Sweet! Jessica Simpson’s Son Ace Plays with BFF Rocco

07/27/2014 at 01:30 PM ET

It’s a baby bromance!

Jessica Simpson‘s son Ace Knute is just 13 months old, and he’s already found his celeb BFF: CaCee Cobb and Donald Faison‘s little boy, Rocco.

Simpson, 34, posted photographic evidence of the toddler’s friendship on Instagram on Sunday, showing Ace and “Roc,” 11 months, playing on furniture.

Cobb, 36, has been best friends with the newlywed for years, walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid at her July 5 wedding to longtime love Eric Johnson.

Jessica Simpson Instagram Courtesy Jessica Simpson

This isn’t the first time Ace and Rocco have buddied up — the babies bathed together in April, another sweet moment Simpson captured on Instagram.

— Michele Corriston

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chevjuls on


Catherine on

It is publicity overload as far as Jessica and her kids are concerned, but I do love seeing pics of Rocco. He’s always so happy and he looks just like his dad.

Ańon on

Its not overload at all its a proud parent. As long as it took you to comment yiu could have clicked to ignore. Lol if you really watch all celebs or parents in general most have no problem carry cute pics in wallets and show anyone willing to look.

Andrea on

Beautiful babies! Looks like they will be BFFs like their mamas – sooo cute!

Maggie on

This is no different than all the parents posting photos of their kids on social media which is extremely common. She did no different than most people do, she just gets flack for it because she’s famous.

Gg on

Jessica Simpsons kids are really adorable.

Sarah on

Really people? Publicity overload? THESE ARE TWO BABIES PLAYING TOGETHER! No one exposed their vagina. No one got into an argument in the middle of the street. Stop trying to reduce everything a celebrity does to an effort to advance their career.

vallatt on

How adorable both babies are!!!!

Sash on

cute, cute, cute.

Nicole on

They are definitely two cite little sweethearts 🙂

Nicole on

Sorry I meant *cute

Carrow on

She posts the cutest pictures of the kids. So adorable!

Katie on

BFF? Seriously? Put him with any other kid his age and you’ll get the same reaction. All the photos and then you’ll be whining about the press or someone else stalking you.

aria on

wonder which one of the little boys peed in the bath water yuk

D on

Awwww! Dang! Rocco SURE looks like his daddy Donald!! omg

Marky on

If celebs post pics of their children just doing everyday things (bathing in a tub, playing on the floor), why does anyone think that’s a big bid for publicity? JS doesn’t need publicity, pretty much everyone on this site knows who she is. She is a mom who is proud of her children, takes a cute picture and shares it, like people everywhere do. You have to be a cynical bozo to think she posts pics for any reason other than there are a lot of people who like her, whether you do or not, and think her children are adorable. When my children were babies, and played with my friend’s babies, we always hoped they would be BFFs, and loved to show the pics. Far as I’m concerned, no difference….. Adorable!!

AmyRene on

Adorable babies.

Val on

Ooh they’re so adorable!

Anonymous on

Awww, they’re adorable!

Tami on

Cute babies! Sadly, I’ve noticed that both of Jessica’s kids have her rather dull expression, as if they’re not terribly bright.
Hopefully, they’re not quite as dense as she is.

Jacquelyn on

That bath picture…I DIE! So freakin’ cute!!

Ann on

two little BF’s playing on furniture….wow! that is the top story of the day no doubt……..enough of Jessica and Kim K and Kendra Wilkes

Mary on

Awww So cute!!

Kimberly on

Adorable babies…how can anyone say something negative. Isn’t there enough negativity in the world already!

Leila on

Very cute and sweet.

omni on


Jessica on

Omg too cute! Rocco is the cutest thing in the bath pic. Lol!

Angie on

These photos are so sweet!

Jan on

Ace looks a lot like his father.