Christina Aguilera Celebrates Her Whimsical Baby Shower

07/30/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Christina Aguilera‘s genie in a bottle made her Midsummer Night’s Dream come true!

The mom-to-be, 33, celebrated the pending arrival of her baby girl with a co-ed affair at her stylist’s home in Los Angeles on July 12.

Joined by 50 close family and friends, Aguilera — who is expecting her first child with fiancé Matthew Rutler — wore Tees by Tina’s Lattice Maxi Dress ($120) and set the scene with Moroccan pillow seating stations, candles and soft lights strung throughout the backyard.

“It was a really beautiful, fun night,” a guest tells PEOPLE of the whimsical evening, which included romantic flower wreaths for Aguilera and her female guests to wear in their hair.

Christina Aguilera Pregnant Baby Shower
Jason Merritt/Getty

“Everybody gave toasts and Christina gave a speech about how she felt so much love,” the guest adds. “She thanked everyone for supporting her and said how excited she was to have a baby girl. It was a really sweet night.”

In between traditional shower games (guests used a string to guess the size of the singer’s belly!), everyone sipped pink Veuve rosé champagne and Mommy Moonshine, a concoction of moonshine, watermelon or strawberry and Suja organic fruit juice.

And while many of her guests won’t be at Aguilera’s side during her delivery, they all got a sneak peek at what’s to come when her creative confection was brought out — complete with a frosting topper design of her giving birth.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Elizabeth Leonard 

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Showing 33 comments

Jenb on

She looks beautiful.. Congrats mama.

Rose on

Wait what’s wrong with her little toe?? Yes that’s all I picked up from this article. Can’t stand this chick.

ariel on

Is she going to have a baby shower every time she has a baby with a new guy?

Whitney on

I love Christina! What a fun way to celebrate! I love including the daddy. She is a beautiful soul and will no doubt continue to be a good momma.

charlotte on

A frosting topper design of her giving birth???? Gross, just like her!

g on

Beautiful mama to be.

Sacre on

If you’re drinking moonshine, organic fruit juice is really just pointless. And who serves that at a baby shower anyway?!?

happy on

She sure does like ugly men. But whatever, it’s her choice. Just a bit tacky to have a baby shower for every kid. And I seriously don’t care what anyone thinks of my comment. Class is class and tacky is tacky period.

Europa 19 on

Christina’s guy seems sweet and nice and she looks great. If you’re going to throw out nasty comments you’re going to have to do better than this. Your comments fall flat and just make you look jealous and petty.

Lilyflower on

What a bunch of hateful people in this board. There’s nothing wrong with having a baby shower for every child born, especially of the first one is a different sex from the second (as is the case here). To the people talking about her and his looks…hope someone says such nice things to you one day.

“And I seriously don’t care what anyone thinks of my comment. Class is class and tacky is tacky period.” You’re right, your comment is tacky.

Congrats on the new baby. I’m sure she’ll be beautiful.

Shiela Kerr on

She looks great and I wish good Heath and happiness for them both.

guest on

HATE that over processed hair. go natural for once.

NW Mama on

Wow, the hate that spews from people on here.
This is a very beautiful woman with a man who is good to her.
Congrats to the happy couple on the up coming baby girl.
She will be very loved by them and her big brother.

Tully on

Cute pic! They look happy. Congrats!

Ashley on

Her boyfriend looks a lot like her ex husband!

Mimi on

Mathew looks so much alike of her ex-husband. Congrats to them!

Tammy on

I’m afraid of the answer but what is a “frosting topper design of her giving birth?”

Tiffany on

She wears too much makeup and looks like a man in drag.

Angela on

Really? It’s TACKY to have a baby shower for every child? WTH? I’ve never seen a person in my life who didn’t. Especially when you’re not going to have hand-me-downs as easily because your children are different genders (some clothes of course are gender neutral). Sounds like people just need something to complain about. She looks happy and beautiful and that’s all that matters. Congrats to her!

Tom on

She looks beautiful! Love her. God bless her family!

Anonymous on

Sweet. Love this shower theme! She looks beautiful.

Synia on

Congrats! Shes beautiful!
I, really don’t understand the hateful comments…

Anonymous on

I saw the cake on another site. Hmmm…Is this a hint that she’s going for a VBAC with this baby? Anyway, they look really happy! And as long as Matthew’s beautiful on the inside (which I hope he is!), who really cares what he looks like on the outside?!

Dee on

I doubt the “moonshine” is really moonshine being that it’s really harsh and burn your throat type of alcohol. It is probably a fake mixture of crap for all we know. She’s pregnant for crying out loud….critical thinking skills seem to be lacking. Anyways, let her have her baby shower and over processed hair. She is one of the few still relevant and decent pop stars that can actually sing well enough and has not made a trip down the Celebrity Rehab circuit. Let her choose an ugly guy to marry and procreate with as well. These men probably have more education or character than the waxed eye browed gym bunnies down at the beach for all we know. If you’re so shallow to throw looks into the picture…..remember what you will look like at 70 and pray that your significant other will change your adult diaper and love you through sickness and health.

Monica on

Congrats, Christina & Matthew!

Melanie on

For those of you saying it’s tacky to have a baby shower for every kid….that’s basically saying that only the first baby is worthy of celebration. Every new life is a blessing and deserves the same celebration as the first. And everyone needs to stop hating. She’s beautiful and is allowed to love whatever man she chooses. I’m sure all of your husbands are Calvin Klein models right? No???? Well then just leave her alone and let her enjoy her life.

Katy on

She looks lovely, so happy for her!

Hea on

She used to be so pretty.

Anonymous on

They seem so happy, congrats to them.

Anonymous on

She looks fantastic. How mean and immature are those who have post hurtful comments about her looks when she is sharing pictures of her baby shower where she is clearly blissfully happy. She has come a long way and is a true talent especially compared to a ton of girls who cannot sing a lick and are merely selling their faces.I’m sincerely happy for her and shame on you to those who are so poor minded that you behave like snotty hating highschool girls! Booo!

Anonymous on

A frosting design of you giving birth though :/ ugh! Im sorry but that is pretty funky!

Angie on

The flower on her hair looks gorgeous.

Anna on

Come on, People magazine. Why does the article say it’s her first child?