Dare to Bare! Christina Aguilera Shows Off Her Bump in Nude Photo Series

08/01/2014 at 04:00 PM ET

She’s pregnant — and proud of it.

After months of giving glimpses of her baby belly in formfitting dresses, Christina Aguilera takes it one step further by daring to bare in a series of sultry photographs for V magazine.

In one black-and-white photo, the singer uses her long blonde locks and hands to cover her body as she shows off her curvy silhouette, while in a second shot she dons a sheer white dress while cradling her bump.

“As a woman, I’m proud to embrace my body through all stages of life, staying fearless and confident in surrendering to the unknowns the future has in store,” Aguilera, 33, tells the magazine.

Christina Aguilera Pregnant Nude Photo V Magazine
Brian Bowen Smith/V Magazine

Aguilera — who recently celebrated her baby shower — is expecting a daughter with fiancé Matt Rutler, who does a little baring of his own in one shot, appearing shirtless as he leans over the mom-to-be for a kiss.

This isn’t the first time she’s stripped down in front of the lens. Aguilera, 33, posed nude while pregnant with son Max Liron, now 6½, in January 2008.

Christina Aguilera Pregnant Nude Photo V Magazine
Brian Bowen Smith/V Magazine

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— Anya Leon

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Showing 79 comments

Nati on

Be.you.tiful but Totally photoshopped!

melissa on

Well, if the other entertainers can do it then, so can she 🙂

freespeech92009 on

Um, photoshop and airbrush much?!?

Her locks are not blonde. They are so peroxided and bleached beyond recognition that who knows what color they are naturally. And, her skin is perpetually orange, although thankfully these photos are B&W.

Do get over yourself, XTina. And really, are the n*pples necessary?

Mari on

I think she looks great. These pictures are good, who cares if it is overly photoshopped. If I was pregnant and could take pics like this I would.

Anonymous on

Sorry, I don’t think either picture is attractive. Prego-porn, not classy!

yahoo on

Why can’t she show n*pples? Everyone has them but there is the double standard that women can’t. You people!

rothiam on

Maybe I’m just strange, but I find it uncomfortable to see a sexy pic of a lady who is pregnant…not a picture that I would allow the child to see, that’s for sure!

Sunflower on

Those aren’t real pictures. They’ve been Photoshopped so much it isn’t funny.

seabot on

I generally think maternity photos are beautiful. But I don’t get the poses and the weird faces in ones like these.

Seraphinauniverse on

A pregnant celebrity posing nude? A tale as old as Scout Willis!

el on

She looks like the side of a horse with that pose.

Carrie on

Yawnnnn boring, basic and unoriginal.

Bee on

It doesn’t bother me that she’s nude but that pose looks awkward.

Nicole on

I think she looks absolutely stunning!

Brandy on

She looks great..

spire on

boobs are fake, hair color is fake, so what? at least she can sing. but the rest, UGH!

Lilyflower on

She looks beautiful.

Kimber on

I suppose all you people who are so grossed out by these pictures thought the ones of the stupid man pretending to be pregnant were hilarious. And good grief, she has ni*ples! SHOCKING! News flash..we ALL do. I’ve seen more ni*ple at the beach! Stop acting like a grade school kid snickering behind the bleachers.

Kiki on

The whole posing nude while pregnant thing is totally played. Pregnancy is beautiful and so is the body. But I think people just want to bring attention to themselves and make excuses for taking off their clothes. It’s not artistic, it’s not for a cause. You just want to make some kind of monetary gain by selling your naked body. Keep things to you and your spouse.

maryhelenc on


Anyone who spends their time belittling a woman is either:

A) jealous
B) bitter

If you can’t think of a nice thing to say, or offer up something constructive, then maybe you shouldn’t say anything.

meia on

Trash will always be trash, no matter how much money it has.

Rose on

Big surprise

stepfordwifeDOTcom on

Gross! We understand women wanting to announce their pregnancy. But they should cover up and quietly celebrate in their privacy of their homes with their husbands.

Valerie on

Since the pictures are heavily photoshopped, I really don’t see the point. I guess if the original point of a naked pregnant photograph lis to be honest about what the body looks like and to embrace the true beauty of pregnancy, then this photo contradicts that.

anne on

Terrible pictures. Watching a pregnant woman try to look like she’s in the throes of passion is nauseating. Modesty and decency is dead.

Carrie Richards on

She looks beautiful, but come on….no stretch marks, no cellulite? Let’s show the picture without photo-shopping!

Erin on

TERRIBLE Photoshop job. The size of her hip doesn’t match her thigh in the top photo. They made her legs so skinny she now looks deformed! It’s like they stuck a different pair of legs onto her body. Awkward!

gbaby on

I think she looks absolutely beautiful. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience in life and every woman should embrace everything about it just as Christina. She has never apologized when her weight fluctuates, she embraces her body. Good for her. You go girl. Love her. Wish I had her confidence………..and voice!

m Williams on

How disgusting. Does anyone really think that is beautiful and everyone to see it? She must need glasses.

sat on


Anonymous on


KingKing on

I prefer the pregnancy photos of Demi Moore and Cindy Crawford. They were elegant, beautiful, and classy.

Kristina on

Even if there is some airbrushing, she still looks friggin fantastic! And if I had looked that good when I was pregnant, I’d probably have taken sexy pictures like that too. Being pregnant is a beautiful thing, and it’s nice to see her celebrate it in this way. Girl power Christina!

Lisa on

@Carrie Richards, some women doesn’t get stretch marks or cellulite while pregnant. I am 32 yrs old, have 3 kids and during all 3 pregnancies I didn’t get 1 stretch marks and I have 0 cellulite.

Angela on

Good for her. Yes they’re probably photoshopped to Hell and back. But I don’t understand why so many people are so cruel to others. It makes me sad. If we build people up instead of tearing them down, we’d all be happier. Being mean about others doesn’t make you feel better.

Tammy on

I love her and she’s beautiful but a pregnancy pose with clothes on is just as beautiful, more classy and would require a lot less photoshopping.

anonymous on

Anyone who perceives this picture as sexual is wrong. This picture is supposed to portray the beauty of pregnancy. Breasts are not purely sexual objects and the reason why women have them is to nurse their children. With that being said I see nothing inappropriate (or sexual) about seeing her breasts through the dress.

rightintheparenthood on

Except for the bump, those pictures depict NOTHING about what pregnancy is like. This is why woman aren’t comfortable in their own bodies. Obviously she isn’t confident in sharing how beautiful pregnancy really is.

Bndukes on

She looks incredible!!!

Sally on

“As a woman, I’m proud to embrace my body through all stages of life, staying fearless and confident in surrendering to the unknowns the future has in store,” Aguilera, 33, tells the magazine. That is laughable! Yeah you were so proud to embrace your body when everyone was calling you fat and you acted like it was such an unfair cruel thing to say. If your going to show it off when your fit and in shape and make money off how you look, you have no right to get all self righteous when you get fat and people dare to comment on it.

mrsmass on

Wow, how cutting edge. No one has ever done these nude pregnant photo shoots before!

Denise on


was a fan on

does not look real to me…dramatic

Marcia Walden on

I was pregnant in the ”70’s and if I had been given the opportunity to have photos made like this to look back on now at 61 years of age, I would be in heaven. These are beautiful, photo-shopped or not, and I believe every woman out there would love to have a picture of themselves looking like a beautiful fantasy. Women are shockingly abusive to each other, shame on you ladies out there.

D on

Yes, it’s def photoshopped and we don’t need to see your see through dress with your nipples showing! *rolls eyes*

lisa on

It’s been done

Emily on

Trashy. Keep these personal naked pictures to yourself.

roadapplescarclub on

Beautiful pictures.. The white dress is nice, almost classy but I think these are meant for her and her fiance, not the entire world.

Elizabeth Morales on

I don’t understand how when Christina Aguilera decides to take nude pictures while she is pregnant, she gets multiple of rude and disrespectful comments. Many women celebrities have done it. It’s not like it’s such an unusual and unnatural thing to see a woman nude. We all have nipples. So please stop being so immature and grow up. I highly doubt that most of you have not seen a woman nude.

adilelen dyllan on

dont wanna be rude but when a woman is pregnant she looks wonderful and beautiful but showing her naked body with a baby bump in public that aint cool because we dont know the deceiving eyes of others…

Alex Richter on



I think she looks beautiful,Congratulations Christine

Jimmy on

I think Christina looks so beautiful! All those who are saying that those pics are not appropriate for kids to see, FY!!! If those pics are pothoshopped or not, that’s not ur fu#@$ business… She look incredibly beautiful!!!!!

Ala Lemon on

I think she looks good, and pregnant and/or naked bodies don’t bother me, so why not? Besides, she did such a photoshoot when she was pregnant with Max, so why not with her new baby?

Claudia on

There is nothing wrong with this picture at all they are having a baby what what’s wrong with having a baby.

j on

Photoshopped to oblivion, but the end result is beautiful!

K. on

God, people look for an excuse to take their clothes off in front of cameras. Not classy, not nice at all.

shawna lee on

Isnt this “nude pregnancy trend” a bit played out?

Hea on

@ yahoo

Why can’t you write nipples?

Maria on

my first thought….totally airbrushed…and badly done, just look at the shadow of her lower arm…someone needs to go back to airbrush school and learn to do it better.

Jamey on

Is this really necessary? Looks like a total desperate attempt for more attention.

Jenn on

She usually traipses around half naked, so seeing her like this is nothing new. These pictures are not that attractive in my opinion, and they make her seem desperate for attention.

Katy on

Wow! What a pioneer! We’ve never seen a pregnant celebrity do nude pictures before! (Insert eye roll)

TJ on

Of course it’s photoshopped. Her “outie” is even gone in both pix.

Carrow on

She looks beautiful. Pregnancy is beautiful on every level.

NV on

This photo is photoshopped!

justj0e on

She is beautiful in every single way and she is beautiful no matter what you say so don’t you bring ma down today.

Anonymous on

She looks gorgeous. When I was pregnant with each of my two girls, I felt more beautiful and sexy than I ever have. Celebrate womanhood and those curves! Nothing more beautiful than a woman in full bloom.

The moral righteous will be commenting, if they haven’t already – talking about the shame in posing nude while pregnant and criticizing Christina’s looks. It’s a shame we live in such a repressed society where we think nudity is gross but support movies and TV with graphic violence. And Christina is a beautiful woman, whether her hair is naturally blonde or if it were purple or gray. And she has an amazing voice to boot. Those who criticize probably live in middle America and are bored stiff with their lives, and very jealous.

Luci on

I’m sure all pregnancy pics are photoshopped, but as usual, the haters act as if she’s the only one.

(Looks at the poses and facial expressions)…. again, nothing different than many other pregnancy photo shoots.

There is only ONE thing different, and sweet: the picture of Matt, her fiancée, leaning over her to give her a kiss in one photo. I wish they would’ve posted that pic with this article. 🙂

Wow on

Why the hell do pregnant celebs do this. You’re not special. & some things should be PRIVATE!!!!??

Mag on

Ooh provocative!

itsallgood on

These r pictures that public DON’T want or NEED to see. Our country have CHANGED because of celebrities. Nudity! Kissing, Women/women & men/men. You keep your business @ home! Trashy it is! Showing baby sucking breast! Advertise for what. My rights! No, your fame to be seen. All of you ALL are FAKE & TRASHY.

Nicky on

Posting the 1st pic nude is screaming to the world “NOTICE ME”. If she was mature, learned from her failed marriage, understanding this is her 2nd child and knowing how to find her value in her character qualities, she wouldn’t need to strip down like a cheap hoe to feel beautiful. She would respect her body, husband and family to pose elegantly in her clothes. But let’s face it, CLASSY she is not.

Why Must You on

And she screams the definition of TRASHY as she clearly doesn’t understand CLASSY one bit.

Jen on

Believe me, when she is delivering that baby, there will be a room full of doctors, nurses, anest., family, friends, etc. and she won’t look near this pretty and will almost certain be just about naked. Let her look beautiful while she can, carrying this baby.

Tonja on

I think these types of photos are better kept in your home rather than for all to see

Pal on

Photo look at me hahaha

Dana on

Do we Really have to blurr the nipples? Just don’t show the pic if there’s a part that’s”too riske”…

Anonymous on

She is a great poser, good shots though seems photoshopped.