Zoë Saldana Bumps Bellies with Galaxy Costar Chris Pratt

07/29/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Zoë Saldana isn’t saying a word about her happy news — but with Chris Pratt by her side, she clearly doesn’t need to!

The Guardians of the Galaxy costars poked fun at the rampant pregnancy rumors during a stop at the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday, posing sassily with their hands on their hips and their bellies jutting out.

The joke comes after Saldana, 36, emphasized her growing bump in tight dresses during the movie’s premiere and press tour. Though she hasn’t commented, sources confirm to PEOPLE that the actress is in fact expecting.

“She’s absolutely stunning and glowing,” one insider tells PEOPLE.

Zoe Saldana Pregnant Chris Pratt Guardians of the Galaxy Cindy Ord/Getty

But Saldana, who secretly married husband Marco Perego last summer, is keeping the news to herself.

“I would like to thank all the f—ing media for invading our privacy,” she Tweeted on Thursday, later adding, “I would never blame my fans. You are all heaven sent!”

When she does announce her baby joy, she can get some sound parenting advice from Pratt, who’s dad to son Jack, almost 2, with wife Anna Faris.

— Michele Corriston, with reporting by Jennifer Garcia and Mary Green

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seabot on

Good for her. It’s ridiculous that media outlets think they have the right to print speculation about a woman’s reproductive status. What if she’s high risk and waiting to tell people until everything is okay? What if, God forbid, something happened and then she still has to read all these headlines about her “pregnancy”? Unless someone makes a public statement, stay the heck out of her uterus.

Emily on

“I would like to thank all the f—ing media for invading our privacy,” Not very elegantly stated. If she wanted “privacy” she could have dressed a little more discreetly.

Heather on

Wow! It comes with the business sweetheart. You’re pregnant and (barely) famous. If you don’t want anyone to speculate on your pregnancy stay in the privacy of your home and off the red carpet. Poor celebrity.

Erin on

@Emily, it is crassly worded but I doubt that is directed at the attention received at that movie premiere (where yes she’s obviously happily displaying her stomach in a tight dress), speculative articles about her being pregnant have been circulating the last 2 or so months and like seabot said above, it’s actually pretty unfair as everyone’s circumstances are different, things can happen and at the end of the day it’s her own personal situation. Who would be happy with non stop photos when you’re doing your own regular thing, pondering if you are or aren’t pregnant.

Carrow on

I didn’t get that post? Why she’s blaming the media for invading her privacy? I was like what did you expect? You weren’t hiding it, you were wearing form fitting clothes…a blind person could see that she was pregnant, so why was she mad at the media for just stating the obvious?

I’m wondering was she talking about something else?

Brooklyn on

I don’t really get it either. She’s the one that wore a dress that showed, followed by a pencil skirt that showed, and now this dress that shows. I can see if the media got paparazzi pics, but she went on the red carpet like that, there’s gonna be speculation. Maybe I’m missing something?

emma on

I’m not really a fan of Zoe Saldana, however, I have to admire the fact she married her husband quietly and now that she’s expecting I love that she didn’t announce it, she’s letting her growing bump speak for her.

She is quite attractive and so I wish her well.

E.B. on

I LOVE me some Chris Pratt!!

Katie on

I wasn’t so sure last week when I saw the pictures. It looked like she is pregnant, but it could have been a burrito belly too. Those first few months when people can’t tell if you are or just gaining a little in the waist can be tough. With this white dress picture, I am going to say 100% definitely pregnant. Announce it on your own time, and who cares what your celebrity status is. This is your baby and body and if you want to announce it, go for it, and if not, then don’t.

E.B. on

LOVE me some Chris Pratt!!

Anonymous on

Heather- She probably would have liked to (she seems like a very private person). But, like all actors, she is contractually obligated to do RCs and other promotions for her films and may not have been able to afford breaking that contract (not all celebs, especially lesser ones like Zoe, are as rich as we tend to think!).

And the point a lot of us are trying to make is stuff like pregnancy speculation SHOULDN’T come with the business (just as having your children photographed without your permission shouldn’t come with the business!)!

Erin- I agree! I think she was referring to the fact that the media “outted” before she was ready (i.e., two months ago, when she was probably still in the very early stages), not the talk that’s going on right now (as you said, she obviously wouldn’t be wearing such form-fitting outfits or proudly showing off her bump like this if she still wanted to keep the news private!).

seabot- Exactly! Apparently people forget what happened to poor Lily Allen, Lisa Osbourne (Jack’s wife), and several other celebs!

Anyway, congrats to her! Wonder if the rumors about her having twins are true (personally, I doubt it. That doesn’t look like a twin tummy to me!)?

Jane on

If she is not pregnant, then what does she think folks will deduce from these photos..she swallowed a large melon. She does not have to announce anything, that is her choice, but some things just speak for themselves. Angelina Jolie never “announced” that she was pregnant when she was carrying her twins. But when you show up to a public event with a protruding abdomen on her rather thin body, some things are just obvious. Same with Zoe.

Tweey on

I just can’t believe she’s 36! I thought she was 30!

Amy on

She should start a form-fitting maternity clothing line called Preggo by Perego.

Jenn on

I was not even aware she was pregnant and had to research it to see if there was any info about it either way. Originally I was just going to say that “she needs to not stand like that cause it makes her look pregnant.” I’m with those who have stated that she obviously wanted folks to see/know on that all their speculation was true via this press outing. The one who was crazily trying to say she did not show was Gail Simmons. I was watching the fianle of Top Chef and there was no way she could say she was not showing. 🙂

jenniferyterry on

You live a public life. A small price to pay to make millions.

angie on

That’s funny pose!