So Cute! North West Joins Dad Kanye in the Studio

08/04/2014 at 02:50 PM ET

Now that’s one adorable duet!

Proud mama Kim Kardashian shared a sweet father-daughter moment between husband Kanye West and 13-month-old North Monday on Instagram.

Barefoot and dressed in a white onesie, the couple’s baby girl is focused on the camera while West only has eyes (and a big smile!) for his little lady.

“#BringYourDaughterToWorkDay,” Kardashian, 33, tagged the photo.

In January, the first-time father told Interview magazine that he was still settling in to his daddy duties. “I think I have to experience it for another few years to be able to give you an opinion,” the rapper said. “It’s all brand new, how it feels to be a father.”

Kanye West North photo in studio
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

There’s no word on whether North’s cute coos will be heard on any of West’s upcoming albums, but if she did lend her baby babble to a track, she’d be in good company!

In December, Blue Ivy made a special (and surprising!) appearance on mom Beyoncé‘s album, in her self-titled track, “Blue.”

— Anya Leon

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Showing 148 comments

Sandra on

Don’t y’all just love little chunky chubby babies. Gosh I miss those baby days when they light up to see your face and give you the best hugs and giggles. She is such a cutie.

Lau on

North is positively precious! Super adorable.

Stef on

Cute baby. Horrible parents

Trish on

What a cutie pie! Every time, I see an adorable baby…I just want to hug them. She’s precious! 🙂

floormodel on

what a cutie. pity she doesn’t know her parents.

Callie on

That is one GORGEOUS toddler! She is STUNNING. That is a lovely picture of the two of them and I hate that man with a passion.

Ladybug on

I’m not a fan of Kim or Kanye, but his face does light up whenever he’s
with his family. He really seems to love his girls. What a cute baby!

Leimom on

So cute; I love onesies and little chunky legs. Those days are over for me now with my 10 year old little lady.

Sacré on

She is precious! I’ve never seen Kanye seem that genuinely happy.

Anonymous on

she’s adorable!

jshiggins01 on

Reblogged this on Jasmine Higgins and commented:
This is adoarble!

J on

She looks like Kanye but is starting to change and resemble Khloe a bit. So cute.

And I’m sure quite a few of you have crappy parents, but they mean the world to you.

SAR on

What a beautiful baby. I feel bad for her that she’s growing up in the Kardashian family, with the she-dragon, Kris Jenner, as her grandmother. How soon until Kris pimps little North out like she’s done all the rest of her female descendants?

Kate on

What a little beauty!

Marie on

What a beautiful little girl!

Bhavana on

What an adorable baby girl. She looks like a combination of both of her parents.

charlotte on

she really is a pretty little baby! shame she has trash for parents.

Marge on

I really can’t stand Kanye but the way he smiles and lights up when both North and Kim are around is pretty cute.

Angie on

She is so adorable! Looks just like the both of her parents!

janie on

She’s gorgeous! That’s the first time I’ve ever seen Kanye genuinely smiling and happy. He adores her! So the only question I have, Is how they can leave this beautiful baby behind 98% of time?

Anonymous on

wow a real genuine smile

Elaine on

She is so adorable and he looks rather proud of her

lynn on

That kid has a weird mouth…

Lesli on

Was hoping she would get her mama’s looks but sadly it was not to be….

Lindy on

People say all babies are cute…not always….

Clara on

I hate to say it but that is one cute baby…

miketen on

Somebody is going to have to tone down the bad language in his music. As someone else said it is good to see Kanye smiling, he always looked so serious before the baby.

Jenb on

She’s like “do you know who the F is this holding me?”

rem on

Aww she’s really cute!

me on

She’s such a beautiful baby. Can’t stand her parents though.

liwildcat on

That baby’s skin is getting dark. Much to the Kartrahsian Klan delight
I really don’t care what you all think of my post. Opinions are like as..h..
everybody has one.
The kicker of it all, is when in last nite’s episode, KIM wanted to adopt a girl from Thailand. She can’t even take care of her own child. Well maybe the dragon lady Momager, will have an Asian child to pimp out or sell it to the circus. Just saying

Lollipop on

To all hater that say Kim and Kanye are never with their child, they take her to every trip they make, they just do not show her up, or obviously, take her to the night parties and stuff. They went to Mexico, and Europe with North, so stop judging and start living your own life.

Kristin on

I’m not one to like any K-trash stuff but that is one sweet pic.

Ru on

Ignori is getting big

Lolah on

Wow it took a whole year before we saw a picture of Kanye actually smiling with his kid and his kid not looking upset or confused.

Carla Burrel on

She will regret having his baby sooner than later.

Anonymous on

Ok, can’t stand the Tramptrashians, but this is a really cutepic.

Cbreezy on

She will regret having his baby sooner than later

GeminiMagic Wand on

So cute, Daddy’s little girl!

Katie on

Not my favorite couple (yes I know why click on a story about them) but I have to say this looks like a very genuine picture. His smile seems very real and North is adorable. I actually feel like this was just a cute shot that was taken, that is taken by many proud moms. Very cute.

Lindy on

They say all babies are cute…not always….

MMM on

I agree with what many said – not a huge Kanye fan, but that is the most genuine smile I’ve ever seen on his face!

ljjf on

What a nice picture of Nori. The first picture I’ve seen that she’s not crying or pulling away. One more thing about this picture is that Kanye is actually looking and smiling at his daughter, something Kim doesn’t do. She only looks directly into the camera.

Jo on

Lol you guys that are commenting are really trashy people. You know nothing about the lives of these people and furthermore you don’t even care about the fact that you’re saying untruthful and hurtful things. God bless each and every one of you bc you all definitely need Jesus

cher on

This is not a cute child…..Like i care what anyone thinks…But They both are assholes….

Tina on

OMGoodness she’s SO adorable!!!

Holly on

So glad one of her parents is spending time with her.

Sunny on

This has to be the happiest Kanye has looked since his mother passed away. I think losing his mother was a big part of why he has lost it over the years. Hopefully his happy little family will help him heal .

fatalreview on

how many selfies are Kimmode and her paid media clowns going to shove in our faces going on and on about how freakin cute-sorry average kid and hideous parents-I don’t need people to tell me it’s cute adorable blah blah freakin blah-they are drooling fame hores nothing “cute” about it-it’s all nauseating especially using the kid as a prop

Carolina on

Say what you want about her parents, but that is one sweet girl!!!

Bchgrl on

I don’t know why…but I’m obsessed with this baby. Like her parents or not, baby North is adorable! I just want to eat her up with spoon, she is so delicious!

nettrice on

After losing his beloved mother it’s so nice to see him happy and with his new “lady.” Bless them both.

t on

Too cute! 😥 Makes me want to cry!

Rachel on

He rarely smiles and I can’t stand EITHER of them, however, North is one beautiful little toddler. Sucks she has egotistical parents.

Nikki on

Maybe its her first time in the studio, all strange …but i would love to see her smile once in a while…its rare that kanye smiles, so together would be a great pic

lola on

Oh, now that is a daddy who loves his baby girl!! I love his smile. Nori is getting so big. What a beautiful little girl.

Silvia on

Great photo! The baby looks like a cutie, and the father seems so proud and happy. Love it.

Tammy on

North is one cute baby!!

Guest on

Jay Z & Beyoncé wanna-be’s…once again doing (or possibly doing) something they did. It’ll never happen, Kim

Guest on

Yay! A photo of Kanye without his perma bitchface.

Rachael on

Cute kid, looks like the army of nannies that are raising her are doing a decent job.. Nice to see Kanye smile, it’s a rare occasion!

hautemom on

am I the only one that realizes that this is totally photoshopped?
LOOK at the lighting and placement people. Everything about this “family” is staged and fake.

Sheri on

Wow she is really a pretty little girl. I’m glad to see Kanye is happy…it seems genuine and I would rather see this side of him than the arrogant and angry side.

Lindy on

She looks just like Kanye…hopefully she will outgrow it….

S on

Im not a fan of West or Kimye but this baby is BEAUTIFUL

sam on

an outstanding picture! so beautiful!

Joy on

Very sweet pix.

Carrie M on

Yes the baby is pretty but what’s shocking is Kanye’s smile. He’s positively radiant and that’s nice…

postathread on

CUTE baby…twit for a Mother, pompous ass for a Father, but REALLY cute little girl.

hautemom on


Anonymous on

how in the heck do you know they are horrible parents, they love their kid and provide for her, that’s all she needs. Just because you can’t provide what they can doesn’t make them any worse of a parent then you. cut them some slack, geez

sam on

That is a normal,typical,precious daddy/daughter picture! Ahhh, Kanye, your little doll has stolen your heart! I love dad’s smile and the comfortable way that sweet babe is hanging out with her daddy!

ann on

she is adorable. It is nice to see her with a parent. Love her sweet face

Izzy on

Cute baby.

Lesley on

I’ve gotta say, that’s a nice photo. That smile and that baby look very good on him!

ann on

He adores her, you can see it in his face and she looks perfectly comfortable sitting on his lap. She isn’t trying to get away from him like she does with mom

Ella on

Wow, I think this is the first time I have ever seen a picture of hi where he actually looks happy. I wish only the best for North. She has a life of luxury but a shite family.

Erin Courtney on

Cutest baby ever! Love her sweet little face!

Paige on

She is absolutely adorable!

Anonymous on

My gosh that is a he cutest thing ever! Shed beautiful! 🙂

Gina Stoll on


Mommytoane on

Beautiful little girl, but I agree, she looks totally confused as to who is holding her.
Just watched a clip on Yahoo about how Kim wanted to adopt a little girl from Thiland named Pink, and she was just offended that she couldn’t take a little shopping trip to an oprhanage and pick up a kid like its a cute leather skirt. That couple just grosses me out to the max.

lucy on

I bet KIM K. wished she had a beautiful daughter with long black hair and lighter skin. The baby has no hair????? over a year old and no hair. North west looks like a boy,sorry people that doesn’t look like a adorable girl,if she didn’t have earring on for sure you couldn’t tell. Well looks like grandma kris kingpin is gonna pimp off the next generation of kids. SOOO sad. One question ” WHAT DOES THIS FAMILY REALLY DO” NOTHING! THEY ARE MAKING MONEY OH WAIT KIM DID A SEX TAPE AND GOT FAMOUS AND THEN THE WHOLE FAMILY GOT IN THE ACTION AND THE WIERD FREAK FAMILY WAS BORN.

photoeditor on

omg …this foto is TOTALLY ‘shopped ..
the baby was added to the photo ..
can’t get over how far these clowns will go ..
and can’t believe so many believe this is a real photo ??!!!!
c’mon …lol

K.T. on

Glad to see some nice comments about North. She really is a cute little girl. Bi-racial children are cute no matter what the parents look like. It pisses me off when people talk about babies, toddlers, children… Now for everyone commenting on their parenting & whether they take her with enough or spend enough time with her, only they ( & GOD)know. We are NOT there to know what really goes on. ALL we know is what we see & hear on social media & media & we all know they say whatever they think is going to get readers wondering & guessing & selling papers. So you all need to ” CUT IT OUT, NOW!!!! @Bella, I couldn’t have said it better myself. GOD BLESS YOU… : – )

Zosha on

Have you noticed that adorable little girl never smiles!

Bella on

I agree with most of the comments….adorable baby. Terrible name…. Cannot stomach Kanye BUT to see the genuine smile on his face when he looks at her is great. He must really be human afterall.

Sarah on

Adorable!! What a cute pic of father and daughter 🙂

bubbles on

funny thing i see…Kanye is so controlling he won’t allow Kim to show the baby on her show…BUT here she is in the studio with the a..hole

tia on

Love seeing dads and their kids…she’s adorable and he seems captivated by his baby girl. Good stuff!

Monica on

Awesome picture of Daughter & Daddy – there is some major love goin’ on! She is just precious!

Sal on

Poor IGNori looks miserable!

Brooke1110 on

This is a cool picture and they actually do take North on every trip they don’t show her tho! And so many ppl hate Kanye for his out spokeness and y’all hate Kim for how the media portrays her that’s how she makes her money. Me personally I can never hate someone esp someone I don’t know!! The media and tabloids lie printing fake stories rumors etc!! I don’t blame them they have no regards for there respect esp with there daughter and Kanye as a man does right by the paparazzi when they are disrespectful as a man should for his lady. I wish the West’s the best!

Cate on

Say what you want about the Kardashians, but their kids are all adorable.

Mary Pozsonyi on

What a nice photo of the proud papa with his beautiful little princess.

Del on

Let us love one another, for love is from God…1 John 4:7
Kanya & Kim u r truly bless

B.A. on

North looks like she had a growth spurt-she looks like she’s 2! She is cute,I’ll admit. And Kanye actually looks good when he smiles;he should do it more often.

JJ on

Do you think they will show this cute baby the footage of her Dad rushing Taylor Swift and screaming like a crazy person that Beyonce deserves the award? How embarrassing!

Mary on

uh-oh. See that melt-your-heart cuteness? It all amounts to one thing: TROUBLE! BIG TROUBLE!!!! (lol)

She is HEART stoppingly adorable but Kanye and Kim better start training NOW. I can help em. All they have to do is go to the mirror, do the Macauley Culkin slap to the face and scream: “AAUUGGGH,” over and over! As she grows up and starts pouring on the charm & gettin into trouble, they’ll already be practiced in responding!!! Cuteness this big is bound to only worsen with time.

BEAUTIFUL work Kanye and Kim. She is WAY too cute. You have my prayers!!!! (LOL)

Ann on

Kim could have at least dressed her….a onesie….really!!!!

bubbles on

notrh is so beautiful!!!!…but i wish kim would have chosen another man with whom to father a child…kanye is controlling and a jerk!!!!!

Chris jaymes on

That baby NEVER smiles!
But then again would you with those people as your parents?

YawnSnore on

North is a gorgeous baby girl! Not a fan of Kanye’s antics, but I love this photo of him and his daughter. You can see the genuine love he has for her. Beautiful!

Ginger on

North is a cutie pie!

cher on

speaking of Klohe, I think she looks like O.J. Hummmmmmmmm…..

cher on

Klohe looks like O.J. Interestng……..Especially when Momager was Nichole’s BFF……

cher on

Khloe looks like O.J.

sar on

North is Beautiful.

Elaine on

What an Adorable photo! Daddy is Beaming for sure! I sure love it when kids are this tiny. Brings back such wonderful memories when mine were young.
Beautiful baby!

Elaine on

Ps. I sure wouldn’t refer to North as ‘chunky’ she is quite tiny. And absolutely precious!

angie on

The photo is kinda photoshopped

Lin on

Why is it that this baby never smiles or never looks happy?? Not any pictures ever of North smiling or laughing. She just looks like a sad and confused baby.

Beauty on

This baby is absolutely gorgeous like her mother.

lee on

North probably sings better then Kanye does!

sheila lotsberg on

Little Nori is a beautiful baby and will probably grow up to be a gorgeous lady. With both Kanye and Kim as parents she can’t go wrong.

rubyovertherainbow* on

Wish he could be a better role model for his daughter.

GT on

Lovely picture, North looks so cute!

Diliaboo1 on

She is a beautiful little girl, but I have yet to see her smile. She always has a look on her face as if she doesn’t really know them, they only get her pose in photos. The person she must feel more comfortable is the nanny.

Ann on

….and has on a ONESIE……guess mama was to busy squeezing into one of her oggly outfits first…… – onesie = not

Stephanie on

She’s adorable, but Kanye is an idiot. He can’t give an opinion on how it is being a father yet? Huh?

templar on

Oh my cuteness. This baby is cute as a button 🙂

templar on

I think Kanye West is more genuine person than Kim Kardashian. He had hard time growing up so he is so bitter about life.
But his baby put genuine smile on his face 🙂

Becky on

One of the rare times she is with one of her parents…and still the cute little thing has nothing to smile about.

krys on

beautiful baby. doesn’t she ever smile? she always looks so afraid and unsure of who is holding her.

trailrunner56 on

This is one of the cutest pictures of North that I’ve seen; and while not at all a Kanye fan, it strikes a tender chord in me to see his big, genuine smile and obvious delight in his baby. Best part of the picture–baby’s mama isn’t in it! I wonder how old North will be before she’ll accompany her mother on an outing one day and innocently proclaim “Mommy, your boobies are showing!” (Kim will proudly quote her to reporters.)

Aussie cathie on

Beautiful baby revolting parents

DeeWA2014 on

Sad North is never photographed smiling. At first I thought it was them not wanting to show pics of her big open mouthed smile, that I did see ONE TIME. But even the paps, they never get her smiling either.

FelicityJune on

yeah she is absolutely adorable, but how come this little baby never, ever smiles. When I took pics of my kids that age, I always managed to make them laugh and giggle. This little girl always looks sad. I think deep down she already knows what kind of moronic parents she has!!!

J.P. on


Evie on

I agree with you Bella, 8/4/2014, people are so full of hate and envy.

Stephanie on

Why does this baby NEVER smile???? She is cute, but where is her smile? I’ve seen pictures of when she was younger and she had the best smile ever, but now….nothing! No smile at pictures of her at the wedding, her birthday party, various outings, and this one. What the heck?!

kumasan on

Cute now. wait till she grows up.

AmandaC on

her face looks just like Kim’s, she pretty darn cute!

Carol on

What a beautiful little girl she is turning out to be. Kayne’s face is shinning with love, & pride. Great picture!

Halo on

She’s so cute- hopefully she will be the angel that changes her egotistical parents and saves their souls!!

Anonymous on

Beautiful Picture of father and daughter Kanye will be a good Dad !

Anonymous on

Oh my freaking god! She is absolutely the most cutest baby I have ever seen in my entire life! She is just gorgeous. She has the cutest face and her eyebrows are so thick and nicely shaped. Just imagine how she would of looked if her father wasn’t Kanye. If her father looked even better. She would have been unimaginable. She would have been unstoppable. Such a cute baby. They really are blessed.

Anonymous on

That baby definitely has a huge modeling career ahead of her if that’s what they want for her.

Kate on

What a gorgeous little cutie!

G.E. on

Wow! They actually spent time WITH their daughter? Every time you hear grandma talking North has been with her for months. While you see them two parading around like they DON’T even have a child. Plus it is really time the so-called mom put ON a BRA and COVERED her CHEST and BUTT! She is a DISGRACE. a life of teasing that poor child is in for.

debbie on

all babies are a gift from god she’ s beautiful in everyway possible for being only 1 years old doesn’t matter who her parents are she is an innocent wonderful little person who will one day grown up to become her own person

Kris on

Leave it to these two losers to whore their child out so people tolerate their constant attention seeking behavior.

This poor kid is going to need home schooling so kids don’t crucify her over mommys classy sexy tape and nude photos of her disgusting huge behind!

veggiemama on

She is adorable. Hope they don’t whore her out like her mama, grandma and sisters!

Ahhhh nomalicy on

I love this picture, because it’s a “normal” picture of a father and a daughter. Kanye annoys me, but he looks so happy in this picture. Smiling suits him!

Guest53 on


Dayna on

She REALLY is cute!!!! Those cheeks! Nom, nom, nom!!!!

Anonymous on

Cute baby, but couldn’t they at least dressed her?

Anonymous on

Kim shows off baby west because she’s black and whit. Kim your not comfortable in her own skin!!! Sorry for baby west