Aww! Rob Kardashian Can’t Get Enough of Niece North

08/08/2014 at 09:30 AM ET

Rob Kardashian Twitter Photo North Steven Lawton/WireImage

Rob Kardashian is a proud uncle!

The reality star took to Twitter on Thursday to share a sweet photo of his niece North — and give a shoutout to sister Kim Kardashian.

“Goodness @KimKardashian she’s soooooo pretty!!!! LOVE HERR,” he Tweeted, along with a split of the 13-month-old wearing a denim jumper.

North — who recently celebrated her first birthday with a “Kidchella” backyard bash — has been getting lots of love on social media lately.

On Monday, mom Kim posted a photo of her daughter cuddling with dad Kanye West in the recording studio.

Next up for the family-of-three? Settling into their dream home: a $20 million estate in Hidden Hills, California. “After you have a baby, you realize that you need so many other things and a different kind of space,” Kim recently told PEOPLE.

— Anya Leon

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Showing 100 comments

cookie on

She’s a beautiful baby.

L on

Very beautiful little girl. Not going to say anything about her horrible family, hopefully she’s happy and well taken care of.

Charlie on

She is actually a really beautiful baby

mimi on

She’s gorgeous!

Kristen on

She looks just like Kanye in the first photo. Poor thing.

toni on

The title of this article (and even starting to read it) leads the reader to think there is going to be a photo of Rob holding North . . . . (we would all like to see that!).

Ally on

Not a fan of Kim, but this baby is beautiful. And Rob’s been struggling so bad, nice to see him post something cheerful 🙂

Anonymous on

Funny seeing this come from Rob Kim had said he refused to acknowledge her since she was born This is why he seems surprised He has met her yet.

Anonymous on

Does North ever smile?

Nannyto1 on

Such a cutie!!

joules on

What a cute little boy.

Ladybug on

She’s very pretty. But like her dad, she never smiles.

Guest on

She is a good mixture of the both of them. Cute baby!!!

n2cwbys1 on

So let me get this straight…they wont allow North to be on their pathetic show but they will blast pictures of her all over the internet? What the hell is the damn difference?

Hey on

Bless her heart.

bkable on

Say what you want about her parents but I think she is a sweet little thing.
(I almost hope the nannies continue to raise her so she has the opportunity to grow up more like Kourtney’s kids than the royal brat her parents are)

Hey on

Sporting the family unibrow.

Guest on

If you have a healthy baby, WHAT ELSE could you need????

Tina on

Rob posted the picture? Riiiight!

Marie on

Did she press her baby’s hair?! Other photos of North show her with beautiful, natural curly hair. She’s a year old! No need to press a baby’s hair!

Jessica on

Ugly child

Kaycee on

Come on guys. This is an innocent child. If you can’t say something nice then keep it to yourself. Unibrow? She is a baby. Go look in the mirror and pick your own self apart. Shame on you hating on a sweet baby.

Sal on

The kid never looks happy…..

Sal on

Bkable , nothing royal about them.

SLEmon on

Poor baby, she looks just like her father

Denise on

I agree wtih Rob! She is breathtaking. What a love!

ruth on

This is an adorable little girl.

Carrie M on

Blockhead parents but beautiful baby…

Gen on

Cannot stand the Kardashians, dislike them but that baby is so beautiful and as L said, hopefully she’s happy and well taken care of.

Em&Jo on

That’s a stunning baby! However, I’m thinking Rob posted this to piss Kim and Kanya off, since Kanye is extremely controlling about pictures of tha baby going out. Have you seen this season of KUWYK? In Thailand and every shot of Kim with the baby, you can only see her hands or see them talking to her. No shots of North at all. No secret that Kim made nas comments about Rob during the wedding prep. Another shoe will drop. Expect that pic to be removed pretty soon.

Di on

She’s absolutely gorgeous!

c on

Such a beautiful little boy!!

anibanani on

This obviously came from a PR agency so that we all think Rob is ok and loves his family again….

Guest on

She’s a beautiful little girl.

Seriously? on

Pity Rob isn’t allowed to share photos of his son, thanks to his pimp mother.

Cindy on

She’s a cutie pie! Would be nice if every once in a while she wore a girly outfit or one of those tiny bows in her hair.

Ann on

Kim needs to dress her baby like a GIRL………she always looks raggy!!!!

Debbie on

I love HERR? These Kartrashians aren’t educated either. Money can’t buy class, or brains, just plastic surgery.

Pati from Texas on

She is a very beautiful baby

JaniePoo on

She’s a baby so she’s cute. But, she looks just like her father who I despise and think is so ugly, which is too bad for her because when she is not a baby, she will be the ugliest little girl ever. Just like her parents.

Carrow on

Lol leave it to the Kardashians to use a paparazzi photo as legit picture.



Guest on

@toni – a pic of rob holding her?! What about a pic of her mom actually holding her

meemma on

She looks so much like Kanye.

diane robinson on

I am not a Kanye West fan and Kim is ok but this little girl is absolutely beautiful. You can tell that when her parents are with her she is the light of their lives. I wish them all well and maybe this will change Kanye’s attitude about life and just enjoy it.

SLEmon on

She has those god awful rolls on her neck, just like her father.

Terry on

The kid should be walking a lot better than she is for her age.

Guest on

I think she looks like her mother…….she is cute but would be a lot cuter if she smiled!

Anonymous on

I am sorry, I know he has issues to work out, but I LOVE ROB! He is the most sweet and genuine one of all those self absorbed Kardashians. I also love Khloe, for always looking out of Rob, even when she is going thru a very rough time herself.

Char on

Looking like a boy with that blue shirt and greased down hair. Hope some day that child will smile but you don’t see very many smiles out of her “dad”

Kica on

That is one gorgeous baby.

Jillie on

Cute baby but never see her smile.

Anonymous on

She is a beautiful little girl, no question about it. As much as I dislike both her parents, I hope that no matter what she has a beautiful life. She looks well taken care of and not shy what so ever, maybe that is a good thing given how public her parents are?

joanna on

She is a very beautiful little girl who looks well taken care of regardless of who her parents are.

Gina Stoll on


Anonymous on

“After you have a baby, you realize that you need so many other things and a different kind of space,” …. except, for 99% of folks this means an extra bedroom or a corner of your own bedroom for kid’s crib and belongings, not a $ 20 mil estate…. LOL

Arlene on

This family should not make such a big deal over this baby, and then they would not hear the comments made by her; but since they choose to post pics, I just say, “poor thing.” You are so homely.

jody on

Cute baby! Looks like Kim will be taking her daughter along to get a bunch of laser hair removal like she has. (Hairline, Unibrow)

KW on

Yes, she is so very pretty! Too bad her mom is going to put her under the pastil surgeon’s knife several times before she even hits puberty.

Mom Of Twinz on

@Mimi, I agree!

Tejas on

So cute! I think she looks a lot like Mason actually.

Anonymous on

Who knew their genes would mix this well to create such a pretty baby. Very cute.

Monsignor Ballsack on

Rob is a bloated waste of oxygen. The sooner a meteor strikes him, the better.

micky on

Poor thing looks like Kanye what a shame she never smiles because she knows who her parents are and there is nothing she can do about it

Anonymous on

this picture is the rent a kid not really ignori

Anonymous on

Who could look at that adorable face and call her ugly… Shame on all you negative posters… North is beautiful… I feel for her because of the idiotic parents she have but that baby is too cute for words… 🙂

Debo on

She looks just like Kanye. Judge for yourself whether that is a good thing. (I have my own opinion.) People, relax — I know the kid is extremely special, but she can’t read yet.

Liz on

Shame on you people calling the baby names! What haters. She is a beautiful baby.

Darcie on

She is a beauty and looks like both of her parents. You may think poorly of her parents and extended family, but to say this child is not pretty is showing ignorance. And for those saying she looks just like kanye and phrasing it in a negative way, you know that she resembles him but doesn’t look exactly like him there’s a difference. I’m not a fan of her family but I can be honest and give a compliment when it’s due.

Becca on

Loving all things North West. God bless you sweet baby.

Anonymous on

North is a very cute little girl!

Virginia Caminer on

She is a really beautiful little girl. And she looks sweet. I’m glad her uncle has her to love.

ss on

I don’t get why parents pierce baby’s ears. They have to sleep on those posts and it digs in their neck. Plus, they had to inflict pain to pierce them. My girls got theirs done when they wanted to and I still couldn’t watch.

luc on

not that cute or pretty.

rotties65 on

I don’t care about Kim or Kanye but their daughter is beyond beautiful. Just precious. Hope they keep her that way.

Stephanie Cannon on

Why does this kid never smile??? Oh yeah, look at her parents, they look miserable everytime they’re photographed. Cute kid, but smile already!!!

Elaine on

She is gorgeous! What a beautiful baby. I can’t hate on her although I dislike both of her parents. Go figure.

julie on

She’s very cute. She will be pretty when she grows up. Hopefully she stays this cute and innocent for a long time, but the Kardashians are so dumb and crazy they will exploit her the first chance they get. Unless Kanye stops it. What am I saying, he’s even crazier. She’s a cute baby though.

JT on

So, does he have a child??? Didn’t he mention he had a son? Any word on this?

JT on

I hope she gets Kim’s original nose.

alex on

Where is Rob? Per the title Rob was holding the baby. False title – shame on peoples,

Samie on

I thought that was mason courtney’s son.

Denyse on

Some of you posters are PATHETIC losers! Who calls a baby “ugly?” It must SUCK being you! She is a beautiful baby! And not all babies are giggling, smiling babies. She’s a freaking BABY! It probably startles her to have cameras in her face! And to the poster who wondered if her hair has been straightened . . . Seriously??? It has simply been brushed down with oil or lotion or something. No one straightens a one-year-old’s hair!

Aspen on

Wonder who is holding her in the pic? Nanny? Surely not her mother because her boobs aren’t hanging out!

Laura on

@Joules its a girl..

Ann on

Cute baby but she never seems to smile……

guest on

Everyone in the family is so concerned about Rob…respect his privacy and stop discussing him on kuwtk as if he were mentally challenged! Cute baby but I see chaos and narcissism in her future 😦

Helena on

Does she ever smile?

Karen on

I wish Rob would stick to his guns and keep away from this family. He was doing good. Booooo Rob!

elma on

you do realize that paparazzi is in her face constantly. i dont think anyone 1yr old would know to keep smiling for them.

sue53mn on

Glad to see she’s no longer confined to clothes in shades of white beige black gray – adorable!

justmyopinion618 on

Airhead parents but beautiful baby. I still can’t believe they were cruel enough to name that adorable little girl North West…



lucy on

Ehh i’m sorry but she looks a lot like Kanye and I just don’t think she’s a cute baby

Vg on

Rob can’t get enough of niece North, but haven’t seen any picture of him with her. Needs to see pictures of them.

cher on

North is ugly……..The entire famly are media wh**es…..They all have zero talent…….As for KW he should be studied…..

cher on

Intersting how People has the right to be selective on what comments they post…jerks……KK and the kid are gross

Judy on

Beautiful baby

onella on

North is cute

Anonymous on

They should have called her Blackie!
She’s not a happy baby and I wonder why. She feel jipped having K & K as parents. Poor thing!