Kelly Rowland Drops Hints About Baby Boy’s Name

07/31/2014 at 04:45 PM ET

Kelly Rowland‘s baby on the way really is destiny’s child.

“It was a surprise, I can definitely tell you that,” the expectant mom told PEOPLE while promoting Caress body wash in Los Angeles on Wednesday. “It was a great surprise!”

The singer, 33, is expecting her first child with husband Tim Weatherspoon and said her pregnancy has been relatively easy. “I had no morning sickness,” Rowland said. “I feel great.”

Though Rowland said she’s had a “go with the flow” attitude when it comes to her changing body, she did admit it’s been a real adjustment.

“The most shocking thing about pregnancy to me is probably the way your body changes — nobody can prepare you for that. Not a book, not anything,” she said. “You just go through it.”

Kelly Rowland Courtesy of Caress

Rowland has also developed a very specific pregnancy craving: sandwiches!

“I love sandwiches right now,” said the mom-to-be, noting she has been sticking to a healthy diet overall. “I’m reading these different books and they’re telling me what food is really great for the baby, to grow their nervous system, and their brain food and all that, so I’ve been trying to stay on that.”

Rowland, who accidentally revealed she’s having a boy during an interview with FOX411 on Thursday, said she and Weatherspoon already have a name picked out.

“The dad picked out the name. It has to do with family,” she hinted.

As for what she’s most looking forward to about motherhood, Rowland can’t wait for one special moment.

“When I see the baby’s face,” she said. “That’s it.”

— Gabrielle Olya

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Tia Alexandria Kosmachuk on

congrats Kelly baby boys are fun and cuddly and full of energy! my son is almost 2 and when they are older they give you lots of hugs and kisses best of luck kelly!

Anonymous on

“the dad” picked it out. Maybe you could refer to him by name instead of acting like he has the importance of a random sperm donor.

jenniferyterry on

I thought referring to her husband as “the dad” too was weird. But she is very private about her personal life.

Ayisha From Brooklyn on

Ummm Kelly stated she was having a boy way before that interview. She posted little boy Jordans on her twitter, with the caption “Stunting like my daddy”

Brandi on

Ayisha From Brooklyn took the words right out of my mouth! Lol I was like, didn’t she already announce she was having a boy some time ago with the picture of the little masculine Jordans next to her husband’s on Twitter? I’m surprised to see this article on People when I also read about the announcement I referenced here on People as well. This info wasn’t a secret by any means…lol.

Carrie on

Am I the only one who feels like referring to her husband as ‘the dad’ seems odd?

JT on

Why did “THE DAD” pick it out? Why didn’t she??? She’s the one carrying the baby after all! I’m guessing it’s his name since egomaniacs seem to love gifting their children their own names.

Yo - Yo on

Haha! I feel her there. I gave up sushi & alcohol but I refuse to give up my Subway sandwiches! Only a month & a half left until I have a giant margarita & all I can eat sushi!

Mia J on

Surprise my *ss. She was pregnant when she got married. These celebrities and their fake lives are hilarious.

Anonymous on

Mia J- So what? An out of wedlock pregnancy can still be a surprise!

angie on

Congratulations Kelly!

Debbe on

I was like Kelly, I loved sandwiches for some reason. I would have a ham salad with chocolate milk, or something like that…it made me happy.

Mia J on

Anonymous…I didn’t say a baby out of wedlock couldn’t be a surprise. I was referring to the fact that she has done interviews where the story keeps changing. She even has instagram pictures that indicated it was a boy but then it was an accident later on. Mmkay.

itsallgood on

This is your business. Not news WORTHY

charlotte on

@Anonymous – my thoughts exactly. She is married to the man, and acting like all he is to her or the baby is “the dad”. she is weird.

Sandra on

Dang, Y’all, So what she called him “The Dad”, big frickin deal.

Anonymous on

I know a lot of couples who refer to each other as “mom” and “dad” while they’re pregnant. I think it helps make the whole thing more real to them–like, this is who they will be forever now. It comes across a little weird in print, but maybe when spoken, it was more natural.

Sunni38383 on

If has to do with the family….I’m guessing to carry the husband’s first name..he’ll be junior(JR) or the second or the third…

Anonymous on

Mia J- Exactly. Pictures that INDICATED she was having a boy, “indicated” being the key word. She never actually stated at the time that the baby was a boy.

Anonymous on

She’s not that cute. She has a long horse face, wears tons of weave and make-up. Plus, she was pregnant way before getting married. She always wanted to be like Beyonce.

Guest2 on

Glad she has an easy pregnancy, not too much cravings. Good for her!