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. The Hit the Floor star and son Christopher share a special bond. Following a nasty custody battle with ex Samantha Torres in 2003, Cain assumed sole custody of Christopher in 2011.

“Stability-wise this is what’s best for him,” says Cain. Though he says it can be “difficult” shuffling from work on set to PTA meetings and field trips, “I’ve learned to make the decisions that put him first.”

Dean Cain Son Christopher
Andrew Macpherson

And he prides himself on being the fun parent. “You know that saying ‘Momma says don’t play ball in the house?’ Well, we play. We chase each other, you can walk on virtually any piece of furniture.”

That goes for Christopher and his half-siblings, Torres’s 3-year-old twins Elijah and Isabelle, who come by often. Says Cain, “I’d do anything for those two … It can be defined as a broken home, but if you hang out at our house that’s the last thing you’ll think.”

For more on Cain’s situation and what it’s like looking for love as a single parent, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

— Janine Rayford Rubenstein

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Nan on

Love — LOVE — Dean Cain. Beautiful inside and out.

Anonymous on

Welcome to the real world women raise their kids all the time by themselves.

Trinori on

Welcome to my World. I have 2 daughters who I raise on my own and hold down a full time job. Its tougher than anything I’ve ever done, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Anonymous on

Really? Its difficult, I am a single working mom and raised 2 kids. Of course its difficult, but you don’t see them writing a story on me.

Sacre on

Cue all the bitter single mothers who are upset there’s a story written about a dad who has the audacity to state the obvious: being a single parent is rough sometimes. It’s not a competition, people.

Anonymous on

Why is this guy getting credit for raising his own kid? That’s what you are suppose to do.

Kia on

Why is this guy getting credit for raising his own kid? That’s what you are suppose to do.

alana on

Can’t believe all of the negative comments. He never says that it is more difficult for him than for any other single parent or that he should get any special praise for raising his own son. He seems like a very loving father. It’s a nice article and a thousand times better than seeing yet another KK selfie!!

Amaryllis on

Um, don’t get involved with flakes. Don’t procreate with flakes and for bonus points, get married first. You reap what you sow.

lexi bulldog on

Alana, you sound bitter.

and why is he having a story on this subject?

lisa on

Oh boo hoo must be nice since you have money and resources.

Alex on

Kudos to Dean for putting his child first and making home and fun and loving environment for him.
How wonderful that he welcomes his Ex’s children Into his home just so that the siblings can have more time to spend with one another.

Anonymous on

Good for him. He sounds amazing

Angela on

I’m sorry, but he is front page news for this? Women do this every single day. Welcome to the club. P.s. We don’t get awards for this.

Guest on

Women have been doing it for years but most have to work two jobs!

Tee on

My goodness, the majority of these comments really surprised me because I thought this was a great article! It didn’t seem like Dean was looking for praise or pats on the back. He simply stated what all single parents know, that it isn’t easy! And while I know nothing about this man and his personal life, I think it’s pretty awesome that he welcomes his son’s half brother and half sister into his home so that his son has time with his siblings! That’s going above and beyond what most people would do, especially since it sounds like the custody battle was pretty ugly.

lctr on

Dear female peers,
First, the article was written by someone other than him. They choose the topic and the quotes. Second, I am ashamed of the hatred you are giving to a fellow single parent. And third, it’s not just women who are doing it. Single parents should be praised in general. This article may help other single fathers who feel alone. And we want to encourage fathers to take a role in their kids lives, not discourage them. I realize that some of you may have been jilted by your children’s dads but both every single dad is an asshole.

Jenny on

Am I the only one that thinks that’s a weird picture for a 14yo? That’s a pose that a little kid would do with his dad.

Andrea on

All these “welcome to my world” comments… *eye roll*. I’m a homeschool mom of three and I commend him for stepping up to the plate. The difference in this scenario that you all are not taking into account is he is not a woman. He is a dad who has stepped up to the plate to fill a mother and father role and he deserves credit for it. Let him have his moment in the hot sun and kudos to him for being a great dad.

Lala on

I agree with Ictr’s comment! Not just mom’s are single parenting. There are dads who have full custody of their children, but it’s much more uncommon. Hopefully reading this article, can give them some encouragement.
I’m not a single parent, but I am a military spouse. My husband has to leave quite often, for different periods of time. My hat is off to any single parent, because it is not easy to do it alone.

Kristie on

Why are there so many negative comments? Would you rather read how he abuses his child? This is ridiculous. Stop.
I am a single mother w three children. I put myself through college alone and I work more than full time. I get no help from their father. I don’t need kudos, just happy, healthy children that know who loves them at the end of each day.
It’s refreshing to hear that men are stepping up to fill a role so many women have had to live. No many people ask to parent alone. Crap happens. Man or woman, it is difficult at times, special at times, lonely at times. But always worth it. So be nice!

t on

I love this! And you don’t have to be divorced or single to be a single parent.

Ru on

Beautiful boy! Looks just like his dad!

Lily86 on

Wow, so many bitter women! Who told you to have unprotected sex! Now you are stuck with kids and want everybody to give you a medal! Cain is a example of a great father to his kid, he fought for him, and well most of you don’t know what that is. Live and let live. We read about him because he is a celebrity, and guess what?? This a CELEBRITY MAGAZINE! I pity you.

Debbe on

I am the same age as him and raised my son alone since day one. The thing that probably upsets single moms with this story is that when a woman does this same thing they don’t get the recognition, the empathy. It just appears it is her job. But when a man does the rare job of raising his son with or without a woman by his side, they get praised for doing something that women are doing everyday and do not get praise for.

Debbe on

Lily86…some of these women who had UNPROTECTED SEX as you put it were married and believe their husbands that they would be married forever. You cannot make a man stay and raise his child if he doesn’t want to. The point is not WHY a single mom made the babies, the point is that our society and the media tends to give praise to single dads, while not acknowledging how that same role for single moms is just as difficult and deserves just as much praise.

Atp on

I think it wonderful, not many Father fight for their kids. More Men should be like Dean and Kid Rock

Danielle on

I had no idea he was a single dad and was given sole custody…. He sounds like a devoted and loving father… Good for him! I think that’s wonderful that he opens his home to his sons siblings too…

Mol on

Glad he did a good job as a single father.

Nikki on

He sounds like a devoted dad! To the bitter single moms who are posting… it isn’t hard to see why you are single.

JT on

I’m more curious as to why Cain has sole custody of his son over the kid’s own mother? She has other kids so why not joint custody? Hmmm. Confusing.

Ali on

It’s a little bizarre in my opinion to see so many negative comments about this! I think people are taking away that he’s giving himself a pat on the back or saying that he’s great and wonderful when really he’s just telling his story from his perspective. Would people leave so many negative comments if this were a woman? Just something to think about. In a day were it’s not uncommon to have absent fathers I don’t really understand why the negativity. It absolutely is his job to take care of his child but he isn’t saying give him a pat on the back!

Anonymous on

It’s not very often celebrity dads are interviewed like this. I think it’s great that People decided to do this article, since a majority of society seems to forget that there are a lot of struggling single fathers out there too. I always liked Dean Cain as a actor, but he sounds like an amazing dad, and I think it is awesome that he also takes care of his ex-wife’s other children too. He doesn’t HAVE to do that.

Anonymous on

So sad when everyone says it is no big deal because they do it all the time. I am a single mom, too. BUT, I am not a narcissist nor do I always think it is ALL about ME and I can appreciate a good story about someone who is a single dad and how hard it is. So many bitter people out there commenting. Disgusting.

Leah on

Dean sounds like a great dad. I don’t think though that the single mom posts are haters or bitter. It IS a double standard that when women raise kids – it’s their job but when men do they have articles written about them.
And Lily86 and Nikki, why tear down and criticize other women for feeling this way? Why not be supportive?

k on

Any guy who tries to get sole custody of the child is NOT OKAY on my books. He sounds like a selfish – you know what to try to get full custody of the child—let me guess. Oh, I’m sure he has excuses about the ex. But that is so wrong. I’m tired of hearing the custody battles where the mother gets rolled over the coals while the guys are out there chasing the skirts….

k on

There’s no respect for any guy who tries to take a kid from the Mom; I’ve heard too many stories of the guys who are liars and cheaters who then turn around and become the “mommy haters’. Usually stems from something from the guy’s childhood that he couldn’t get over.

Dee on

No offense but half of you bitter single moms out there…ever wonder why you are single? Or alone raising your kids? Maybe you should take a step back and purge the ugliness and bitterness from your souls and you will attract positivity around you.

A LOT of women use their children to hurt the fathers and I know plenty of good men who are fighting for the rights to their children but oh no, because we are women we are automatically entitled to raise the kids. I’ve seen it too many times and there aren’t enough stories about the men who struggle and raise their kids and when they do, all you angry self righteous :I’ve been doing it and no one writes a story on me” vile women come out of the woodwork.

What more praises do you need other than the good health and welfare of your kids? The man never came on here and said anything outside of HIS own experience…..we get it…it’s rough and it’s hard…I have plenty of single parents both moms and dads in my circle but GET OVER YOURSELVES already!!!!!

The nasty comments make you look like jealous fools.

Kudos to the moms and dads who are doing right by their kids….for their kids and not because they are looking to score points or even scores……..

Guest on

I LOVE Dean Cain, he is such a loving and devoted Dad! I know this is off topic but, can they bring back Lois & Clark The New Adventures of Superman? I SO miss that show with Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher!

suzy diamond on

Gee, I think millions of women have been doing this for centuries but on a lot less $$$$ Welcome to OUR WORLD, Dean.

Callie on

Met him at LAX and he is the nicest guy! So down-to-earth friendly, not a pretentious bone in his body. He’s also super, freakin gorgeous in person too

Chiluvr1228 on

Yes, some people are being a bit sensitive on the whole daddy single parent thing. I think it’s great that Dean is a good father. But without his financial resources, it probably would be a lot harder as many single mothers can attest to.

Cyndi on

To all single parents out there: My hat is off to you. I am a married stay at home mother and just cannot imagine doing it alone. I am so lucky to be married to the best husband and dad in the world. I recall a saying from years ago. It went like this: How much does the world weigh? Ask a single mother. There are more and more single fathers out there raising their children, so I’m sure it would be changed to “Ask a single parent”. I honestly don’t know how you do it. In my opinion, you all deserve halos and medals. Your reward will come in the form of the wonderful adults the children you raised alone become. My hat is sincerely off to you all.

Aud on

Dean Cain: Ice Cream is “Cold”

Aud on

Dean Cain: Fire is “Hot” and Touching Fire Can “Hurt”

mer on

I got upset by all the negative comments, but calmed down by the end where more reaconable vocices sound.

I think it’s great to see articles like this, reading about single fathers, no matter their environment. Of course celebrities experience the same things as other people, and sometimes have better resources available, but what else do you expect to read when you enter a site about celebrities?

I had no idea he was a single father. I am quite surprised he has a sole custody, would like to know the whole story behind, why not joint custody? Anyway, kudos to him and more article like this (better than the K-clan).

B on

Lovely to hear! My ex and I always say that as long as we make our child the priority we will never go wrong. 😊

pinkgold on

sometimes its best to raise them by a single parent. I know couples who are not very good parents. kudos to all the hard working single parents. kudos to all the good couples who raise their children with plenty of love.

meghan on

@k, you should really not comment on things you know nothing about. Being a mother does not automatically entitle you to custody of your children. You have no idea why he has sole custody and it’s really none of our business.

Heather on

Very sweet! It’s great that you’re close to your son. I lost my parents by his age, so cherish each day you have with him he’ll look back on these days and remember the good times you spent with him. God Bless!

Gg on

Is he serious? I don’t feel sorry for him. He does not face any of the obstacles that many single moms face . He’s an idiot. I never did like him .

anonymous on

I am shocked at the responses to this article. I am a college educated single mom who also puts her children first. My take on the article? I would love to meet someone like Dean. In everything I have read about him he does not meet the typical Hollywood mold. It says to me he’s a dad and available and being a dad comes first. A happy child is a huge accomplishment. If your in the northeast Dean give me a call because we have a lot in common! We are the same age/are college athletes/love the outdoors/motorcycle rides/hiking/sporting events/concerts! Realistically it wont happen but I thought I would ask!

Vanc on

I love, love Dean Cain !! Kudos for him for being a responsible parent. I am single mom and definitely know the struggle/difficulties that single parents go through. I believe him and his ex had joint custody of their son, but once she had her twins, Dean got sole custody. They probably thought this was best for their son for now. What I find amazing is that Dean welcomes his son’s half siblings to his home. Something that most people wouldn’t do. In an interview, he had also mentioned that he will not take work outside of LA because of his son, hence smaller roles/ less opportunities. Most Hollywood stars would put their careers before their kids. Just admire him even more !!

Stacey on

Hi Kristie…I agree with you 100%. Dean Cain is a great dad. I think he is the most gorgeous guy on the planet. Taking care of his son and putting him first makes me wish I could marry the guy. He’s handsome to begin with but being a dedicated father is the icing on the cake. Do you agree, Kristie?

Anonymous on

Thank you for this story. It gave me hope and I have a lot f respect for Mr Cain . we all know dads who walked away but not this one.