Dita Von Teese Launches Maternity Lingerie Line

07/28/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Tori Spelling Stella Saved My Life
Courtesy Destination Maternity

Let’s face it: From sleepless nights to crying babies, the initiation into motherhood can be a little less than glamorous.

Or at least that was the case before Dita Von Teese waved her stylish wand.

The iconic fashion star has partnered with Destination Maternity to launch a limited edition capsule collection, Von Follies by Dita Von Teese, that aims to embrace a new mom’s sexy side.

“Elegant underpinnings are a simple way to create everyday moments of luxury and beauty, and why wouldn’t a new mother enjoy beautiful lingerie, too?” Von Teese says.

“The collection I created with Destination Maternity is designed to capture the spirit of retro glamour, while inspiring confidence and meeting the practical requirements and everyday needs of a new mother.”

Ranging from $39 to $55, the lingerie line features retro-inspired underthings, including embellished lace bras (with and without wire) and matching underwear.

And, just as she promises, each piece is made with new moms in mind. Not only is the nursing wear equipped with clip-down tabs and detachable cups for added comfort, but the panties feature a discreet control panel for support.

Fashionable, flattering and functional? Count us in.

Tori Spelling Stella Saved My Life
Courtesy Destination Maternity

— Anya Leon

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Showing 34 comments

Kat on

awesome!!! 😀

Guest on

She is so beautiful and a smart business woman.

A on

Finally! Thank you, Dita!

Anonymous on

looks great

Nancy on


Carrie on

My first thought was ‘Wait she’s pregnant?’. I like the idea but maybe it wouldve been a good idea to have a pregnant model for the line.

valeskas on

I just love her idea, this will make new moms feel so much better.

Anonymous on

Agree @carrie.

Carrie M on

There is such a classical beauty to Dita. I think the line is a good idea. Too bad I’m not having anymore rugrats!!

JustAGirl on

I love her style! Classy & sexy!

KellyGreen on

Absolutely beautiful line. I’m a little mixed on if it is actually functional or not. When nursing, I had to wear those nursing pads during the day. Not sure if that mixes with this sexy lingerie, lol!

Jane on

Understand why folks would like this, but has she ever been pregnant? I agree that having a pregnant model do this would mean more as I am not sure if she really understands what a nursing mother really feels. It has to be functional then sexy, not the other way round.

Minni on

Wait this just happens to come out while I’m pregnant and with no underwire??? What luck!!! I’m definitely going to try. I appreciate them using her as the model. I think its to help a woman in a state she often can feel less than sexy to still want to bring her own sexiness out. Nicely done.

Anonymous on

I don’t see this doing very well. When I was a new nursing mom I was too exhausted to give a crap if my bra underwear matched. And as a mom now I am too busy to care.

fayem1 on

she is fabu and the perfect model there are all different stages of pregnancy so no need for an obviously pregnant model she is perfection.

Hea on

Jane – Why does it matter if she’s never been pregnant? I’ve seen actresses such as Jennifer Aniston play pregnant and I found it believable enough so why should it matter with this bra? I think Dita is awesome, appears smart and so very beautiful.

CM on

I looked on the website, and all of the items seem to be for women who have recently given birth and nursing women, not pregnant women. Therefore, having a pregnant model would not be appropriate.

tinap on

I love it! Nursing two kids, I hated the functional but completely ugly maternity bras. I would have loved to have had something pretty. I don’t think you have to wear granny panties and bras b/c you’re nursing.

Jane on

@Hea. Playing pregnant on screen is not like having really experienced it. My question is because breast feeding is not acting. She is designing something she “thinks” pregnant women might like, or can use not something she knows, if she has not experienced it. That is my point. It is a unique experience for each person, not something that can be done in pretend mode on a movie screen.

Tina on

I love it!

Cheryl0606 on

After using my ugly Medela nursing bras for a year for each of my two children, I was ready to torch them in the end! I would have gladly purchased these and will do so if we opt to have a third baby.

angie on

Very sexy, love it!

Vanessa on

Awesome! Just make sure the cup sizes are big enough. Some of us nursing mothers need huge cup sizes, like F or H.

erica2 on

my God the woman is stunningly and strikingly beautiful! I’m preggers and would love to wear one of her nursing bras.

Carolyn on

Jane, she is working with Destination Maternity, so I am sure that there are people on the team who helped her take those things into consideration. You don’t have to experience everything yourself to have a good idea.

Mom Of Twinz on

@Carrie, I was thinking the same thing.

shannon on

Is she pregnant or a mother? Why wouldn’t she design a line for non maternity? Doesnt make sense.

Busty in Boston on

It’d be cool if they went up a few sizes instead of only a D or DD. Some of us were busty before nursing so add a few cups on that, please and thanks. A little support would be nice.

Gina on

Nice to see the lingerie line price is reasonable from $39 to $55.

Libby on

Oh how wonderful! and @shannon, she already has an entire non-maternity lingerie line .

Lindsay on

Awesome. She makes it look super classy! I love having a modern day pin-up girl to admire. She oozes sensuality even in maternity wear and is not trashy or trying to sell sex in the least. Nice 🙂

Renee on

Fantastic! I hated going from beautiful bra’s to plain maternity and nursing ones. Such a stunning lady and smart using herself as the model, I know I like to think of myself as sexy despite breastfeeding for the past 2 years.

Anonymous on

What a wonderful line! I LOVE her, the idea is fantastic and the pricing is great! Cheaper than the bras I buy from Lane Bryant!

Hea on

Breastfeeding is pretty logical and understanding it is hardly brain surgery. And I’m sure at least someone on the team behind her has experience of their own. Modeling requires a bit of acting and I, for one, cannot tell for sure whether or not models or actors have or have not experienced what they’re acting out for themselves. If you can put on a believable show of a zombie apocalypse then I’m sure you can model a nursing bra.