Doutzen Kroes: Why I Needed the Sex of My Baby Confirmed – Twice

07/28/2014 at 04:00 PM ET

Doutzen Kroes always dreamed of having a daughter.

So when her doctor told her she was pregnant with a baby girl, it took a little convincing on her part.

“I wanted a girl so badly — I had it confirmed by two doctors!” the model mama, who shows off her baby belly in an exclusive photo from her upcoming feature in the September issue of Glamour, tells the magazine.

Doutzen Kroes pregnant Glamour Magazine
Patrick Demarchelier for Glamour

Although the Victoria’s Secret model is used to showing off her shape, Kroes, 29, admits she had to get creative with her bump during a recent sexy shoot.

“I was four and a half months pregnant when shooting the Reveal Calvin Klein campaign, but we worked around it,” she says. “Charlie Hunnam, my costar, is the sweetest guy. He made me very comfortable on set — because, uh, I wasn’t wearing a lot!”

But don’t count on a quick bounce back — or an immediate return to the runway — after her baby arrives. “We’ll see how that goes,” Kroes, who is also mom to 3½-year-old son Phyllon Joy, shares.

“I don’t like to stress about [my body]. I look to my sister, a nutritionist, to help me lose the weight.”

And while she has yet to make her big debut, Kroes’s baby girl already has a bright future. “My agent’s already joking about signing her to the agency,” the mom-to-be says.

— Anya Leon

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Showing 36 comments

Amelia on

Ultrasound is a diagnostic tool to determine the health of a baby, finding the sex is an added bonus and not guaranteed. If you HAVE to know the gender of your unborn baby have an amniocentesis.

Mamoo's Daughter on

That unfit looks very uncomfortable.

Mamoo's Daughter on

Er – that OUTFIT looks very uncomfortable. Best of luck with the new little one.

Zooey on

Ugh. Pics looks horrible.

Darcie on

They are such a beatiful couple and if their daughter looks anything like her big brother she’s a cutie…CONGRATS!

Amanda_M87 on

She should just be thankful that there were no fetal anomalies. Why does everyone insist on knowing the baby’s gender?

Jac on

Not everyone wants gender neutral clothing and a yellow or green baby room. Of course everyone wants a HEALTHY baby first and foremost. I wanted to know the gender of my child so that I could be prepared with pink or blue (who has time to prepare after the baby arrives?!). My first concern, though, was the health of my child.

mya on

This photo shoot is far from sexy.

Kat on

@amelia: She didn’t say that the ultrasound might be wrong, she just said that she couldn’t believe she was getting what she wanted. And, amniocentesis is a dangerous procedure unless you need it for medical reasons. We had ours done due to a high-risk pregnancy.

StacyR on

Doutzen is gorgeous.

Lauren on

She just could not believe she waa having a girl, so she had another doctor make sure! I don’t know why people are talking about healthy babies or the purpose of ultrasounds.. She is just happy she has a girl, good for her!

Amelia on

@Kat, I know all of that. I’m a registered ultrasonographer, (RDMS). Ask most techs and if they are honest they will tell you they get tired of a women or couple coming in and they HAVE to know the gender and not realize the limitations of ultrasound. You would not believe how upset some get when it is not the gender they wanted, and how many don’t ask if everything is fine with the baby. Ultrasound is first and foremost a diagnostic tool to evaluate the health and well-being of the fetus. Also, I hope your pregnancy went well and have a healthy, happy family.

Beyond your scope on

@Amelia: As an ultrasound tech you probably shouldn’t be the one revealing the gender of the fetus.

PS on

@Amelia: Or telling the parents that ‘everything is fine’ or not, even if they ask.

NickyAngel on

I’m a huge Doutzen fan, she’s got a beautiful family…may this one be healthy as well 🙂

Anonymous on

Jac- I can understand that. HOWEVER, what if the ultrasound is wrong? Then you’re stuck with a room and clothes for the wrong gender (at least until you can repaint, buy new clothes, and donate the old ones!).

That’s why I personally would go with gender neutral stuff (as well as why I often buy gender neutral stuff for baby showers even if the parents-to-be have found out the gender)…just to be on the safe side (that and I like the idea of being surprised at birth!). 🙂

Also, who says you have to stick to green and yellow if you’re doing a gender-neutral nursery. There are plenty of other gender-neutral colors out there (white, peach, red, and even brown are just a few examples!). 🙂

Amelia- Kat is correct. Amniocentesis carries a risk a of miscarriage, among other things.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see Doutzen’s little girl! If Phyllon is any indication, she’ll be adorable!

Anonymous on

BTW, I don’t get why they had to “work around” her bump for the Calvin Klein shoot. I mean, what’s so horrible about a woman looking pregnant in an ad like that? Hopefully someone in the ad industry can enlighten me (and no, I’m not being sarcastic. I really am curious to why there seems to be such an aversion to pregnancy in shoots like that)!

Steph on

This picture was done in a sexy photoshoot?? Wow I must be doing sexy photo opps everytime I get out of my bed!!! Fix the hair and get a better outfit..

alex on

wow – there is something wrong with this person – who cares what you are having as long as its healthy, get a life, babies are suppose to be gifts not pick and choose

Kal on

That outfit doesn’t look good on her.

Melanie M on

Put it away love. Have you no dignity? Only your husband wants to see you naked in this state.

Jen on

A new baby is always a reason to be happy, but God have mercy on that outfit she’s wearing. They don’t SERIOUSLY believe that people would put that on do they? It looks like they made a coat out of somebody’s ratty old bathroom rug and then used a bath towel as a skirt…

Angie on

The pair of shoes she had on looked ridiculous!

Bianca on

I find some of you women on here criticizing her completely horrible. I do’t get why women insist on being so nasty to each other. Where does all this hate stem from.

as to the person asking “Why did they have to work around her pregnancy” It’s a campaign that has nothing to do with her pregnancy, she’s a working model. Their is nothing horrible about it, but it’s no part of the gig.

Amelia on

@Beyound your scope Most doctors don’t do their own ultrasound scans and do not allow us to specify what the gender is on our worksheet unless there are multiple fetuses or a gender-related anomaly.

@ PS After 25 years of scanning I have some rehearsed answers for most questions. If they ask if the baby is fine I reply “The radiologist will take a look at all the pictures and will dictate a report to your doctor. You can get the results on your next visit or call your doctor’s office in 3-5 working days.” That is the same response for all the ultrasounds that I do, not just OB. The only time that the patient knows anything before they leave is if there is a STAT reading and I give the radiologist report to the doctor’s office and they give me permission to tell the patient something or our radiologist does the same. Sometimes the doctor’s office will talk to the patient on the phone. We also have permission from all the OB doctors to tell a patient the baby’s heart is beating, and the gender of the baby if they want to know.

@anonymous I am aware of the risks of amniocentesis and know that any doctor that truly cared for their patient and the well being a the fetus would not perform one just to know the gender. (risks-miscarriage, premature rupture of membranes, infection, premature labor, abrupting the placenta, nicking the umbilical cord or baby with the needle…the list goes on.)

Katie on

Amanda, I wanted to know so I could go from my baby to my son/daughter. I felt such an amazing bond with my son and then daughter because I knew ahead of time that I was having a boy/girl. I talked to my child in utero all the time and once I knew I was having a boy, then I was able to eventually call him by his name. My daughter’s name was a struggle and we didn’t confirm it until we were driving to the hospital. If people want to wait and find out, that is awesome, but if people are dying to find out that is fine too. I always wanted one of each, but once I was pregnant with my daughter, I suddenly didn’t care anymore. I’m beyond thrilled I got my one of each, but two boys would have been just as amazing. Happy birthday next week to my two happy and beautiful “babies.” 10 and 12, wow went so fast.

erica2 on

Amelia I hate that you are under attack by these catty wenches..I for one appreciate your very professional response thanks for your 29 years of experience.

Court on

How pathetic! She should just count her blessings to be having a healthy baby instead of so focused on whether it’s a girl or not. Not sure why she’s so concerned, I’m sure the Nanny will do all the mommy duties anyway — she’ll show up for the photo-ops:(

Nally on

Doutzen looked so fit at almost 5 months pregnancy, good for her!

Amelia on

@ Katie.. I’m happy you have two wonderful children. I also support the decision the parents make. (and if anyone is interested, if they disagree, in my ultrasound room what mom wants is the final word) I just hope people understand that ultrasound is not 100%, and I tell patients all the time if they paint the room, and I’m wrong, I won’t come and repaint for them. I’ve been lucky, and not often wrong.

@erica2 Thank you for your support. I didn’t really feel under attack I just think it is a lack of not knowing what my job entails. I know what it’s like to be several jobs (waitress, retail sales, nurses aid, nanny and x-ray tech) but I have no idea what most jobs entail and neither do the rest of us. Also, it’s only been 25 years, and I still love it. OB is by far still my favorite. It is one of the few times people come into health care and are excited. I know there can still be something wrong, but for the most part it is a very happy time.

@Anonymous, Thank you.

4mom on

I think what you and other trained professionals like you do is amazing. I had several ultrasounds with my first child because she was breech. We were positive she was a girl because she wasn’t shy. Our second and third children were just a routine ultrasound with a slight tendency to think they were girls but no guarantees. We prepared either way and they were girls. I have always refused the blood test that will tell if there are any potential problems and so with my fourth I had an in depth ultrasound because of my advanced maternal age.(gasp 37! eye roll) I could see the blood flow in the heart and so much more than I had with my other three. Oh and he is a boy and he wasn’t shy about it.

I also had a routine ultrasound to determine due date with my second pregnancy. The technician was very professional and gave nothing away and we were sent to a room and told by the dr that the baby had died.

Anyway I guess what I am trying to say is I have experienced very professional exams by ultrasound technicians who are trained to be professional and really only tell what they think might be the sex of the baby if they can but are more concerned with stomach size and length of the leg bone and placenta placement and amniotic fluid., etc. The important things for every pregnancy. Keep up the good work!

Amelia on

@4mom Thank you. Very kind words. Your heartbreak with loss of your one child is the most difficult part of my job. The joys you displayed with your other pregnancies and scans are the reason I love my job. I wish you and your family health and happiness.

Wow on

Soooo sick of hearing about women having to lose weight for societal pressures!

Sydnie on

You women are so catty. There is nothing wrong with hoping for a specific gender. I am sure she would love another baby boy all the same. Doutzen is a really nice, down-to-earth person. Just cause she is famous it doesn’t mean you have to be so rude. It only makes you all look jealous.

Anonymous on

She’s gorgeous. What amazing lips!

Pal on

The shoes looks kinda ridiculous.