Katherine Heigl: Why Being a Working Mom Made Me ‘Angry’

08/05/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

It was the magical moment that started Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley‘s happily ever after: a picturesque wedding in the mountains of Utah.

“It was Narnia, a winter wonderland. It was magic,” the actress says in the September issue of Good Housekeeping.

But soon after they tied the knot in 2007, the couple began thinking about their family plans, inspired by Heigl’s sister, who was adopted from South Korea.

“My family had its own unique look,” she says. “And I wanted the one I began with my husband to have the same look, in a way.”

Katherine Heigl Good Housekeeping daughters Naleigh Adalaide
Cheyenne Ellis for Good Housekeeping

The couple adopted daughter Naleigh, now 5½, in 2009, and Heigl soon found herself caught up in balancing her new baby girl with a demanding work schedule — long hours on location in Atlanta.

“I would come home angry and frustrated that I’d missed everything with my kid that day,” she recalls. “I didn’t get to wake her up from her nap or do bath time or bedtime. I’d have to sneak into her room and kiss her when she was sleeping, hoping not to wake her up.”

Eventually, the desire to spend her days with her daughter was too strong and Heigl took a leave of absence — before signing off permanently — from Grey’s Anatomy.

“I felt like my priorities were messed up. I was putting so much time and energy into just my work, but I was raised [to believe] that family comes first,” Heigl, who will return to television this fall in NBC’s State of Affairs, explains.

And once the hands-on mama was home mostly full-time, the couple were ready to expand their family further and, in 2012, they welcomed home a second daughter, Adalaide, from Louisiana.

Although Heigl was ready to relish her days with a newborn, she jokes, big sister Naleigh had other plans.

“We brought her home and right away Naleigh was like a little mommy,” she shares. “She’d say, ‘No, no. You’re not holding her right.’ Or, ‘She needs to eat again.’ I’d be like, ‘Would you back off? Just give me a minute!’ ”

Katherine Heigl Good Housekeeping daughters Naleigh Adalaide
Courtesy Good Housekeeping

She adds, “Naleigh would go off to her ballet classes and other stuff, and I would sit with the baby at home. I would read, and she would lie on my chest, and we’d lie on the couch with, like, four dogs and watch Friday Night Lights.”

Now the family of four — plus their pack of pooches! — reside in Utah and Heigl can’t envision raising her children anywhere else.

“We had big dreams of expanding our family, moving to the mountains and having a quieter life. Utah is spectacularly beautiful, the people are wonderful and kind, it’s an easy commute from L.A. — and there’s no traffic!”

– Anya Leon

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P.U. on

Mommy dearest is what I see here! I hope I’m wrong!

bitsy on

Good for her for adopting those lovely girls and for wanting to be a stay at home mom. I see she is going back to work though………hmmmmmm

Stylista on

The spin is on! I wasn’t fired, I wanted to stay home with my kids, but now it looks like they are all grown up as preschoolers, so now that that’s over, I’m back to work (with my Mom as my “boss”). Her stupidity is outweighed only by her arrogance.

Liz on

She’s SO trying to use her kids to better her image… too late Miss, we know you are a b….

Jess on

This is such BS. She wants to hide the fact that her career died down because of her bad reputation.

Stylista on

America’s not buying what you’re shoveling

Jill on

Yes, she choose to step away from making movies and it wasn’t because of her reputation of being difficult on set and her last several movies bombing at the box office… Finally she has a good PR person…

Treeleigh on

It’s great to have the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. I was angry too that I missed basically every first in my children’s lives. But there was also the matter of food and a house payment and stuff like that. We couldn’t do it on one income and my kids are great adults now. I’m just thinking that there are a lot of angry working moms who don’t have that luxury!

GodZilla on

I dont know what it is about her, but she creeps me out. Its like she is desperate for the fame all the time. Its this look she has in her eyes, like she is strained or something. Hope those kids are alright.

Barbara on

Guys have to do that all the time. When is People going to do an article on us? Nobody cares how much of our children’s lives we miss. When’s my turn to stay home and hang out with my kids all day? Never.

JC on

Beautiful gal. Loved her best in “Love Comes Softly”.
Unfortunately, she seems to be angry all the time.

Dave on

Nice try. How does she explain the anger and lack of respect for writers prior to her children?

Ella on

Cry me a river. Some how millions of moms make it work. Get over yourself Katherine.

anna on

Katherine, all you have to do is make 1 mediocre movie per year to be able to provide for your kids. The rest of us every day folks have to work 8 hours a day the whole year through so you get no sympathy.

BoAllen on

Geeze how many women (the real ones you know) do the same thing day in and day out but don’t get angry KH is just spoiled and smoldering in her own gussied up way…

kedmondson on

Am I the only person who thinks this line is weird?

“My family had its own unique look,” she says. “And I wanted the one I began with my husband to have the same look, in a way.”

So you adopted because it made your family look unique? How about “we adopted out of love and to give 2 children a loving home”. Who cares how it makes your family “look”, they’re children, not accessories.

Wow on

Wow, she sounds mean even to her own kids!! “Would you back off?! Just give me a minute!”

kedmondson on

You adopted 2 children because it gave your family a “unique look”?

They’re children, not accessories

Really. on

What kind of mom tells her kid to back off like that?!

Devara on

This chick is a self-centered train wreck. Waaah, I don’t like my job, I’m quitting. Waaaah, I don’t get to spend time with my kids. Big freakin’ deal, welcome to the wonderful world of working motherhood. Now STFU and deal with it.

Kim on

Most working women are “angry” or at the very least frustrated at the amount of time they have to sacrifice away from their children while earning a living, but I don’t think they feel as though their priorities are messed up…They work BECAUSE their children are their priority and the only way they can feed and clothe them is to work. I’m sure most of us would rather focus on raising kids full time, but it’s simply a luxury most can’t afford. Not to mention the fact that giving up your job is only a sacrifice if you’re an overpaid, overrated actress. 9 out of 10 women would probably be happy to give up their underpaid, under appreciated, over-worked positions for more time with their families. She comes across like she “gave it all up” for motherhood, yet she doesn’t miss the opportunity to plug her new show, coming out this Fall.

Guest on

Check your privilege, Gwynneth…oops, I mean, Katherine.

The vast, vast majority of mothers all over the globe don’t get a choice. They work to keep themselves and their children alive.

And let’s tell the real story, shall we? You left the industry because you’re a bad actress who is notoriously impossible on set and nobody will work with you.

Guest on

I don’t have the luxury of being angry; but, if I were making in one WEEK, what I make in a YEAR, bet I’d be a BIT less upset.

Give. Me. A. Break.

Mel J on

I see she finally got a “creative” publicist to create excuses for her infamous attitude. Your 15 minutes are up, Katherine. You should have tried to hold on a little longer.

Seriously? on

Someone is desperately trying to soften her image before her new TV series airs.

Amy on

I think most working moms feel that way. Leaving your children is really hard.

Tess on

She didn’t have to work during that time…she chose to. Most women don’t have that choice. No sympathy.

Molly Marsh on

Poor thing. She knew what she was getting into. Now deal with it.

Heidi on

There is so much anger in this world. Instead of complaining about this woman, and her wanting (and good for her for being able to) to be home with her children (and her 36pets!), why dont you go and do something nice for someone? I read your comments, and decided to look up about Katherine’s non-profit for animals. http://jasonheiglfoundation.org/ Yes, she’s fortunate to not have to work and still be financially ok…but she is still doing things for the world and therefore, is still working. Lets be kinder to eachother!

Izzie on

So now the PR machine is going to try to portray her as a hands-on and doting mom? She’s a pill so stop trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

ann on

I find it odd she felt the need to tell her 3 year old to “Back off” and “Give me a minute” Sounds kind of harsh.

Charlie on

Isn’t the term working mom redundant

Selena on

Something is seriously wrong with you chicks. Bashing another woman for her statements. Lots of women feel guilty and angry. So why cant she? If you feel so strongly about needing to be away to fees your child, maybe you should have considered not having one until you could properly afford it. Dont get upset with her because she can. There is nothing less annoying and puzzling than seeing females tear each other apart, due to petty jealousy and bitter hatred.

Get your head out of your behinds. If you have to suffer to live, next time use basic division and figure out if you can add another head to your household. Otherwise. Just shut up. And use that time to spend with your kids.

me on

I understand what she means trying to find that balance between work and making time for your kids. She sounds like a good mom. “Would you back off and give me a minute!” It is how she said it maybe she said it in a loving sacrastic way not screaming at her daughter.

Joy on

Damage control

Marky on

What a bunch of hateful, rude posters on this thread! First of all, the only working mothers I know who are truly working to feed and clothe their children, are single mothers. The others I know who are working mothers, are working to help pay for a bigger house, a second (or third) car, a boat, fancy vacations they want (not need), and they believe their 2 year old’s clothes all have to come from the best shops, not Target, or something similar. Those things are “wants”, not “needs”. They miss out on so much of their children’s “firsts”, and can’t volunteer at school, with any of the teams or classes their children take while they aren’t watching the TV in their room, or playing computer games on their own computer. It is unbelievable to me, a volunteer in the local school, what people think are necessities these days. Then they get on a thread like this, complain about the money someone else has, or complain if they have help; ridiculous! Kids don’t need gigantic houses, new cars every 2-3 years, nor do they even need all the latest clothes that money can buy. It would be nice to see people realize a smaller house, an older car, and/or passing down clothes when possible.

Even more, what is with so many posters that complain about the fact that celebs sometimes have more money or help than the average person? Maybe some do, maybe they don’t, but who cares? There are always going to be people who have more than you do; that needs to be okay with everyone. You have more money than many other people, ever think of that? If you have any money in the bank, you are better off than 80% of the other people in the world. Congrats to those who do well financially; I may never be that person, but why should I be angry about it? Plan ahead, work and save before you have children, accept your own choices and the results of those choices. Aaaagggghhh! So tired of the “they have nannies, s/he’s not “relevant”, “of course they don’t really take care of their own children”, “she’s not as good a mother as I am because…(insert any lame thing you can come up with here)”. Do the best you can, accept your own choices, and don’t criticize others choices. Looks like Katherine Heigl is doing the best she can, and none of us know whether she was rude to others or not! She took a break and had fun with her kids, and is going back to work. Good for her!

valeskas on

Just because she speaks her mind and said the truth and spoke up for her friend makes her mean and evil. All of you grow up and except that she is truthful. People lie to much her in the USA and when someone speaks her mind, you cannot deal with it. She is a great actress and the rest of you go to your jobs at burger king and wait for the little money you make there, from payday to payday.

OT on

Selena, my girl, you talked for a kazillion years!!!! way to go and say things!

Kelly22 on

I’m not a fan of this girl, but I totally understand how she feels about “missing out” on your children while you are at work. While we don’t all have the luxury of leaving our jobs to spend more time at home, I commend her for doing so when she had the ability. I feel for the struggles that Giuliana Rancic has gone through as a woman, but she doesn’t seem to spend much time with her son at all. I fail to see any type of bond between her and sweet Duke on their reality show! Family should always be more important than fame.

Nadine on

This just ticks me off. 99% of mothers have to get up everyday go to work and leave their children to earn a living. What world were you raised that you didn’t know this is a normal accuracy in the modern world. Talk to me when you figure out how to work and take care to not miss the highlights of your kids lives. Cheese and crackers.

Carla on

I think she’s great. Her family is beautiful. I think people put too much on celebrities to live the perfect life; there isn’t such a thing. No one is perfect. I think Heigl is doing her best. Good for her.

Dawn on

Geeze! Why is Evileen back? Sadly, I think you were born angry dear…

JennL on

Wow. So Selena, can you tell me how many planned pregnancies there are? Yes there are prevention methods, sure. Should the mother abort the child because they can’t “properly afford it” I understand as far as adoption, that is a choice. To bash others for doing what they have to, (ie working at Burger King) is low. Some don’t have the luxury of even working inside a building – but they will do what they have to, men included- to provide for the children. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. I have very little, if any sympathy for her. She can show up, take a few photos, and BAM- the money she’ll make is more than most will in 3 months, let alone a year. In actuality, you Selena, sound just as bitter and angry, just as jealous, or even more so than others commenting here.

Zelda on

What a witch!

Anonymous on

She was angry long before she had kids.

Sarah on

Thanks SO much for punching all the 99% of women who have to actually work for a living to make ends meet for their family and have time away from their kids. Must be nice to have all the money on the world to stay home with your kids. Not jealous just pointing out how delusional half of Hollywood is about real life mothers and fathers!

mswhitneyboyd on

Not every working mom is doing it to put actual food on the table. There are many whom I know that do it to pay for extra vacations and Abercrombie clothes etc. So to give up working to spend time with kids IS a sacrifice. Don’t bash her choice just because some women have no choice. A lot of women DO have the choice and choose their career over raising their children. Regardless, both are individual choices. Stop with all the hate and just be happy for her that she chose to raise her kids. For those who can’t, fine. We celebrate you for working jobs you don’t love to provide for your kids. Either way, just be kind.

D on

Wow! Telling the lil girl to “back off”……….hmmmm

fifi on

jeez, i think y’all were reading a different article from your comments… heigl is articulating the same thing many working mothers feel; the fact that she makes a lot more money in a lot less time doesn’t make it easier to be away from her children – i would have thought that all you working moms would be nodding your heads in agreement with her feelings…

as for her reputation and “disrespect” for writers – well her words weren’t wise, but they were true…. i enjoyed “knocked up” as much as anyone, but c’mon – it was indeed sexist… she was also right about “greys anatomy” – the season she asked to not be submitted for emmy consideration was AWFUL! …. ghost Denny, anyone?

Molly on

Does anyone else think she has some “Olivia Pope” type “fixer” working on repairing her image before her new show launches? All these stories are positioning her as a “mom like you” in attempt to make her more relatable-hoping to make people, primarily women tune in. While nothing can make me like this woman, I really think the PR machine needs to lay off- she is coming off even more unlikable, which I didn’t think was possible.

Say It Isn't So on

It seems like Ms. Heigl is angry a lot. Hopefully she won’t find anything to complain about on her upcoming television series. She will again be working long hours. I think she is just trying to justify why everyone called her “difficult” but just keeps making it worse.

Tess on

Why are people so hateful?? We all have bad moments, said some things we wished we could take back…..give this woman a break. She is human. Stop being so judgmental. What if we could all see in your closet of skeletons?? You would prob be less hateful & judgmental.

Jennifer on

How many stories is she gonna give for why she was written off of GREY’S ANATOMY?!

Mrs on

I have finally put my finger on who she reminds me of…Kate Gossling. Same demeanor and attitude.

L.L. on

Lol. Her career was dead way before she had those kids.

MJ on

I loved her on Grey’s but the insinuation that those who either choose to work or must work aren’t putting their families first rubs me the wrong way. The day cops like my husband get paid like Hollywood stars, I’ll quit my teaching job.

NL on

I would assume a lot of mothers get “angry” at the fact they have to work as opposed to being a stay at home mom, but not all of us have that luxury. There’s food, bills and various expenses that need to be paid. Besides this article, I can’t stand this lady. The kids aren’t the reason why she left LA or the industry.

akp on

Hats off to all stay-at-home moms, but let’s be real here–celebrities have resources at their disposal that we, everyday, moms do not. It’s awesome to be able to afford to stay home but in today’s economy, that is becoming less and less common. I’m a single mom, I have two college degrees and a am gainfully employed. My daughter sees me juggle work and a home life. She’s in school while I’m at work. I don’t see anything wrong w/being a working parent.

Leah on

Despite the big PR push for her lately, I still only think of her rotten attitude on GA and Knocked Up. Apparently she is still able to get work. I guess if you look like she does, it doesn’t matter how you behave.

Dimpster on

This is ridiculous….do you think people are so stupid that they can’t see through this BS? There are millions of moms out there who miss their kids too but they have to work to survive! At least she has a ton of money and doesn’t have to worry about putting food on the table for her kids.

Darcie on

Don’t trust this one! BTW adopting these poor girls is not enough to make up for being a royal B@#%!

dsa on

She really needs to be a full time stay at home mom. She is a poor actress and I hope to never have her on my TV again.

Laurel on

Honestly some of you are taking this too far. She said very normal things any working mom i know would say. Call her what you want but it’s like you’re taking out all your pent up anger from your own life on her. She got home past their bedtime. DID any of you realize that’s even later than most of you work? Just relax and move on lol. Moms are so competitive these days for nothing’s im a mom, I see it, and I won’t be a part of it! Cya!

Shell on

She sure seems to be trying to fix her nasty reputation. Alittle late, I think. Why all the sudden publicity?? Maybe she is hurting for money now that she destroyed her career.

guest on

oouf so many comments !
first off she says the ‘unique’ thing because her sister is actually adopted! She grew up in a home that her siblings were adopted from other countries. That’s what she means!
secondly as a career woman who left a job to be a stay at home mom , not everyone feels anger??? I had some friends that were counting down the days to go back to work! To them being with their child all the time drained them and loved the career world and that’s ok!
Yes there are truly some mom’s that can’t afford it and I get that. You obviously have to feed your child and put a roof over their heads. On another note there are many parents out there that both have GREAT jobs and can easily drop one and don’t! They feel zero guilt! So 2 sides to all. Never the less if she is lying well she chose UTAH to live in? she obviously wanted a quieter life. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt?

guest on

Trying too hard as usual….

maryann on

Do not like her at all.
Too self-centered and

Tracy on

Holy hell!! The comments on here are ridiculous. Heigl is talking about “her experience” as a mom. She isn’t comparing herself to anyone. You all seem to hate her cause she is rich, famous & you believe all the trash written about her. Do you know her personally? Have you worked w/her? No. Then you don’t really know. I think she is one of the best comedic actresses out there. As a person I have no opinion. She may be as miserable as they say, she may not. I like her work. She has a beautiful family. She has a lot to be thankful for & I think she was trying to get that across.

Jenny on

Oh you vial woman, every day women do this thing called BALANCE and learn to make it work…so please just hush

Huntlynn on

Wow, so much hate! Should we not be supportive and lift women up instead of beat them down? Everyone’s experience is different and everyone handles situations differently…doesn’t everyone deserve another chance? For those of you who only spout hate…if/when you make mistakes wouldn’t you want the people in our life or outside of it to forgive you and give you a second chance? How would you feel if people judged you this harshly in a public forum? Very sad!

GoodChoice on

Good for her. She realized that children are only little once and being a full-time parent means being there to actually raise your own kid. Any of these negative comments are undoubtedly from working moms who feel guilty for dumping their little ones in daycare.

Savannah on

You guys are a bunch of haters. Why bother reading the article and taking the time to write nasty comments about her if you all find her to be such a bad person? That makes no sense to normal people. Normal people would skip right over the article and not even bother to read it, much less write some crap about a person you don’t even know. She sounds like a good mother and the girl had the right to speak her mind regarding her opinions. This is still a free country. I’ve always liked her as an actress since My Father The Hero. She’s a far better actress than a lot of people out there on the big screen and she’s made a lot of money doing it so obviously the world doesn’t hate her or her movies. Her bank account proves that.

Savannah on

You all are a bunch of haters. Why bother reading an article and taking the time to post a comment about a person you supposedly hate? Normal people don’t do that. Normal people would skip over the article and not even bother with reading it, much less posting a comment. She sounds like a good mother and she had the right to speak her opinions about Grey’s Anatomy. This is still a free country. You are on here talking crap about her so what is the difference with her speaking about her opinions? There isn’t one. I have always liked her as an actress since she was in My Father The Hero. She is a far better actress than half of those on the big screen. Obviously the rest of the world doesn’t hate her or have the same opinions of her as the media tries to make it seem because she’s had some very successful movies and her bank account proves it.

sylvia on

If you can believe what you see on the Internet, she wore out her welcome in Hollywood by her own behavior. So using her children as the reason for staying home is bogus. She became too important in her own head and the big shots in Hollywood didn’t like that and she was accused of being difficult to work with and couldn’t get work. She should take lessons from Sandra Bullock about how to be a working movie star. Now Ms. Bullock has class!

sandy on

How refreshing to read an actress say she felt a strong desire to put her children/family first! Kids grow up fast so I commend her for choosing to raise her girls and soak in every wonderful moment! I totally get it because I felt the same way. I’m glad she got them out of the Hollywood rat race and to Utah. It’s a gorgeous state!

Alexa on

It’s great that she’s adopted those two beautiful girls – I truly admire her for that, but as usual what she says about her career is such blatant BS. And it completely contradicts what she’s recently had to say in Vanity Fair and elsewhere.
As a previous commentor noted, the spin is most definitely on!

Lee on

And I thought her career would last forever! LOL

Wayne Beck on

OK Katherine, if being a working mom is making you angry, take your millions of dollars and live a simpler life like the rest of us and stop working and stop complaining!!!!!!

Sean on

I am always amazed that there are so many people who hate Katherine Heigl based on a few words that were taken out of context a billion years ago. You would have thought with all the hate, that she stomped a bunch puppies to death. Alec Baldwin doesn’t get this kind of hate and this man thinks he’s too good to obey traffic laws. Hell the man isn’t even nice to his own family.

bkable on

I find this all interesting since she starred in movies much past when Grey’s ended…

Amy on

I love how 99% of the people on this thread are taking her interview so very personally. Why? It has NOTHING to do with you. If you are upset because she has a different perspective on parenting or different career opportunities, WHAT does that have to do with you and yours? This is not her against you. Hell, this isn’t even me against you. This is just her talking about her life. Life isn’t a competition.

She is a stranger to everyone on here. Nothing she says or does affects any one of us unless we make a choice to make it affect us. If she pisses you off, that’s because of you, not her.

Plumeria on

Who cares… She is a person just like you and I and she is entitled to have her moments too… Live & Let Live! Best of luck on your nect adventure Katherine!

Guest on

Staying at home with kids is a great thing. Gotta reprioritize and readjust to live on less, but cooking from scratch , gardening, and doing things yourself are rewarding and money saving….also great for the kids to learn. Also having one family car saves a ton of money and the environment.

daisy on

sounds like the older daughter was a bit bossy.. just like mommy 😉

Sunny on

Is it just me or does she look like Kate Gosselin here? And she kind of talks a little like her too.

katie on

This broad needs to get over herself – – go away Heigl – no one likes you any longer – YOU BLEW IT

Niki on

This girl really get a bad rap in magazine. I really like her movies and you know what being a moma can make you a monster something trying to juggle everything just functioning is not living. Hope you make more of your best movies like 27 dresses ect…

CristyG on

It’s great she finally got a new publicist, now if only she’d ditch her momager from hell!

SayItLikeItIs on

Angry and frustrated that she missed everything her kid did that day? No one forced you to have kids & work at the same time. It was YOUR decision. You should’ve thought of that before you adopted kids. Being angry/frustrated for a decision YOU made yourself is stupid.

TexasMom on

Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. What I see here is an electronic witch hunt for some very human errors she has committed in the past. Did she commit a heinous crime? No. She’s doing her best like everyone else. She’s great at her job, she’s pretty, and I am sure a great wife and mom who is simply doing her best. From a number of the postings here, one would think that we’re living in a world full of fabulously perfect people. Cut her some slack.

Gramma2three on

Wow. She’s just given me another reason to dislike her.

Not enough money in the world to pay me to see her movies, either.

lilk on

jim, she adopted her daughters so it has nothing to do with Josh not wearing a condom!
Jim on August 5th, 2014
” Katherine Heigl: Why Being a Working Mom Made Me ‘Angry’ ”
Because you forgot to tell the guy to put on a condom!

bridgette on

That is complete BS! If she quit in 2010 to be a “full time stay at home mom” why did she make 2 films in 2010, 1 in 2011, 1 in 2012, 1 in 2013? She really left because she thought she could have a big movie career, that the show couldn’t survive without her, she was so popular. She didn’t become a big movie star, still isn’t & burnt bridges by leaving. No one is buying this.

L on

I’m just here for the comments, hilarious!!!

mel on

I agree that as parents it’s hard being away from your kids especially missing those milestones. The problem I have with her in this article is that she is acting like she willingly gave up her career to be at home. She had a hard time getting work. I’m sorry but how can she in one breath talk about how much she missed being at home then plug her new show. It completely came off as fake. I know she’s trying to go for relatable but to me it didn’t come off that way.

Jenna D. on

Wow! Quite a few haters responding here. One would think all of you really DO believe everything you read in magazines. I raised 5 children, and worked part-time thanks to a healthy husband (and marriage) who worked hard to give me the option of being a stay-at-home mom.
Hats off to Kathryn for putting family first! I have always enjoyed her movies, and listening to her during interviews – she is indeed a beautiful woman, mother and wife.

you on

such hypocrites..hope i spelled it right..anyway, she is obviously a good mom, give the woman a break because everyone makes mistakes..it’s called life 🙂

Jim on

So having to work for a living made her angry? Yea Heigl, working for a living really cuts into your day. Just another entitled self-involved Hollywood snob……

Ordinary mom on

She can go hang out with Allison Sweeney who quit a soap opera to spend more time with her kids…
Oh wait , she’s going back to work on a different show. So tired of these actresses who act like all their parenting experiences are such “difficult” choices. People in the “real world” often don’t get a choice.

Kate on

Yes, it’s obvious she didn’t leave Grey’s because of her motherhood commitments seeing as she kept making movies at that time. BUT I’m sure did have issues with leaving her girls while working. Say what you will about her, but I do think she is an involved and loving parent and both of her girls are absolutely beautiful!

Eve on

Her eyes are lifeless now, but I loved her on Greys anatomy.

angie on

Her older daughter sounds little bossy, needs to be taught how to behave!

Jenna on

She told her five year old to back off?! Wow, talk about mother of the year. Not.

ceecee on

You people seem to forget Katherine Heigl can afford take time off especially if they have money saved and a husband to help. Women who have children and cannot afford them and no partners to help cannot take time off from work. Also she is a good actress and I am sure she is not the only demanding actress or person that works, so before you pass judgment on her think about yourself or someone you know.

Anonymous on

We don’t always get it right. Glad she’s enjoying her life more now.

Lynn on

Everyone is just being a little to hard on Katherine Heigle. It is wonderful that she was able to be home to raise her girls. It is obvious that she loved her childhood and her adopted siblings. She is raising her girls is a great environment.

Cici on

Please don’t tell me she is trying to use this as an excuse for her bad behavior. I raised my son, asthma, picking him up from school when he was sick, using my vacation days to stay home with him, ADHD and the resulting behaviors at school. I was a single parent and my mother, thank God, was able to help me out. Did I have an attitude when I went to work? Hell no, because I would have been fired and unable to take care of my son. I did the opposite, I was accommodating to everyo

Cici on

Ha ha, finally came up with a “reason” for her bratty behavior because no one wants to work with her. Wow lady, grow up, be grateful, give back, and stop whining.

Anonymous on

Get over it, WELCOME TO THE NEW AMERICA that has been on the rise for the past 30 years. I am sure our salary does not meet yours Katherine so in prospective, if you want to be a STAY AT HOME Mom, really what is stopping you? Perhaps you need to look at your priorities, UNLIKE 90% of us that had to work & deal with issues beyond your comprehension.

GP on

Good for her if she is able to stay home to raise the kids without working!

dd on

that’s a cute picture with her daughters, but i really don’t care for her, she seems like a pain

Sarah on

The line that stood out most to me was ‘Would you back off…just give me a minute?’ Who says that to a child? If she was any kind of mother she’d understand that Naleigh was just excited and loved taking on the ‘Big Sister’ role.

roni wieners on

Another example of bashing a celebrity for something she might not even be guilty of, just because you can. And why not? It’s so safe to bully someone and not even have to reveal who you are. So have fun, gang, calling this woman a bitch – takes one to know one!

Anonymous on

What a bunch of bitter, angry people. This article is something working mothers are supposed to relate to, and all any of you are doing is bashing her. None of you know her personally, so you don’t know why she stopped working, what she felt, or how she is to work with. So instead of listening to gossip and spreading hatred and mean words, why don’t we have respect for one another and the difficulties one may or may not be going through.
Everyone is saying things like, I feel sorry for her kids. Well at least she isn’t setting an example of how to bring another person down for no reason like some of you are.

Lorraine on

Angry is as angry does – how can she disparage everyone else with money – suggesting MONEY MONEY MONEY makes one “angry”.
This one percenter who makes more money than most third world countries have in the bank – isn’t smart enough to know know when to shutter it? Apparently not.
OWN IT, Katherine – you are just angry and mean – for no justification or reason at all. Moms everywhere just thought you should know that fact.
Stop disparaging all of the rest of us – who mother our children and choose to go through our days – happy and grateful and nice to other people while we budget our limited monies and don’t whine about anything and everything.
Katherine Heigl – get some professional help. And go away.

imogen.lewis on

people magasen

JMH on

It is so funny how a few words in an article has created experts on her life! You all are worried about her parenting, etc. Maybe we should remember what our parents taught us . . . .if you don’t have anything nice to say . . .

Anonymous on

Wow all of you crazy nasty people need to CHILL! Relax, enjoy your lives. All this woman said was respond to some reporters qyestions about the choices she made which seem fairly admirable. Walk the walk before you spew such hate! Seriously get over YOURSELVES!

KLee on

I can’t believe she said “Back off” to her older child. I mean, every mom has her moments, but from reading the article, I feel like she doesn’t even regret a comment like that or wish she had said it in a kinder way. She seems a bit odd.

Karen on

I’m sure there are lots of moms out there that hate spending so much time away from home, myself included, but the reality for most moms is that we need to work to support our families. Get over it, most women out there have to work and be mom and they don’t turn ” angry ” in the process ! That’s just life

Taliana on

Honestly, I’m happy for her and her chi ldren. I fail to see the pint of having a child only to have them speeding the majority of their waking hours with a babysitter. Things happen, some are single parents, etc. However, I t k the best choice is to make sure one parent is a good enough provider so one can be a full time parent. Kids being raised I day cares are contributing to the downfall of society.

Angel on

Say what you want about her, but she seems like a good mother. Good for her adopting those beautiful girls. It’s always wonderful to see a couple give a child a home that would otherwise not have one. This story made me like her a little bit more.

Oakley Half Jacket Sunglasse on

that they’re something completely different. Either there was some good marketing attached to a

Yolanda on

Well, I must say I’m really amazed at tall the negative comment. All that you really know about this women , is what the media tells you. Why are you calling her hatful and mean. It’s sad to see some many comments about how she’s not a real working mom. How do you know? Walk a mile in her shoes. If you don’t like your income than do something about it. If you don’t like the fact that she lives in luxury than get over yourself. Go do what she did, become and actress and make it big. Every family is different. Every Woman is different. Stop judging this women. She is doing what she feels best, just like every one else. Jealousy is what I hear. How can you dislike a person, you don’t even know. SAD SAD SAD

Jen on

What utter b.s. She realized pretty quickly what a horrible mistake it was to leave Grey’s Anatomy when her career completely tanked and she couldn’t get work to save her life. Her ego got the best of her and she paid a price for it. Now she’s spinning it like what that actually was was her going off to be a stay at home mommy? Please. I think pretty much everyone sees through the smoke screen here. It would be better if she was just honest. I think people would like her more if she was the actress who made a really cool comeback instead of some liar who uses her kids to try to conceal her failings.

Sally on

Wow. Heard of if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. I think you are all taking this way out of context. She had a baby…didn’t realize how hard it would be to be away from her child and then luckily took the time to be a stay at home mom. Yes some of us aren’t that lucky. But I don’t think she was saying it in a way to rub it in peoples faces. Now her kids are getting bigger. Going to school/pre school and now she is doing another tv show so she can balance work/life better.
When an actress does a movie they are gone for month and months on location.
As for the comment about Fathers not getting time off with their kids. I don’t know about the states but here in Canada there is such a thing as parental leave where the mom or the dad can take it. So for those dads that want that time with their child, they can take it.

frankiesweep on

Is she still smoking like a chimney?

Glojean on

Beautiful children.

Why can’t she just say, ‘I became so full of myself and was such a b! I’m thankful for another chance and I have fired my Mother.”

Bella on

Too late……
No ones going to ever reconsider how they feel about her. As hard as she tries it just isnt going to happen. Shes a beautiful woman, its a shame shes so nasty and hateful. I pray those kids are treated well. Ever more so, Id love for all of us to be wrong about her but unfortuately I think that ship sailed along with Gwyneths and Mischa Bartons.

Kass on

She scares me… I feel like she could snap at any moment!

Teeresa on

Ms. Heigl so does not wish to leave her babie, unfortunately just a few weeks ago she managed to spend the weeken with her fmales friends, not a kid in site!

NorthernFan8 on

Everyone deserves a second chance. I hope this is her swallowing her past actions and moving forward on the right path.

Dee on

What doesn’t make her angry? ;p

Diane on

Always complaining about something!

freya on

Oh pleease people can you stop with all the hate. I used to feel that way about her too but now I see the bigger picture of who Katherine Heigl is. She’s a wonderful mother and wife. The gossip is just a gossip who knows if she’s just trying to defend herself. other people can be a bitch to you know especially in a work place. WHO AMONG YOU HERE HAS NOT BEEN DEALING WITH THE SAME THING AND GETTING EMOTIONALLY UPSET TOO?

Anonymous on

wow i didn’t know so many of you know her personally. Who the f*ck are you to sit there and judge why she left the show, so what? she’s doing movies now, it’s still less time then working on a tv show. Now if she were staying on the show you all would say that how dare she spend so much time away from her kids, no matter what she does haters will be haters

anonymous on


Yeah, that line freaked me out too. You don’t adopt a child because it gives your family a certain look. You adopt to give a child a loving family. To me it sounded like a totally insulting line.

Mecha on

I laughed so hard. That is seems like common opinion she thinks she is better than everyone, like she has a stick up her butt….UH thats what Mormons are like in majority….they are raised being told their are above other people because they are the ones going to heaven not everyone else. I have lived in Utah before and she is widely known in the mormon faith. A lot of families within the religion are very worried about the self appearance and adopted as status symbol.

I would like to say C’mon guys, we all no when she said ‘Would you back off? Just give me a minute!’she was clearly joking. I doubt she is mean to her kids, shes only guilty of being a typical rich mormon, think of her as the Mitt Romney of women.

RJ on

She really is unlikable…

SO on

Aaaaannndd THIS is why I’m NEVER having kids. I loathe that “priorities change”. Why does that have to happen for women? It never happens for men and it’s not fair. To Hell with that. I’m keeping my money and my free time…oh, and my career! And I’m not any more selfish than men who say this.

me on

If you’re someone trying to repair your image, perhaps being quoted as “being angry” is not the way to go, as with the ‘back off comment.” I would imagine that Katherine would like this article and the comments to be taken down. yikes!