Olivia Wilde: A Baby Is ‘More of a Commitment’ Than a Wedding

08/05/2014 at 11:20 AM ET

Is Olivia Wilde the most dazzling breastfeeding mom ever?

This photo makes a case for it, although the actress and new mom swears she typically doesn’t look so fancy while nursing son Otis Alexander, 3 months.

“You can be someone who is at once maternal and professional and sexy and self-possessed. [But] I mean, I certainly don’t really look like that when I’m [typically] breastfeeding. And there’s usually a diaper involved,” she tells Glamour for its September cover story.

Even so, Wilde, 30, expresses no regrets about the breastfeeding picture, which features her nursing in a Roberto Cavalli dress while sitting in a diner-style restaurant booth.

Olivia Wilde breastfeeding Glamour magazine
Patrick Demarchelier/Glamour

She says the image simply captures the reality of her life now (minus the couture).

“Being shot with Otis is so perfect because any portrait of me right now isn’t complete without my identity as a mother being a part of that,” she says. “Breastfeeding is the most natural thing. I don’t know, now it feels like Otis should always be on my breast. It felt like we were capturing that multifaceted woman we’ve been discussing — that we know we can be.”

Wilde, who will cohost the International Women’s Media Foundation’s Courage in Journalism Awards this fall, has an ideal role model as she navigates her way through working motherhood: her own mother, Leslie Cockburn, an award-winning journalist and onetime Princeton professor.

When asked whether she worried about becoming a working mother, Wilde said “No, because of the example of my mom. My mom is such a badass working mother. That inspired me when I was pregnant. I wasn’t going to sacrifice myself because I was becoming a mother.”

Olivia Wilde breastfeeding Glamour magazine
Patrick Demarchelier/Glamour

Also on the busy actress’s agenda? A wedding to fiancé Jason Sudeikis — not that they’re in any hurry.

Olivia Wilde breastfeeding Glamour magazine
Patrick Demarchelier/Glamour

“We’re engaged, but no specific [wedding] plans yet — we just have to find the time to put it together,” she says.

“In many ways, a child is more of a commitment. We are fully committed and really happy as a family.”

“There’s no definition of the ‘normal family’ anymore,” she adds. “Kids today are growing up with so many different definitions of family. I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t feel any pressure to do it. But I think it will be really fun.”

— Kathy Ehrich Dowd

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Jabue on

Congrats! You have boobs and nursing. Why you need to get attention for your physical body is beyond me. Women nurse all the time respecting their husband and themselves. You sold your body for a tabloid.

Cathy on

I’m hoping that’s just a publicity shot because there is so much “wrong” with that picture. Why is the baby naked and why is her whole boob out. Going a bit too far I think.

Ale on

There’s a shitstorm coming for her, like everytime a celebrity talks about breastfeeding.

Kelly22 on

I am a very big supporter of nursing, and nursed my own son for 8 months. I never once found it difficult to keep myself covered when I needed to nurse him in public. Yes, nursing is natural, yes it is healthy, and it is certainly not something that should be looked down upon, but I don’t see why so many women feel the need to expose themselves in public while doing it. Use a nursing cloth, or drape a blanket over your shoulder. Be modest. I personally find it crude when a nursing women doesn’t even attempt to cover herself in public.

Guest on

I nursed both of my babies in public but there is no need to put your breast on display to do it. It’s tacky and indecent.

heava on

oh boy…here we go…let the bashing begin…love it…beautiful…

Judy on

Think this picture is ridiculous! So she is breast feeding….big deal.

Trish on

Oh my goodness, that first top photo has to be one of the cutest photos that I’ve ever seen! I adore the expression on the baby’s face. Otis is absolutely adorable!
I love how happy she is being a mother. I can’t have children of my own yet when I’m around either animals, children or family, that’s when I’m happiest! 🙂

sillygirl on

“I wasn’t going to sacrifice myself because I was becoming a mother” I love when women say this. I’m not saying you have to sacrifice all that you are, but being a mother in and of itself means that you’re going to have to sacrifice yourself a bit. You sacrifice your body while you’re pregnant, in that you have very little control over it anymore (you’re tired when you have plans, your skin does crazy things, your bladder might as well be connected to a sieve, there are secretions and gas and cravings and tears and maniacal laughter when there shouldn’t be…) and then once the baby arrives, you sacrifice your sleep, your time to shower and make yourself pretty, your time to sit and thoroughly enjoy a meal…and then when the child grows up and starts to have friends and go to school and participate in activities, you have to do all kinds of things you don’t want to do – go sit at a terribly boring party whilst your kids play, help with hours of tedious homework on subjects you can barely remember studying yourself, go to kid-friendly restaurants, skip hen parties because your husband’s got to work and you can’t find a sitter, etc etc.

Being a parent is all about self-sacrifice. Don’t get me wrong, it’s completely and utterly worth it, but let’s not pretend that you can be a good parent and be the same exact person with the same exact lifestyle you lead before becoming a parent.

Michele on

Nursed both my sons until 2 yrs old. Preferred modesty/privacy about it. I don’t think pictures like this are appropriate in public. There are even times the baby pops off and milk squirts everywhere. Really need covered up. Not appealing in public. She’s a beautiful woman, this picture is too out there for me. So, tell me not to look, why not tell her not to do this in public like this?! Grab a light receiving blanket.

Subnar on

The tabloid boo-birds and wankers are out in their usual venomous fashion criticizing one of the most natural acts a mother could carry out for her infant…breast feeding. But one has to bear in mind that there are so many puritans out there, still, who are ashamed of their bodies and manifest this odious attitude in their condemnation of others. Kudos to Olivia Wilde for defying the ignorant masses in the performance of her motherly duties. Congratulations, Ms.Wilde, on the birth of your son.

sillygirl on

Did anyone read the article? This is a posed photo for a photo shoot. She wasn’t just about the town dressed like this with her naked baby plopped onto her breast in a diner. Jeezus. Also, her eyebrows are phenomenal.

Molly on

I am pretty sure this is just a publicity shot and she is not really sitting in a diner with her boob out… relax people….

Mrs. Reynolds on

Well isn’t this dandy? A woman in a PUBLIC play, a restaurant, no less, whipping her breasts out – making no attempt at modesty. Oh, and the baby has no diaper on – ready to have an accident in the booth, in the restaurant.

Sorry, this is not okay.

BoobiesR4feedingBabies on

Thank you for publishing this! A few years ago when I had my daughter, I struggled with BF. In a society that’s supports women being “free” to dress and act how they want, most women are critical of women who choose to BF in public. After my second child was born I decided not to allow other women to bully me and I now nurse anytime, anywhere my baby is hungry! I am a conservative but I do not believe it’s inappropriate for women to use their breasts for exactly what they were intended for. Every time I see a nursing mother in public I always say something as I’m passing by to encourage her. Most of them have thanked me, little do they know I’m still nursing my son who is over a year old who’s home with his Daddy while I run errands.

Stacey McRae on

She will find out just how much the “marriage” is worth when they split up and there is a custody battle.

Amelia on

Why doesn’t the baby have a diaper on in the second picture?

Joann on

Give me a break I am all for breastfeeding but I think not every mother can break out the breast and feed their child all dolled up in a couture gown. Sorry I think the magazine dropped the ball on this one.

Mrs. Reynolds on

How gross to be sitting in a restaurant -a woman at the next table, breast feeding at the table, not covering her exposed private parts. And the baby without a diaper, going to the bathroom all over the restaurant.

How disgusting!!!!!!!!

Olivia Wilde may as well have done the photo shoot, sitting on a toilet seat, in a port-a-potty. Just as gross.

Arkan on

Pooping in natural too, but do normal people choose to do that in public for all to see? Decent moms should cover up when nursing. When they don’t cover up, they sexualize it.

Mrs. Reynolds on

That’s right, Oliva. Don’t bother sacrificing anything for your baby.

You’re all that counts!

Ann on

She is NOT in public this is a photo shoot for Glamor. She even states in the article, “I mean, I certainly don’t really look like that when I’m [typically] breastfeeding. And there’s usually a diaper involved,” she tells Glamour for its September cover story. Read the article before you comment

AT on

Wow, these comments are just silly. This is clearly a publicity shoot for a magazine. She is not breastfeeding her son in an operational diner, almost completely exposed, in a couture dress, with her son diaper-less. I happen to think both are beautiful pictures. And I certainly believe “to each his/her own.” I may or may not make similar choices but I have learned not to judge others. In any case, this is a publicity shoot. It’s not like the paparazzi caught her doing this in a Waffle House or anything.

L on

Cute baby. And I hate to be the one to say it, but I will. He looks just like JJ’s son as a baby….that whole situation is so weird.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

If we all agree that breastfeeding your baby is a beautiful way to bond with your child and a healthy way to nourish your child, then why all the ‘in your face’ naked boob and naked baby breastfeeding pictures? If this was such an acceptable thing to do in public, then why are there so many of these pictures (celebs and otherwise)? Because exposing your breast and allowing your child to suckle is not mainstream at all nor is is acceptable nor is it beautiful or else we wouldn’t be gawking at pictures like this and mags wouldn’t be doing photo shoots like this.. Grow up voyeurs! Make breastfeeding in public a non-issue.

Gen on

@ Michele, I love looking at the picture, even in public so you’re the one who needs to look away. Second of all, only a picture, again you can just switch article.

equality on

Did you know men can breastfeed? Look it up! When will we stop pretending that mothers have to do 100% of the feeding?

Anonymous on

WHY oh WHY do we need to see nursing pics! Some things are intended to be sacred and private…Nursing is beautiful but it does not need to photographed for the world to see!

Tamarin on

I love watching people lose their s**t over this. These reactions are exactly why the photos exist….because people need to stop losing their minds over this and start getting used to it being a normal life process. Sure, people don’t really need to go around with their boobs exposed everywhere (most breastfeeding women don’t..they can even do it discreetly without a cover) but then again, what is so unbelievably offensive about a breast? It’s a weird private sexual thing in a lot of peoples’ minds, and it’s disturbing.

Jabue on

Olivia, try Playboy next time you stage a photo shoot with your boob hanging out. Yes, we know you aren’t really at a restaurant but A+ for making this super stunt to get paid a buck for not being modest and for selling a pic of your baby without a diaper.

D on

She needs to cover up and at least put a diaper on the baby! Nobody wants to see your boobs hanging out and for their husbands to be looking!

Susan on

Yay! I love when new moms discover parenthood. Let’s hope her discovery of never holding an undiapered baby isn’t a ahem messy lesson.

Tonja on

When I nursed I had a cover at beginning then when he no longer wanted to be covered I always wore tank top under shirt so nothing was visible. To each their own but I personally didn’t want my whole boob out in public and was too shy to even consider a pic like this though she looks great

Arabrabbra on

Amazing. She is gorgeous, her baby is adorable, I think Jason is sexy because funny is sexy to me, and I applaud her doing this. We have regressed so much as a species that even the sight of a mother feeding her child makes some cringe. Grow up people, you all sucked a b**b at some point

Stella Bella on

At first I was going to comment that while the breastfeeding itself is beautiful, the whole set up is just silly. My nursing experience didn’t look anything like that, and I doubt Olivia’s does either. But, you know, these comments are just sad. If you’re a woman, you’ve seen breasts… I guess I just don’t get what the big deal is???

charlotte on

I don’t understand why the general public needs to see this?

Kelley on

Don’t have a problem with her breastfeeding. What I do have a problem with is that baby is wearing no diaper. Get ready for an accident all over her dress & the booth.

R0218 on

Holy $#!+, where did she get those shoes?!

Mellie on

Well, it seems everything I was going to say has already been said, but I’ll agree. (1) Why does this need to be done in public with no modesty
(2) Why is the baby not even wearing a diaper?! Guess that makes the whole overall picture “cuter”.
(3) What’s wrong with modesty and why are people encouraging women to do it in public without a diaper or something to shield the women’s breast?

Just my opinion, but it just seems like celebs are trying to keep up with each other as to whom the most beautiful is, with the most beautiful body. Thus, less clothing, more provocative pictures, and less class.

Andrea on

I know it was staged, and I understand what it’s supposed to represent about her, but I still think it totally misses the mark.


Ho hum.
Good for her that she’s breastfeeding I guess but what is with these celebrities being so self-absorbed?

(Not her in particularly) but idiots like Kim Kardashian and others talking about how “hard” it is to be a “working” mom.
Posing for pictures isn’t hard work. Travelling to an exotic locale while you have a nanny and someone cleaning your house while you’re gone is not “hard” work. And getting paid millions to do it. GAH!!!
Working 40 hour work weeks raising a family on a few hundred bucks with no hired help is “hard work.”

So over these people thinking they’re special because they do something women have done for millions of years.

Maggie Curtis on

This woman, Olivia Wilde has questionable and dangerous parenting skills! The fact
That she exposed her newborn to such unhealthy environment (in a diner without proper clothing
for a photo op) is disgusting. Wonder what the temp was in that room. Olivia stop
seeking attention and learn some tips from Angelina Jolie. Breastfeeding is century old you
don’t need to advocate it.

Susan on

Another titillating photo to keep this gal relevant and stir things up. In the mean time, many of us who hire, are steering away from hiring young women…..any guesses why???????

Joe on

I’ve never wanted to be a baby so bad in my life!

Gh on

Those of you offended are idiots. It is a posed photograph, and it is beautiful. Those who are so concerned with how other women care for and nourish their children ought to lay off people.com and focus some of that attention to their own children.

Jen on

@Arkan, what a load of bullsh*t! There is nothing sexual about nursing a baby. You’re the pervert making a mother a sex object. Shame on you.

mimi on

Stop showing this crap..i am a woman and a mother and there is no freaking need to see people breastfeeding. Do it at home or cover up..yes i realize this picture is staged. You wouldnt pull your boobs out if you were not breastfeeding.

Tg on

Otis! Did she ever watch Andy griffin?

Alisha on

Do people read the article anymore ? Or better yet comprehend what they are reading ? It says it’s a photo shoot for Glamour magazine. She even said usually there’s a diaper involved and she doesn’t breast feed like this. She didn’t just go to a diner, strip a diaper off her baby and whip her boob out.

Tunrida on

As she is showing (quite a lot) less flesh than half the evening gowns around show, let alone the bikinis, then I am not getting why people are so upset.. Couldn’t we just celebrate a happy, healthy baby, beautiful mum and a dress I would love hanging in my wardrobe…? Choose to be happy and happy for people, People!

Sandra on

Good…Do you! For those that don’t like her version, I’m sure they will get past it…..eventually!

Tina on

@SillyGirl, well said. Brava!

Marietta Stone on

Everyone this is just a PR photo – there is no one in the diner, that baby is going to pee & poo all over her in 2 seconds, and what’s with being “undressed”. I am sure that Olivia does not pop her boob out and gets half undressed to breastfeed her baby in public….nuf said !!!

Mrs. S on

I’ll start with saying Olivia is absolutely beautiful. Otis is adorable. I do feel like she’s showing too much boob in this photo. Even if it’s for a magazine, I wouldn’t want practically the whole thing showing. Just my two cents.

Amaryllis on


Amaryllis on

So let me get this straight? She pulls off all of her baby’s clothes, gets all dolled up and finds an empty diner every time she wants to breastfeed? Hate to see her dry cleaning bill. The kid is going to pee and poop all over her.

Kat on

Wow that’s a beautiful photo! Just in time for World Breastfeeding Week too. This is great! 🙂

Emily on

Olivia, huney, do you think showing your intimate moments with your newborn appropriate for the whole world to see? Trashy it is!

Jess on

You people are ridiculous. For one, this is a POSED PHOTOSHOOT! She is not in a public diner with her boob out and a naked baby. She isn’t breaking any health codes because it is a HOLLYWOOD PHOTOSHOOT. Second you ladies are such prudes! It’s breastfeeding! One of the most natural things that goes back to when people first came to be. Who flippen cares if a woman is breastfeeding in public. It’s not like they do it for attention! They do it to feed their children. Gosh, you ladies are too much!

Anonymous on

There’s time & place for everything, just cover up & there will be NO questions to be ask !!

Jessie on

We can post this everywhere, but #4thtrimesterbodies can’t put their even more appropriate pictures up. … right. … that makes sense.

Truthfinder on

This is just a publicity stunt…she is not really breast feeding the way she would normally do. She is dressed to the nines, the baby is naked and the tables are clear and free of any hint of a served meal. The idea that these Hollywood celebs think that we buy into any of this is ludicrous. Self sacrifice is the epitome of motherhood and selfless love.
Get it together, Hollywood. Although she may be right that SHE doesn’t need to give up much…after all she probably has a boat load of nannies and all kinds of help. Good for her, but a reality check is in order!

Sonia R on

Why are you all giving her crap about the shot??? It was for the magazine and OBV the gown did NOT give her another option. I breastfed my son for 12 months and its the NATURAL way –any comments otherwise is ignorant and VERY unneeded. Guess what?! no one gives a crap what you think about raising their child….get off the computer and focus on your family…..

Cindy on

If you read the article, she says that the picture conveys the fact that you can be maternal but also be a professional at the same time. You don’t HAVE to pick on or the other. I would tend to agree, but I’d have to add the this is much easier for rich women who can hire all the help they want and need. For us regular folk, juggling work and family life can sometimes be overwhelming.

katie on

More of a commitment than a wedding??? Does she mean MARRIAGE? she probably does mean the wedding b/c that’s the important part, right? stupid.

guest on

good. there is nothing wrong with nursing in public,everyone who gets their panties up in a bunch needs to take a deep breath.

MrsJAZ522 on

Breast feeding is fine..but why is her baby naked, in a diner, on a table ? Why is her boob over exposed ? Really, breast feeding is a bond between a mother and child…the rest of us really don’t need to see it. Keep your special times private with your baby…. we’re ok with not experiencing it with you.

Jennifer on

I love when people make comments like…”When you don’t cover up, you sexualize it” (“it” being breastfeeding). NO idiot, there is nothing sexual about feeding your baby, covered or not. Not all babies are comfortable with their heads covered. It also could be too warm to be covered up. Breastfeeding is the decision of the parents. If you are offended, don’t look, you should be minding your own damn business anyway.

LL on

I really, really like her. I’m glad they are such a happy family, too.

JJ on

Beautiful picture and beautiful act but girl that baby is going to make a mess of that dress not wearing a diaper. And I bet its not a cheap dress either. Small baby especially one breastfed often not wearing a diaper equals messy.

Katie on

I can’t help but laugh at all of the people that are SO offended and also clearly didn’t read the article that this was part of a photo shoot. Clearly no one sits around in a gown feeding their naked baby at a diner.

Thank you, Olivia Wilde, for breastfeeding in public and having the courage to share these types of photos. Many women are bullied for simply feeding their babies and it can very intimidating to feed your child in public, especially for new moms. There is truly nothing more natural or beautiful. Kudos!

jeeska on

I like the nail polish color, glad there is no color on toenails (toenail polish is so icky!). Yes, breastfeeding is great no matter what you’re wearing or not wearing but…is that a “disposable” diaper? Does anyone realize that “disposable” simply means “move to another place”? Disposable razors and pens and bottles don’t go away, they are just in a different location. Reusable is best, for everything!

yeah, naked baby might urinate on expensive dress! or maybe she has a cloth inserted between. Peculiar photo. I like the top one.

I like Olivia when she is wearing grubby clothes and no makeup. That magazine cover is icky. and let’s 86 magazines! Dead trees, glossy stock, toxic ink? Go digital and dump print!

barbarabarham on

Breastfeeding is a natural way to feed your baby. There is nothing wrong with showing your breasts. People in this country have such a warped sense of what is offensive. If you ask me, there are a lot worse things than this. Grow up.

Leigh on

I nursed all three of my girls for a year each and am currently nursing my fourth. I breastfed in public without showing my whole breast, its not that hard to do. I never felt comfortable getting my breasts out in front of total strangers, even if it was to feed my child. I always took a blanket or cover along so I didn’t make anyone uneasy. I think breastfeeding is a wonderful thing for mother and child, but celebrities seem to think they need a freakin trophy for choosing to breastfeed theirs. Keep it to yourself, no one really cares what you do!

tired of it on

Why would a magazine want to do a photo shoot like this in the first place? These idiot celebs should tell these whore monger magazines, NO. It is unacceptable to do this as a photo shoot. She is whoring out herself and her child. It is idiotic and tacky.
To address all the people who think it is OK to expose your breast in public while breastfeeding, well there is nothing at all wrong with it. Just be modest about it and cover up. For the people who say it is OK to expose your breast for all to see, I wonder about you people and think maybe you yourselves get off on seeing that exposed boob. Don’t try to deny it. Because normal people would rather see them covering up. I believe the Mom’s that do expose themselves while breastfeeding when they are able to cover themselves, do it for titillation. She wants to do it for the attention of others seeing her. It should be an intimate moment between Mom and Baby, not Mom, Baby & the sex fiends who love to look.

coverup on

no one wants to see this needs to be done in private not public!!!!

Isabelle on

In a society where breasts and sex are everywhere for entertainment, in beer commercials, music videos, etc., I can’t get over how many people have such a problem when they happen to see part of a breast during breastfeeding. Now they wip out the modesty card. That is so screwed up to me. So “sideboob” is ok in a dress on a red carpet or a Miley Cyrus video, but it’s suddenly horrible when breastfeeding, which should be the most natural thing in the world? I think this weird society of ours is more okay with women’s bodies being sold and used by industry than it is with women being empowered and taking claim of their own bodies. Yeah, “modesty”, isn’t it the word that Turkish politician used when he claimed women shouldn’t laugh in public last week?

Lauren on

Well I don’t know about you but I breastfeed in a cocktail dress in a diner everyday, come on who doesn’t do that:) J/k I do breastfeed my 7 month old daughter and its fine to do in public. I do not whip my boob out like that I use a cover or a blanket but if she’s comfortable with that then more power to her. It really is such a non issue, it’s how babies eat.

Tired of it on

It is not just the exposure of breastfeeding. It is all this skin that is being exposed for men’s eyes. Most of the women today dress like whores. I am personally tired of it. What happened to modesty? Why do these women dress with exposed boobs hanging out and short dresses with no underwear and shorts that are so short you can see everything. This is getting to be out of hand. You don’t see men dressing like this to get all the women’s attention. Leaving more covered up for the imagination is far better than letting it all hang out everywhere. And women we all know what you are up too when you over expose yourselves. You want male attention & you want their eyes on you so that you can get off. DIGUSTING.

LaurenMC on

Wow, what a bunch of blind and illiterate people commenting here… hello… it’s a photo shoot… she wasn’t just out at a diner dressed to the nines breastfeeding in a booth. What’s wrong with you people?

guest on

MEANT TO BE A PRIVATE MOMENT!!!!! Too bad I really liked her…

amy on

Beautiful and strong, I love this nursing photo of her!

I love seeing these photo’s of women nursing while still living life instead of hiding away as if they’re ashamed, nursing has become a thing of strength!

Lilblkdrss on

beautiful and strong, love this photo.

I love that nursing has become a thing of strength, no more hiding away as if you’re ashamed. I hope photo’s like these keep happening in magazines!

kayaker83 on

This is stupid, period. Just because you want to show the entire world your boob and baby nursing, doesn’t mean we want to see it. No matter how good looking you are, this is disgusting. I am a mom and nursed and fully support it. However, this not classy what so ever.

mer on

Some people (and I’m unpleasantly surprised how much under this post) find something negative and/or personally offensive anywhere.

If you don’t like the pictures, look away, go away. They’re clearly staged. There’s nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public.

Go Olivia!

Chimanian (Anca Elena Call) on

Love it! I am a supporter of breastfeeding, in public or otherwise.
We have Hooters and Twin Peaks restaurants, where scantily-clad waitresses serve food to ogling male customers, we are one of the largest producers and exporters of porn materials, but we ostracize a mother breastfeeding her baby in public.

Susan on

The funniest response I’ve seen yet to the defense that breastfeeding is a natural thing…….”…..so is peeing, but you don’t see me doing in front of everyone!” This load of young “ladies” lately, is part and parcel the reason I don’t hire young women or young moms anymore!

kiki on

Gross. Cover up.

Anonymous on

Love both pics. She’s not showing any more breast than most magazine covers. Oh, the scandal of a BABY attached to one of her breasts instead of a pastie! Good Grief.

Thanks for getting the conversation going, People. Maybe one or two will rethink their biases.

meghan on

@Stacey McRae, he didn’t fight for custody with his first son, why would he fight for this one?

meghan on

That diner looks filthy.

emma on

Even though it’s a publicity shot, it is giving women and breastfeeding a bad name. I’ve never seen a woman with her boob hanging out bf in public except once when I saw a pic of Selma Blair in a very public place with her top off bf. Hell.we don’t live in some an uncivilized country where women are men and women are naturally naked. Come on women, show some respect for yourselves, your baby and other people. Cover up!

Cynthia on

While I admit the set up for the nursing picture is odd, I don” t understand everyone’s negative reaction to seeing a woman feeding her child in a public place. Most other humans eat in public places. And most people have seen breasts. But God forbid a breast is being shown for this purpose vs. something sexual! All h e l l breaks loose!

digit on

My favorite breastfeeding moment is Jan in “The Office”. With both girls out proudly for everyone to see, she proclaims how “beautiful and natural” this is, as Kevin and Creed stare at her pervertedly.

Laurel on

Absolutely love Olivia Wilde and the message she’s trying to convey… breastfeeding is natural and shouldn’t be a big deal is public. Plus, Otis is adorable!

kimpm16 on

Yay Olivia-nursing is beautiful and amazing. The only reason people have a problem seeing a boob is because they can’t get beyond thinking it is sexual. Get over it people. This isn’t in anyway sexual and you are the problem if you think it is. We need to encourage more moms to nurse not to knock them down when doing it. Do you eat your food covered up or in a bathroom? I think this is beautiful!

becca on

If I was eating at a restaurant and this happened, I would say something to the manager. Breastfeeding is important, but keep it private.

Annan on

Everyone wants to see your breasts until you have a baby nursing from them. I think this is a beautiful photo of a beautiful moment between mom and baby. There need to be more pictures like this out there because we need to stop being afraid to see nature at its best! Breasts play no direct part in the reproductive system, so truly they aren’t “private parts.” Breasts are made of mammary glands to nurse our offspring.

sammy on

When I was working as a nanny for a OBGYN Dr. who bf both sons to the age of 2, she always was very discreet. Personally, I had so much respect for her as a professional and a mother. No one was offended by her bf even on a plane because she kept herself covered.

Tammy on

Peeing is a natural function of the body, too, but I don’t want to see a picture of anyone doing that either. I’m so sick of people taking these pictures trying to make a point.

jman on

Just what ever kid wants. A picture of themselves breast feeding!! Nothing against breastfeeding but why must you expose yourself in public. You can pump and substitute with bottles when out in public. Millions of working moms do it every day.

Lindsay on

What in the f**k is going on??!!!

Sasha on

The only problem with celebrities I have is regular moms breast feed everyday, normal things we value celebrities really know how to ruin it. They make a mock marriage, breast feeding, anything that has morals they screw it up.

sandy on

well shes gorgeous, too bad, this is not what it really looks like! LOL

Kimberly on

Oh God people it’s a boob get over it!! My cousin used to pop out her big boobie to breastfeed her son on the beach and he was probably about six back then….she did it like it was the most natural thing in the world too.

Kimberly on

Olivia is beautiful by the way and her son is so adorable! 🙂

Lara on

Yes, because nursing a naked baby in public is SOOOOOO natural. If you ever nursed, you know what can happen! Bye-bye pretty dress!

Izzie on

Boy, oh boy, there better be a lot of good shrinks when this generation of Hollywood comes of age. When these poor children learn they were nothing more than props for their fame-hungry parents, they’ll need years of therapy.

Katikati on

Oh get over it people! Nuursing is natural and beautiful! Why are you offended by boobs? Seriously?

Hellooooo on

Who cares? It’s just a boob. Baby is cute and it’s great to see her with her baby. With all the nannies at her disposal, breast feeding is a COMMITMENT. Once again, just a boob that’s feeding and giving sustenance to a BABY. Haters gonna hate, get over it.

think about it on

Maybe shes hoping the baby pees on her so she can auction of her expensive dress for charity!

Dana on

Photo is SO staged. STriips off 1/2 a dress, and nurses a NaKED baby!? It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Noone in their right mind nurses while wearing a dress!

angiwatsondudas on

Breast after birth are meant for feeding babies. She is doing the most natural thing in the world and there is no shame in it. It’s a shame we twist it to mean something else. Go Mama!

jessiemaystorm on

A nursing mother shouldn’t have to hide her feeding baby away like it’s something to ashamed of. Sure, that works for some people for whatever reason, but it’s not for every woman, or baby for that matter, and that’s fine. Imagine if we had to drape a blanket over ourselves every time we had a meal. It’s only because of the over-sexualisation of breasts that this is even a thing. I’m sure you wouldn’t say the same thing about a plunging neckline on a glamorous gown. Breasts’ number one job is to nourish children, everything else is secondary. Good on Olivia for attempting to normalise public breastfeeding, although, sadly, judging by the majority of the comments, there are still an abundance of people who view it as tacky and disgusting. What a world.

JH0101 on

I’ll never understand how a woman/mom doing the most natural thing on the planet can garner so many strong reactions. I personally think one is pretty tasteless to just pop it out in public, they have very chic covers these days; but I have to admit, this is a damn good STAGED pic and that was the point.

I’ve only seen a couple comments about my biggest problem with this article and it goes for oh so many celebrities. “We don’t need to be married, a baby is more of a commitment.” Bulls**t! Any two people can make a baby. Show your child what it is to take a stand and keep that stand! Cause if you can’t bring yourself to be legally attached to a person you claim to love and have a family with, all your really saying to your kids is stick around until you get bored with your toy; or until it gets a little too hard. Good news kids you can just walk away! Now go forth and apply that concept to the rest of your life.

To learn and later know that kind of security and sense of self-responsibility. Stick to your commitments, embrace loyalty, learn to fight, forgive and forge ahead; you get those qualities, for the majority, from your parents. Or perhaps even from other couples in your life (cause you weren’t lucky enough to be raised in Ozzie’s house, or even the Modern Family house). Straight, gay who cares?! I know I couldn’t say that with such reckless abandon a few years ago, but I can today and I am so proud of that. We’ve finally gotten there (well almost). Anyone who wants to, can be married – thank GOD! 😉

It’s not just about a piece of paper, it’s a commitment to yourselves and your children that come hell or high water, we stick together. And ideally, that’s forever. Not just till you turn 4 and the paparazzi are less interested in “family” pics and I can’t breast feed you for the cover of Glamour Magazine anymore.

(And this is not a statement on marriage in general! Do whatever the hell you want, but don’t tell me your doing the world and your child a favor by being too afraid to actually take a stand, THE stand).

Sorry, I’m like half a bottle of wine in and this all seemed like a good idea at the time….

Lollipop on

wtf the baby is naked?

L. Smith on

How is a baby MORE of a commitment than a marriage? They both involve hard work and a relationship.

Rachel on

I don’t have a problem with mothers who nurse, however, this is tasteles.Even when I see a women in public I feel she should cover her breast with a blanket and feed her child.

Exposing your breast while feeding your child is best done in the privacy of your own home.

That’s my opinion.

Kel on

Utterly repulsive and disgusting.

Xyz on

Hope the baby poops in that designer dress! Then maybe she’ll at least get a diaper on him. Breast feeding is an amazing feeling between mom and baby…..but stop making it a big deal in Hollywood.

freya on

Oh Please people. STOP BEING SUCH A PRUDE. We women nurse our babies all the time. THAT’S WHAT OUR BREAST ARE FOR. In choosing between my crying hungry infant and being modest for prude people sake I WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE MY CHILD’S NUTRITION AND DISCOMFORT AND CIVILITY BE DAMN.

Emma on

Wow. Look at all the people commenting who clearly didn’t read the article. Almost all the critical comments are based on people’s assumptions about the picture, which the article clearly proved wrong. There’s no shortage of stupid here today.

meme on

Good for u! Giving tons of perv weirdos a new photo for their spank bank u should be proud… Protect ur children don’t show them naked…. If your mommy moments were so special between u and ur son u wouldn’t have to show people!

noisefrom1981 on

I look at that second picture and all I can think about is wondering how long it took for him to pee all over her. Babies have terrific timing like that.

4mom on

Did anyone read the article? She says she normally does not dress like that when breastfeeding and there is usually a diaper involved. Do you all need to go back to school to learn to read? Also there is no way to breastfeed in a regular dress like she is wearing without showing some major skin. It is a staged photo shoot. Good grief if you want to harp on someone, XTina just posed nude while pregnant. Gasp! Grow up!

tee on

Taking a dump is a natural thing also but it doesn’t mean I want to see you do it.

Hea on

Why are people so upset over pictures of women breastfeeding? It’s just a boob – get over it.

Linlou on

Too bad people don’t feel as strongly about gun control. Breast feeding is a natural, beautiful thing. So is the human body. Why do folks get in such a twist when they see a breast? Try to get over it.

Monica on

Clearly a publicity shot – nobody else there, Otis is naked, her entire boob is out! I’m sorry, but if you’re REALLY okay with breastfeeding in public, Olivia, please, let’s see the REAL shot of you doing it. This is almost an insult to the genuine breastfeeding Mommas out there that aren’t afraid to show the most natural and wonderful bond between a mother and child!!!

Kairy Salazar on

Get over it people! Women have breasts, we all know what they look like by a certain age and we all know some women choose to use them to breastfeed. It’s completely natural and the reason women have them biologically. It’s her body if she wants to show it off feeding her son then good for her and you have NO RIGHT to judge her for doing so.

ChristineB on

She is beautiful, her baby is beautiful.. This is a beautiful picture. Calm down.

Emma on

There is NOTHING indecent about feeding a baby. Props to Olivia for not being afraid to do what’s best for her and her child. My mom was an outstanding working mother, she sacrificed a lot for us, but you don’t need to sacrifice your job to give your kids an amazing childhood. Olivia is clearly an amazing mother, and Otis is going to be a badass little kid.

Kestrel on

Why can’t people understand what a photo shoot means? It’s NOT a selfie or a paparazzi shot or a scene from her real life.

I nursed my youngest, but bottle fed my older child because of medication I had to take. There is no doubt whatsoever that breast feeding makes for better bonding, better health and a wonderful basis for the mother/child relationship to grow from. You spend a lot of time with your child a foot away from your face, it is very different from bottle feeding them, especially when you can hand the bottle and the baby to someone else!

Having done both, I realize what I missed with the first. While I did the best I could have for him, it was still a next-best choice. I simply could not provide that for him without putting my health in jeopardy. I figured a healthy mom was more important than colostrum. Some people need to choose formula and that’s ok. We can’t fool ourselves into thinking that it is just as good -it is not – but it is a darn good runner up plus we can’t always do what is perfect for the baby. Sometimes needs shift what we would’ve wanted and we can’t only have organic, fair trade food and environmentally-focused clothing companies that promote minority-led businesses.

She’s beautiful, he’s gorgeous, it’s all natural. Get off the backs of the mothers out there. It’s hard enough without the wagging fingers and shame-on-you-for-being-semi nude.

I wish all the people who know so much about kids were somewhere to be found when I needed a person to hold the door open for the stroller or to ignore the colicky baby at CVS, where were you angels then???

Page on

Ooh these photos are staged for the cover magazine.

KL on

Whoa she just whipped it right out.. good for her!

TJ on

Too many negative haters commenting here – I think Olivia Wilde is a modern outspoken actress who does not give a hoot about wha other people may like or dislike about her – I find the photo beautiful and she is a gutsy lady to do it. You Go Girl!

Racie on

Why do women who arrive at “fame” think that everybody wants to see their boobs feeding a baby (or any other means); why do they think that we suddenly want to see a naked, pregnant belly. Makes you think that all this isn’t the sweetness that goes along with a child, but the “mature” woman involved wants some publicity – or, perhaps, admiring her good looks and wants the entire public to do the same.

sgtmian on

“Peeing is a natural function of the body, too, but I don’t want to see a picture of anyone doing that either. I’m so sick of people taking these pictures trying to make a point.”

you cannot seriously be comparing people shitting and pissing in public with an infant eating their lunch. you’re comparing seeing a boob doing what it’s meant to do with somebody’s gross, flaccid penis hanging out of their jeans.

boobs are plastered on pretty much every ad in existence to sell things that have nothing to do with breasts. alcohol ads, car commercials, even ads for toilet paper! but the minute a boob is shown in the context for which it was created, people freak the fuck out. man, look at all these sad, repressed americans. you need to go die somewhere.

Anna on

Love the name Otis, so happy for her.

Penelope on

Just let the woman be the best mother she knows how to be without criticism!!!!!!!!! If there were a perfect way of being or a perfect mother we’d know by now. If she wants to show her body if she doesn’t want to, who cares? Women in 2014 should not be ashamed to be who they are as long as they are being reponsible and true to themselves. No more mommy wars or shaming!

Karen on

Why is the baby naked? They can’t afford him some nice clothes?! I’m sorry but I just don’t get this photo…does anyone else think that she’s not the hottest thing in the world?! Something is off about her head/face.

T.H. on

READ the article! This was shot for a magazine! I’m sure she doesn’t whip her whole boob out and get her baby naked in public just to feed him. It’s supposed to be an artistic and beautiful shot for a magazine.

Racie on

NO, it is NOT natural to show your boob in publicc

Vanna on

She is doing nature breastfeeding. Good for her.

Helmine on

Absolutely beautiful! And finally a plea for not frantically trying to stay covered up doing the most natural job in the world.

Bella on

Gross….cover it up.

It may be beautful or “magical” to you but its NOT to people around you. And before the bashing starts…im a Mom and yes the kids were breastfed BUT, i didnt make it a damn national event. And NO ONE had to see it, it was private. The way it should be.

MLE on

It’s a boob! Why is everyone in this country freaking out so much about this? Why is it even an issue?

If you want to talk about things that shouldn’t be on display, let’s talk about violence in television, movies, news – isn’t exposing people to a constant barrage of violent images more destructive than showing a mother breastfeeding in a magazine?

Smithy on

I can’t think of a single reason why she took this photo for all eyes to see. Does she think breast feeding is a unique phenomenon?

Nothing like a look at me photo if I’ve ever seen one.

Guest2 on

No need to debate breastfeeding in public as long as it’s covered up

JustSayin' on

I read the blogs as far as Mrs. Reynold’s comment, and I decided to make a comment of my own. I believe this posed photo was done in a closed restaurant atmosphere. I do not believe that there were patrons seated across from her while the picture was snapped. Whether or not you think Olivia was being modest enough is everyone’s own personal opinion. She has said that she is ordinarily not “made up in a gown and Otis is usually not naked” so the entire thing was done FOR the magazine. READ the article before blogging…

Paige on

I just don’t get it. People in the United States seem to get so freaked out when they see a woman “exposing” herself to feed her baby. How many millions of women in other parts of the world do this and no one bats an eye.?Seriously it is the way women have been feeding their babies for thousands of years. This bias against it, or insistence on “modesty” is purely a cultural preference. Why can men walk around shirtless exposing their breasts and it is acceptable? Lighten up!

angie on

Hum breastfeeding photo is GLAMOUR

Me on

Why can’t we do thumbs up or flag these comments?

Anonymous on

Sick of debating about breastfeeding in public, if someone wants do it then do it, just cover it, that’s all.

Jennifer on

Both photos are amazing, of a beautiful mothers, and gorgeous baby.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bunmi-laditan/how-to-breastfeed-appropriately_b_5530806.html ….. Good Point!

Chris okeefe on

What a shame, I feel sorry their beautiful little bundle of joy. According to Olivia, she is just going dump her current man in only seven years and that poor child will be fatherless on a full time basis at that time. I really used to like her but I just can’t any longer after her views on male commitment. She obviously does not believe in God and that’s a real shame. She sounds as though she has become a spoiled, rich, selfish woman who just believes in her own pleasure in life without any true idea about what commitment really means. After the statements she has made about her vagina and monagamy I sure hope her fiance thinks twice about marrying her. These types of women should not be bringing children into their wharped ideas of a home. I sure hope she sees the light and re-thinks some of the things she has been saying this past year. Your very beautiful Olivia, but you really need a good smack in the head. I think your marbles have shifted. Good luck to you both, I think your really going to need it…😢

Emily on

I don’t get it, most of these celebrities show more boob on the red carpet, but people are bashing Olivia for breastfeeding her son and exposing a little breast. Do you eat with a blanket over your head?

J on

Good for her for breast feeding – its the best thing for baby AND momma. But my first thought was “I wonder if he peed on her?”

J on

Good for her for breast feeding – its the best thing for baby AND momma. But my first thought was: “I wonder if he peed on her?”

Suz on

I breastfed all three of my children and I don’t remember anyone taking and publishing pictures of those precious moments, nor did I want anyone to do so. There are a few, intimate, maternal moments that require a ‘photo shoot’ and this moment is not one of those.

Anonymous on

I wish I looked that hot nursing, usually my hair isn’t even combed, my rolls of fat are showing and I’m lucky if I got to put on some chapstick. I’m pro-breastfeeding anything that brings attention to it is great. I think more women should have pictures taken like this, I think this is just as special as all those pregnancy pictures and newborn and baby milestone pictures.

Shelley on

I read alot of the comments here and am truly shocked that so many women were criticizing her for this picture and so upset that her boob was showing. I am a nurse and mother of 4 who were all breast fed. While most of us cover up so we look discreet it shouldn’t be necessary. Breast feeding is supposed to be a natural thing and a boob is for breast feeding first sex second but yet everyone freaked out cause her boob was showing. Look at other countries, women showing boob while breast feeding isn’t a big deal but in canada and the usa we have become such a bunch of idiots pushing bottle feeding and trying to stop breast feeding which is best for baby we have nearly destroyed all confidence women should have when breast feeding yet it is ok to post naked pics all over facebook, twitter, have celebrities flashing themselves and their naked bits all over the media and everyone flocks to the newstands to buy the magazines, etc. this is disgusting. that is exactly why this picture is being shown. why should a woman have to cover up? ppl have made breast feeding seem like something to be ashamed of. Oh no we saw a little skin while a baby was feeding. BIG DEAL GET OVER IT. if u are shy and want to cover up fine but if u want to feed baby naturally and not cover up or baby hates having a blanket over him then too bad, if u don’t like seeing it look away. Modern ppl make too big a deal of this issue. and also it is obvious it is a staged photo shoot and she isn’t really in a restaurant with a naked baby in a glamourous dress and high heels. geeze ppl grow a brain. Why is it the most highly educated countries are the ones that make SUCH A FUSS over a woman breastfeeding in public esp if she shows a little boob. It is these kinds of attitudes that make these kinds of pictures necessary to get the message across to idiots.

mpinky310 on

Beautiful photo.

Anonymous on

are you people for real?? i see more boobs at the malll and not a baby in sight and this photo is a shot for glamor magazine so i doubt ms wilde always nurses a naked baby in a diner wearing couture

cris on

Beautiful photos! I love seeing women breast feeding, its so natural and real. I would worry that baby might pee on that dress though…

Prettypiper on

Talk About “Breast feeding in Public Places Agenda”, This photo is so staged; What Mother in her right mind takes her Nude Baby in Public and sits at a booth and breast feed. Talk about Attention. Yes, we’re advocate for New Moms and breastfeeding, but not Tits & nude baby. Some people still crave attention no matter what. Holly-Hood for ya

Pat on

What beautiful pics! God bless them both.

DoesItReallyMatter on

“I mean, I certainly don’t really look like that when I’m [typically] breastfeeding. And there’s usually a diaper involved,” Olivia tells Glamour

DoesItReallyMatter on

Why is it NOT okay? I didn’t breastfeed my 4 kids, personal choice (not up for debate on it we choose because we have the option and I don’t debate with those who chose to breastfeed, tit for tat (hahaha Love the pun)), but who cares how or where a baby is fed as long as its fed and cared for? Would you rather hear or see a hungry baby crying because the mother is self-conscious to feed him/her in public with or without a blanket to cover themselves?
Geez….get over it people….baby’s need to be fed, let them be fed….don’t like it, don’t look. Plain and Simple.
~Life, as we know it~however we know it, Goes On!~

Charlie on

Oh no, it’s a breast, run for your lives! Men walk around topless all the time, what’s the big deal?

Jacqueline E. on

I think Olivia Wilde should stop being an attention seeker for financial gain & she should NOT breastfeed her naked baby in any public place. That is what the privacy of her home is for. Her son will appreciate it later in life. In case she missed the memo or she enjoys making other people uncomfortable, a lot of people disagree with breastfeeding all together & absolutely do not want to witness it. Many feel extremely offended when they’re forced to see such an event. When I’m trying to eat a meal or have a coffee at Starbucks & some strange women whips out her ugly breast & sticks it in her baby’s mouth, I’m traumatized then I vomit! Just as Olivia Wilde thinks breastfeeding is great, others think it is awful. We all have the right to express our opinion. I have no idea who Olivia Wilde is & I don’t care to know. I think this picture of a women in a restaurant booth with a naked baby sucking on her breast is disgraceful & disgusting. A lot of people agree with me, including her son Otis. When he is 14, 21 or 35 show him this picture & he will be horrified! It will make him feel extremely uncomfortable, especially towards her. Thanks to his mom, she has already started embarrassing & humiliating him, but she is too selfish to notice or to care! I see her actions as inconsiderate, rude & self centered. Most importantly, I think Ms. Olivia Wilde should seek a basic parenting 101 book that could inform her that while she is breastfeeding her naked baby there is a very good chance he will poop on her! Due to the fact that he is eating & she doesn’t have a diaper on him. I guess Olivia Wilde also thinks that is just as great & wonderful as breastfeeding & forcing others to watch. I guess she doesn’t cares if its in a restaurant & other people, paying, hungry customers are trying to eat & we have to witness this! Any of it! Her exposing her private body parts & the naked baby’s private parts & her child defecating on himself & her in a public restaurant. Obviously she doesn’t mind or mind exploiting her naked son in a magazine for her own selfish pleasure<–money. I'm sure all the pedophiles are happy! Good Job MoM! What she does know & care about is that this is a very controversial issue & this picture & article will get her noticed & attention & she can achieve her real goal & that is to make some money from this, at any means necessary!

Mello on

Olivia is beautiful, period. This picture is beautiful, showing how natural and wonderful breast feeding is. All women, you should thank Olivia for her support of this act. Of course she wouldn’t nurse her child like this in a diner ordinarily….same as you wouldn’t wear milk on your top lip like the milk ads…. Let her make this statement for all of us women, let society embrace this lovely act. It’s not sexual at all…so sorry if some of you see it this way. BTW, the diner is kinda gross and dirty…

jaime on

Love all the hypocrites losing their sht on people they claim are “losing their sht” over public breastfeeding just because they called Ms. Wilde out for being the exhibitionist famewhore she is. Now her sweet innocent baby is being dragged into her famewhoring. The only cause she’s really interested in helping is her own. People like her do far more damage than good.

jaime on

P.S. Breastfeeding is great and so beneficial for both mother and child. Women shoukd be able to feed their babies whennever they need to and wherever they feel comfortable. But it’s not something to exploit or sexualise for personal gain, as Ms. Wilde has done. She comes off as crass and desperate. There is nothing natural about her or her posing.

jaime on

Mello, you sound like her publicist. There is nothing sexual about breast feeding, but it’s clear what the magazine and Ms. Wilde were aiming for. This is not a natural pose. Fashion mags are about making a buck and selling provocative, sexual images. She was more than happy to accomodate them and exploit her baby. They set us back, not forward.

Jenny on

This is a beautiful phone, I know that everyone is asking why the whole breast is out and why is baby naked…ITS A PHOTO SHOOT. Breastfeeding is beautiful and I am an advocate for breastfeeding, I breastfed all 3 of my children. Sure women do it all the time but its hard to get my generation (30’s) and younger to understand the benefits of breastfeeding. It is not shameful and I am glad she is not afraid to go against the critics who say someone should be covered in public.

Heather S on

I find it so laughable that people are such haters. Olivia you are your son look amazing! IT IS A PHOTO SHOOT……stop all the negative comments…..she looks beautiful and is doing something that nature intends women to do…..get a life all of you who are so negative…Olivia rock on!

ilovemy3bees on

Nursing babies slurp and slobber and dribble and also, breast milk stains. Further, breasts that are full of milk, especially at the young age of Otis, often GUSH milk out when the baby is hungry. That picture is so beautiful but…oh sooooo fake. I wonder what men, looking at that picture, are going to think of when they see the reality of a nursing baby? Look at the battle women had to fight over stereotypes of their bodies, of their sexuality, of their very PERSON and now for shame, this is nothing but a fake stereotype of a nursing mother. Shame on you Olivia.

LGK on

newsflash Olivia – you do have to sacrifice yourself when you become a mother! The baby becomes #1 priority and you go to #2, apperantly not in your case. If more mothers stayed home and raised their children there will be less people in prisons thats all i have to say. you can afford to stay home and raise your baby so take responsability!

Ang on

Maybe some of you guys should fully read this article before judging! It’s a photo shoot not somewhere public. Her entire boob is not even showing just the top. Who cares if baby has no diaper on its her child and she obviously adores him. Also maybe she is taking these pics to give confidence to other moms. Some of you should be ashamed with how judgmental you are,especially when you don’t know the whole story. These pics are precious.

Lisa on

There are lots of things that are beautiful and natural. Breastfeeding is one of them. So is making love with your partner, but we don’t just pull our pants down in society and start making love and claim it is our right as a couple to share our love for each other whenever and wherever we want. I also liked the comment about having a bowel movement is also natural and we do that in a toilet behind a stall door. I am not saying you should go into a closed door to BF your baby, but you could cover it up. If this was a for a photo shoot, it would have been just as beautiful with a elegant lace to cover up. By the way, I have three babies that I BF and always covered up unless I was at home with my family and my close female friends. No one needs to see me boobs and nips!

Court on

Yeah give me a break. Using your infant for attention is going way too far.

cm on

WOW. You are all idiots it hurts! READ an article before you comment. And also stop shaming mother’s for doing what they are mean to do. It’s a freaking boob OMG get over it and grow up. I hope none of you are parents.

Bella on

Breastfeed awasy! But for the love of GOD dont put it in magazines…..not everyone wants to see that. Its not “magical” its healthy…it doesnt need to be advertised.

KL on

I am all for breastfeeding and in public OK… but at least put some blanket over top or something.. no one wants to see your boob hanging out in the open though!!

JesicaR on

Not sure why people magazine thinks this is so “beautiful” or special. It’s not, its mundane and a sad cry for attention. No one wants to see her boob hanging out. Also- yes a baby is a big commitment but so IS marriage. People sure have their priorities screwed up

dd on

that picture would have been more beautiful and tranquil if it wasn’t in a deli!! maybe better if it was in a prettier setting.
and if the baby had a little blanket on

Keith on

Quit MOM BASHING – this is a beautiful picture of a beautiful thing

SF on

That breastfeeding photo looks stupid and makes no sense. Why is she wearing a fancy dress at a truck stop and why is the baby butt naked? Why not have her dressed in a regular summer dress and have her breastfeed on a bench at a park or a playground? That’d make more sense.

Anonymous on

Guys………it’s a photo for the magazine to show how beautiful breast feeding can be. She wasn’t just sitting in a diner!!!

Gail N. on

She took his diaper off to breast feed? Feeding makes babies pee and poop within minutes. And how can she go braless, since milk leaks out here and there?

Suzie Q on

You know what’s disgusting IMO? All the folks commenting on here that probably watch all manner of TV shows and movies where women are portrayed in skimpy, nearly naked attire. Butts and boob all exposed………..but get all rankled over a most natural human activity. I BF my 4 babies………..the eldest is now 42……….back when the nurses in the hospital tried to DIScourage me and I didn’t have a Le Leche league in the area to help me. It was the most ‘free-ing’

Gloria Van der Hoog on

Why can women show this much of their breasts when they are wearing a bikini without outrage? Americans think that it is great to see breasts at beaches, awards shows, and any context which sexualizes women. Then when you see a part of a breast in the act of breastfeeding, the masses freak out. Sounds like a guilty conscience to me…

Hex on

Was it “necessary” for her to have the baby nude and her breast fully exposed? No. However, the ultimate point is this: there is absolutely nothing wrong with either. If you believe there is, oh well, too bad — She does not need an attitude adjustment; you need a perception adjustment.

Tracy on

This is just too much. A bit overboard.

LovingMom on

Please, ladies! Just calm down already! This was a PHOTOSHOOT for a FASHION magazine! I’m pretty sure Olivia doesn’t sit around everywhere she goes nursing little Otis with her breast all out and the baby naked. Just enjoy the beautiful photos and admire a first time mom for looking so radiant and not being afraid to speak her mind. You go Olivia! I’m Abigail fan! I’m nursing my five month old at the moment. Her name is Olivia as well 🙂

DLewis on

Sheesh people – it’s a staged photo shoot. But to be honest, I’d rather see a mom breastfeeding her child in public, than to see some guy walking around with the crotch of his pants down around his knees, his underwear out for the all the public to see., and him waddling around like a duck thinking that he looks cool. Now THAT is gross.

Shannon on

Aww, what sweet pictures! I can’t believe there’s still controversy about public breastfeeding in 2015. 😛 The only weird thing about the picture is the baby’s bare butt – I mean, it’s cute, but all I can think is “impending poop explosion” haha.

cassidy on

What about profiling real women that work to raise families with strained resources, people who take in foster kids and the like. I get it breastfeeding still has stigma in US culture and I understand your readers feel validated by something like breastfeeding, but the world has larger issues. #firstworldproblems

north face jackets on

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