Inside Alicia Silverstone’s Son Bear’s 3rd Birthday Bash

07/29/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

What party animals!

To celebrate son Bear Blu‘s third birthday, Alicia Silverstone invited friends and family to Farm Sanctuary’s Southern California Shelter for an afternoon spent relaxing with the rescued residents.

“We had the sweetest time celebrating Bear’s birthday at Farm Sanctuary. From loving up the animals to a raging drum circle with the most delicious vegan food and sunshine — it was a fun-filled and happy day,” the actress tells PEOPLE.

Guests were greeted with a tour around the farm and spent time cozying up with cows, chickens, llamas — and a pig! — before breaking for lunch.

Alicia Silverstone Bear Blu Third Birthday
Micah Smith/fusemedia

Partygoers noshed on an assortment of gourmet vegan pizzas from Olive Wood Pizza, including artichoke heart and sun dried tomato with lemon hummus and roasted mushrooms, classic marinara with fresh basil and field roast vegan sausage with yukon gold potatoes, and a mixed green salad.

Before serenading Bear and slicing into Real Food Daily‘s vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, Bear and his buddies enjoyed making music during an impromptu drum circle.

And when the party was winding down, Farm Sanctuary brought out one last gift for the birthday boy: a recently rescued little lamb that they named in honor of Bear.

Alicia Silverstone Bear Blu Third Birthday

Micah Smith / fusemedia

Alicia Silverstone Bear Blu Third Birthday
Field Garthwaite

Alicia Silverstone Bear Blu Third Birthday
Field Garthwaite

Alicia Silverstone Bear Blu Third Birthday
Sean Verchick

For more on Bear’s birthday party, check out Alicia’s blog, The Kind Life.

— Anya Leon

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Showing 34 comments

Erika on

Is she still breastfeeding him??

erica2 on

OMG they all look so filty and dirty in the first picture. Why does Bear have on that dingy tshirt on his birthday? Alicia and her homely family get weirder and more gross by the minute.

kay on

Gorgeous little boy. Seems like a fun day for the kids.

jenniferyterry on

He’s a handsome little boy. It’s nice to see a celebrity plan a party that’s centered around the children and something they will enjoy, not just showing off how much they can spend. As far as the t-shirt he’s wearing – what are you supposed to wear at a farm cuddling animals all day long? A tuxedo?

kpmonkeymommy on

um, erica2, they got dirty because they had been playing with farm animals? and why would you dress him in fancy clothes to go get in the dirt with cows, pigs, chickens, etc? What sense would that make?

Looks like everyone had a blast!

Mommytoane on

Well, I can’t say as tho I would dress my kid in a shirt with holes in it for his birthday party, but I love the concept of the party being as its aimed at kids and not adults. The food is a little out there for some kids, but most kids like pizza so its a winner. lol.

Cute kid tho.

Dee on

What a wonderful place!!

Tatanka on

What an awesome way to teach compassion for all living beings.

Jennifer on

@Erika What’s it to you? I mean, honestly. Why do you care if she is breastfeeding her child or not? She’s not asking you to do it for her.

And you can clearly see in one of the pictures he’s wearing a plaid shirt, the T-shirt from the other pics is probably an undershirt, or spare they brought for him to get dirty in playing with the animals and dirt and eating cake and all of that. If the kid is having fun, who cares what he wears? Are you the same bunch that make faces when I take my 2 year old to Chipotle in a Princess Costume on in July?

unnecesary input on

FREAKING ADORABLE. First time i’ve seen him and i’ll say one of the best if not the best “celebrity” ‘baby’. Good genes you two 😉

stacey on

Cute party, just still can”t believe they named their son, Bear!

Jessica on

He’s cute like Alicia. Adorbs!

Amy on

Cute. Happy birthday Bear.

Heather on

Awe, he looks just like his mom!

meme on

They look like such dirty people…. The little boy looked filthy in his unmatched outfit… Vegans can bathe also it’s ok

Sunny on

It’s funny how she turned out to be sucha hippie. Or Maybe she always was a hippie.

dsa on

Why is everyone mad at what the kid was wearing? They were at a farm. I would put my kid in the old stained clothes for him to play in the dirt with animals. It made perfect sense. And as for why he’s dirty, he was playing in the dirt with animals. Are you people really that stupid? You don’t have to agree with a lifestyle to understand basic common sense. I love meat, but I would still keep the good clothes in the closet for an adventure like this.

MnNice on

I love the Farm Sanctuary and I have an annual membership. They have a farm in upstate New York too where they rescue farm animals.. I hope to visit there with my boys someday.
I am glad that Alicia is so supportive of farm animals and teaching her boy to be compassionate.

Beetle on

I love this sweet, simple party idea and support any healthy life style. I was a vegetarian for twenty years so I am not trying to be judgmental, but every candid (non-Photshopped) photo I see of Alicia, she is bruised. I’m wondering if that somehow relates to her vegan diet or if she’s just clumsy?

Hilary on

He is not a cute child.

Just Me on

Did she chew up the cake and spit it in his mouth like she used to?

MFB on

My only gripe is… I WASN’T INVITED! Cute kid, and looks like a fun party 🙂 You know if there’s dirt on kids, it was a fun time!

Hey on

Yes let’s go to the farm since we’re vegan.

Angelica on

He’s cute. What a great birthday party.

Anonymous on

Jennifer, DSA, et. al- I’m with you guys. I don’t get why people are so shocked that people would be dressed in old clothes when visiting a farm. Not only that, but had Bear been all dressed up in a suit or something, I can guarantee that people would be griping about that, too (“Can you believe she put him a suit to go the farm? What was she thinking?!” “Obviously they didn’t really let him play like they said. Poor kid!” and so on)!

Eh- If he were a “regular” kid going to school with other “regular” kids, maybe. But seeing as how he’ll more than likely being going to school with kids who have names such as North, Apple, Rainbow, etc., somehow I doubt he’ll have problems (at least in regards to his names)! 😉

Beetle- Could be (frequent bruising is a symptom of some vitamin and mineral defincies- I can’t remember the exact ones at the moment). Or she could just be one of those people who bruise really easily (vegan or not!).

Paula on

Oh Alicia’s son is adorable.

Monica on

OMG – he’s such a cutie – looks just like his Mom! Great job, Alicia – everybody looks happy and healthy and “normal” (not Hollywood glam!)!! Happy Birthday, Bear!

angie on

Great photos! Looks like everyone had a good time.

Amanda_M87 on

Cute kid. It’s going to be hard though when he gets older to maintain the “green living” thing as he will make friends with kids who come from more mainstream families.

charlotte on

Now that is a party, unlike Kimye who went so over the top for their 1 year old who won’t remember it.

Jen on

This party looked happy! And it involved nature, rescued animals and delicious, compassionate food. What is wrong with all the judgmental people on this thread? I realize commenting is ‘your opinion’ but to say mean things about a couple that is raising their son to have compassion and respect for all living things is really not something to criticize, is it? Like many others have stated – they’re at a farm petting farm animals and playing in the dirt. Would you prefer Bear to be dressed like Rachel Zoe’s son in designer labels. That makes sense for a young boy. (sarcasm) I’ve been to this Farm Sanctuary and their NY State location. They are wonderful people trying to make a difference for the millions of animals that suffer horrific lives and deaths so you can have a hamburger or glass of milk. Why be so hateful towards people that do not want to be part of that misery? The food looked delicious and nutritious. Come on – pizza and cake! You can eat tons of healthy AND tasty foods being a vegan. We’ve been to Real Food Daily and it’s great and always busy! My husband and I have been vegan for 6 years (vegetarian for 5 years prior) and we’re both very healthy and bruise free I might add. People that seem threatened by those of us that choose a plant-based diet always like to site someone that is pale, unhealthy or as done here, bruised and clump a cruelty-free diet/lifestyle as being dirty and unhealthy. I wish these same people and the mainstream public would take a good look at themselves and see how cruel and unhealthy commonly accepted everyday habits are. No one wants to know how animals suffer just as long as there’s steak to slap on a grill. These are always the same people that claim ‘they LOVE animals’. You may love your cat or dog or whatever pet you have at home but if you loved animals you’d be willing to put more consideration into what you eat. Not to mention the high rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer from the common Western diet. But go ahead and criticize Alicia’s family.

april on

parenting done right.

Anonymous on

Alicia’s son so looks like his mother.

David on

Disappointed in Alicia – being vegan, I thought she would have known better and been more compassionate to the animals. An animal sanctuary is NOT a petting zoo. An animal sanctuary is no place for a kids party and drums! She is not thinking of the animals best interests AT ALL.